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tv   [untitled]    April 26, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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let's not forget that we at the far right. i think. either one well. whatever the government says they're safe get ready because their freedom. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for sleep you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else hears you some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture.
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welcome back to the big picture i'm coming up in this half hour it was twenty five years ago today when the church double nuclear disasters took your brain to its core measures are being taken in ukraine prevent future destruction so are officials in europe and taking notes plus the process of getting a passport just got even more tedious now the state department requires. to include your residence and employment history could this be a hidden agenda pushed by homeland security and while the banks were getting their bailout from the government they were busy rabin the american people out of millions billions of dollars citibank bank of america j.p.
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morgan chase got away with this sneaking heist and tonight still take. the state department has to make it harder for you to leave the country and you questionnaire would require some passport applicants to provide their full history of every place they've ever lived every job they have ever had since they were born in order to qualify for a passport and if you get anything wrong about it you can get prosecuted for making a false statement the questionnaire will also require information on the applicant mother's natal care and where she lived for one year prior to giving birth i suppose republicans are calling that the rock obama rule so that's the purpose of this new questionnaire is it to keep us safe or keep tabs on us here's a offer his take on the issues charlie oka director of the consumer travel alliance
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charlie welcome to the program to be here thanks for joining us why is the state department doing this i have no idea. this is something which one of the policy analysts a guy named edward has broken who is working who works with me discovered a few months ago and he's been doing a lot of research on and he finally got a copy of the actual form which is going to be used and that just made the hair stand up on the back of his neck and we run a website called consumer traveler where we talk about travel issues on a daily basis and edward asked if he could get something up on that so we put it up there last friday and it went viral and all of a sudden we ended up with about eighty. alison people coming to the website the number of comments going to the department of state dog jumped from about ninety two more some to somebody told me we were getting almost three thousand comments over the weekend of people be upset about this particular form and the thing that
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they are really upset about is fact but the form asks so many questions that any normal person in america has no idea of what the answer would be right i you know i have i have no idea who my mother's doctor was and what how many visits she made before i was born back she's dead now there's no way for me to find out. and what's worse is you're really right there's no way for you to find out because the only way you can get that information is by going to someone else who has permission medical power of attorney to get the information and privacy rules keep you from even fully hold some of the fallen even though i know it odds are her doctors had to use your acritical and their nerves and everybody who knew them and maybe even the hospital right now you know better questions like who were the who was in attendance at your birth i mean we remember i don't quite remember that kind of stuff it makes you wonder if there's like a secret birth or in the state department you know. seriously though i mean for just a moment let's let's try to noodle this thing through there are people having
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a u.s. passport is a gold standard in many parts of the world it is it gets you into places that a lot of. you know that certainly no passport won't get you into and that even a lot of other country passports won't get you into it has is that which is credibility it makes you eligible for government program is stablished is uses irrefutably and wouldn't it be wouldn't make sense that there is probably some small proportion of people i'm trying to i'm looking for the best possible reason why somebody might want to do so you're going to have the right approach that there's that there's some smalls going to people who for a variety of reasons may have absolutely no documents. nation that they're actually citizens but they really are and so what the state department is doing is saying ok well here's a way to prove to us that you know even if you don't have a birth certificate even if you don't have a social security card yeah you know your parents never applied for one when you were little you didn't you know whatever that here's
