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playing closer to the radio believe that should be the children's church in new delhi which. they beat her to three collection the most applause of the maidens original. girls a militant group isn't sure she was punished for three for cash profits. you laid out the fire tensions rise in libya as naysayer allies planted the sabs the military seems to advise the rebels the move to local government says with more haunting gibbs. tripoli warns that will prolong the conflict more reactions for me here in london in just a moment. as the world bank warns of a new crisis line ourselves that say it's time for america is a step back from its daughter's role in the global economy and focus on the team seeing its own internal strength that. politics in chile which is a source of growing social welfare system very few actually receiving government
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money and more than all of the balkanization of the low the policy. and in business news russia will become one of the top five global economies in the next decade he says by mr putin as the outlines the goal of the country's government and parliaments and what your business bulletin the details in about two weeks it's. a very warm welcome to you this is r.t. live from moscow with me on his head but france has promised to intensify air strikes in libya out the request of the opposition that it comes as nato allies are getting ready to send military officers to the water contrary to advise rebels on how to break the stalemate with pro the forces which are please criticize the plan saying it would prolong the violence and. a peace deal. from london on how the
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decision is being justified by. saying that these are not on the ground they are military advisers they are armed but only to protect themselves according to the u.k. and apparently they're not crazy wear uniforms and they are. using the rebel troops as opposed to training or. foreign secretary william hague here in the u.k. saying that they're going to be involved making this halogens gathering also in logistics and in teaching the rebels how to improve communications strategy many people are saying that this is the biggest move yet to wards putting troops on the ground as most of these governments have said that they don't want to do now i spoke to john barrett and he is one of the only thirteen m.p.'s to votes against the intervention in libya against a for total of five hundred fifty seven who voted for he has great worries about
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how this mission is progressing i think the majority of people in this place who voted for the version out of respect. the assumption was for military and. or the legitimacy of the u.n. resolution ground troops and i think it would be to go beyond that resolution becoming apparent is that we now. in effect cutting the force of the rebel fighters and i question whether that was within the spirit of good solution as it was originally the front i should say that when i spoke to john baron he said that there would be huge public outcry if ground troops were deployed in libya but nevertheless there's a lot of worry here in the u.k. government so much so that members of parliament from all parties have requested that parliament be recalled from its easter break to discuss what is happening in libya and whether this does constitute mission creep. tripoli's very angry about it
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the foreign minister has come out and said that this could indeed worsen the conflict and in fact move a peace deal between the rebels and the current government further into the future he said that it would encourage defiance amongst the rebels if they thought that they were getting an ever increasing amount of support from nato and of course the ultimate worry that this is just the first step. along the road to sending in ground troops many say that this situation could turn into a similar situation to the one that you see in afghanistan where of course british forces have been involved there for ten years and counting one prominent politician something campbell went one step further reminding everyone that in fact the sending of military advisers in exactly this situation was what was the u.s. is first move when they went into vietnam. you know with all t. coming up on the program. and lost in the caucuses. i have no high no no job no money and no social support all i can do is sit outside
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a church bag so i can feed my sick child. and harvested georgians then their theory of the government which they claim is now helping them get by despite promises of a better welfare system. people finance ministers are demanding action to avert another devastating economic crisis the world bank and i.m.f. driven primarily by the us and usually the first port of call for any nations looking for financial support pres. we're not i reports washington is in a position to advise others while it struggles to cut its own huge deficit. and you will spring gathering about the world economy produced a dreadful financial forecast we are one shark away from a full grown crisis critics say through the establishment of the international monetary fund and world bank america has positioned itself as an economic dr to the
