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tv   [untitled]    July 22, 2011 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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wealthy british style it's not hard to be right on. target. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy and cause a report on or. even leaders agreeing on a second bailout for greece fog fears over the union delving deeper into debt with experts predicting it's now up to growing economies to dominate global finance. skepticism over joining the e.u. in serbia despite officials reaping the arrest of gordon had it now on route to the hague for sure caught belgrade's rights and that. the slow knocking scandal is just a symptom stand ins long who come out of praises to legal battle in the us have people feel like the case is yet more proof of widespread neglect and white
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supremacy. meanwhile murdoch's news corporation finally sell the stake in russia's largest outdoor advertising making around a good of a billion dollars more on that in our business news section into a. very warm welcome to this is also a line from moscow a major u.s. credit agency says it will downgrade the greek debt to default status as a result of the second bailout for the country the pal agreed by the leaders and can use the governments and private loans totaling around a hundred and fifty billion euros well the move has boosted the single currency for now but critics say it's a be plunging the struggling euro zone into an even deeper debt i knew personally how the details in brussels. they're putting a brave face on it question remains how much can we believe what they're saying.
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the same as a significant step. is they're good for you or as a whole i'm good for germany i'm. duty he said. greece now we've seen the. merkel being convinced that you are stronger from this crisis he did a few minutes there was. some lucian to this and it will take successive difficult and different steps to solve the crisis european stock markets have rallied on the news that is the usual reaction it is the last around the week before. fitch is pleasure as you say to bring greece is the level to default is the strengthening here for a new european critics rating agency into the root problem of course is that it doesn't tackle the issue of the unsustainable some call it bit of eurozone state so
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greece people protesting against the really very painful cuts that are being imposed on it just last week it's really a very difficult package which has been met with fury by the italian people who are threatening all thoughts of a very difficult very a political reaction from them and told to go from is that the quit when he unveiled the proposals which were rejected by that country's parliament and there are fears that spain will be next so a lot of concerns around europe but the experts here are stressing the rest of the world is continue to go all the countries like india china even latin america will continue perhaps to take the growth of the world economy on its own shoulders and really help to compensate for the problems here in europe something that is really being stressed increasingly by analysts here in brussels when he. wrong says the
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bailout is little more than hype and won't stop the domino effect from the debt crisis ultimately a lot more money has been through all of the greek economy in the hope that i can stop a contagion but really a lot of it just looks like hype and i'm very very concerned that we haven't actually find a cure we've just got another sticking plaster what really the european union are trying to do here is they're trying to staunch the blood but flowing the money that's flowing out of the greek economy it can has been caged on the road the danger of contagion still leaking to other countries such as ireland portugal even italy and spain are there and therefore we don't have a cure what we've seen so far unfortunately looks like hollow words and holding words do not inspire confidence in markets and that has got to be some degree of a problem for the euro in the longer term well mark rather founder of the man doing reports now in thailand says the failure of the u. economy would not mean the end of the financial world yes there are big markets
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some markets that are not growing rapidly whereas emerging economies are growing very rapidly export markets china through trees like american in american countries . broster and of course also have prepared for a middle east and so far i don't think that the crisis in europe would be these are serious who are aging redrew. well we're always eager to know what you think about our stories the question we're asking today on our website is who wins the most from the euro crisis right now here's how opinion is divided develops in. the hall so if you are sure it will be george solace and his financial cronies we will be roots of the troubles. do you believe it's china cashing up on buying up our rage as the cheap assets or the of those like a graphic that i can tell you the rest of the results of those of us this actually
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all there we go again between two options either the u.s. wins most i would demand for its bonds higher than ever and fear of you think this hour that the european debt is themselves come out on top as they can now get away with paying much less what do log on salty dot com so have you also on this issue. now europe may lose its influence not only can receive militarily as well nato whose chief is one of european members casting their military spending down countries like china and india to fill the gap and take the lead as the world's policeman the us discuss this issue more secure you would showing a visiting professor to a single high university school of journalism and medications because of being with us here mr chairman how grounds of you say all these worries that nato secretary general has announced or is it simply scaremongering. you know i
