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tv   [untitled]    July 18, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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this is fixed now when. we know for sure that richard nixon reagan step down for a conversation about who's going to run for president well i mean they made a deal back when deals in our own backyard so what else happens if the secret tolkien grow gatherings are key want to see for ourselves we'll have the story from northern california. and shepherding a flock is a piece of the political promised land just an attendance away for politicians of the christians for israel something. that i want to launch some sort of force right under the trees but it's also. going all in just to lose big so as new green card lottery winners are chosen did the u.s.
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state department gamble with live. good evening it's monday july eighteenth i'm lauren lyster here in washington d.c. you're watching our t.v. well critics call it build a bridge west it's a collection of some of the nation's most powerful men passed us presidents from taft in hoover to reagan and george bush both father and son also business leaders who have attended reportedly include google c.e.o. eric schmidt now they're all gathering for overtreat in the forests shrouded in secrecy it's called bohemian grove and it's the playground of the mohini and club and their annual getaway began over the weekend now on friday we question what a group of some of the most powerful men in the country meeting in secret in the course of california would lead to well past allegations have included heavy drinking sacks but more him. hackle to society and concerning for the protesters
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who show up to picket are the political deals and policy being hatched undemocratically in private that is the accusation at least of our own christine for as i went to bohemian grove herself over the weekend and hear what she dug up. it is nestled among the redwoods twenty seven hundred acres of pristine land broken down into dozens of camps and for two weeks every july since the eight hundred eighty s. they've been filled with some of the most wealthy and powerful men in the world. many of them arrive on their corporate jets at the nearby sonoma county airport you're. others arrive in fancy cars which will fill the onsite parking lot i its height there is said to be more than two thousand men who attend and as you can imagine they are well protected by a trove of police right yeah i know we're all covering the protests and we just
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wanted to see if there was i would like to get off the property there's no way we know there's not enough for a lot of the police come and arrest you if you don't. access is by invitation only and most pay more than fifteen thousand dollars to attend. and for more than thirty five years protesters have stood at the entrance gates our concern is not what's going on inside of the grove but what's happening outside of the growth with the people that are in here according to several reports and this is where the idea for the manhattan project was conceived back in one nine hundred forty two it's also where every republican president since the sixty's has spent time before actually becoming the nominee we know for sure that richard nixon and ronald reagan sat down and had conversation about who was going to run for president well and i mean they made a deal peter phillips wrote his dissertation on the bohemian club in one thousand
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nine hundred four and was invited to attend for four days he witnessed firsthand the opening of that the cremation of care where the power elite leave their cares behind in a symbolic ceremony an ether moloch the our what seen in this photo judge angel says he was a paid employee of the grove and drove the horse and buggy they carried the casket and the ceremony the casket represented careers and they would actually. burnet and there. at the long lake with music this is a place filled with secrets that only those who go inside and perhaps the trees will ever really know but i was able to get my hands on some photographs but i want to show you this to give you a sense on what it looks like on the inside this is a photograph of people with hands as we mentioned it is all men and this is a photograph of them this here was taken back in one thousand nine hundred nine colin powell the back of donald rumsfeld's head and this is thomas kean two years
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later he would become head of the nine eleven commission here's a picture newt gingrich and rick kissinger responder's son and another shot of thomas kean here's a much younger dick cheney at the grove and henry kissinger having a little fun i was also able to get my hands on several programs from previous years outlining the schedule of talks and their topics and what we have here on july twenty second two thousand and me if the lakeside talks didn't buy yes i remember and trilateral commission member red star he gave a talk called ask in the unexpected there are other connections to be made as well between the lakeside talks and public policy a small this was a man that was involved in the. oil business george link with the persian gulf crisis this is nine hundred eighty caspar weinberger who was the secretary of defense in the reagan administration on rearming america and that's easily
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documented the arms buildup came in around eighty eight eighty one eighty two. there are rumors of extreme drunkenness of prostitutes and of homosexual activities by members but for the most part it is this secret backroom agreement critics say should be brought to light that agreement can be you know occupied in the middle east. quiting terrorism. and certainly in china politically and militarily for mary moore who's been researching bohemian grove for more than three decades what happens inside is symptomatic of a much larger problem we've all grown up taking civics trying to understand how the world works and we're all told that we elect representatives they go to washington we have total influence over them and they make this issue and that are in the best interests of us then we start growing up and if we pay any kind of attention we find out that none of that is true it want to real california christine for zero
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r.t. and earlier i spoke with radio host alex jones he's one of the people who actually have infiltrated bohemian grove he sneaked in back in two thousand any films and i asked him about these backward dealings and really i asked because i had interviewed alex on friday and that interview was very popular on the internet on you tube is was one of the ten most discussed over the weekend so i asked with that kind of interest why more mainstream news organizations are covering this. if you look at something like will he me i'm broke. but there's been very little press over the years about it same thing with build a bar just five six years ago the new york times made fun of myself and others saying that build a bird didn't even exist and it was a former german chancellor helmut schmidt said much of what is decided to go to bird is also brought to a consensus at bohemian grove and it's because so many of the c.e.o.'s of the big