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world using the institutions to retain global domination and fulfill the business interests of large corporations craving resources belonging to cash strapped countries do very often pressure governments to what we call pro-cyclical parsons the economy is weaker than recession and they want them to cut spending or raise taxes there can be very very dangerous i mean you can slip back into reserves makers certain words i tell all too familiar to write in america the middle east. and most recently greece. where tens of thousands storm the streets protesting austerity measures public spending cuts and tax hikes. the largest financial contributor washington also wields the largest voting power at the i.m.f. the fern of the i.m.f. it is run by the us treasury department with some input from the european there but
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there tells you most of the problem this is suppose that you know. something countries it's run by just a handful or maybe just one and american has always served as president of the world bank since its creation in one nine hundred forty four but now with its own backyard in disarray america is hardly in a position to hand out financial advice to others in two thousand and eleven america's financial management is best defined by a nonstop borrowing binge see that over there it's a running ticker of u.s. debt which has surpassed a ceiling of fourteen point three trillion dollars now the u.s. may want to consider investing in a bigger clock with a few more digits on the display problem so back to the u.s. president can't ignore it and the government can't seem to solve it we have to live with an army we have to reduce our deficit republicans have refused to support
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measures such as raising taxes on the rich or cutting defense spending we're approaching arsenal on a par with the total g.d.p. of the country this is very serious because most economic research suggests that countries tend to decelerate in their growth and have more and more severe economic problems once the debt to g.d.p. ratio gets above about ninety percent or we're about to go through that level all eyes are now on the nation that sets the bar for others to see if they could clean up its own bad debts at home or nine r.t. new york. the way the u.s. looks to improve its economic standing by exploring a new energy bill that finds out why big strong he says shale gas risking the health of american. thinkings you say they count five of these jobs at home with do they even want some balance in just a few minutes. thought as says it's doing all it can to help people
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through hard economic times but not everyone's getting the government support thousands live below the poverty line struggling even to afford to put food on the table of the us out of our reports from tbilisi. the small sunni country of georgia has long been known for its fresh organic raj use recently it seems the fruit of georgia's economy has been rotting away the people come to the market and don't buy anything because they can't afford it out of all the goods here only i knew them potatoes are local everything else is imported from greece and turkey and iran and so overpriced we stay here anyway because we have to try and sell something so we can eat. it yvonne knows all about having nothing to eat she hasn't even been able to afford apples for handicapped daughter too expensive here the money i have no home. money and no social support what all i can do is sit outside
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a church and i can feel my sick child the only money we get is my pension around thirty u.s. dollars a month and are together it comes out to about seventy five dollars a month so that we have to pay the bills and buy medicine from the area which is impossible but young has cerebral palsy and is in desperate need of surgery it can only be performed in germany but her family has no hope over raising the money other me awning on the globe she's already had eight operations and has five more but i've almost lost her even went to a charity t.v. show be turning down. divine and her family live well below the poverty line and in this they're not alone. fifty percent of the population. thirty four percent.
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of. the georgian government has a growing social welfare system that includes cash benefits free or low cost health insurance pensions and souters for daycare the social benefits are aimed at the poorest of the poor however i can thousand and nine world bank poverty assessment showed the only thirty percent of those citizens actually received cash assistance and it seems qualifications don't help either. as a professional singer and in these tough times. is all she and her daughter have. the only real music to their ears would be an offer of help something neither has much faith they'll hear any time soon. government is claiming that it's doing everything possible in the current financial climate to help its people but who are your delusions claim no money for even the basics like food here medicine and living like this it's clear that the poverty line is very evident in the heart of
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the georgian capital. tbilisi georgia. the u.s. soldier accused of puffing barrels ins of secret government documents to wiki leaks it's being transferred to a new prison or propping manning has been held at marine base in the u.s. and to continue for the past ten months this isn't so move him follow the growing criticism that he's been held in conditions that the balance tool tool for more on this i'm now joined by professor lawrence davidson he's in pennsylvania for us where you guys are being with us helen also you know with me is a whistleblower web site of course which anyone from anywhere in the world is able to contribute to you so why is brandy manning being singled out like this or he seems to have been. the alleged stores. many of the documents that are united states government around you create increasingly an incredibly embarrassing and unfortunately it seems to. share.
