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tv   [untitled]    April 20, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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it may not be enough this fully recognized holiday yet but today is celebrated by more americans and presidents a labor day closer states like they are day groundhog day religious freedom day national think if human life education charity loyalty they bought a national maritime day national trials a citizenship a family a child health a we parents of a little plus to memorial day what i can say to the united nations a world free of a record cycles that human rights a bill of rights and wright brothers they put together have you for twenty all joining us tonight is know them very cooper of never get busted dot com and former dea agent shaun donovan will also learn a life i'm suing the governor of the state of new mexico also have this for after the show but feel free to start celebrating now if you're already you're watching
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adam vs the man. this is a joint of marijuana the fear of this relatively harmless substance instilled in our society by government propaganda has led to the waste of millions of dollars thousands of deaths the ruin of countless lives and in unimaginable diversion what would be productive resources away from endeavors that could improve our quality of life into something that just makes people miserable except for the drug war profiteers and when i'm done with the show tonight i'm a small business and when i do the sky will not fall. and the world will not end
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and i'm not going crazy but at least for one brief moment i will join millions of americans were celebrating for twenty today by asserting our inherent human right to decide what we put in our own bodies why for twenty steven hagar of high times track the terms routes to a high school in san rafael california where in one nine hundred seventy one for twenty became the time to smoke pot after school it soon became a code for smoking at any time and naturally a safe way to discuss pot around authority figures but as the idea has become much more meaningful i believe four twenty is a ritual ization of cannabis use that holds deep meaning for our subculture it also points us in the direction for the responsibly use of cannabis which he goes on to explain to mean generally waiting until at least four twenty in the afternoon before lighting up but it's not really
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a subculture anymore as it was before prohibition so can pot is mainstream again one of the nice thing about the marijuana issue and what i know how to expose a neo con ask a so-called conservative about marijuana and watch a self-appointed defender of freedom turn into a drivelling nanny state collectivist oh yeah and pot cures cancer the government is done studies and known about this for years that armies of scientists out there looking for the cure for cancer and we found it we just made it illegal so now that we've got pot out of the way let's talk about drugs there is a reason that some drugs are legal and some verbs are illegal caffeine and nicotine alcohol. these are slave drugs caffeine work hard nicotine die young alcohol dumb yourself down and forget that you are
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a slave the owners of this human farm want you to be good obedient unquestioning tax cows that's why pot is illegal i dealt with p.t.s.d. post-traumatic stress disorder when i came home from iraq and had trouble sleeping for a while when i went to the v.a. with that i was given five prescriptions three of which had suicide listed as a possible side effect by the way we've lost more veterans to suicide than combat since nine eleven it in take me long to figure out that smoking pot was a lot better for me than all those pills i read a peer support group for veterans and p.t.s.d. and i can tell you from direct experience the better is it came home and turned to pot then a hell of a lot better than the ones that drank themselves in the bottles and destroyed their lives so i recently got a little plastic card from the government of new mexico that represents
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a little piece of my freedom and keeps some of the hired thugs of the drug war from pointing their guns at me and although new mexico is right behind california and colorado on the path to bring in public policy in line with public needs public opinion and the real public interest we just elected a former us district attorney susanna martinez for the governorship. in a statement she made during her campaign she said i would work to repeal the state's medical marijuana law it is against federal law to distribute marijuana and there are alternative medications that meet the needs of patients governor your so-called alternative medications do not meet my needs and you are not a daughter as governor one of your most important sponsibility is the stand up to the federal government when it contradicts the best interests of our state you do believe in states' rights don't you you do believe in the constitution that i swore
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an oath to support a federal i listed don't you that you swore an oath to as district attorney i put my life in the line for your freedom why are you fighting to take mine away why have you taken a stand against so many veterans struggling with p.t.s.d. why had you to trade the troops who have sacrificed for you i invite you to demonstrate at this point that you can be true to your principles and not sacrifice them for the politics of your dangerously misguided tough on crime image if there is no victim there is no crime i'm on the board of directors of the new mexico nonprofit biomedical prescription said it's a legally grow marijuana to provide medicine to the thousands of approved patients in mexico who are currently inadequately served by the license providers that are in practice today and often forced to get their medicine on the streets because their application has been denied we have filed
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a lawsuit which we are suing gov martinez and the head of the medical marijuana program under the new mexico department of health dumb exert a low well this is early may be an advocate for ending prohibition. he has used his position not to help people regain their freedoms but instead to dole them out to his friends and supporters with little regard for the welfare of the patients in new mexico who have a legitimate medical need for marijuana dumb observed low you have become the pettiest of bureaucrats a drug war profiteer yourself who seems to enjoy the power you hold over us as you watch us better ims who put our lives in the lines of defend your freedom grovel for peace of a better ok so my personal frustrations with the cause i legalisation in new mexico aside there are fifteen states plus here the district of criminals that have some kind of medical marijuana program in place most are far from perfect but full of wonderful people working to fight for your rights.
