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tv   [untitled]    April 11, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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chosen from among many. he was given a clear cut mission a. mission he successfully accomplished. became the first ever man in her speech. hero of the soviet union one of the best known persons in the whole world. all his thoughts were focused on flight. could he ever think that his life's work would cost him his life.
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one happened in those few seconds. and what she could see silda barrels still. curious guarini. when archie. they found her and her broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture. wealthy british science. behind the times.
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more news today violence is once again fled up the flames are the images. from the streets of canada. the giant corporations are today please look. ladies and gentlemen welcome to the world premiere of adam vs the man tonight will expose the gun in the room with the phone while
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a new morning free speech with the cia daily intel briefer to president reagan ray mcgovern and find hope with charlie beach british love you say you want to revolution that's in the news for you the revolution will be televised and a lot of aleutian will be televised and you're watching versus the man. george washington neatly summed up the nature of government when he said government is not reason it is not eloquence it is force like fire it is a dangerous servants and a fearful master unfortunately most commonly used definitions of government are useless and amount to little more than the people in charge of providing precise
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definition would look more like this government's fictional and city used to describe the group of people who have been granted by consent of the population a monopoly on the use of force in a specific geographic area the founders of this country and i don't say founding fathers to honor the essential role that women played i understood this and set out to form a government based on the ideals laid out by thomas jefferson and the declaration of independence by virtue of our humanity we are by our nature free and independent . any use or threat of force against you be it by a mugger or a tax collector is a violation of your freedom and joining us now from ontario canada is philosopher sofar knowledge host of freedom in radio dot com the most popular philosophical conversation in the world sit on thank you so much for joining us so thank you ed and congratulations on the show thank you thank you we're very honored to have you
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on for our first episode tonight let's cut to the chase tell us what is the gun in the room what do you mean when you say that government is backed up by violence well adam there's an old chinese proverb which says that the beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper names and we so often forget this when it comes to government when it comes to the state. governments are different from every other social agency that we have in that governments have a legal right in fact an obligation in many situations to initiate the use of force not respond to the use of force self-defense is a universal right in most legal systems between initiate the use of force and that is very different from what you and i have as legal rights so i can go next door and threaten my neighbor with force in order to get him to pay for my child's education but the government can through property rights and the educational system i can't find some guy in my neighborhood who smoking some herb that i will lock him
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up in some basement and then call myself an armed warrior for justice through the war on drugs i can't print money based on nothing and use it as legitimate currency the government can and i can't create debt that other people have to pay without any choice in the matter that's called fraud but for the government it's called deficit financing and it goes to future generations so government by definition is that social entity which legalizes whatever is criminal for everyone else in the population and this creates two opposing moral systems government and private and they tear societies apart and lists unless and until we find ways to reconcile these opposing model systems and we do that by consistently and continuously pointing out that when ever people talk about the government there is a gun in the room a lot is an opinion with a gun and once we keep pointing out that there's a gun in the room and the gun is getting bigger and bigger as government gets bigger and bigger we can begin to look for peaceful and voluntary solutions to our
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complex social problems now you said that all governments share this nature that all governments are essentially competing protection rackets is there nothing special about america then in the human quest towards freedom. that's a good question i would say that all philosophy is about definitions it's irritating that way but liberating in a way too so if you define america as a piece of land with the past and a future then it's not special it's just like everything else but if you define america as the ideals under which the american system was founded then i think you have something very special in the concept of american exceptionalism the ideal that america was founded on of course was freedom from arbitrary force freedom from the initiation of force freedom from tyranny freedom from the ocracy freedom from aristocracy and that's why they founded not a democracy which is all you ever hear about these days but they founded a republic in other words to bind the government down as harry brown used to say in
