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tv   [untitled]    June 4, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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a major u.s. bank allegedly loses a pretty good dollar investment by libyan putting the financial woes of the american on libyan people in the same boat. with what's happening is a shift towards a ground operation russia's foreign minister slams nato deployment of helicopters after they hit their first targets in. a huge car which destroyed it i mean in central russia has been put out some leading over eighty people. hundreds of gone through the jefferson memorial in washington d.c. claiming that holding that first amendment rights and similar action last week made
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to five or six. international using common life from our studios here in central moscow this is. libya could be another name on the list of alleged victims of the giant u.s. investment bank goldman sachs that bank is currently being investigated by the american government for its part in the two thousand and eight financial crisis it supposedly lost a one billion dollars investment made by three years ago but is marina portnoy reports from new york the bankers are hardly consent. long before the u.s. led airstrikes against libya's moammar gadhafi the dictator and one of america's most profitable banks were firm financial friends in two thousand and eight according to the wall street journal goldman sachs offered khadafi the chance of
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becoming a huge shareholder only after losing ninety eight percent of libya's one point three billion dollars sovereign wealth fund in just a few months they have lost a staggering percentage i don't know how you'll lose ninety eight percent or something was that on options on european banks and energy companies who stocks plunged shortly thereafter but in any case clearly they saw a goldmine in khadafi when the fund controlled by colonel qadhafi nearly empty goldman ponied up offers to recoup losses according to the journal libya would get five billion dollars worth of gold and shares in return for making three point seven billion dollar investment in the securities firm libya agreed to buy the bank stat with the promise of a lucrative annual six percent return for twenty years gave me knew it was about to head into a nosedive and there they were selling selling these libyans
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a piece of junk which was themselves libyan sovereign wealth fund officials are reportedly accusing goldman of misrepresenting investment deals and making trades without proper authorization but others proudly admit playing fast and loose with gadhafi is money american real estate and reality show tycoon donald trump boasts that he lied to n.b.c. the libyan leader in the past i read to them a piece of land he paid me where you are now you could have used i don't know where to put all gear up for two years and then i took it over here is where we should be doing we sent over a new job we want to use the word school for a screenwriter now. critics say the libyan people stand to get screwed by wall street trump's comments were very interesting in terms of the attitude that american executives and american officials have towards other countries their dear to be screwed and he said it publicly and he advocated it as
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a policy and he did it personally due to frozen assets and financial sanctions imposed by the u.s. europe and the united nations libya's sovereign wealth fund arguably the forgotten about unless one of the world's top financial firms is held accountable so americans have been demanding that for years without any success can't get daffy achieve what the american people and the american government can't or won't achieve i don't think so i think that they're going to get away with this you know big billion dollar boondoggle with libya just as they've done it with america goldman sachs is currently being investigated for playing a major role in the two thousand eight hundred or so crisis a crisis that cost americans millions of their jobs homes and life savings while a military conflict currently divides the u.s. and libya uniting citizens of both countries is the financial game wall street has
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made at their expense or in upper nile artsy new york. florida based investment banker bernie goldman says the bank's operations with libya could be part of a wider coleman. when you have two percent of the world's oil supply you know where target the sovereign nation firms are the primary target of some of the biggest investment banks worldwide. ministration has created a criminal investigation it is now getting information our sources tell us they have good evidence that the bakers were told that the materials they were selling in the sovereign nation phones were truly bad assets they knew they were bad assets and they were moving them or their accounts and putting them on the accounts of libya in norway and iceland and that's a crime and as the list of u.s. banks troubles gets bigger so does the country's deficit possibility that ceiling being raised becomes more of
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a reality experts say the move could only be more economic pain for the country reports on that in just a few minutes from now. the first nato helicopters have hit their first targets in libya russian foreign minister sergey lavrov has announced that the problem it is a step towards a ground operation there. we expressed our opinion over this escalation of the military operation we think what's happening is a shift towards a ground operation this would be very regretful because the violations of the security council resolution already taking place are more than enough to think about the attitudes towards us decisions. british and french helicopters attacked kind of half his forces near the port city of brega it would apply just days after nato extended its intervention for another three months recent weeks have seen intensified and eyed air strikes against the libyan army. there are indications that the low can start which will produce a genuine libyan political process if you simply keep dictating things from the
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outside by supporting the rebels by saying that this person has the goal this person has to stay bringing somebody in announcing that some particular individual is legitimate the other is more legitimate then you have to the country just go ahead on the dot the country rock in libya we don't believe. that was trying to say that is foreign capitals. determine who is going to lead the country in what has happened going to happen there there has to be a political process so our idea is that there must be a ceasefire as quickly as possible because it can produce a situation where civilians are not going to suffer any longer the u.k. foreign secretary is made a surprise visit to benghazi in libya expressing support for the rebels journalist and author actually returns he says the fact that william hague is sitting down with one of the sides accused of war crimes is a disaster team so deliberate. attempts at stopping any type of peace process all we now know is that william hague the british foreign secretary is seated there
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and he says he's in with the rebels the u.n. panel in the past few days and said that there are war crimes being committed by some of the rebels so the british foreign secretary untouchable if you ever came to an international criminal court decision i'm sure he'll be subpoenaed. it's looking more and more like a disaster with only russia and china holding any cards to play at the moment. the u.s. congress has slammed president obama for launching the operation in libya without its consent but will this change anything. we can predict that it's really going to have very little effect we talked to ramsey blued he's the editor of palestine chronicle dot com you can check on our web site r t v dot com for the full interview. let's go to washington d.c. where hundreds of people to be dancing at the jefferson memorial claiming they're exercising their first amendment rights last week r.t.
