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tv   [untitled]    July 15, 2011 10:31pm-11:01pm EDT

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school university this is the place where half a century ago you read his freedom loving versus what was a severely restricted country. hardesty is the same and welcome to spotlight it's an order to have you here in the studio thank. everyone for the book. i will i will i will spend the next twenty six minutes by trying to spoil it if if if it's still possible that. every eighteenth of july every every day every year when you celebrate your birthday you come to the moscow's polytechnic or museum too to read your poetry to the public well please tell me who comes to listen how does the audience change for you. on the i'm a writer. absolutely mixture of
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all professions. ages sometimes even nationality. so each time with new. new people new unknown people some people will feel the same place as all friends and i mostly i did it each time. poor really didn't go my poor it really important just now it's came out on. this book. is is that possible here. is it possible to say to say. to save everything well will you call this book. it's still it's still possible to see what you want to receive what do you think needs to be you know now i don't . you know i was always idealist. since.
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my. eyes i could see now that my dear is socialist i my dearest i know i don't think that i think according to my own experience that sometimes if official i do all this even if there be no very good ideas or some very gifted dreamers they are doomed to be killed would be devoured because because if something is you are forced to laugh something. kill three others or so you think it's still possible to say those ideas of being killed. ideal for soul is not so one of the best ideas in the world idea of christianity and many other ideas but
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something reality of socialism was crippled because we were forced to laugh and even no one step to the right to the left it was correct there are thousands betrayal by our power and i think that evil talk about the future i think the third ration was really a little bit childishly but in this. same time wisely predicted by sahar when he just used unfortunately he very. difficult for a so called ordinary people world community and say come here of the converse of this but it's absolutely practical and useful worth the idea to save every think goof in the past some good features of the ideas of suffering
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is. everything the best the source. from the sorceries and nine s. . crimes of socialism against itself. stupid substantive this is sad rich sara sorry same mistakes. and not repeat any kind of errors so to learn your own bitter lesson i knew he also kept the gotta tell you it's also not his norm this crimes. in the past even more because it was all done but some. flexibility and. very i could sing dance possibility to south arrival for a couple of them souls what if. that same retaliated because capitalism is
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based not on your own good pictures a few markets are also the best because all of us a little even best of friends we are a little bit degrees even a year have been thinking about it a lot because because you're talked about it in many of your interviews so what do you think today what is the reason that poetry and the poets were extremely popular in russia in the days of communism even even before the socialist revolution under the repressive government but today. is not solely big news coming yeah how many is he was he will forgive very but today where the iron curtain is though when when we live without an ideological official press. the the poets poetry is not as popular as it used to be worth you know
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it depends on many things. destroyed unfortunately i am not crying that we just. our annual g.s.a. saying that each official ideology is a killer kills of ideals it kills ideas even in the real reasons because if you are blessed to be on a protestant soul only can't really go on a mostly he you just. underestimate us that are a nuisance. it's a dangerous you know this isn't something destructive i think it's it doesn't mean within them a communist and not a communist but i could be but my mother for instance was a come when you think she was a very wonderful woman one month on many some ideas result some brave companies who couldn't win who are so it's i don't see why they sin cuz the sucker of it
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was a very sober look absurd ration of the history you have to collect everything like in poetry you could be good to pirate only if you bring you up if i didn't all experience all the best in the best poets of war you know there is there is no anything to waste and would put. poetry it was the beginning of everything great poetry is not only something create the poetry it could be anything but our looks if we love someone how we will come to a link to our it's a lullaby for that is the thought of the lullaby was it poetry based on the evil
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who didn't who are to be given illustration by really one of your really pleasant you know nobody at all of was something this is a something like this in this wonderful english expression that mean technique yes i translate that you always who use my two great american friends one of the colors wife. one teacher of spanish because they don't know russia but it doesn't matter i also explain the ins ok they have. the. area then which has something consultative obscene but chris in the belly thing is our mushroom beauty i had not seen these. requests. i mean for my fifteen year old son there is neither style in or there he is in this and
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even being good zion t. his hopes poach fair isn't dulls on his legs it's a d. like but like a baby. to me. and when seen those engraved in. who papers tired to death of her teaching crew t. in the parlance excuses full of the children's papers in the. mire to war on really. mean while i'm talking curing all. that i'm the least. i describe are her gray hair in tiny strand
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the never to be. and the man. mind long legs are on at once who who side in the one other you. mean. he of guinea you have to show a famous russian poet spotlight we'll be back shortly will continue this interview in less than it is relevant. to eat. eat.