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the chains of the constitution and unfortunately it didn't stay that way it took maybe eighty years for the government to break out of those and begin its huge growth into the monster that we see today but i think that america is extremely important in terms of its instructive history so i don't think it's accidental adam that america started with one of the smallest governments in history and now has ended up with one of the largest governments in history with an empire the likes of which the world has really seen before small governments promote economic growth the night watchman state and next persons and property promotes economic growth that economic growth course is a massive increase in wealth the government begins to swallow that more and more the leviathan begins to swallow things up more and more creating more and more control of the economy strangling economic growth which is unfortunately the situation that most of the west is in today well then i find i know i know i'm scared you're certainly have good reason to be afraid of what's going on here in
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america because you've got it going on there too but there are those of us here in the united states who are working to bring america back to those ideals thank you so much for joining us tonight thank you adam that was philosopher and host of freedom in radio dot com so far none. thomas jefferson said the man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers today we get news from people who want you to believe that celebrity news is real news that you have nothing important to worry about and can just go back to sleep the mouthpieces of u.s. government propaganda some even serve as controlled opposition that is they give voice to legitimate dissents only to diverted into harmless blather bill o'reilly bootlicker in chief let me start by diagnosing you with authoritarian personality
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disorder and prescribe some intensive therapy as the most watched commentator on t.v. if there is something wrong with america maybe it's you you will penalize establishment shill and manipulating the fears and angers of your audience the tides go in the tides go out and just like an idea whose time has passed so will you soon enough so on hannity your definition of freedom is so sick and twisted that thomas jefferson would be offended i call you a boot licker but you've got that thing so far down your throat you can't get out a straight thought to save your life you praise the military like it's sacred and your christ would be ashamed of the violence you promote for a man who never put on a uniform you've got quite the military fetish glenn beck i'm disappointed to see you go because you have brought a lot of good knowledge to the attention of the american people about freedom and the constitution however to real libertarians there's some of barry offensive
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about you. the fact that you call yourself a libertarian river your truth or attack on debra medina in the texas governor's race debra medina was the real libertarian the race against rick perry perry and paid bailout hutchison and glenn beck sabotaged her campaign for the record glenn i'm not a truth and neither is the ever but i'm a skeptic and if you believe the government conspiracy theory on nine eleven without question that you're not just some patriotic yourself glenn you're going to paris and it's real libertarians we don't need our own and we can live up to the american dream without your knee on the car theist muslim fear mongering comedy and demagoguery both love one liners jon stewart or should i say jonathan stewart for you it's made you just want didn't want people to know that your brother is the see all of the new york stock exchange just kidding i'm not going to
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play the replacement for your glenn beck punching bag i think you're a lariats but it's easy to be funny when you can just be cynical and laugh off important issues as if you're too hip and cool to offer any real solutions your kind of cynicism that is if it's not just from your riders is part of the problem in this country anderson cooper wish i could have been in egypt with you you really are amazing to get down in the crowd like that and get pummeled without getting a scratch on your face or a hair out of place chris matthews for media matters for america misinform or of the year has that obama thing go up your leg reach your brain. ed schultz the worst kind of hypocrites please tell me the obama administration put you on the payroll is the biggest cheerleader for the war in libya. from my fellow libertarians on t.v. john stossel judge as you know pilots on a question. are you aware that your mustache makes you look like an eighty's porn
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star judge is thoughts still going to let you invite me on your fellow after this people to get worked on now that you're watching our team you're at least enjoying a different perspective on the world but if you want you can always go back to. the low and keep. the pretty easy living people are saying let's see she's older you know she says she's a star. so if that's what our corporate media wants us to be distracted by we can still count on the first amendment to protect our freedom of speech right well it's more like you're free to talk about what we tell you the top of our next guest is ray mcgovern who delivered the cia daily intelligence briefing the president reagan and had become one of the leading voices of dissent in america speaking out against our unconstitutional foreign policy and the erosion of our civil liberties
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thank you so much for joining us now you were at an event where secretary of state hillary clinton was of all things talking about free speech in the middle east we have a clip from that let's play that. sound bite see can it last year. so this is america this is. what you. know. so ray. charles what you were doing there what were you trying to accomplish what happened well i was there to hear the speech actually as the george washington university but i got really turned off with a standing ovation and you know the offensive kind of. so i confess i'm sad so i can fancy that when greeted her so i took off my shirt and i had veterans for peace and my shirt turned my back and decided i would i would not have