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six media companies in the united states and canada are in attendance that it would be career suicide for any of their reporters to report on it in fact the people magazine reporter back in the eighty's snuck in and later at it published his article in another magazine and was fired over you know daring to infiltrate the grove and then he was caught and arrested and so that's why you don't see hardly any mainstream media coverage of this i mean imagine you've got a thousand plus of the most powerful people in north america in the past and currently royalty flying in to be at these events past presidents at the beginning row brag that dick cheney was chosen as the v.p. running mate for bush in two thousand there. i mean this is a power brokers and they want to be left alone and so the media they own and control is not going to cover it and that's why i'm glad r.d.s. covering it well and that said though alex and i hear what you're saying and thanks
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for thanking us for covering it we think of course me talking about but you've been really interested in the past you've gone you think when you videoed it how come you don't have an interest this year how can you aren't there. well to be honest with you i almost got arrested in november of last year i went there with the history channel would be coded and it turned out they talked a little too much of their hotel because the town is heavily employed about a grove and they were waiting for us and so. we landed. there on the backend of the russian river and they were started to go up. and i basically you know hung back and then boom here came the security people detained them i was not detain don't jump off a cliff into the river and swam away so you know what i think oppressed my luck i'm not here and i had to swim out of the river and that's actually been on the history
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channel but they cut it at the point that the police come out and the security guards because a lot of military issues so i literally had to escape and jump into the river and make my way back over a bottle and climb out of my driver was waiting so sounds like all in all you don't want to relive that but one of the groups he was calling for people to show up and to protest reportedly anonymous put out a video on the internet the hacking group i can't he confirms that it was done exactly but that's what you know that they are proport it to be i want to play a little bit of what they were calling for. and plans to talk about supposedly me in good times against humanity. the secret meetings must no longer be tolerated these secret meetings most become transparent. so that's what anonymous was calling for they were calling for a protest as a result of you know some of the things that they see as the problems with bohemian grove but what about those who suggest that it's just past its prime that it's not a big deal anymore you know we haven't heard
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a lot of what has gone on there and you know that's been packed full really since the eighty's so do these people have a point. well no first the corporate media denied it existed for a long time it's like builder bergen now that we've exposed it they say oh it's no big deal the reason they have secret service they're the reason there is such a caring is because major global decisions are being made inside the north american slash british power axis now as the anglo-american establishment of their own historian carol quigley wrote about and as i said german chancellor schmidt helmut schmidt wrote about how major decisions are being made there the growth likes to be said about having power and then try to be secret but then separately the other san francisco chronicle berkeley and san jose state they released the minutes usually decades after the fact of meetings they had at the chalet it's a meeting house hold several hundred and then also the lakeside chats and so for
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fifteen days extremely powerful people getting together not to just get drunk they're getting together because in this atmosphere revelry the rival to to cement the leadership of the new world order system and get a continuity of agenda going by combining forces they protect their assets but also expand their power that was the mouth of radio host alex jones now speaking of influence over politics thousands of christians have filled the washington d.c. convention center to show their support for the state of israel now to free serve as a model of this event after talk of the second coming of christ and speeches from u.s. politicians who in the past have compared this group pastor to moses the then lobby members of congress to make their voices heard in politics oh and this year glenn beck will headline as the keynote speaker and just a look at what kaylan for found out about what is going on at the christians united
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for israel summit. for these christians it's the holy land psion the home of god's chosen people christians who now you can eat for israel israel israel and israel thousands gathered here in washington to show their support for the nation of israel god says i will bless those places. and personally i would i would like to be part of that thank you very much. organized by pastor televangelist john higgins the christians united for israel summit plenty of big names including glenn back john bolton and members of congress i want to keep the liberty of the strike yesterday in the words of the orange to destroy all those years in each oh. oh. oh those were really. something else owes the congo leader my hope that. the whole issue in
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the process was reaching for the promise that each year the conference brings together christian and jewish leaders for prayer. speeches it would stand up and say no no he didn't want to demonize he is really not my helen thomas is no more just no more misrepresentations we can set the limit on one thing and a celebration of the special bond between israel and the united states when ever we kind of stiff israel something bad happens here. we pushed people out of gaza and so forth and then we had to train over here where people were pushed into different states because of a stone and people see almost a parallel between rough treatment to israel. and judgment happening to america to fight the tough stance of defending israel and some participants say they want to see more than sanctions used against iran it has