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a way that you can demonstrate your citizenship a or b. that there are some people among us that they're concerned might be you know terrorists and waiting who are trying to get passports and this is designed to fill those up you know with what you think you know i really don't know exactly why they would ever come up with a form like this first it takes hundreds of hours. if somebody has a social security card that doesn't necessarily prove that you should get a passport. and. i just find it very very difficult to understand in our in our comments that we filed with the department of state we basically said look it's unreasonable to ask people these kind of questions passports are not really a proof of citizenship it's a permission to travel and we get permission to travel from the constitution we have permission for without a passport you can leave the country it's just that most other countries want exception well either they want to accept you and now we can't even go to canada or
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to mexico in the old days you could do that without your passport on them and we used to go back and forth a lot i used to book a new hampshire and we'd go across the border with no problems but now the bigger problem is coming back into your own country even if you are a citizen and so at some level it sort of restricts your ability to move by having these kind of restrictions but we'll go back and look at who really applies to i think theoretically replies to people who don't have any other ways of proving that you know where or where they were born and how they were born and we've got a lot of other problems with people and we've dealt with a lot of questions and e-mails from people who were delivered by midwives sure especially in texas and you know earlier as we were in rural areas and so on you were it with all the questions of immigration and everything else coming up we have people who were legitimately born here in the united states they have people who can give them a verbal history of where they were born they've got witnesses but there's no
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documentation and this is the kind of stuff that the department of state says oh we want to try to get down to this level sure but it's at a level which is just beyond what is necessary couldn't they just have this form of all these insane questions on you know give us every job you've ever had bloody bloody bloody and say and sign it in the penalty of perjury but say you can fill in any of these boxes with i don't remember i can't find out information and if some minimal threshold ten twenty percent of the. information is filled in and they'll say ok you've satisfied us well we don't know that because right now what we've done is we have gotten a hold of a form but we don't have we're not. in possession of the instructions that the state department people have to use when they're looking out the form if forty two point four percent of the boxes are not filled in you don't get a passport is there a threshold can it be filled out by by other witnesses and so on we don't know what
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we're protesting right now is the form in the phone the form itself is on the face of it ludicrous it's just it's madness presents more questions than answers charlie thanks so much for dropping by and for finding this and letting the american people know about and i like think the american people for doing something about it that what is really going hopefully it's good intentions run amok will we'll find out with hopes of finding as with any time the government takes on more authority we should respond with caution not necessarily cynicism a crushing or a legitimate identity issues that need to be addressed here but let's make sure the government doesn't overstep its own. today is the twenty for the twenty fifth anniversary of the church noble nuclear disaster in what is today the ukraine and unfortunately the world is dealing with a nose serious nuclear disaster in japan is certain to turn an entire city into
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a ghost town just like her noble did to the city. and just to show how persistent nuclear problems could be ukrainian officials are trying to raise billions of dollars to repair the cracking cement circuit because he says that radioactive plant is likely to be an ongoing repair forever there radioisotopes there reacted for a quarter million years so can we expect similar concerns in japan for the next several generations for more answers i'm joined by city full careers and health and radiation expert at the nuclear sony walkman thank you very much great to have you with us the effects of chernow bill are still lingering twenty five years later and in fact i it's a day i was browsing through some information that i indicated that the cesium there's are two primary cesium isotopes and that apparently they're not the cane as rapidly as predicted or assume even there i don't think it's necessarily a question of decay per se because they're half life wealthy one thirty seven has
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a half life of about thirty years so the hazardous life is ten to twenty times that amount what i believe we are seeing is uptake in the environment so what's happening is it's not migrating as far down into the soil away from where vegetables or fruit trees or other kinds of trees can not take it up anymore and redistribute it through leaf litter fall etc etc so it's probably more a question of bioavailability in the environment and it just keeps cycling and that's our natural systems are built to do that and biological organise. i just think the cesium is potassium and that's pretty much part of every every year animal and plant is the essential mineral. there are varying estimates of the number of deaths as a consequence of should all that go from fairly low numbers as high as a billion what what's going to be the case in japan and we know i mean even though