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her get away thinking that everybody support or oppose your answer to the standing ovation yeah and so i stood but i didn't sit down and i had my back to where i was about twelve yards in front of her and the clip comes on when i'm being taken out and she's just at the saying and the government in egypt pulled the plug right while you're getting the flight pulled on yourself the cell phone service was cut off internet blocked the government didn't want the people to communicate with each other or with the press and didn't want the world to watch so when they get thrown out it's free speech that in america. well it's limping ok but if she thinks that this kind of brutality is going to stop free speech she's got another think coming i understand that she watches our t.v. every now and then c. does and she believes that we are the ones who are winning the information war yet here you know something about not getting any real news from from the other media
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broadcasts of course none of the media what they call the mainstream media carried my brutality against me but i have some more you know if it's hillary's watching now i had some some worry for her you know. here's some real news for madam secretary we're not going to stop. we know what was necessary to defend the freedoms in the first amendment you know and i know another veterans know she doesn't know her boss doesn't know her husband doesn't know they don't know from nothing and they don't know what war is like and so we're going to continue to speak out we're not going to let this infringement on our first amendment rights continue and unless the american people at large and i don't think they are listed as dismissive of constitutional protections. as the fellow that she works for and i and the and others in that culture agree and then we will prevail it will just take a little struggle a lot of standing up and maybe
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a little bit of talladega as this that doesn't mind and email you soon and we'll see you in the trenches right thanks so much for dryness so much of. that was ray mcgovern the former cia analyst who was responsible for president reagan's daily intelligence briefing. when we come back we'll see how the real causes of the revolutions in the middle east are affecting americans and consider what the new american revolution love olution might look like they're watching adam vs the man states or. let's not forget that we had an apartheid regime right here in the us. i think the rocket be the one that well.
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we never got the look as they're going to keep him safe get ready because you give them their freedom. regardless of your view of government you have to admit its effect on maintaining the status quo a government designed to serve the few at the expense of the many will resist
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change but what happens when the established order becomes obsolete and the government stands in the way of progress the answer is revolution and while we might not be as close to one is some countries in the middle east we just as badly need to shed the old order those who wield the guns of government that is police military all government security forces have a unique will sponsibility in times like these knowing that government is force you have a duty to ensure that force is only used for moral purposes when the government begins to behave erratically in times of crisis you have a choice in the face of uncertainty you can cowardly seek the comfort of the ranks and looked well thore to tell you where to point the guns or you concerns of the one reliable source for guidance that you have when instant obedience is being called for your own conscience in egypt security forces attempted to put down the
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protests with violence and many suffered despite the military presence the army which had previously sided with the protesters and now has become the tool of oppression as they force protesters from tahrir square and iraq afghanistan pakistan libya and god knows how many other countries brave young men and women willing to fight and die to protect our fellow americans are fighting a new kind of war no other generation american history. has been able to go to an on base internet campaign between fire fights how can you go back to the violence after that how can you come home from war get on facebook and not weep for the loss of shared humanity that is war my fellow veterans we have
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a special role now our opinions of particular policy may vary but we share a willingness to put our lives on the line for what we believe and let's make ours the last generation of war veterans the world will ever know as the last participants in mass organized violence let us show the world that war is obsolete and the age of the internet poor men will have the wisdom to not fight and kill and die and richmond's wars. i'm twenty nine years old the oldest of generation y. the millenniums the first digital natives for those naive we grew up alongside the
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internet but the kids today some kids today even have smart phones and high school classrooms i might get the internet but people that seem young to me are different it's as if you have the internet hardwired in your brains and all of the implications of the internet all of our potential with all of the promises rest with you. you can lie to us but you can't get away with it for very long we have the truth button right there just one click away and we've been asking our parents generation y. for our whole lives and it seems that the more we ask why especially when it comes to government the less satisfying the answers and can mom that thank you for providing me with a loving home and so much encourage went through the years like so many of your generation you did not say together to see me grow up but as you said you wanted to