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america has to adam kokesh and four others were arrested by the police for dancing at the same spot that is going to come and has more from our washington d.c. bureau. this is what i saw the crowd was dispersed sort of pushed out of the jefferson memorial but dozens of people really risked being arrested for just peacefully dancing at the memorial everyone had this fear that it could happen at any time to many it sounded like a joke because freedom is you know the first amendment of the us constitution explicitly protect freedom of assembly and actions that symbolically express a view point if those actions are not harming anybody and one could think what could be more harmless than dancing people who took part in this dance for freedom flashmob say they do it to remind of their constitutional rights which they claim are being breached recently there was a court decision specifically regarding the thomas jefferson memorial that prohibited dancing there that's what triggered the movement if you will last week a small group of people protested that decision we decided like in his opinion the
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morial we were brutally arrested one of them was an iraq war veteran civil rights activist adam cultish recently also has his own show on our t.v. just a week later thousands of people after the arrest in different cities by the way not only washington d.c. joined him and others to say no to police brutality take a listen. to everything else or all the other violations of our freedoms with the trashing of the economy after everybody who suffered in this country under the good will decrease to it's going to be unseemly that's the only freedom we have look we're going to come in and do it for people who say oh we believe in liberty we believe in these ideals remember it comes down to something like this and although some are divided on it sometimes really obviously for a lot of people this dance flash mob has turned into something very symbolic especially here in washington at the thomas jefferson memorial he is one of america's most revered founding fathers jefferson a visionary as a great quote and part of liberty liberty which as the thing we're saying today americans are getting further away from with every other court decision it's not
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just about dancing in a public place of course there's a lot more serious stuff many here are talking about the post nine eleven patriot act that the. curtailed many of their cars taken from old freedoms and our very new elite introduced laws as well so this tale came flashmob is just one to sing while they walk in the public and the what they see is while a few of their rights. under you can watch the full video of the dancing demonstration of the jefferson memorial on facebook page. news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. operations rule the day.
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the russian military says a massive fire and ammunition been raging for over twenty four hours has been put out but the number injured in the accident continues to rise and currently stands at eighty six dozens of buildings have been destroyed and almost thirty thousand were forced to leave their homes all of that brings us more now from the region. thousands forced to flee from their homes as a fireball turns the night sky orange. the fire that broke out at the military missions depo on thursday night left the local population many of whom are elderly terrified in fleeing in their thousands. suddenly there was a big and their windows smashed i thought could have been under in that would give up and down and all through the night like that i was praying i remembered all the prayers i got might help to stay alive. too elderly people suffered heart attacks believed to have been brought on by shock and died many of the old couldn't escape
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so here in whatever shelter was available to them. they mainly elders who hid in basements and were evacuated by rescue teams we then took over and moved them to hospitals and evacuation centers no one understood what was going on so everybody took cover as best as they could helicopters and other aircraft were used to douse the flames from above while bomb disposal experts removed any damaged ordinance authorities say the danger has passed. over meaningless to clean the area behind the ammunition warehouse the station itself was cleaned up to make sure the environment see for the people living around here all residents will be true to their homes by the end of the be. a local shop and several houses were looted in the chaos for sugar paul fled with just the clothes on his back after an anxious wait he can now return home to check on his property with the main thing is that we
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do pains didn't get shattered the inside it all got messed up i had lost all the lights and curtains are down the furniture is all over the place the incident here coupled with a similar period last week as president medvedev calling for a full investigation into what happened he suggested that heads will roll regardless of rank if it turns out that safety procedures weren't it here too it seems the two fires in two weeks has proved to be true for too many for the president r.t. if you have. and you can follow the situation in russia's republican military as well as what spectacular videos of the file online you can logon to the r t three video section to check out unique footage of the fire taken by unmanned drones the state of the art planes are being used by the emergency services to monitor the situation there and you can view and even download the high definition video free video got r.t. dot com. mission.
