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and you know i don't know where mr ackerman is coming from i really really don't and the other thing in that atlantic. monthly oracle was the who the the the writer said well and it's pretty much it's pretty much common knowledge that whenever we get into a ward always last longer than we're told it's going to really we were involved in the second world war the largest conflict on the on the planet in a murder in human history for four years well ira neither of you know about really and recent history for some reason are always you say the thing you see today did go on and on or not or not but i'll see if the voters actually remember it when they go to the polls and somehow i'm not so sure about that michael chaney it's been my experience you know you for having me all right still to come tonight we have a you said it i read it on the comments that you've left on mine about the stories that we cover here on the show and then i'm going green therefore by the u.n. determines how much it would cost for the world to become environmentally friendly but it's not really realistic for that but that's just
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a moment. and again this is coming to you live from moscow the headline. of diplomatic brow at the u.n. security council between russia and france has been the fear with moscow say the french army of rebel breaches the un's resolution of the country. a new eurozone point for those portugal's credit states and downgraded to junk by moody's rating agency which said live in. just two months time to get an eight hundred billion euro wide shock waves have been called. for me and the cost of government boring searching into countries i mean me. and despite the new design. to recover bodies of twenty five billion dollars japanese
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people were made in desperate need or told you know by their choices but also the most well supported areas devastated by the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami. that's the headline is now the second part of the i don't know is up next. artist time for you said it i read it where you take time to respond to my brilliance and engaging viewer comments from facebook twitter and you too because when you've got something to say i listen now all three comments tonight come from you tube first i'd like to address a comment from the commenter that shall no longer be named you can see the name i just can no longer say it on t.v. without breaking out into laughter and losing my cool so anyway this is in response to my constant attacks on the mainstream media for covering the casey anthony trial nonstop the comment said you know alona it's ok to have
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a heart and care about something that's very dearly important to the lot of us on an emotional level but that's right you're cold an inhuman you can't process empathy much less work it into a hate against the media and that's why people love you because you're effing pinnacle of what is right and what is wrong no emotion or human element involved we might as well be watching news from a robot. what can i say i had no idea people love me because i'm a cold emotionless robot but i know it if that's the case i guess i should give the people what they want i'll stop reporting on soldier and civilian deaths in our endless wars i'll stop reporting on the innocent victims of violence swat raids or any type of police brutality on the people of our justice system is decided to put to death on those that we've tortured just to name a few. that would make me just like the mainstream media that only cares about one death in this world as horrible as that is so you tell me who's really the robot now the next comment i'd like to respond to comes from red fingers this is about the interview that i did with an immigration attorney last week on alabama's new
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immigration law and it read finger said they're undocumented and here illegally under federal law they're just enforcing the law crime or jesus christ this has nothing to do with immigration policy it's merely a measure for enforcement of existing federal law i'm going to try to make this one brief don't wear existing federal law does it say that you should let somebody live there and die rather than help them because they're undocumented you know it actually if you think back to i don't know the declaration of independence of things that made this country what it is it says that we're all created equal we're all in doubt with the inalienable rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness not that we should treat others like it under class put fear to citizens hearts who would dare to help them that's not humane and that's what immigration policy in some states has become and lastly i'd like to respond to a comment from e n one five one now this is about me giving lindsay lohan the tool time award for tweeting about the fed only because she was paid to do it and in one five one said why are you such
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a bitch leave her alone you know idea you might be right i was being kind of a bitch but so what and i have more responses for your comments next week. well the new head of the international monetary fund met with the media today here in washington d.c. this is christine lagarde second day on the job and she takes over the i.m.f. in a very delicate time greece and portugal as budget woes are causing problems for markets worldwide as artie's christine for as our reports most of the mainstream media only want to ask questions about the sex scandal of her predecessor dominique strauss kahn. from violence on the streets of the middle east. to protests in north africa. war in libya. to europe. for portugal's credit rating has been deemed junk. and in greece. were unemployment hovers at about sixteen percent and the debt
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crisis has sparked anger. in ireland a blanket of despair as people there too have come out to speak out in hopes of igniting change entire cities as well as their policies have been lit up in flames that's really all of this anger stemming from poverty and failed economic policies in the u.s. as well high unemployment sits atop a mountain of problems like the housing crisis and slow financial growth. this is the world christine legarde inherits as she begins at her new post as managing director of the international monetary fund in her first formal meeting with the press at the i.m.f. headquarters in washington she seemed optimistic in her hopes to get the country back on track the international monetary fund is here to serve and to provide
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services to its hundred and eighty seven members it's not the sexiest of news stories but still the inaugural press conference for the new managing director of the i.m.f. then garner quite a bit of media attention most likely it had less to do with christine lagarde herself and more to do with the reason why she's here. inside the room cameras and tripods stood like soldiers guarding the entrance of a castle keeping close watch and wondering aloud about the guards predecessor what lessons do you think ought to be drawn from the way the u.s. legal system handled this case we could be any reforms in the human rights and human resources policies here do you plan any changes in them in light of the controversy over mr strauss kahn the controversy of course with dominique strauss kahn accused of raping a hotel maid in new york that case now starting to crumble after it turned out the
