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tv   [untitled]    July 13, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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sometimes. markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy in cars reports on. the grim search goes on the bodies of a one hundred victims including many children have now been recovered following russia's worst boating disaster. area says the ship was technically dead long before it set sail on its final voyage bringing all the details in just a moment. washington's a missile shield over europe chips away at relations with moscow as the u.s. stands accused of taking advantage of anti soviet sentiment to secure future bases in europe. the asian giants competition india's huge role material exports to china keeps the money rolling in new delhi is worried it's making the country dependent
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on its cost of growing made. without a lie from moscow i'm wrong or some say welcome to the program one hundred people now are officially confirmed dead following the sinking of a pleasure boat on the fold of river and what is russia's worst boating disaster ever eighteen of the bodies recovered so far children who had been enjoying a day out with their families when the belgariad disappeared beneath the surface in just a matter of minutes on sunday let's talk about the general public of tatarstan for us where the accident happened and the dozens of children who perished inside a packed games room we're going to start now the divers have reached the area where they say. at the moment two hundred divers are working out in the volga three kilometers from the bank in shifts searching room by room inside
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the sunken well gary a pleasure cruiser they are searching for the bodies of everyone that's still left inside the ship and they have indeed reached the play room on one of the upper decks of the sunken ship where it was thought by eyewitnesses there were many as forty to fifty children playing when the ship sank so fast it's now been found by the divers there are significantly less children in that room there are still dozens of them there it will still be very traumatic and a very difficult job to get all the bodies out but that effort is continuing in a few days' time two special ships are coming up from further down the volga and they will in some days time try to lift the ship out of the water and then they'll be able to do a full inspection as to what caused it to sink and to sink so fast all of this comes back on to land as the bodies of brought back onto land and behind me because
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riverport the number of flowers and cuddly toys and candles that are piling up against the walls of the river port here continues to grow as do the hundreds of people filing by looking at the lists of the dead and missing and paying their respects to those who lost their lives however there's also another feeling growing here was well as of grief and that sort of anger and questions increasingly growing as to the revelations that keep emerging about the ship just earlier here at the river port a former captain of that ship the bulgaria came and reveals some alarming details about the ship's life before its last voyage i'll just have a listen to what he said. i became captain of the vessel in two thousand and seven the ship had need for a while before that there were big problems with the engines and power generators repeatedly mention that to the management and even had an argument with them then
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when i later returned from a cruise there was another captain waiting on the bank to replace me just. so as you can hear the debates go on about what actually happened to cause this sinking but it doesn't do anything to relieve the grief and the sorrow here on the riverbank the dog. this is the happy scene that short of the this ship is designed almost identically to the ball carrier in this room almost identical to the one that children on that ship played in but for whatever reason their fate was very different. the the the. the. crowds gathered in remembrance of those killed by the sinking of the volga pleasure boat it was the younger victims that seem to cast the longest shadow of.
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these schoolgirls that lost one of their classmates. and was really study together for a year she never had arguments and then one she was a very kind girl and was always ready to help. as divers reached the play room one of the ball carriers upper decks they found the bodies of the children that had gathered there just before the boat sunk. its them at once inside the boat the bodies were everywhere again the forest and cabin most of them were wearing the life rafts divers now have the awful task of bringing the bodies to the surface those left behind can only wonder at how fast their families were torn apart. our colleague was on that ship should mention a cruise together with her family has been five year old son and to say she was pregnant and was to deliver her second baby in august is not found yet only her
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husband managed to survive she and her son died. and for those children left suddenly without parents a terrible truth they may not be able to comprehend for years she lost her mother and father we're old but will have to look after her and she's only one and a half years. old knowledge what will you tell her and if we can't she wouldn't understand. there is much that people don't understand about this disaster reports about the ship's engines failing about blocked emergency exits and elektra city failure that stopped any s.o.s. or evacuation instructions going out criminal cases have been opened into why two ships passing straight after the sinking didn't stop to pick up a single person and into why the aging vessel was allowed to sail in the first place but for those who have lost loved ones the case will never be closed tom
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watson artie. i know thought more of how the tragedy unfolded as well as firsthand accounts of the possible causes of the disaster logon to our website that's our team dot com while you're there you're live from moscow with. the program deciding his fate you continue covering the london high court session which will rule whether the extradition to sweden of the wiki leaks founder julian assange on trial will go ahead. and if you are over the phone hacking scandal gripping britain goes international now as the u.s. senate takes aim at rupert murdoch's media. oftentimes plan to sell shield over europe has been labeled as the main irritant behind a widening chasm in a russian american relations foreign minister sort of get off the u.s. has to offer moscow some concerns over the project maintaining the shield only to protect against attacks from rogue states but some say it's actually taking