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believe a wall should technician all this very historic cross all cross where u.s. led western colonialism the last all five centuries darley of all humanity killed this morning on whether these. all alone you know you're a slayer. i'm for darn sure all or china or russia and the greeks countries we've heard the response to global powers to repeal the new ward order where more democratically multicultural multilateral war the we knew in strategy can survive wouldn't you all border can be re built instead of the union or oh the wall you need. still dictates to all those we've seen believe you're. likely knowledge to talk to tang that europe is declining
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economically does this statement from a senior nato official suggest its influence on the continent is also on the decline. you know it is a one of. the very fact that he cannot. we remember the already departed the u.s. defense secretary robert gates when he needs lest peter to needle as he said what. he's now talking about there is no way to conquer all tie the u.s. economic downturn the financial meltdown which takes place in european continent this cannot be stopped unless they change all. too darn we need to rule wall five force as we've seen deledio case i believe to china russia the greeks the new the emerging powers in the world take more
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whole more forceful war received stance to make sure not only war u.s. led union or old western colonial power were. sold more in nation like a leader as if like a kings to resume warships in this twenty first century this is less true for five central on the colonial. subjugation of the sovereign nation must be stopped by more responsible party ten downing nationality economics right now as the merging countries in the merging countries do it at the scope of influence that europe has enjoyed for the past decades even centuries how much do you think that would change the face of eurasia you mean europe. economic downturn will make any impact to your question only you can hear you while
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a question was this. country's emerging economies managed to achieve the scope of influence that europe's enjoyed for the past decades how much do you think that would change the face of eurasia. it is not my understanding. that the european economic situation. it is much more on the man told me that he shoes which is fundamental related to the american economy on lists american economy is corrected on the right top on the european economy will be recovered this whole situation will need new emerging powers like china and russia and india. these new emerging powers will take the new leadership to revive the economy in europe in europe russia new russian continent
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and as well as other parts of the wall source all we have to pay a patient what's happening now in your real at the same time in north africa. ok part of our program to have in the event there better dancing visiting professor to sing town university school of journalism i think asian many thanks for your time. while still ahead for you this hour secrets from the team. the bulgarian pleasure boat is back on the surface of the shoulder and with it comes and says as to why it sank and why so many people die. well so all is american maybe thought its military support the navy an operation that fear zombie alliance rebels may be torturing and killing and that if i think our freedom was just minutes away. the media mogul
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rupert murdoch seems to have come through the u.k. parliamentary hearings on the phone hacking scandal relatively unscathed but he now faces legal challenges in the u.s. so the frenzy over his employees on ethical behavior is taking at different many americans say they're baffled media empire has done nothing more than reflect national attitudes the no longer privacy gannett you can have a story. as the scandal over phone hacking by the murdoch media empire rages on public and political theory has mainly focused on ruthless tabloids out of control prepared to invade people's private lives and even the dad to get the story that some say in this day and age the whole concept of privacy is falling apart and in the you asked more rapidly than elsewhere every time you tap on your cell or click on or use your mail service everybody's sort of just clicks through that you agree to our terms and conditions well those terms and conditions are very very heavily
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weighted against you and your privacy interests and we see you breaches of privacy happening. all across america all across the world really in every sector surveillance is rampant but really this is all a microcosm of biggest surveil or at all which is the state there's little americans can do with the state having sweeping access to their private information access that followed the nine eleven terrorist attacks under a new law in the. only as the patriot act hassani law his privacy was taken away from him in two thousand and two when he was detained by the f.b.i. for absolutely no reason he says and scrutinized the months without charge he's response for nine years he has voluntarily documented nearly every waking hour of his life on the where he has subsequently even turned it into a form of art see all the clothes that i've used so you know that over here for example you know that on sunday november twenty fourth two thousand and seven i've