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maid had credibility problems but back to the i.m.f. or lagarde will take over let me ask you about a couple of issues what worries you the most guarded her best to stay on message we cannot be only driven by the hope to reduce fiscal deficits and organize fiscal consolidation in a big way whether you look at advanced economies or whether you look at emerging markets all income countries the issue of employment. is a critical one the one hundred eighty seven nation organization has already lent one hundred sixty billion dollars to cash strapped nations many of which have little hope for paying it back. so the real questions are manifested here on the streets of some of the nation suffering the most are accepting aid from the i.m.f. has been presented at times as the only option as austerity measures are now being
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put into place the questions too are in the dollar and how its value may or may not change under her watch for managing the debt crisis around the world will fall at the top of her agenda as the rest of the world watches with hope first ability in an unstable world. in washington christine freeze out r.t. . one new report from the u.n. out this week says that the world is going to need one point nine trillion dollars a year over the next forty years for incremental investments in green technology compare that to the mere twenty billion dispersed by the world bank and climate change funds over the last two years or of the thirty billion agreed to at the copenhagen summit in two thousand and nine which by the way still hasn't been realized and that sounds like a lot of money but then you compare it to the three point seven trillion and counting the u.s. wars in iraq and afghanistan of cost and it starts to pale in comparison how about the recent reports that it cost twenty point two billion dollars
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a year just for air conditioning in iraq or afghanistan or the twenty two point nine billion dollars a year the pentagon spends just on battling rust and you start realizing if we want to we could find the resources to devote or at least enough buyers of our debt to to devote those resources there so what role could america play in this worldwide necessity of green tech and why do we choose not to enjoin we've discussed this is david roberts senior staff writer at grist dot org david first thoughts on this report of one point nine trillion dollars a year until what do they say for the next forty years is that sound like a huge estimate like a lot of money or not that much. it can so it's a lot if you just take it so you show you what you have to remember what it's global and number two it doesn't just mean government these are not all these are not all taxpayer psalms that need to go to this bigger part of the voice for
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marshalling private capital to make those investments and that's government needs to change the rules that there's a government doesn't necessarily need to spend all that money any chance of that actually happening though. well the reason no more program doesn't isn't going to these things is that government rules are skewed because we've had a century of dominance where certain sort of fossil fuels and you know about it interests so as long as they have a stranglehold on us government i don't see a huge change coming very soon. you know i just mention of course some of the statistics of how much we've been spending on our military so i also feel like even if it does come down to government funds you know if there's a will then there is a way but do you think they will ever switch those priorities around or perhaps as food becomes more scarce as we you know see of course the natural elements become more extreme are really going to start beefing up that military spending well i think it probably will do but i do think the government will begin to spend more on
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the stuff but it will follow private capital eventually it will be entrepreneurs and business people who want to make money who will pressure the government and provide the counterbalance to fossil fuels and government will be grudgingly once private capital starts what do you think so far of what obama has been doing of course he's been taking flak from both sides from the left for not doing enough he's been taking flak from the right for perhaps doing too much they think that he's focusing too much on green tech companies or of course he has a new initiative where he wants to make all cars start to have you know a certain performance on the road as he pinpointing the right things or is that kind of small change. well the main thing to remember obama is that he's incredibly constrained he doesn't pass the rest because you know it's congress so. he by he's battle congress for a lot and done very little he's done quite a bit with his executive powers although if you're more able what he did with the fuel economy standards was an executive moving that will be at least for now will
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stand as the biggest contribution to clean energy and greenhouse gas reductions of his presidency now how much exactly do we stand right now on trying to green a fine i our military. no one has actually calculated that but i think right now renewable energy provides i think something else four percent of the energy that the military uses so it's a fraction of their total budget but sort of irony is that there's no institution in the u.s. including congress or business that is taking clean energy as seriously as the military they're actually doing more to create a market than the rest of the federal government at this point well why isn't there so much better eyes because the government is really bad messaging i mean a or it could be private industry why does it have to be the private industry only when it comes to working with the military is able to really to corner this market and to get the money to invest well to invest for the capital you need markets and
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what the military does this create a market in the reason the military has been able to move so fast so that the military doesn't have to grapple with congress and to make new rules so you can say we're going to take energy seriously and that and the day after that you know appropriations start to change and the rest of it so eventually the military will create of a fairly big market and obama has done a lot to make sure the federal government itself its own buildings and fleets are a fairly large market too so it will start to shift once the economics start to shift and then really quickly let's also compare it to china which of course at this point is really leading the way when it comes to green technology and to investment how far ahead of us are they. well we have to remember that they're just like they're enormous. people they're still per capita wise much poorer than us but they're spending extraordinary amounts living our foundation for a long term growth and we seem to have forgotten how to do that well hopefully at
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some point we'll have to remember how to do that but the un is already calling out to everybody the entire world that one point nine trillion trillion dollars excuse me a year is going to be needed just to try to keep up with the way of the world is changing in the future and considering the fact that even at the copenhagen summit the deal that they made in two thousand and nine but none of them money has been realized yet it doesn't really seem all that promising unfortunately david thanks so much for joining us tonight thank you. well still to come tonight now high a law maker earns our told time award for his actions over caught on dash cam video we're going to show that to you in a moment and then we have our midweek edition of happy hour to t.s.a. says that terrorists are planning attacks by smuggling bombs into the u.s. inside of their bodies and wait until you hear why woman was removed from the flight that was still.