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advantage of post soviet business to see it through. reports u.s. missile defense plans in europe are of course out for discussion here in washington foreign minister lavrov said russia for illegally binding guarantees that the european missile defense project will not threaten russia's security there have been words before washington has many times said that the system would not be against russia but moscow needs to have it on paper some analyst explained that this urge that russia has been getting everything on paper with promises in the past that were not fulfilled for example when the soviet union collapsed russia was assured that nato would not be expanding towards these borders but he did continue its continued recruiting new members so the bottom line is words are good but words in a legally binding agreement are that our foreign minister lavrov said that's probably the most irritating issue in the relations between the two countries and there is a huge desire to leave it behind and to rather turn it into an area of population fix on the ground that being true that the basis of
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a miracle should the design of missile defense which was not. that is a reasonable way to respond to what is received as being the purpose of the system so we want to stick to the original that there would be no parts of the system which would create risks for the strategic stability and for the but. strategic stability here in the industry the age of course and also of the participants in the system russia has offered building the missile shield in europe together but that offer was turned down nato says russia can participate but it can't be a joint project because russia is not part of nato so that moscow says if that's the case let's base our relations on agreements not just words the shield itself according to the state department will have the whole of europe coverage my colleague alex a euro he went through romania when the u.s. plans to build the radar and found out what he for the local population take
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a listen. the voice my of the romanian village of there are still cannot believe his luck after washington this place in romania region to locate a new base locals have been all smiles about hypothetical investment. when we first heard that the us would build a retard base here we were a little. relieved to we were informed it's having this piece with mean infrastructure and possibly jobs. proposed to consist of radio facilities and interceptor rockets it is scheduled to be built by twenty fifteen and will become instrumental obama's european anti-missile defense shield in the nineteen fifties an airbase in the town of devore seller in romania was used by the soviet forces now with washington's plans to place the raiders station here locals have a job that should booker us change this foreign policy again the place will be occupied
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by the chinese similar plans were no joke for some in other european countries. thousands in the czech republic and poland protested against the initiative to have military bases on their soil with mixed results while the first line of interceptor missiles was eventually placed in poland the czechs suddenly pulled out of it and on the solid defense in romania there have been no demonstrations like that at all there is a historical fact and it makes several men now one of the most cruel american countries in the world there is this sentiment and this feeling that. the presence of the us is contra balance and specifically the u.s. is confidence in the presence or influenced of russia in the region if there is the real case then what security would this new shield provide and most importantly difference from who. it is unclear what
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exactly they're creating soon as we understand that this is them going to be used against russia will have a legally binding guarantees to that this tension will be result of that experts say the issue will remain a thorn in the side for both moscow and washington at least until next year when the next nato russia council meeting will be held in chicago by the time construction of the raider facility endeavor selo would most likely be in full swing let's see russia ascii art the reporting from devore sello and book arrest in romania our top minutes past the hour here in moscow wiki leaks founder julian assange continues his fight against extradition at the high court in london sweden wants to question the world's most famous whistleblower over sexual assault allegations but his supporters fear that extradition to the scandinavian country will open the way for the u.s. to get its hands on him or evidence covering the trial from outside the court ruling. today is the second day of was expected to be a cheery day hearing all of the appeal of juvenile songs
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a bit whether he's to be extradited to sweden we're expecting wednesday to be given a bit to have agents on the hall of the swedish prosecutor's office since yesterday was given a good to his own defense i phones left the court last night completely tight lipped he didn't wave to any of his supporters who were standing outside the court he just walked away which must be a direct instruction from his new legal team that he has high especially to deal with a steering a new legal team seem to take on a new strategy that much more conciliatory about this case a much more concerned with european door and specifically the european arrest warrants under which students request to be extradited has been requested the legal team all hearing that the european arrest warrant is invalid because of discrepancies essentially between the allegations that have been made and the testimonies over the two alleged victim several counts to be considered ranging