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sleep. just sleep. and. subsists. to. accept. the british scientists now it's time to time let's go. back to the. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports.
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welcome back to spotlight. in just a reminder that my guest on the show today is a famous we've got show what you've gained he used a shrink. so in my bills the traditional put real. politik in the museum i will read this poem and now it's in their solution you know i thought mistakenly it isn't possible to flee but i think it works in the company called sound of a little bigger during the last two or three years the colloquial russian was invaded by a very. very indifferent expression. in american english it sounds like sore off and also become very cool slang that
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sort of aphorism became a way to sort of the cynical in trying to come down. on the wife as it happened on. i live in the county called sort of we're very strange there isn't any street named after half cup well this sort of read or the stay healthy well sometimes even distinguish he gives fall in love football but sometimes they laugh as mixed up with arrogance or. is it throw every boy it is sort of the they're in in the counties sort of. there are some people who don't drink at all sort of hard to believe in. not even a single drop. of what kind of people are these your
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beloved solve them. people there are most sort. of course some of them are crooks kind thus or. are you proud of your grand tongue three cold sort of. soap general friendly enough sort of of course all of us are of a piece sort of of course you have some pity but the present wars fought off their own thing every corner in every family kitchen when you why isn't has but one sort of quietly big chain with our sort of what i would change now sort of prior to iraq when to with decent rag like a nation no blood during sometimes candles sometimes. is flying saucer sundials our mental salt off is inside us all
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who probably needs it simmering pills in our cool so we have only solved both judges in our think tanks only is thought of sin killers one sort of pretty female. or nurse with but it to me. sort of or the you when i hear you use. to solve that kind but not enough. i would like to stand before god as i am not sort of not the sort of what if this sort of life and this song of praise here again he used to shank a famous russian poet by the way the mystery of the shank of created a museum and let's take a closer look at it a little in the report by you and the media are from
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a legendary russian writer village just outside moscow. he is the birthplace of some twentieth century russian literary masterpiece is like worse buster legs dr zhivago during soviet times the village of their delkin the new moscow was home to some of the best writers of the pork these days people come here to get an idea of what inspired their favorite authors and he's a place to learn more about one of the most popular soviet and russian poets if the any of the shango he has traveled a lot across russia and the broad reciting these poems and taking pictures almost three hundred things says look at you from the walls of his gallery the pool with himself leads us to his favorite works portraits he calls the faces of russia images of siberia and women are especially deal to him with. i was raised by these people just as i was raised by the russian literate classics
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they're the classics of human kindness and compassion the way i would want to be buddha no countries the lines from one of us to shank those poems in his gallery there's a feeling he's been to almost all of them he met picasso and should girl among his friends were pioneers of surrealism like marx and andrew are nearer the poet says he was lucky to have met so many talented people who generously did their pictures to him this is one of the last pictures by george brock he painted in his bed. when he could no longer raise from it and he sent this bird over to me. one of the rooms is russian or it one's immediately struck thereby so powerful magnetic works which occupy one of the walls of the gallery this outburst of color is cool down by the tenderness of fantasy images by a pov of their artist alexander b. ben and this is one of used to shank his favorite series game a single portrait of an old man who seems to bear the history of rush hour police
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shoulders it's for the sake of simple people like this they have to shank a preferred not to keep all his treasures to himself he's museum is a gift to the people who are his major source of inspiration. received a you welcomed the restrike when it started but why did you prefer not to enjoy the fruits of garbage shows perestroika and continue to live in the united states right now. i dislike people who dislike garbage show they don't understand what he safe. from probably inevitable up a cutter through. to took off the market was sort of our health but he was himself not prepared
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for the. enormous speed of the events around him anyone until he was not enough his size it in the moments it sometimes happens in. a reason some not even experienced drivers in the coal black eyes period so we can keep. only in the. rule. in his hands in his hand that's it and unfortunately they've been but. any way any way absolutely sure that we will have monument to garbage of if it was a thing why did you yourself prefer living in the united states there are more people like ruby i am not really understood russian citizens who live in have no. second american passport. my wife why hasn't because of the impossible to feel like