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used this toilet i went grocery shopping at safeway over there were seventy they got castle over here he posts copies of every debit card transaction so you can see what he bought where and when a g.p.s. device in his pocket reports his realtime physical location on a map and this is the shot he took on his way to our studio which was immediately out floated on his web site a sign says his extraordinary abandonment of his own privacy stems from the ignorance of the authorities in the fear they decided well i looks a little different so he must be arab and if he's arab then he must have explosives everyone knows that that's a logical robbery and we we realize how ridiculous that logic sounds but when your country and your own country takes that on as the basis for national policy. ignorance as the basis of national policy it's a pretty scary situation. and that's how i got caught up with it for ha son piracy has become
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a rally of the past and he says he's not surprised that journalists or anyone else really would use the same surveillance tactics as the state in that sense it might be of no surprise that the chief architect of the peter in act the lawyer who put it together happens to be one of murdoch's hand-picked mused corkboard directors you didn't serve as assistant attorney general in the bush administration and was described by some as the perfect year of the most sweeping curtailment of freedom in the u.s. since the mccarthy era at a time when corporations and the government can easily hack into people's private lives it doesn't come as a surprise when for example social networks give your personal information to as companies or when other industries leave bob breaching people's privacy in the u.s. it's so widespread and people have gotten so used to it that rupert murdoch seems to be perfect art of the system rather than some special bill and was corporation has been undertaking some unique all lawful practices because here in america
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they're not so unique i'm going to shut down reporting from washington r.t. . all the phone hacking scandal is rocking not just murdoch's empire but the world's media general in two hours time and cost. how this case might change the future of news in print. of what's to come. in those days we we've seen some cutting of corners you could call it maybe desperation as as revenues because readers think as a viewer saying they were the transition period of our media we've gotten this we have this concentrated corporate media that has no credibility among american public only twenty percent of the public believe the media tells the whole story and we're going to transition into a new form of democratized media and this will help us there my worry is that if the fallout from this scandal is greater regulation of the press and much more rigorous enforcement of the existing laws as they affect the press is that you'll
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end up with a very regulated print media which will then be unable to compete with the completely unregulated internet media. i'm not sure that if people become less reliant on the print media even on television years and more reliance on what they're doing from the internet that that will be good for democracy. in russia said republic of. sting's and raise the sunken treasure. from the volga river boats it went down in minutes almost two weeks ago drowning one hundred and fourteen passengers eight are still unaccounted for well it's recovered hope will still hold the missing bodies and may get reveal our answers to what calls rushes. to the top are reports. it's thought that a catastrophic engine failure was the primary cause of the sinking and that let the water in so fast and cause the ship to sink in under three minutes people have
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already been arrested but some of the people who want to know most of all exactly what was wrong with the ship are the relatives and survivors a particular point see to many mourners and many people who have observed this disaster with a number of children on board a large group of them were gathered on the upper decks in the play room when the ship sank few were able to escape and most drowned as a result the number of cuddly toys and teddy's at the memorial in the river ports in nearby was a testament to the sympathy felt for those children and those families who had lost them. asking some part of reporting and you can always log on to r.t. dot com to recover the timeline or fact transitting you can watch firsthand accounts of the survivors and take a look at how the sunken bulgarian looked to the rescue divers and we have some exclusive passage. serbia's laws that were crimes suspect caught and heard it is on
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his way to the hague i think szell's in great who can channel tradition or clear the way to the membership that is sassy serfaty reports politicians desire fear acceptance is not shared by the man on the street. the last of the war crime suspects wanted by the un is heading for the hey it's seen by many as the last obstacle to serbia now gaining the membership at some a skeptical that. once again the government keeps. its fulfilling new demands are coming from brussels where people are not feeling any benefits from it. actually feeling that things are becoming worse as a result. support for you is dropping so there is a growing gap between the voting the borders and the government stance and it will probably continue to be an official government poll just out shows support for even