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really slowed. their nuclear advances and i don't know that is america that we can do anything we hope that the israelis should be preemptive other participants say god will intervene i don't care how much the iranians get their bomb together tonight late israel will fizzle. it will fizzle it will come it will not work because in the sixty seven year it worked their time and time again. they would look up and they would see bombs bold in the air and there was this invisible bubble over israel because god is going to take his people many christians also believe the second coming of jesus christ can occur without the state of israel i suppose you could but he won't know where to land because is he supposed to land on the mount of olives and yes to go into the temple christian zionists believe that only when the jewish people are in israel the end of the world can begin if you're
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a believer in jesus you will go up. the rapture yes. if the jewish people it's still a mystery how god's going to work all that. but there is not. we do you think. the jews are but the other say they're here for more earthly reasons including lobbying congress on the quote biblical position of to find support for the nation of israel but why should we go to capitol hill and we speak to your congressman or senators and encourage them to stand with israel and all their voting on the final day of the summit christians united for israel arranges settles and makes appointments for all of its attendees to visit their representatives in congress ensuring a strong voice for pro israel positions year after year deal in port arthur c. washington d.c. . so with us group you have their founder and pastor a zionist christian who one u.s. lawmaker has compared to moses but that pastor at the same time has also been
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criticized. we're describing the holocaust as fulfillment of divine prophecy and a large organization of christians are reportedly lobbying congress on behalf of his pro israel condition so earlier i had a chance to talk about what the christians united for israel formula spells for policy and politics i spoke with alexander cobar his editor at counterpunch i asked him if these question religious beliefs such as the second coming of christ were influential in pro israel as real policies in the united states here's what he said . we're really christian evangelical support for israel. similar tenuously it's basically support for right wing politics in the united states is nothing particularly new thing going on plus a number of years with increases with variations the interesting one to hear it hey jean who is the one of the leaders of this christian united. the theological
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position is that god made a covenant with the jews and then that they would be the chosen people and then with the coming of christ that god there were two positions god rewrote the covenant to say it was christians or he included the christians and the jews the position of all big various religious practices in america varies between the two but hey jean who is basically the leader he said texan cost seventy one years old no politically very influential is that the christians in this you should be allowed to defend israel because that is where the lawyers could establish the second coming that's their theological conviction and i mean there if they're lobbying congress on behalf of those beliefs are they influencing our ancestors' influential and policy is this a powerful lobby that if this question is elica law that's the to your logical premise the political premise of course is that israel likes this a lot because israel welcomes support in the united states and they see the
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christians here. as part of this coalition which says israel right or wrong we should never pay for palestinian state because that is against god's word which is certainly against israeli policy so it is yet another part from the israeli point if you have a successful lobby the only wrinkle here is now you have mr glenn beck who is a mormon and he used to of course be on the fox network now he's going to build his own network and some people speculate that will he bring them warman's into this evangelical coalition which would make an even bigger bunch of christians saying israel is right whatever happens is this ok so whether or not it grows a corporator. element it remains to be seen but is this influence problematic i mean the united states is israel's closest ally we provide an average of three billion dollars annually of taxpayer money to israel we defend it
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militarily is that being driven by religious convictions and religious pressure by christians or it's not being driven by the religious they're really you know america is an extremely religious country as you probably know and therefore from the point of view of let's say israeli policy a constituency is because the christian constituency in america where you know seventy percent of americans say they have a personal relationship with christ or whatever the figure is these days is very very important and one should not discount it is just a bunch of crackpots in some baptist chapel in texas not. people don't take paid see on particularly in the liberal progressive sectors that are taking very seriously but they are serious political forces he is ready to take them seriously and us politicians take them seriously particularly in the conservative states for example romney. you know will he get the support of fundamentalist christians he
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may or he may not that's a very big deal for him but when it comes to separation of church and state you see any problem with these people lobbying on behalf of their conviction or biblical prophecy for things that really impact foreign policy and politics as a as in regards to this well whatever the constitution may say about separation of religion and politics in america religion is dead center of the pope's so you know you can pay lip service to separation opposed half the people in congress probably believe the constitution was written by god they're very ignorant these people the . serious the word of god the so you brought whatever the political theorist may say here we have got a very potent political force and it's not to be discouraged it's not a bunch of crackpots or you may think it's a bunch of crackpots but influential well if influential crackpots are influencing