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from coercion and right to break and the defense team has said that there is nothing in the victim's statement that said that in the evidence so a lack of consent in the statements of three of the poor allegations they say wouldn't even amounts to crimes in the u.k. so it's very much the approach that that's taking hold they they are drawing attention to the fact that us almost has not been charged in sweden that he's once of them maybe for questioning and they're saying has the prosecution started has he actually been accused of anything and if not then the european arrest warrant is in we may be able to expect a good day at the end of wednesday but we may know the judge may refer the decision to another day he may put his off and give decision a few days or even a few weeks time we're hearing. reports or you could order a far more from also you want to do. the latest news blogs and expert analysis but here are some of the stories are online for you right now how it world famous
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a fast food chain turned into a grocery store officially at least gold's in russia serves up a smart move to save itself a super sized spill. also our third time lucky or russian a rocket finally gives six american satellites a lift into orbit after two days of technical plays out this and so much more but our team coming. quarter past the hour here in moscow the world's fastest growing economies india and china appear to have reached an economic faceoff the giants of huge mutual export amounts but it's mostly role materials on india's part while china sells manufactured goods but an even trade is putting new delhi at
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a growing it is advantage that is pretty explains. it's dragon versus tiger in the battle for asian supremacy india and china are two of the fastest growing economies with the world's largest populations vying for power and prestige in asia and beyond where india led the way in i t in back of this is china race to head in mobilizing its masses onto the factory floor fueling a huge trade deficit and a reality india is forced to accept is normal for a true hub of the world. moving. source of the. who were do things that india post world class in nuclear programs yet struggles to create every day jobs making every day goods something this cotton tycoon knows all too well it's cheaper for him to export to china to get the job done then let india buy it. we make
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a profit of ten percent more in the international market than the domestic market ironically it's indian efficiency that's part of the problem with supply rapidly outpacing domestic demand. if you don't explore in the cotton prices in india will crush and farmers will suffer as they will get even the original price this will increase the quantity of cotton and even the indian government is encouraging the export of cotton can the cotton fields of india lies the heart of the indian chinese trade relationship more than seventy percent of the outsports from india to china are wrong materials like cotton however ninety percent of the exports from china to india are manufactured goods if india is selling well then why should it matter while having a twenty billion dollar gap with your next door neighbor reports power in their hands and makes jobs in savings dry up at home and economists know that only by sewing up a successful manufacturing sector large unskilled workforce. but it's
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a blind spot it's leading to blind we are different and we should focus on different models and. best of luck. and i'm sure. it's not in competition with. a different scene from which are indian traders seem satisfied to because the set up means the money keeps rolling in. the benefits in exporting is that we get a bigger volume of cotton and we also get paid on time but new delhi is worried knowing it has to cut its cloth before its run of luck is sewn up preassure there are t.v. in door india. he is coming to live from moscow scandal surrounding rupert murdoch's media empire has gone international after u.s. senators called for their own probe into his news corp company it follows allegations that some of murdoch's newspapers attempted to bribe in new york police
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for access to the call records of nine eleven victims fueled by public anger the british parliament has even tried to will they vote to pressure the mobile to drop its why health plans for the country's largest satellite broadcaster sky richard out of the day online news service believes the scandal will grow to threaten murdoch's hold on his and tire media empire. but where this does become a question for national security is the idea that police are selling private phone numbers and probably contact details of people like the royal family and the prime minister obviously is not necessarily the same to sell these things to a newspaper as it would be to sell them to a terrorist organization but if you can do one you may be able to do the other so it's very serious the whole edifice of years international is deeply intertwined with the downing street machine all that has yet to come out and will cause a lot more headaches but i think what people i talk to and. expecting is for the scandal to go up through the chief executive of news international to james murdoch
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and james murdoch himself and many people say should step down. this scape without serious damage is also doubtful although i don't think he's going to retire or leave the helm of the company. check out some other news from around the world for you and prefers our struggling euro has been struck another blow after a move to use one of the big three credit rating agencies downgraded ireland's that to junk status the move is a warning to investors to steer clear as the bailed out economy verges on the brink of another crisis the same agency causing political and economic firestorm just last week when the same supporter calls that writing and also prompted a vow from the e.u. finance ministers to levy more regulation on credit rating agencies so. that occasional libyan rebels is meeting with top nato and european officials in brussels as the military campaign approaches its fourth month before the talks began the belgian foreign minister announced that the looks the group of belgium
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the netherlands and luxembourg now recognize the national transitional council as the legitimate representative of the libyan people and nato spokesman says it's hoped the meeting will be an opportunity to hear a vision for the future of the come back country and under the current situation ongoing. hundreds of iraqis were poisoned by a chlorine gas crowd that spread across baghdad after an explosion at a water treatment plant health officials said no one died in all those affected have already been released from hospital but most of them were from the city's poorest neighborhood security officials believe the blast happened you have mechanical problems at the facility. the taliban's the biggest achievement in ten years that's what the group called the assassination of the heart brother of the afghan president. karzai headed the kandahar province a volatile region on the border with pakistan kerry vandyke who back in two thousand and eight was held by the taliban for forty five days says the killing it