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critical three instructors. arrangement three. three. three. three volunteers really old story or media projects real god r.t. dot com. writing about it shows a month before he has to enter a plea to charges of genocide during his first appearance of the hague tribunal the former bosnian serb general called the accusations monstrous and of noxious the former army chief has been charged with eleven counts of war crimes including his part in the massacre of eight thousand muslims at srebrenica. and that it was arrested last thursday after sixteen years in hiding its handing over to the court was seen as a key condition before service to join the e.u. still there are many steps to be taken before membership and some experts say it's not always this complicated to join a group. those conditions don't need to be met if the e.u.
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likes you. and romania who admitted for very obvious strategic reasons and didn't meet any particular conditions at all in so doing now the real reason that serbia is outside the e.u. club as it were is that the serbian secession is group problems of course will. not be resolved that's the situation that still needs to be resolved and the e.u. prefers serbia to negotiate regarding that situation while on its knees which is a position that is the publisher is very familiar with those original figure eight thousand came out it came about from these are bigger which islam is side they were prepared in advance. thousands of people were hidden soldiers and drafted backings of the. list forces without their families even being informed so there is certainly a great deal of exaggeration in the figure you know what is justifying his existence it was set up by madeleine albright's to point an accusing finger at the serbs and
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to hide the existence of a joint criminal conspiracy to destroy the state the serbs have formed the state of yugoslavia over half a half of the adult population of serbia died to form their own male population so we died for former yugoslavia which was destroyed by the west of ours and the hague tribunal is there to paint an entirely different picture it's the one time obey of europe where people are held for years without trial waiting for trial when they're when the revert it is known in advance in fact is even worse than the guantanamo bay of europe because at least there in the guantanamo bay the judges know what the rules are at the hague tribunal is kangaroo court the rules are worked up as they go along and always at the expense of the serbs. well blondes the deputy editor of the online magazine spike says what's going on in the hague now is a show trial with the outcome already set in stone but i don't think there's anything. there about this trial at all about the whole process. or what's what's
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happening in. the code the outcome is going to be in but it's been set already it's a bit of a show trial i think. as a result of yeah i think it's very much about bolstering the west's position and making the west look like it's the free defender of justice and the largest has already been such a bad guy in this i'm not. allowed to choose our wonderful human being but there were crimes on all sides in that war and to pick out one side was worse than the other is a bit peculiar of the situation was watching murky there were opportunists nationalists politicians on all sides and some fairly brutal people behind them as well. and some contributors to the r.t. form the same the hague tribunal should be dissolved in their view it has no legal grounds to exist but the old websites have to have your say on whether general recommend which will get a fair trial or do you want war crimes cause what are teeth dot com that's the
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address where you can express your opinion. huge source of personal data in the palm of your hand that's what a smartphone has become nowadays but all the private information kept in your high tech device can easily become public knowledge eagle would have now has discovered how. what does your i phone four know about you and who can access this information. even when i'm not making a phone call i'm just walking around with every step this won't crack my graphical location if i don't decide to connect to the. nearby cafe my phone records as well if i then decide to send an e-mail perhaps put on some private passwords all of that information is stored on a device itself in fact this is a treasure trove of private data that's kept there for months and sometimes even years until now you could at least protect yourself with force was
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a little hard to crack but now a company says it's hacked the defenses of the i phone four for several thousand dollars will hand over all the data on any protected device. sammy we are a force for good we don't just give the data to anyone we require people to fill in a twenty page form to say that they need it. destroyed these reassurances many see the development as a cause for concern. for them to do this is a bad idea whatever to do intentions now they have created more about unity's for law greatest access to private data with. the moscow based company which specializes in breaking down security systems so far clients have been police security services and relatives of people who died. as for privacy concerns the crackers say if it was an them it would be somebody else. we can forget about the
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idea of privacy all together whenever you go on the internet you are already revealing everything about yourself and it is becoming that way with using your phone. their love has just one piece of advice if you do to a smartphone make sure you don't let anyone else get hold of it either and. moscow . where you can always find more and all the stories we're covering the moment on our website that's r.t. dot com there for you at the moment hard labor instead of life imprisonment russian lawmakers have come up with a punishment for serious crimes to replace the death penalty and part of how the initiative has been received was on the web site george w. bush alongside i don't think much of a scholar who also made it to the list of the worst people of all time published in an american school here.
