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craze what are some of the poverty issues that you're planning to tackle here at rio plus twenty you know the in terms of the posts in each of the people living under poverty i think that as being a reduced ok this is a progress but in terms of absolute number of the people thanks to the increase of the entire population in the last twenty years the number livy end their poverty line has creased so particularly in sub-saharan africa and in south asia so we still have you know one point. five or two billion people live and. this is this it's a shame you know it's a shame for the international community because the world has really achieve a lot. of the lot in our science technology development this is the issue which i
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would call very easy to be solved if we cooperated better so this is the situation we are today you know and two thousand and eight was the year economic and commodity shocks of which still countries are trying to recover from the developing and developed countries talk a little bit about the economic impact of of climate change and rising food prices and some of the political implications that we've seen for example in the middle east and north africa. with this the financial crisis the developed countries are still living of course they're recovering but recoveries are very slow and i would call that they are still living and the shadow of the financial crisis with the man of the former tradition of the you know countries or developed countries they are proud of that. at this point and ask them to come up with a more financial support i can understand the difficulties but i think that this is
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temporary temporary you know what the same said you know their real possibility is also standing development it's a developed for the future generations for a long time a long time for many many generations to come and therefore i think if i would hope that or the deal would come get together and come up with that strategy and number two. we knew the commitments they made and the number two to discuss the practical ways the means to addressing those so-called emerging issues which i came up with the distaff the seven eight hundred to a. just i'm just i'm with the with the support of the international partnership and i think we can do it you can do it as long as that he just ship as long as there's a political will and that those difficulties you miss in the climate change find
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that her prices should not be justification feed text for the for the member states for a different countries to go back from or with their commitments because since then development is not an option so then the development is the only parts you know develop the past way to reach their goals yes now with a huge disappointment in the general public and the international media when the talks didn't advance as far as people thought they would in copenhagen in two thousand and nine what are you and your committee preparing to do to make sure that these talks are even more productive than those ones or copenhagen is. it's the only. they'll it deals with one a one issue that's climate change was real pressed into with the deal with a whole range of the issues that as you know the system developed to house three pyrrhus number one economic development which include economic governors and
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secondly the social development ukraine magic into the scope of the social develop its v it's a huge the third one is environmental protection so those are three pillars we have three pillars and i think that we should also find a way to integrate the three of them before last twenty years or even more you know my impression is that a lot of attention has been given or attached to that you cannot development and the environment of course there was a history too that. was some candidly you know even oid now with the latest development in the middle east and north africa i think we should be able to draw some lessons in those problems of conflicts or sometimes the wars because of lack of the economic development not because of lack of run of protection but because of lack of social injustice so therefore so
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this real prostitute conference should couple with the measures which would facilitate the into question of the three pillars this is very important. and you've talked about in your committee has talked about in its reports that our current levels of production and consumption just can't be sustained on the planet it's not an option it's an urgent issue yes i would just say that you know that this global capitalism that we currently have is incompatible with sustainable development over the long term obviously you know the the part of all of those consumption of production prevailing in the industrial world is not sustainable. it's very clear the consequences are very serious because that you know for lasting for one hour one hundred. and with fifty percent of population. you know over fifty percent of the resources it's not sustainable i of course don't
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take it as a criticism it's a fact i don't think they did it intentionally but the fact is that now. that the p.c. a dictator vary in the manner and population increasing in the country like you know we have a group. led by china because they are or emulating the same pattern or production and consumption because they are learning from them and there are many others learning from china and that is to say if we continue that pattern you know the resources we have on the earth is not enough we need a five planet and even with a five plan it cannot be sustainable i believe so therefore we must change so in that sense you know then the question is how to do it number one as we. go the developed countries should take that heat because they for obvious
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responsibility reasons they should take the lead and they have the finance relatively of course and they have technology they have capacity they can do it the better. so they come to it they should have take the lead by examples no two since the rest of the countries like the developing countries they are lacking behind or they are developing and therefore they don't have that capacity of implementation financing technology and capacities in that sense you know wild themselves to. come up with the policies of governance. the same time you know the international committee developed and i hope that. he's to kick or kick off the process so international partners cooperation is obviously necessary because as we all did in the one kind of being don't take it don't take it out by helping develop because it's
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a. kind of thing no no no it's not you know by hoping them you help yourself because we are living in the same planet and can you just tell me what are your aspirations for the summit this is a unique issue in the sense that it's both urgent and also has implications over the long term what are your hopes for the most immediate results and then also over a long term long term i think let's renewable commitment don't retreat. it's not really ambitious we don't need to reopening or when he will see as you for four principles are committed to. implementation plans because they're already there you know what we need is action on the ground so let's work together let's work together i think we can have a political will as long as we have strong leadership i'm sure we we we can you know improve the situation thank you so much secretary general thank you
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for being with us thank you. i am observing nature and discover its beauty. communicate with the wild and. test yourself and become free. see what nature can give you see me.