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leaves washington with no one to rely upon when it comes to securing the region. well the karzai it was not just the governor or the shadow governor of kandahar he was the most powerful and the most popular person throughout all of southern afghanistan this shows that right now with the canadian troops pulling out and with the u.s. trying to now focus on eastern afghanistan feeling that they have controlled the south there is now a vacuum who is in power who can the west rely upon you know what the taliban have claimed responsibility for this but it's not clear that the taliban are responsible it could very easily be a power struggle i've also heard and others have reported that he was responsible for perhaps starting to bring the taliban together with the united states to negotiate their force someone would have to have a definite reason perhaps pakistan perhaps the taliban to stop this we don't know
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yet who is responsible because they killed the person who had all the information and it was an independent journalist and author gerry. in just a few moments from here with business news to stay with us. those. little pellets the international sanctions says that takes place in prose on july ninth and since. this living collections by russian designers is the most beautiful zelda city of central russia. this is a little unfair children's fashion show slowness likes of presiding over the festival. fashions wrestling. this is.
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a watching business something would need to be at the bank of your company gold is trading near record highs as investors one for safe haven assets from the debt crisis spreading across europe seen taken some from sight so that believes the strength in the precious metal will continue until even as politicians find a workable solution coal is now the only currency even though ironically it's not really a currency that is salivating your year long term investment criteria is in a sense said this is a currency that cannot be devalued by turning out money i think the reason why gold is going up ground now is that everyone seems to sense that the political solution once again becomes throwing more dead at a dead issue we need to change her sturdy there will probably take some pressure off the restraining goal but gold is going on today tomorrow and if a nation as long as the politician play this game of hide and seek and no decision making. well rosemary sells stakes in the seven companies to russia after accepting a bailout for its crisis said economy these will include gas pipeline companies
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into refineries russian technologies corporation and gas from are among those interested in the assets this received an eight hundred million dollar bailout last month as the cash strapped economy purchase routes currency reserves moved to the markets now or oil prices are still mixed still looking for direction the light sweet up thirteen cents brant down ten cents this is add as increasing u.s. crude supplies and debt crisis in europe may hold the man for materials european markets are trading in the black against a limited after a downgrade of ireland by moody's investor service this is keeping sovereign debt worries in focus group is up three point six percent in london making a top gainer says the luxury goods maker reported revenues up thirty percent in the first quarter. here's a picture in moscow where trading is on for around four hours now r.t.s. is a quarter of a percent my six down
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a notch we're halfway through the session so if you look at some of the individual stocks on the my six burbank is up twenty four percent after posting a one hundred eighty percent jump in first half net profits but that's under russian accounting standards. for now half percent after the e.u. lifted coach ash quotas from russia and coal miner response is continuous rallies up three point two percent after two and a half percent gains of the previous session was by the nervousness in europe infecting the russian market into western front on capital still believes there are good stories of trading. speaking about sectors i do think that in this environment you're likely to see more support for defensive names like telecoms like utilities although you could argue what to what extent utilities are rational defensive but nevertheless the more liquid names like was hydro holding might not be put in a bad bets in this kind of environment but nevertheless you also have the elections to look out for a lot of utilities tend to be
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a source of high political risk. telecoms though you mean ross telecommutes really interesting it's going to get the embassy a listing it's going to london listing and really be seeing an increasing interest to that name so i you know this is something which it was possible it was a good story so let's let the top santa vest or in russia the presence of the two countries are meeting wednesday for the inauguration of the wholesome cement plant near moscow and to discuss a potential free trade agreement and we caught up with this with economic minister to find out what investors are looking for when it comes to russia there is a need around the need for technology here in newtown the technology being. offered by the swiss companies the big companies and the small and mid-sized companies as well and of the other side to be in switzerland in different branches russian products russian production. development here and there is quite positively. what we. are being one specced on the free trade agreement
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this growth can probably be increased significantly and that's. all you have today you can always log on to our web site r.t. dot com forward slash business for the latest stories and i will be back in fifteen minutes with an update next. if. the. if.
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the limited. if. the fewest seem. to feel if. some is. coming. in india.


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