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spending the year in iraq because military journalist. we still in the news conference is there's kind of wasting their time trying to kill three. i thought oh the length of the movie the low life among a few to see both twenty seven days going to publicize it if you invite. the lead species who started the beat of the dialogue is. true to the soldiers where you sleep seems to be. on.
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the. slope.
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it's time for tonight's tool time award and tonight it goes to ohio state representative robert macklin bored to the republican calls himself a catholic boy from the west side of cincinnati he's a hard line conservative married father of three but during the current legislative session robert had to be worried that a very private matter was a got about to go public you see back on the weekend of good friday in april a congressman was stopped for drunk driving a wall in nearby indiana and the eighteen minutes where the video of an officer
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dash cam of the arrest is really good stuff it was just put on youtube by the dearborn county prosecutor's office this week so i'm new at the videotape tell most of the story for itself roberts was stopped because he had a headlight not working on his car the officer then start a series of tests to determine if he made the truck. to begin fairly i think of you i do know that we don't move it. right there. so you do have to know why did that guy just stay here that's all i don't care about the guy you know. he literally could not follow the officers being there for several minutes and then try to blame the poor guy walking across the parking lot for distracting it now the next has also didn't end very well for the lawmaker so you may want to rethink the right thing to do say a picture. you can on the bathroom without the do you want them through just like
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that ok. so what do you want me to do you want me. to make olympic. you know you're going to be like i'm with the vehicle. through here right from the vehicle. when i began. that's right he couldn't follow simple commands in that he wanted to hold on to the car to balance himself so yeah he was drunk at the last piece of video that i want to play for you is when a robert mecklenburg had already been placed into the patrol car he's not in the picture but you can still hear his voice. she go where she wants to give her a life like a little girl when i think that she will want to do something i will. say she can we eat meat and. milk when does she have the room to order. now
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like i said earlier roberts a married father of three he seemed very concerned about the passenger in his car and that's probably a good reason for that the cincinnati t.v. stations a report of the twenty six year old woman was actually a dancer at a local strip club and after he was finally hauled off to jail his blood alcohol level came back at point nine seven and he had trace of the via ground a system that is when a g.o.p. family values man gets caught with a stripper stripper in his car and buy agra and insist of that because a robber refused to take a breathalyzer test his license will be suspended for one year and the democratic party in ohio was quick to point out that if a new voter id bill that he happens to be sponsoring passes he could have trouble voting he'd have to deal with the hassle of getting a state issued id card just to vote the irony is just so rich here and that's why republican state representative robert mecklenburg of ohio is tonight's tool time where.