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resort and spa. in israel. solomon hotel. hotels jerusalem. the man who exposed the news of the world a phone hacking scandal has been found dead at his home as the revelations and resignations keep coming later on tuesday the leading figures from the media empire and the police force will be grilled by tradition please. europe's largest economy looks east for new opportunities. to talk business in germany the country is moscow's biggest trading partner is looking to capitalize on the polish. presidential season and grow as the greeks shun the city to their way out of the plight rural life is offering food for the new opportunities when you leave people who lost their jobs in the crash. tasha's head of the latest sports news.
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thank you carrie i watch a lot of sports on our team let's begin with a look at our top stories in that one time world champion. korea its wealth and russia's second gold of the world finals and shanghai. women's football school returns back home following an exciting win of the world finals in germany where they beat huge favorites the u.s. team in the championship decider. and russian basketball as the head of the european championships in over and one style where a good showing with them a spot at the london olympics. so it's been a difficult few months for japan by the country going to please take some joy from the women's football team who have become world champions in frankfurt the nearly
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crowned win as of now at arrived back home schooled landing in tokyo. just a day off to securing the country's best ever women's world title and some of the global final is right side is taking on two time champions team usa and they held on to defeat them on penalties after the regulation finished that one won the first victory over the u.s. in twenty five attempts for japan and one which going to last brings some cheer following the tragedy is over recent months. and also melissa is about a different feeling in new york where the american team arrived following the shoot out defeat on monday but captain christie says the school should start focusing on next summer's london olympics which will also be her last on the mend before retiring from the sports. you can build up and you know i think you're always learning there is a positive way for memory loss and i think that's what you've done throughout the year of building off of in and learning from experiences learning from your
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mistakes getting stronger growing together as a team just staying positive you know we have the index right around the corner it's you know enjoying this through it what it's been for was great history and some recovery get some rest and then start gearing up get ready for qualifying for the olympics. now carlos time is essentially months to see is a calling to manage about the munchies and set an agreement has now been reached with brazilian club corinthians the strike of play vincent pollo for two years before moving to england in two thousand and six with west ham united and then city city was said to be holding out for eighty million dollars for the argentine forward delta corinthians initially put forward a bit of sixty two million but the two sides now appear on the verge of a deal which would sound the twenty seven year old back to his former club time as well as the premier league's joint talk scorer last day also helping the sky blues when the f.a. cup. in vancouver on their north american so i am man cheney said on monday that
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won't be joining a team in canada although he didn't reveal much. he's a bit about that thing that the now or the wrist because your brother went. for a week or. so. but i don't know the. moment. in the meantime malaysian for the fans are continuing to it as the beautiful game up close and personal chelsea becoming the third english premier league club to swing through kuala lumpur this small following in the footsteps of liverpool and also not a great reception for the blues both players a new manager to be a subordinate surely reaching out to their fans. and a huge pressure to succeed though off to the club finished. last season action begins for him on this trip on thursday with chelsea taking on
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a malaysian select eleven. now darren clarke is soaking in the glory of the moment after winning his first of a major title in swansea as at sandwich plenty of things to raise it to for the north no the ny richmond with the british open calera job family had and many more hours away from the golf course now likely await the charismatic with. quite a few pints and. quite a few beers and then a few glasses of red wine and. thirty minutes to go so. i did the wash before set up so it did take a while but it's been very good and. it will. benefit me if i'm on straight but it's more. money on which is the most important thing. well it's all the news and. simply make laws of their own often adding
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another gold medal to story cool of the world swimming championships in shanghai or emotion a joint compound treat for the do it section two members of the top place the limbic school in beijing reuniting to secure russia its second gold of the tournaments local favorites and. to settle for silver so shannon also finished runner up to the soul of program the day before while the bronze medalist in that section. claimed another third place finish partnered with on that carbonell for spain it's who becomes the only the only twelve time world champion and synchronized swimming on the planet. chinese athletes however continued to demand they are winning two more girls in the. one howl and shine to the top owners in the women's ten meters synchro while shane was the man's one with
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a springboard with another chinese dive claiming the silver they have snow have seven medals over all four of them goes while russia is second overall. and finally the mansehra bosket is less than a couple of months away and russia got together in moscow to start their training camp qualification for london visiting significance to this year's tournament as i'm on call sort of reports. russia's most recent euro basket triumph wasn't two thousand and seven right before the beijing olympics and that makes three was the last taste of success that it's easy led by american david black who's been building this one for over five years. and a chance to play a lot of young new players because we were missing so many of our stars in the last three years and now those players have the kind of experience and have the kind of maturity that's necessary to play at the highest level and we'll get back to.