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achieve and you have given your children everything we could possibly need to exceed you you probably won't enjoy the benefits of the social security system you've paid into but we'll do our best to be there for you as you were there for us and i love you both to my younger siblings andrew alex old and audrey despite our parents best efforts you have been raised in an educational paradigm designed to crush the human spirit and exchange for obedience and conformity good most importantly subservience when you turn eighteen in america today what they call your share of the debt is over forty five thousand dollars remember even under the limited notion of what we are taught is slavery the masters fed the slaves and us to keep them productive humanity will come to a crossroads like we have never seen an artery all then alex andrew you
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had better start paying attention to things that matter this show is dedicated to you. our parents' generation left us with the greatest technological capabilities in the world but also left us the greatest challenge the world has ever known it is up to our generation to figure out how to achieve the things our parents told us we need government for without the violence without the force and coercion and exploitation and we will and thanks to the highest ever rates of youth unemployment our parents have given us plenty of time to figure this out but this is far bigger than the american system of government which by the way if you are my age or younger you'll probably outlive q manatee itself is at a crossroads and like no generation before us we have an opportunity to shape its destiny we have seen the impact of the internet on what when we step way back seem
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to be relatively superficial issues our parents called it a revolution when the internet fundamentally changed the way we do logistics shopping communicating but we have yet to see the full impact of the internet on society and when our generation is in charge we will have started to realize the true revolution of the internet but paradigm shift the love of the ocean i'm not going to tell you that you have a responsibility or a duty and you have a choice if you choose to be a participant in the world around you and not just a spectator i hope i can be of help this show is about empowerment the man is just a way of saying everyone who thinks they can force you to live your life a certain way no human being has the right to take another's freedom and to do so it's robbed humanity of its potential we're all better off in a world based on cooperation not coercion respect not violence
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love not fear. although it may not look like any we have seen before what we are experiencing in america today is nothing short of a revolution a revolution of ideas a paradigm shift the old order is crumbling before our eyes there's an old chinese proverb that goes may you be blessed to live in interesting times i'd like to update that vague information from the chinese which is appropriate since they practically own us now may you be blessed to be living in neo revolutionary america this is today we look back fondly on those nameless primitives who made fire and invented the wheel some day perhaps from another planet people will look back on our generation as the one that will have the internet and defeated governments.
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joining me now in studio is jake deliberative with veterans for rethinking afghanistan another young veteran who is actively participating in the american political dialogue today representing our generation of veterans speaking out on their behalf and questioning the current paradigm of our foreign policy jake thanks so much for being with us on the first episode really briefly i'm very glad to be here i'm very proud you have your own show congratulations well tell us a bit about veterans who really think in afghanistan what you've got going on and how you see our generation getting involved in politics specifically our generation of veterans like none before us we we've seen veterans come home you know we saw we saw john kerry turn into some kind of hyper liberal after coming back and doing great work telling the truth about what was going on in vietnam you know we've seen smedley butler major general you were in the marines what's your take on well what there is for rethinking afghanistan that was and is a bipartisan coalition of veterans i myself come from the religious right i'm very
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much a social conservative always have been i went to seminary i was a pastor but i work with people on the right and on the left and our job was to inform the american public about the nuances of problems with barack obama coming into office and taking on a nation building exercise in afghanistan so we have used new media we've used films we've used a whole lot of people hollywood to connect get our message and you're reaching troops in the field with this that's right and we've got our film was actually given to carl i can vary in his hands there's hundreds of we get hundreds of e-mails from for marines and soldiers in place abroad and they tell us this is so true we see this stuff every day that nation building in afghanistan doesn't allow us to kill terrorists which we need to do so how is that perspective then that is available to us through the internet affecting our generation of veterans when that when i looking at these issues and looking at the big picture i mean i know that there.


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