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the war on drugs is based on lies and law enforcement officers who genuinely want to serve their communities and provide for public safety are required to enforce laws they know are not in their communities best interest fortunately there is an organization of current and former members of law enforcement who believe the existing drug policies have failed and their intended goals of addressing the problems of crime drug abuse addiction juvenile drug use stopping the flow of illegal drugs into this country and the internal sales and use of drugs as they said their website leap c.c. quote by fighting a war on drugs the government has increased the problems of society and made them far worse a system of regulation rather than prohibition is a less harmful more ethical and more effective public policy. they are working to educate the public the media and policymakers and to restore public respect for law
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enforcement and joining me now as we remember found anyone who works as a d.n.a. analyst whose work as a dea analyst took him to various parts of the u.s. and mexico as well as what amala where he first started questioning the war on drugs the promise behind it and what you were doing there sean thank you so much for joining us thank you for having me so tell us about first what is the analyst what kind of work are you doing short will basically provided intelligence support to federal narcotics investigations doing trying to analyse these organizational analyses so you're looking at the big organizations the international traffickers things like that exactly and how did that take you to guatemala well we have pretty well represented around the world we have a fairly big office from guatemala and i was fortunate to be there is only analyst from two thousand and one to two thousand and four so what were you doing i mean you can't can you pin it down to a day or what was what was i mean i know transformations like this i mean when you're when you're so much a part of something and believe in it as soon you did absolutely that it's not like
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there's a flash moment but sometimes there's a trigger event or a process if you you said it happened while you were on this particular simon guatemala yeah you really started in guatemala as wonderful country country full of wonderful people and but a very poor country to country without much infrastructure without a very good educational system and at the u.s. yes it was spending millions and millions and millions of dollars on fighting the drug war so we just saw it really is a huge waste of resources that really could have been better spent elsewhere and also the crime situation in guatemala has gotten significantly worse since the end of the war because of prohibition you know there's a connection sure absolutely you know there's a huge profit motive for these trafficking organizations and they're really able in places like somalia and in certain parts of mexico to outspend the. nations security loony just
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a little economic background or so on the same page when you say there's the economic incentive they have they have a huge economic incentive to grow to produce to sell to export drugs because there's a market imbalance where in the united states we're consuming lots but we've made production much more difficult and so there's a proper pressure on external markets it creates a price imbalance for people there and a labor about where their labor when it's devoted to drugs is more valuable in terms of creating value for something that's going to be exported into the u.s. economy is that was that a fair amount of salute absolutely just like in afghanistan there's nothing in afghanis farmer can do that's as profitable as go to bobby growers talk to her yeah exactly exactly and that money just has to be a huge corrupting influence. judicial law enforcement infrastructures of those countries so what do you think of obama now from your perspective from someone who's been inside the machine saying we're going to respect state laws about medical marijuana we're not going to raid dispensaries we're going to respect where
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there are state laws and then turn around going back on his word and that is that too simplistic a way of looking at this no not at all you know too much credit president obama has said that legalization is a legitimate topic for discussion and which is huge progress it is only a reflection of the electorate right absolutely absolutely but in terms of you know how he's actually implemented policy for has been much more changed you know federal agents are still waiting medical marijuana dispensaries in states where medical marijuana is legal and the balance of the in the c.p.s. budget which is about twenty six billion dollars a year hasn't changed it's still about sixty percent focused on enforcement interdiction forty percent on treatment prevention and that's unchanged really from previous administrations so law enforcement against prohibition you have how many members about fifteen thousand fifteen thousand that's incredible of all people who are now that's not a so there are so see that civilian members to and i would encourage anybody who wants to. support leap in their effort to take out leap that c.c.
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get involved you can sign up there is an associate member but what kind of background they come from what are what is what is leave working on the space what's what's the frontlines as far as you're concerned well the background is really fascinating we have retired and some current federal agents local law enforcement officials including several police chiefs judges prosecutors people from what you know anybody who's been involved in the drug war and it's kind of seen that futility is welcome to join it so it's a diverse background both in the u.s. and internationally so where is the front line what's the hot button issue what he is working on well what we're working on right now you know we do a lot of speaking to civic groups religious groups that sort of thing just trying to get the message out i think the fix in that connection is simply this is a huge disconnect between public sentiment it's also you don't have to convince the public the public's already there they already get it pay that and it's sad that because of the drug war there has been that kind of loss of respect for law enforcement as a result but thank you so much for the good work you're doing thank you for fighting for freedom and having the courage to stand up against the system you were once a part of thank you for having me outstanding that was former d.a.