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go and hopefully hopefully victor. and you know we should have a good strong team the european championships starts on the thirty first of august in lithuania and will last through to september the eighteenth russia is in group d. with slovenia georgette ukraine belgium and bulgaria such as draw however every thread is important if it seems to go all the way encounter us. the preparation should still has been set and it starts with this first session today however we're still waiting for a main players to join discord and break a land alexander account and week that. some players already have international experience for russia but david blast introduce fresh talent to the team put this olympic cycle the rookies will enjoy full support from season athletes like n.b.a. stars i'm to take it and go and tina fey must go off. on the. team is very young and some players haven't spent even
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a minutes on the court for russia but our coach has been building this team for years and i'm sure that if there be any nerves he'll disappear after the first game of the new both euro basket finalists will claim a sponsor of the summer olympics in two thousand and twelve that's the key task right now mindful that russia's men's basketball is not as strong as it used to be however this team has old if the requisites of returning to the european summit. so they should let that sink i mean goal is of course to make it to the lunatics and do it with a confidence if it weren't for the games on another test that we need to take will immediately. bust but once again the men should draw inspiration from their female counterparts as russia's women seem has already qualified for the london olympics after an earlier triumphant performance at the euro basket in poland their body knows the women's team is better than the mainstream you know. they're great and they've been great for a long time and i'm really happy for them i know most of the players there back in
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two thousand and seven both men and women claimed european gold for russia david blair and his team and the rest of russia will be hoping for a repeat this time around. though this national team is quite young or a solid put it experienced. remains pretty much similar to the previous year's preparation for the euro basket will take place in the three countries which are slovenia israel and cyprus and over this period russia will play nine friendly matches remonde koester of artsy. and you're up to date for the alamo star as a value stream channel which is our team sport news on coming up next as the weather down the main news stay with us. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get
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india multis available in the move go hard on joint the photos of violence the gateway photo the grand imperial trying to talk western coast coromandel you can
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know what hotel the toshiba shoto says don't need to go and pull claims from the sun the colonel was hoto as risk or treat. the man who exposed the news of the world phone hacking scandal is found dead at his home as a revelations and resignations keep coming. europe's largest economy to russia for new opportunities there is a tremendous revenue merkle the pay to top business in germany. financial world sees bombing grew greeks in the city to plan their plight. and only business bosses answer to silicon valley's getting more and more investors and says that with a total of thirteen new firms signed up to get a piece of the action we'll have more on that and business in twenty minutes.
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this is. an much more twenty four hours a day welcome to the program the whistleblower who exposed the news of the world phone hacking scandal has been found dead sean hoare was a journalist at the shamed newspaper and claimed that it's his news was happening and encourage reporters to do it in. london police are treating it as unexplained but not suspicious or directly to his former editor andy colson for knowing about in the old hiking which he denies later on tuesday murdoch his son james and his former u.k. executive groups will face the wrath of british m.p.'s will be asked to explain the scandal that shaken the press with the astonishment of the police to its core as the emirates reports it's another blow to britain's beleaguered police force a string of high profile errors in recent us. ian tomlinson died in
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london's g twenty protest in two thousand and nine after being pushed to the ground by p.c. simon hall would paul wood said he'd been. vented from giving first date by a baying bottle throwing more he later admitted that happened happened john schollers damon as as shot by police in a london underground station in two thousand and five officers allegedly leaked a report saying he'd fled from police c.c.t.v. images later showed this wasn't true. less well known is michael daugherty a man who went to the police for help only for it to turn into a cafe. full statements and mistreatment. doherty told police he suspected his thirteen year old daughter was being groomed by a paedophile concerned they referred.


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