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moody's ratings agency has warned the u.s. it made great its credit rating of washington doesn't make progress on dealing with its debt as increased regulation the u.s. will have to raise its debt ceiling which has already reached midway and economist peter schiff believes that that will only make a bad situation worse. but we have to do is stop borrowing all this money you mentioned earlier that one of the problems is that we haven't raised the debt ceiling that's one of the only good things out there that debt ceiling is still there unfortunately they're going to raise it we're going to go deeper into debt which means bigger problems and this is not you know the economists are describing this is the stock it's not it's quicksand and economists who think this is a soft patch these are the same people who in two thousand and seven said the u.s. economy had never been in better shape they didn't see this crisis coming right never understood the problems of the u.s. economy and they still don't understand a baby government stimulus made the problems better it did it and it allowed the
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problems to get worse the number of people finding a new job in america is at its lowest level in eight months and our very own new york resident has hit the streets there this time finding out if it's worth paying for an education when there are no jobs at the end of the line. with today's tough job market is there worth spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for a college education this week let's talk about that how much does college cost in poland. for free. any this day it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars so probably it's a problem. i get to. and young people from all over the world are bought off on it and it needs to start now i'm not going to say that the government needs to pay for it but i think young people need to wake up and look around them and say you know it's not an accident that bill gates was sold self-taught maybe if
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the kids took two or three years before they went to school and had a little life experience and then had some purpose to their study might make more sense. what is to be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars even at that point i don't think so i live on one year of accounting i took undergraduate. i wrote millions of dollars on that one course which i only paid two hundred dollars for i own a business i hire the best people i can get if you're not if you have a college if you don't have a college education don't even come to my office and apply so if you where did you go to college i went to college in texas and you use what you learn every day absolutely do you think it depends on what field you're and possibly but let me tell you this without an education you just have a whole lot tougher time in life but we're all told that we all have to go otherwise we won't succeed. i chose not to go to uni as you call it out of time. and certainly it's
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a great i mean known to be way out of range and if you go to the top schools and you the rich people can afford it why is that don't do you think that would set us back over the long run in terms of what we can produce really is i think if you look around to economy and the rich are getting rich and the poor are getting poorer and the middle class is falling away people are seeing this in real estate in the new economy i think the american people are suffering the bottom line is that most employers still think a college education is important and ultimately it's their opinion right or wrong on that matter. and let's take a brief look at other news making headlines across the world and i'll take the stage. for al qaeda militant leader has reportedly been killed in a u.s. drone strike in pakistan the u.s. a close to five million dollars bounty on the head of. he's accused the most
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demanding attacks in afghanistan pakistan and india his county officials say that among nine jihadists killed in the strike. time to government troops reportedly reached the restive syrian city of hama activists say that the security forces there are hoping for justice leaving at least six day comes a day after dozens were killed in a violent crackdown on a massive anti-government finished internet services or be restored after being cut to prevent the opposition posting videos of. high radiation levels have been observed in the crippled fukushima nuclear plant in japan the operator says it is the most elevated radiation level ever detected in the air inside the number one reactor steam has also been coming from that part of the plant on the high levels were protected by a remote controlled robot. so the life can take its toll working hard and playing hard can certainly drain the batteries analyses moscow out because it's the best places in the russian capital to get every charge and the full program is coming
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away very shortly but let me time here's a quick preview for you. the fish massage since he is such a mason in some of your choices when you see. that she's the had to drive and the most infamous case of. this is that the this is the signature of. the school to make this the last. male final. blow to school to sleep dreaming. not to freeze up but for the moment i'll be back with a recap of our top stories in just a few moments from now and stay with us life here in moscow.
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philip suddenly next to the border of the gulf of egypt but also on the border of peace and war. they're responsible not only for themselves. but also for their
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loved one. they are ready to take any risk. coco. above. above. street. for the full swing we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.


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