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analyst now working for law enforcement against prohibition their web site is leap dot cc when we come back he joins us to drop some knowledge and former cop very cooper of never get past the dot com voices from texas and now enjoy the flower part one.
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as the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to break through a bit through to be made who can you trust no one will is him deal with the global machinery of city where are we heading state controlled capitalism is called satchels when nobody dares to ask we do our t. question more. and.
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i was interviewing people earlier today about marijuana and one question that nobody ever give me a clear answer on is why is marijuana still illegal well let me tell you why i personally think marijuana is still illegal according to the f.b.i. has own records and forcing marijuana laws in the united states annually sends nine hundred thousand people to jail and according to their own rule a pro marijuana group cost an estimated ten billion dollars just in thirty minutes of this program alone more than thirty people are arrested for marijuana the current laws only enhance the drug cartels and create hardened criminals out of nonviolent pot smokers the war on drugs is a total failure it's meant to be for the sole purpose of feeding the prison industrial complex complex let's not forget the many documented cases as well of
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the cia being caught shipping drugs into its own country now the second reason is the pharmaceutical industry cannot cannot control or even compete with the medical benefits of marijuana has become a leading alternative for aids and cancer patients that don't want to deal with the horrible side effects of pharmaceuticals and helps people with clout called depression exile and other ailments i mean it's been used as medicine for over two thousand years now with these two powerful industries standing in the way and their powerful lobbying efforts don't expect marijuana to be criminalized anytime soon there's too much profit and power at stake but as a society at large let's take a look it's take a look at the hypocrisy of alcohol as depicted on television. to
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the last and. now you're you know that does not really happen when you go out drinking i mean when you go out drinking and you wake up to an ugly person next to you in bed you know you made a mistake and you were wrong growing up i've seen friends and even loved ones ruined by drink and i've seen fights abuse destruction whoring i even seen one man urinate puke and that's the case all at once because of alcohol but i really never seen any of those negative effects from potheads so how are they depicted on television. i don't have to remind. you. i don't even have to tell you anything about that and how ridiculous that is the message we get from television is pretty is very clear they're poison they're
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chemicals they're drugs that they're making a killing off are a lot more addictive are a lot more harmful are fine even if they're socially acceptable but if you're an aids patient or a cancer patient that uses medical marijuana you're a criminal in this country for all you politicians if you really did care about helping people and fighting crime you yellowbelly got list spineless hypocrites like obama would change the law instead of just saying you were. that was adam vs the man contributor luke red dowsing who also caught up with some students at george washington university earlier this week roll tape this is a look at ask a g.w. university talking to young people about marriage you want to thank you for two minutes talking about marijuana we have samples. now how many people do
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you think each year die from alcohol consumption in the united states. close to a million i really don't have idea but i can say it will be in thousands i think think it's eleven or fifteen thousand. times twenty thousand much i guess maybe fifty thousand one hundred thousand on the thousand you're kidding. how many people die from marijuana consumption each year. i think it's like four zero. plus a thousand. thousand people five thousand that are now none it should be. fifty thousand i don't really have an idea like i don't know their exact status but here are many you know zero. zero zero zero zero zero i'm in
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favor of a brain what kind of world do you think we would be living in if alcohol was legal marijuana was legal sixty's. i mean i don't know i guess everybody a lot more pleasant. most of my friends are pretty cool pretty chill it. much more enjoyable i guess right i think so i think it's a great. what do you think about president barack obama promising to stop federal raids on medical marijuana dispensaries but actually not keeping his promise on the issue. i mean i think it's one of those things were. you know politically motivated decision well i think that it's a good move of his to say we're going to stop him but i you know obviously he's a stop and he should do it whether or not i think it's right you know if you say you're to do something you should follow through i think it's very common particularly with barack obama that he makes promises that people love and you know i can't say i wouldn't like that to be true but you know that's
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a promise someone makes it and places a bet on your hope and you know it's up to people to stand up and hold politicians accountable. we thank you so much luke for sharing that with us let me ask you though what's your answer the question how would the world be different if marijuana was not i mean just so people know about the things about me i don't even smoke pot anymore used to be kind of throw it out there well you have i have to credit you had a personal choice and exactly at the totals oxy and pop. they were going to criticize us but i think the world we definitely different i mean alcohol makes people angry makes people aggressive something like we people down it's you know it makes people appreciate things and different people have different effects because of marijuana but i think there would be no war no torture and or he and no violence of marijuana was legal and. i don't know if i would go that far but it would certainly going to be better than a world where you can get busted for exercising which should be an essential human