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the u.s. president's to say nobody died at three mile island we know that there were there was a plume an actual measurable plume of downwind cancer cases and it's from three mile island what can we expect from what's happening in the crucial. well i'm sorry to say that at this point it's seems to me that the way the japanese government and the international atomic energy agency international regulatory bodies to handle this kind of being are handling crucial or. that it might mimic what we see units from noble as far as not getting the dose levels right the measurements of radionuclides correct they question whether they're measuring all of the kinds of radionuclides or whether they're just measuring certain types and if they're releasing that information to the public which they don't seem to be and obviously the accident is still going on. so i am afraid that with the amount of land that has been contaminated. that they need to expand the
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evacuation zone even further than they have i hope in a few years when the states from the media limelight they don't decide to resettle people there they don't decide to fish in those grounds again because that will bring about more availability to these radionuclides in food stores and then for the people in japan you also have an issue of the people who were exposed to long term impacts which i think a lot of people tend to ignore those cancers which as we see in chernobyl certain kinds of cancers develop more quickly than. others like twenty five to fourteen year of the sex as well birth defects we've seen it for noble i'm worried about those in japan as well and it's not just the terminal area of belarus ukraine russia we're also seeing some of these health effects europe wide as well and supposedly less amount less revenue quite a deposition and there are no churn noble they basically dumped
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a whole pile of concrete on top of it and created a giant lab. and eating paste it now that is cracking these or more of ukraine is trying to raise twenty five what is it is a billion or billion dollars a lot of money it was a lot of money trying to raise about your needs to build a and apparently you're actually working on fabricating a giant metal. storm or whatever they are covering this. but sure noble is not right next to the ocean i mean and. i'm assuming that the water levels the water tables are fairly closer in at daiichi plant and in japan than they were in sure noble what's the whole issue here with the ability to walk this stuff or as an alternative could it be done like three mile island was where they are they over the eleven year period so. the the
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melted down core out piece by piece using robots very carefully got it casts and shipped off to whatever wherever it is that well three mile island was on core the ichi we're dealing with probably at least three possibly four so and then the fuel pools so eleven years for three mile island and it will definitely be more likely they're saying that now once the accident has been gotten under control as far as putting a shield over it like the sarcophagus that are noble the problem with doing something like that at the scene is that if you've got a leak that's below where the sarcophagus would sit then you're still not blocking the water from going out to the sea so that's a disgrace possibility the other possibility in japan is i don't exactly know where the water table is residing at churn noble they were worried that the reactor core would not through the bottom of the reactor vessel hit the ground water and
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potentially cause yet another explosion. if the groundwater at the u. key is higher or even at the same level then you're reaching an issue where if the core melts through the bottom of the reactor vessel you could indeed have another explosion if it hits the groundwater ads that will send it thank you for coming out shortly and happy and you know this seems to be escaping from the press now need to keep reading it absolutely appreciate group where do you think you all are doing there yesterday over one hundred thousand people demonstrated across germany against nuclear power in that. the world is turning against nukes how many more anniversaries until we in the us wake up and realize that nuclear power simply isn't worth it. it's time for our daily poll your chance to tell us what you think here's today's
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question in light of the chair noble nuclear disaster anniversary of the world begin to turn away from nuclear energy your choices are yes we see it in germany where a broader thousand people protested yesterday against nuclear power or no the nuclear lobbyist will succeed in avion away from war nuclear energy right now about seventy five percent of you are leaning toward know you can log on to thom hartmann dot com to let us know what you think the poll will be open until tomorrow morning. coming up the government got ripped off by the very individuals they were trying to bail out and i'm stealing take i'll tell you how banks put their own profitable spin on the i o. u. system.
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let's not forget that we had an apartheid regime. i think. feeding on the wealth. we have the government says they're going to keep you safe get ready because you give them freedom. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for life you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that
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everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm charging welcome to the big picture the first.