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to move very quickly she opens link all americans the door is very graphic but if i was a solid citizen of this both got it in before and they have to ask the reason it just insulted problem for many russian citizens even for a while i was thought of men who predicted that during world will be destroyed. before the end of the century and i was forced so it says in public a declarative it has to be destroyed even the old corporal shah complained about me and what sort of him here it's i know from course mousehole reserve him so he said what they can could do this if to say i'm going to send him to say i did what he was bored and. so you see but i could tell you one thing when he came to i was flying through me it was
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a non-flying call with them very difficult and solving we wind it was forced landing in hamburg. and they gave me while for to sleep one night the hearth was the one in fisted method of. because i had a russian passport. they didn't permit me to do it to me to further the man who declared the jury has to be united and i was sleeping on the floor this is the. we in russia is a scene this is very important if they want to deal with the russians they have to . give us an all russian citizen to free. free three people were counted it's like a part of michael's you see each the united states there is this tear it up in russia also in europe that americans are really cultured people they don't read
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a lot they will that the intellectuals are isolated like can you confirm that now on. the whole you know i. first of all i knew great americans i knew robert frost out of school miller i hope that. runs time with. you know the. bill styron was online for a really close range john updike all of them the train set brought it all the only ones who thought of life now don't you so full of an ivory tower no no no no i love because some russians thirty million created by some russians who are integrated get america they don't go to they don't read american books they don't go to american theater they don't learn properly. in this exactly they invented
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this vessel and cultural america aren't cultural america is this problem but it's a very very problem using all french people the culture of not. russians our culture not know what you see in the our. our pupils. in the school they make more and more grammatical mistakes in american too it's the . to me this despite the paramount cultural sunburns you give promotion for i'm tickled ok and i just want you to to say yes but this is very important i had a discussion with my father who is of your generation he said that a cultured person should know a lot of poetry i said no to day to day you can you can be a culture person without poetry so who's right me or my dad not. a sink you could culture the rest of my father's will you never will i'm going to stand beauty of
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poetry of beauty if his old don't descend beautiful for the youth would not understand tolstoy because of all the wrong skeet wrong. it is in easy image of fall for all his flaws within it there is a way to go yet i give up i give up thank you and that was the beginning of the show into a famous russian poet and one of the legends one of the icons of the sixties that's it for now from all of us here spotlight will be back with more for the coming follow what's going on pan am proud side russia until then sail party and take care less if.
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india ots availability in the movie the joint the hotel rooms. the gateway hotel the grand imperial trying to tell us that. the socialist you
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see don't need to go and. read this and the colonel was hotel as a retreat. over thirty countries including the u.s. have officially recognized libya's rebels as the legitimate governing authority after a decision by the libyan contact group meeting in turkey. the head of rupert murdoch's british operations and a former editor of the news of the world rebecca brooks has finally resigned over the phone hacking scandal engulfing the murdoch's global media empire. as the economic crisis deepens in europe with italy being the latest country to adopt an austerity project in the u.s. lawmakers are running out of time to deal with its mounting debt. and more details about u.s. credit ratings are coming up next in the alyona show which also discusses the latest news from california's prisons where hunger strikes are still going on stay with us for that.
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welcome to the loner show where we get the real headlines with none of the mersey we live out of washington d.c. now and i will ask what a downgrade for the u.s. credit rating could actually meet as both moody's and s. and p. throw around more threats we're going to fill you in with the latest details of a hunger strike that's going on in california's prisons some say they are willing to die if that's the only way to change the system and the bloated defense budget all that military waste that we talk about all the time today we're going to give you a great example of a project gone wrong that could cost you six hundred billion dollars we're going to have all of that and more in tonight's show including a dose of happy hour but first let's take a look at what the mainstream media has decided to miss.
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you now there's a lot going on in the world these days but for some reason the mainstream media hasn't gotten the memo that things which are not of actual apocalyptic proportions don't deserve apocalyptic end of the world type names case in point. this is your. peers around in high school that of course the classic highway to hell by ac d.c. later today after weeks of warnings and exile yet again even fears of landslides ten miles of one of them america's busiest freeways the four o five will be shut down and drivers buckling up for carmageddon a bridge demolition going to close down the four of five one of the l.a. zip busiest highways. are now let me give a little bit of explanation here i'm from l.a. so i understand that this is going to be a big deal going to affect a lot of people over the weekend when the four of five a shutdown for five is one of the busiest freeways that connect loss.


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