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it's wednesday and it's time for happy hour so joining me tonight is archie correspondent lauren lyster and evan mcmorris centaur porter and blogger for talking points memo thanks for joining me guys thanks for having me on i don't know if you know this about me but i really love campaign ads. they kind of you know smile on my face every day they just brighten my day and i'm really happy that we're getting into election season again because the r. and c. already has one about obama take a look six. years really good. at the worst. job. i don't know what do you say it's got a good right of the car flying off the cliff of the trade wrecking a very visual very action packed more action packed then of the action we see going on capitol hill where they can't agree over the debt do you think it's. better than tim pawlenty that was going to say we're seeing so many of these sort of movie like
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ads from the republican side everyone's got their next movie preview to try to one up each other i want to see all these movies so much of i want to watch you and i use unfold but everyone who comes out in these ads i want to see that you want to see the economy being driven off a cliff there's a train rolling in a barrel roll you don't want to see you know i want to see that movie you know what i want you i don't know if i like this trend in the action movies i kind of like last year where we had the trend in the guns and everybody needed to have their homemade videos. and you know so i was wrong there i'm going. to do if they knock down your campaign. it was really really cheesy you know they're trying to get a little more high class they're saying what comes to mind is really a whole lot of time today out of let's talk about obama had a twitter town hall today where he was supposed to take questions from whoever wanted to tweet to him it was supposed to be open to everybody and then he got a question from this guy take a look you know next question comes from someone you may know well this is speaker boehner there you go. after him working on
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a record speaking spending bridge that left us deeper and where are the jobs question mark and i want to note that these characters are his fault. not his john obviously needs to work on his type of skills do you think they picked that one just so you could make fun of painters typing skills i think though because you kind of set him up for it he pointed out that those typing typos were all manners i was surprised of course you came in at all i mean i was reading earlier there's one hundred sixty nine thousand tweets that were sent to this account i mean boehner is going up the white house tomorrow couldn't they could find somebody who is not going to set it down all for people on twitter they don't get the opportunity and the funny thing is you get plenty of opportunities we think we realize why it was that he didn't answer anyone else's questions because we have a you have to look at i think a president comes from dave weigel so when the truth is found to be lies and all the joy within you guys don't want. somebody to love we got another one this is if
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i become a corporation will the government finally try to help me and the third one is when you're visiting his volcano lair does george soros let you feed the leadership and . i have to admit i was thoroughly entertained today with the stuff that people were coming up with our very own jenny churchill who works on the show she had some really good questions that she was tweeting turned to the president of course i answered you that tweet anything i was to be very widely read if you have a question in there right well you know we try to t.p.m. but we sort of you know with john boehner getting in there we have a chance of ours and they're so you know we're we're getting one up by the speaker of the house where he supposed to do ok so we call that a failing that our twitter fail i'd like to hear in the twitter town hall better than that his those ones that you highlighted were way better than what we saw you know i would watch that very well. so if you want somebody want to be alone and show twitter town. ok here's a story that barely ok there's a really another really scary thing happening in the world so more of your rights
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are going to be violated whenever you travel now and take a look at u.s. officials have new intelligence indicating that terrorists have discussed surgically implanted explosive devices or components of passengers flying into the u.s. from overseas and i'll tell you the funny thing about this is that in our editorial meeting this morning we were like i swear we've already done this story and we went back and look there are stories and sure enough in february of two thousand and ten we had a whole story that we call a ticking time because it was. a terrorist possibly even putting eggs plosives into their breast implants so i mean this isn't anything new i feel like the t.s.a. feeling like they're not relevant right now to scare people again for somebody to delete this story after the whole depends issue with the grandma so that it can justify them asking her to remove her depends that's a good point i hadn't thought about that at all i mean i just think it's going to be talking about always spectacular terrorist attacks when the one was really successful while it was perfect. involve box cutters and just you know real take it
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so i wonder if all the talk about this sort of going to implant things are going to have i don't know guess leader isaac the shark said george soros is later i mean i wonder how realistic all that really is and how much we need to worry about that versus just kind of general security overall with less spectacular kind of a title but maybe that's always if i have a body scanner is not to go through right now because it was a question it isn't posting also i put all my shampoo away that's supposed to get you know no shampoo and that's the whole point is they don't do the basic obvious and they start focusing on the little thing. whatever all this is actually kind of funny speaking of how tight everyone is on planes these days there is a woman who was escorted off a u.s. airways plane today and deemed a security risk after she took a photo of an employee whose name tag philadelphia's international airport on friday apparently the employee was being rude so she wanted to do a snap little picture that names you can remember when she wrote a letter complaining about it one of the things that we get to enjoy is american
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citizens this complaining about stuff i love doing that she gets kicked off the plane can't break i think it's horrible i think you do all these stories about how people aren't allowed to video the police this is a whole new level we're in trouble it's already such a pain to fly i feel like air airlines already have such a monopoly over your life when you travel and all of your rights i mean this woman's day was completely derailed switch flights a bunch of times you know what i've been going to do that is you wouldn't really be able to do that something that made you men feel like you scared security risk get him out of my total get out of my mind that i want you one that i mean you have the power to gather those of appealing idea look at it to my job like this is my plan and if to me it's appealing to be able to snap pictures of people that complain about that they're going to say are you thanks for joining me tonight thanks for tuning in and make sure you come back tomorrow professor mark allegedly for standard from stanford university is going to be on the show to discuss that letter that he and ninety other law professors have sent to lawmakers stating their opposition to the protect id act i mean time to forget become a fan of the letter show falls on twitter coming up now. there's adam first in the
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. twenty years ago the largest country in the world to serve the graces of books. if. what had been trying. to teach began a journey. for where did it take them. the close up team as being to the republic of north ascension where half of the area is occupied by nature preserve. this time our team goes to the region where men flock from all over the world to add a few centimeters to their self-confidence where young families are not hesitant about having a senior citizen in their family and where one man's utopia turns into a real village of the shining sun welcome to the cool guy.


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