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right but we have someone on the line right now special guest tonight who is in expert when it comes to not getting busted going to lay some practical knowledge on this in fact this is a former law enforcement officer who needed d.v.d. which is now sold over ten thousand copies and never get busted our next guest is the infamous barry cooper from dallas texas perry thank you so much for joining us on four twenty two thousand and eleven happy for twenty two they. were celebrating for twenty at that dragon spread bet for texas about why that's fifty thousand copies now oh excuse i must of been looking at it also the i heard you know i heard it when it when you were doing an interview with throwing down with another former dea agent about that you've come a long way since then you've been doing some incredible work not just keeping civilians who want to assert their rights from getting busted but busting cops that one of by late those rights tell us about what you're working on and how you're able to hold the cops accountable using your insider knowledge from your experience
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well after the success of the never get busted videos that teach people how to not get busted for pot we were flooded by e-mails of police corruption so my wife said very you were so good at busting citizens why don't you use those. kills to bust through police so we did our first cop buster sting in odessa where we set up a fake marijuana grow house and we just put little christmas trees under the light no marijuana and we put hidden cameras and it triggered an illegal raid which led to the release of yolanda madden from federal prison and coming off the success of that sting we started filming police officers stealing drug money and we started airing out on you tube and different t.v. shows and they retaliated in a heavy way you know they raided us and put us in jail accused times but that's the cost of good activism if you have your son taken away so you know i got to say when the sacrifice is much appreciated by those who appreciate your work lou now barry i
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know you went through some court cases i know especially last year you've been facing some record custance for all of the great things you've been doing and how you've been fighting back can you update us on the latest legal issues that you're facing yeah and it's really bothering them too is right now i'm an expert witness that travels around the us to testify against police misconduct in court cases and the retaliation has really hurt our family we're all out of jail of course we pled not guilty because we didn't commit these crimes they dropped two of the charges the state clear at us as far as being great parents but by then it was too late the absentee biological father took possession of the son and we're having to appeal everything to get our son back but we're not facing anything that other americans aren't facing today you know all the witnesses all the citizens i consult and help get out of a cage or not go to a cage because they've been arrested every day on the phone and in emails i hear these horror horror stories of american police so it's not just our family
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suffering it's hundreds of thousands of other americans and we're there for you know i saw the video of that staying that the that you talk about it's amazing to see a former. cop put in a sting on other law enforcement officers i mean it's so satisfying and there are a lot of people who have been who have suffered at the abuse of suffered from abuse of cops who really appreciate that kind of work but i was thinking while that was going on that video must have got around to every law enforcement agency in the country saying don't get busted by very cooper though get set up by him have you noticed any kind of broader implications or effects of some of these things that he set up in terms of affecting a law enforcement policy absolutely for one they're very easy to catch nobody's policing them and they know that actually when they raided our house the rate was for all my films so i actually have you know i'm sitting in their evidence room
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other police corruption what was the quick question again well what it was how was how has this affected how the set of chain a good chilling effect i would hope on cops going to violating rights like this there have definitely been there's definitely been a decrease of raiding marijuana grow rooms in texas and they're making sure that it's not another one of my traps however the corruption is spread so far and wide everybody tells me the police are worse in their town and it's true the corruption so far and why i could actually put a team of ten top buster units in the us and we could sting a cop alito barry you got nothin on me for that i don't care what you've heard from anybody else anywhere in the country right here in the district of criminals we have the highest per capita concentration of corrupt cops in the entire world if i can get you to come to d.c.
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and do some work here to make this place safe for freedom loving people would really appreciate it i'd love to see it get some work done in d.c. if you ever come through we'd love to get in studio for the so as well there that's all the time we have france and i but thank you so much for joining us i keep up the great work my pleasure gees. remember that little cartoon we showed you in the last segment well there's a part to that and while the current reality we face here is somewhere in between the two videos let's take a minute to see the world that the drug warriors are trying to create for us. i. i. i i i i i. i i
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i . when studying the drug war it's really tempting to get angry and want to seek vengeance for all the evil that has been done to violate the rights of others maybe even yourself but a long time ago my mother taught me that the best revenge is living well and it took me a long time to really learn that lesson but through the years i found that living well is the only revenge worth having to live well don't have busted if you partake in the drug of your choice do it responsibly and be sure to never jeopardize the rights of others speaking of living well they got a joint to smoke thanks for tuning data versus the man's nightly set out or also a new website adam vs the man dot com to vote on guess and topics find me on facebook and twitter you.


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