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let's not forget that we had an apartheid regime right. i think. he'd done well. we have the government says they're going to keep him safe get ready because you get your freedom. there's a least one senator on capitol hill looking out for the working class and not the banks toure's and that's bernie sanders thanks to his efforts we the taxpayers are
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privy to exactly what the federal reserve has been up to since the financial meltdown of two thousand and eight and the latest release of numbers from the fed to senator sanders office reveals that over the past few years the largest banks in america have pulled off one of the biggest scams in the history of our nation. since two thousand and eight the fed has been creating money out of thin air and then dishing that cash out as low interest loans we're talking really low interest loans like one percent happy quarter percent to some of the biggest banks in the nation like j.p. morgan chase bank of america and citi group the idea was that the banks would use their money to loan out to small businesses to hire people again basically to jumpstart our economy or so we were told the truth is as revealed by senator sanders those loans were merely vehicles to transfer billions maybe hundreds of billions of dollars from you and me the taxpayers directly into the pockets of the
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banks toure's on wall street here's how it worked the fed would give a bank like citi group a couple of billion dollars of let's say a one percent interest rate then what citi group would do is lend that money they just got from the fed back to the u.s. government treasury at a much higher interest rate so if i asked you to loan me a hundred bucks at a one percent interest rate then next year ought to pay one hundred one dollars but if as soon as you lent me the hundred bucks i'd turn right around and lot of back to you at a five percent interest rate then while i'm paying you a hundred one dollars next year you're paying me one hundred five i just need four bucks profit of course four boxes more potatoes but when we're talking about loans in the millions and billions of dollars interest can add up really quickly and it did in two thousand and eight j.p. morgan chase took out a loan from the fed of one point two billion dollars at an interest rate of two
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point one percent then j.p. morgan chase use that money to loan the government two point two billion dollars at four point six percent interest. they profited thirty million dollars off the deal and all they had to do was sit on their hands and wait for the government you and me to pay them their interest in two thousand and nine citigroup took out a loan from the fed at two point one billion dollars in interest rate of af a percent and then loan that same money back to the government at an interest rate of three point nine percent they profited more than four hundred forty one million of the deal again doing absolutely nothing except waiting for the government to use our tax dollars to pay a bell their interest also in two thousand and nine bank of america took out loans from the fed totaling two point nine billion at a rate of a measly point two five percent that's a quarter of one percent and turned around and loaned twenty three and
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a half billion to the government at a rate of three point two percent they profited more than a whopping seven hundred forty four million dollars off this crooked deal with taxpayers that's three quarters of a billion dollars absolutely free we're talking billions and billions in new profits that the banks toure's made and what do we the taxpayers have to show for it nothing the banks or student loan to any of that almost free fed money out to small businesses they didn't loan a penny of it to homeowners to refire their mortgages they didn't create a single job or save a single home not a damn thing except the truth about what happened and even that senator sanders had to fight and claw for in the sun. back in two thousand and eight when the shredded money was hitting the fan in our financial markets and george w. bush was to parade in treasury secretary hank paulson and fed chairman ben bernanke
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out to warn us all that our economy was going to implode and less drastic actions were taken or actually plenty of things bush could have done to stave off doom he could nationalize the banks save the taxpayers trillions and put in place reforms to prevent this from happening again so iceland did and it worked so it sweden did in the ninety's and it worked as well ronald reagan did with the s n l's that when they exploded after he'd be regulated them and it worked and even showed a profit for the american taxpayer and reagan sent over a thousand banks to prison instead of bailing out the banks bush couldn't let them fail and instead bailed out all the homeowners who were screwed into exploding mortgages just like f.d.r. did in the one nine hundred thirty s. moving them all over the long term low interest government financed mortgages a bottom up solution that again by the way when f.d.r. did it actually made a profit for the federal government but bush didn't do any of that instead he went the trickle down route giving the rich bankers trillions and waiting for that money to trickle down on the rest of us as an worked as
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a work anywhere it's ever been tried any time in history never. so here we are today after trillions were given to the bankers the rich are richer in fact richer than they've ever been the stock market gamblers are surging and yet the economy still sucks for working people nothing has trickled down and it's standard poor said last week there is greater risk in our financial markets today than there was before two thousand and eight thanks to trickle down we're headed to another collapse until there's a fundamental realignment within the democratic party until they change their party's vision and blow away trickle down economics for good and things will get continuously worse the progressive caucus has banished trickle down from their budget and the president gave a mild dismissal of reaganomics a few weeks ago but the entire democratic party needs to unite in their opposition to way for the rich by the rich economy republicans are hopelessly lost having
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thrown their weight firmly behind wall street but there's no reason why the democrats should be in the banks pockets as well because the only thing trickle down economics produces is a nation of it's that's the big picture for tonight for more information on the stories we covered visit our website at tom hartman dot com and our team dot com also check out our youtube pages at youtube dot com slash the big picture our teeth and slash and this entire show is available for free podcast on i tunes and don't forget to mark receive begins with you your it.
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well. the latest in science and technology from the realm. of the few jerks. live.


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