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the money the taxpayers spent on the military aid that they give to a country do you see that is as a major problem i personally see it as a problem but you know i'm a free thinker living in northern california if i may but i'm sure that my congressman sitting there and dealing with the religious people he's not going to say anything very overt on this matter you know dealing with political religious we alison's that's the pact with america we can't which it sounds like and for some time to continue but which sounds like and this case may just go hand in hand i want to thank you so much for giving us your insight i know you've written extensively about apac and pro israel lobbying in this country that was alexander coburn editor at counterpunch. speaking of reality a lot of people had a reality check imagine getting the chance of a lifetime to move to this so-called land of opportunity only to see that dream fade before you finish packing your bags that's exactly what happened after a computer glitch at least so says the state department the state department gave out thousands of green cards on accident in the visa lottery and then revoked them
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said sorry we messed up and a federal judge has now dismissed a class action lawsuit which challenge that decision now the state department has been trying to mop up the fallout from this mistake but a lot of those people who thought they won hangs in the balance in our to correspondent guy i can has their story. hoping for a better life in america. from nigeria applied for the green card lottery he won or so it said in the letter that he received from the state department almost two weeks later the u.s. voided the results of the lottery for some twenty thousand people including it could work but i want to to. go. it's one for each year the u.s. state department grants green cards to some fifty thousand people from around the globe the lottery where the jackpot is the right to live and work in america is
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advertised as completely random the state department claims in this case there was a computer glitch and the results were not arbitrary and a computer programming error caused more than ninety percent of the selectees to come from the first two days of the registration period the victims of the blunder have joined in a class action suit against the u.s. state department and lost the court here has been struggling with the issue of randomness asking how could the result of the green card lottery not be random even if there had been a computer glitches mistake apartment claims one of the arguments is that even an error like that could produce a random result and the whole idea behind the green card lottery is that whoever you are whatever you do you can win it but this case could very well undermine that perception experts specializing in information technology say the decision of the state department as well as the court that dismissed the case defies simple logic
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rhonda means that if only records and old tracks are on your cd player when you hit the run you may get tracks three four and five and track twelve that's still run the state department has brought up intricate technical arguments to explain the longer the thousands of its victims say they have the feeling that someone has gambled with their lives we have been. going to shit on our t. washington d.c. . and now joining us from los angeles california is one of those people who was affected who thought they had won the green card lottery only to find that they were the victim of a mistake alexander offensive is a student at university of california los angeles and he is with us right now to tell us about how this is affecting his life so you apply you thought you got the green card and then you find out you really didn't win how does this mistake change
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your life. so it's very hard question. is this change we were in that i was reading this you were there a war and in the united states i can see my company that's doing. what they can become with markets united again the citizens united and sensual but now i'm getting back as issue that before. now i have what. song integration we're going to continue with my life. but as the finished my did you study it for another year then maybe i can get a job and maybe i can get working visas and then me being the next ten years i will be able to see you know one of the the things that is kind of the the promise of this that people apply for this lottery is that there is opportunity for them in the united states and you just mentioned you thought you would have these
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opportunities to start is missed if you came here but unemployment in the u.s. has been more than nine percent for a while now and it's been on the up and up and a lot of them a lot of people that is affected are recent college graduates and younger adults so my question is why do you see the united states as still being a land of opportunity for me as a computer scientist. and that is a is the land of opportunity because it is the first country will always great opportunities for researchers to develop and. for women to boston oh there's so many things that we can do we're going to have and we should not. as a country so that unemployment rate and the kind of negative economic figures that keep coming out month after month don't just wait you know what about you know i've done a lot of stories on the green card visa lottery winners who actually face really
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tough times once they come to the united states i've interviewed them. based on their personal experience and it's you know i've seen its effect on them and also the trends with people that work with them they say that a lot of times their job and education experience from a home country isn't accepted here and also they don't qualify for the same social services or social welfare programs that citizens two does this concern you and are you aware of that. and kind of aware of that but and when united states and where you are years we united states and now at this point. so i don't mean any we are talking you could. only think so then do you feel that the state department is kind of done you wrong here an example of you know someone who is studying here are you really feel that there is an opportunity for you and yet you have this opportunity voided by a computer glitch and there was a stream of disappointed they couldn't believe that it should be abandoned states
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can do such things well so being main areas that i think it's. a lot of people mentioned already that i can see it was the way to do. and then when we made the team that boarded the school. do you do you believe that it was a computer glitch or do you think something else was to blame and it's probably will sound problems because a lot of people were selected he says the problem is it's. it's too cocky year to check all the results where they didn't and why and nobody answered his question then is there anybody to answer your questions that you have about your what do you mean when you are needing points into the personal statement not answering. when there isn't i would think and that kind of bureaucracy as a whole other topic entirely but we thank you for sharing your personal experience .


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