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his actions with a note or lager in the united states and i turned a geisha over to the u.s. government and they arrested him. now it has tolls viacom's i made international concern i think he's trying to support his claim that it's been that torture but the us says that the move has nothing to do with out what kind of innocence you think that there is to those claims. oh i think i think that. they are credible. there there's enough anecdotal evidence to say that to assume that he has been killed in what would be cruel and unusual conditions by any normal definition and i think that the transfer itself is a function of the of the interests in the case has been generated in quite the
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members of the u.s. congress particularly dennis kucinich who is a congressman from ohio who has been particularly critical of it depends in part meant and the authorities. at the marine base where he is where he's being transferred from. and that that. that part of the government that showing interest in it in the behavior of another part of the government seems to have been what triggered this. you know just having amnesty amnesty international or a physician's work or human rights interested in the case isn't going to move the u.s. government but when others like percentage in the congress get interested and get very adamant about it then maybe. as and say there's been a huge amount of interest in the screws more over this case and warrants like the
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next anything from problem. well i mean i think that you have to understand that the u.s. government probably has already achieved its objectives in this case i mean they've treated him so harshly and so severely denying him his basic rights really both legally and in terms of human rights that the warning is out that be and that message is out there anybody else out there who who wants to do this was a u.s. citizen and wants to be his kind of informant on is going to be treated in a most harsh way his about his or her life will be ruined just like manning's life is going to manning will never you know i don't think in the perceivable future i don't see how he'll ever step out of prison they will keep him and they will deal with him very harshly and it will he is an example for others not to do this
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once and for all the blame for the damane and all say we found a king here not someone's but is anyone else to think like that's a face. or want to pass well i mean i think that the u.s. government is going out there are many of the supporters of wiki leaks or both the people who work work with them and also the people who give them money and so it's a general sort of a white net that they're throwing you don't see much in the in the media but they're caught they're caught under constant investigation and surveillance a lot of these people and so they're very nervous and many of them in who live in europe are afraid to come back here into the united states and so this is essentially how you do it how are you going to prevent this thing from happening again and then you simply make people so scared they won't they won't walk. which
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makes but of course there's always those who will tender you are saving grace actually. so eventually they'll be more leaks and. it is a it's an ongoing battle and it's also a battle that entails technology so big government and not only the u.s. government other governments are going to be strident efforts to develop the type of technology that would prevent leaks from happening again and on the outside the technology that is being evolved by private individuals private companies hackers and cetera will in fact develop ways of getting around that technology so you're going to see this going to bounce and back and forth back and forth back and forth but there will be an effort in the united states and worldwide government based effort to be renewed not only wiki leaks but the web in general
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like a professionalized davis and many thousands speaking to us about the you drive. away from pennsylvania. my pleasure. let's say me has a modest reserves of natural gas the united states is pairing on the ground for a new source extraction a nice of shale gas has been given top priority but outspends when the risks to health on the environment are not being taken seriously enough i don't condition a house more. it's cheap it's readily available and it's made in the united states washington has hailed shale gas as the next big thing in energy development or the past five years the u.s. has invested billions of dollars into the field bringing cheap energy to consumers shell deposits lie deep underground and unlike natural gas shale is widely available in the u.s. which means the country doesn't have to pay for imports. for. the shale revolution
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stemmed from high gas prices the main question right now is how will the shale gas industry survive now the gas prices are one hundred two hundred fifty dollars which is four times less than they were say six years ago. despite that european countries are also looking at potential shale gas resources on their territory albeit with some hesitation rights now it's more holds then facts and we have really just being can realistically about this source of energy we don't want to think in terms of cause in ras like america had thought another potential plus of shale of course is stopping countries dependence on russia which the blows most of europe with natural gas already saying that if shale deposits are found in europe most school will lose their advantage of supplying gas to other
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countries what's been hard for the gazprom tower don't seem to be losing any sleep over the supposedly cause here's why. we're watching the situation and we think that local it's very viable but it will remain a local gas supply it's impossible to extra gas in the last along and if you look at the shale gas suppliers right now you'll see that most of them are losing money . shale gas may be easily available but its development. does not come cheap about what you order to get shale gas you must drill horizontally incessantly and that means the profit margin of the process gets lost very fast. and though the advantage ministration has hailed shale as an environmentally friendly out for the for natural gas reason studies have put this on the question several scandals have already broken out in the us because of the thanks of shale gas developments only
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environment and people's health with the board as well so chill gas is extracted by hydro fracking that means special chemicals around into the water to break up the rock formation the components of these chemicals are kept secret by the companies in the united states and claim it's a commercial secret put that water laced with chemicals ends up in drinking water so shale gas development poses a serious threat to the environment and health in the united states me how our done russian gas production two years ago but like any seeming miracle cure shale gas to me prove yet another false and dangerous economy. more skill. but please stay with r.t. where there's some governmental grooves ahead find that will forever have been in the red bad it has to say about this video of him cussing up at the sky. how tough economic times have left. doing nothing this is sixty deaths they're not
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in work or studying the highly educated or being let it hang forced to rely on their parents as going off reports on the last generation. for over a year now element has been trying to find a decent job with displaying having a degree in linguistics and fluently speaking german french and spanish the only word she's been able to find short term gauge illness says hiring interns is simply cheaper for companies well many of those with higher education are left behind and i can find that if it doesn't improve it i don't see how it can the only way to find a job is to look for it bright and tired of looking for it here and read italy. but while many can't find a job this guy doesn't even want to start looking for a name he is twenty five but still lives with his parents who cover all his expenses weekend up after meeting the then playing his guitar and video games to
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him illness problems are as unfamiliar as a job application moment pressuring and nobody to work is boring and neither do i care about politics or the economy this is a free country and everyone can do whatever they want a medical mystery. heelys national statistics agency can't do that one in five young people in the country is either unemployed or nuts thirty that's over two million people so many on able to fly on long term work and some not wanting a job at all the statistics are quite grim to such an extent today's financially has been dubbed the last generation something totally incomprehensible to their elders. to. spend his whole life working in a post office now in retirement he says that back in his day it was much easier to find a job and thinks the current situation if you observe. a youth is what life is
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therefore it doesn't matter why they don't want to work what's important is that the government has to do something to provide work and making. interesting that nobody you know the central bank insists the entire economy is in need of a major religious leader. especially since the young it's no use we do get. worse then those doing the g.e.d.'s and production output is in decline in one of the world's eight biggest industrialized nations the last thing you need is a future generation that's floundering while finding you jump all flunking out together you've got the skin of the. other guest political moves in the kremlin to meet her there has been cool showing off his new moves on the dance floor a video of russia's president shaking his stance. with university friends last year has become an internet hit.
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head further to the scene here getting down to the russian line has hit american boy one disease less than overwhelmed by the presidential prowess described his style as dancing like had to have russia's leader said he and his friends were just having a good time that mrs is nice and maybe a little softer than i thought. that i think it's quite a little just a few moments really what's happening in the world of business to stay with us. welcome to business r.t. good to have your company prime minister putin has been outlining russia's twelve month economic record of parliament with a clear push to boost the country's output for modernization and by attracting foreign money is not all you know has been listening to what the prime minister has
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been saying. well it was all about summing up and setting goals during russia's prime minister's annual address to the country's law makers last year prime minister putin has promised that his government is going to do everything it can to speed up that crosses over the recovery of russian economy from other global financial crisis and here are some figures for you on that as russia's g.d.p. four percent in two thousand and ten that's more than in any all the g eight countries and the forecast for this year's growth is four point two percent as for the goals the prime minister has said to the russian government and parliaments was indeed increasing foreign capital into the country up to sixteen seventeen billion u.s. dollars a year prime minister would stress the need today versus by russian economy from oil and gas sector is not so good judging by the figures that he's presented today indeed russia has recovered from the global economic crisis with much lesser losses
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than many experts contradict its less mature markets and start with commodities oil continues to recover from losses see the weak prices drop sharply at the beginning of the week monday in consequence of news of america's credit rating out to be downgraded runs crude is currently up around the other twenty two and a half of those without light sweet. gold that's in the spotlight today it's reached the new all time record high talking fifteen hundred dollars troy ounce silver is also trading pretty high almost forty five dollars per ounce and highest level in three decades worldwide of pollution and that sense of course from precious metals which investors turn to when there's lives elsewhere. obviously when you look on the screen you see in nominal prices a nominal prices are what we pay in an everyday basis for tomatoes or apples or for coal so the normal price of oil is going up however the real issue is if you want
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to preserve the purchasing power of your money you want to make sure that that purchasing power you have years out ten years or five years or whatever you want to find the absolute store of wealth and that's the traditional function of gold and of course what we're seeing right now is basically gold coming the world and dollar the value of a dollar is falling. tim mccutcheon with his comments u.s. stocks are positive an upbeat forecast from in seoul with high sales and results the company's stock is up six percent on the nasdaq also better than expected home sales data is just a confidence. european stocks also gaden this more than two percent for the fourth year almost three percent for the dax shares in carmaker persia jumped more than three percent up from four to ten percent rise in first quarter right. here in russia the picture also pretty rosy r.t.s. is up almost three percent my sixty one and a half percent sold mainly driven by energy shares take a look at their ros now and gas for all my route more than one that was almost one
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half percent gold is in these four flight as of three and a half percent after reporting outputs pound revenues were up more than sixty percent in the first quarter and we will be back next hour we're not thanks alison is next with headlines to stay without you for that.


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