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among serves at its lowest ever it's no surprise that when portugal italy and many more economies are now struggling for the people here it's no longer believe that. problems. are so. many. and. what we saw is. all. this is a disillusionment in serbia and the government's apparent willingness to bend over backwards to egypt so what could be next on the east leg with another major sticking point is to be steady is failure to recognize breakaway cause of a belgrade found that will never happen despite many member states pushing for
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exactly that president but it insists that serbia is moral and legal obligations have now. the song remains the same as well. i mean it hasn't changed hasn't changed since the mother threw us. because the seriousness of project rose the arrest of goran had it certainly most certainly it will have a major obstacle to study its rights to even be there with its themes long wait so be it those it gets its policy details will be now he does so. great. all well and around the globe but there are always more stories we found on our website all to you dot com here's a sneak preview of ford lies in store for the show in your support of politicians in moscow can be a messy business especially for this glamorous group with high heels and very little else much like to watch dozens of russian made cars and they do well in the
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name of that a lot of prime minister also. amazing pictures of russia the cossacks performing tricks like you'd never seen before and more of that five line stunts just a click away and all online galleries on the wall of awesome dot com. if. if. now washington is reportedly considering a bolstering it's going to trees that would need his campaign in libya the lines is also the pentagon for more surveillance drones claiming it's running out of targets on film is five months of an strikes without some of the concerns that nato has supported rebels who are abusing human rights are produced newspaper grades get ready for the gravity of what set said to be the bodies of five paraded on the troops and it's covered in opposition controlled area it clearly is
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a recent report by human rights groups that rebels are involved in looting all sing and mistreating civilians so the town chandran is an independent journalist in space and for the movement which is that it is a police interview he suspects of crimes by the gravels all swept under the carpet to support nato whose goals in libya. i think really fundamentally there's been a problem the way nato the nato nations and their media have related to these so-called rebels i mean these rebels have been conducting mass lynchings of black people throughout the first several weeks and months of this crisis and i raised this directly in press press conferences and the answer was what silence it was uncovered in the media before because this does not fit the narrative since the one thousand nine hundred nine nato aggression against yugoslavia which was we are conducting these wars not for geopolitical control and domination of monopolization of mineral wealth but for humanitarian reasons so how can it fit the narrative that
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these rebels which nato and the nato countries are supporting lynching black people are conducting all the atrocities they accuse in the gadhafi side of conducting but actually the rebels are conducting these things so it doesn't fit the narrative. happening elsewhere in the world today amateur videos that release a fourth of the show in the central syrian city of homs and retire from security forces of service a government shoots of fired machine guns and dragging people from their homes in a series of arrests it comes as founders of once again taking to the streets nationwide despite increased security levels police killed those as you can look across the country last friday during the largest protest of the absent government authorized began in march. overloaded a double decker bus which bus into flames in china has killed four she want people on board six others who managed to escape was it a hospital with one said to be in a critical condition it's still unclear what caused the blaze than an investigation
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is underway serious traffic accidents are frequent in china jews are bad road conditions and even lose your vehicles. islamize revels in somalia have accused the un of exaggerating the scale of famine and drought in the region they say the ban on international food aid to the country is still in place despite that pledge the food agencies expelled last year could return to disaster hit areas the u.n. on wednesday declared a famine in two regions of the country saying almost four million people are at risk of starvation. or they says this is still the way now or dimitri. the international fashion festival close on the volga took place in july the event of a region of russia. russian designers presented the best of their live and collections
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of the fashion shows in central russia's most beautiful volga city. alluding total stranger and children's fashion show also to places part of the festival the president of which was russia's we'll known fashion designer but just love sites. are you watching the business updates on rupert murdoch's news corp has sold its seventy nine percent stake in russia's biggest doubt the advertiser use outdoor sells advertising on billboards a public transport and other services and nineteen russian cities investor and management buy out a deal is said to be worth three hundred fifty million dollars experts say the real price is close to two hundred seventy million views your company that is corporation has had its stake up for sale for five years after the company decided to pull out of the russian market and you say they plan an i.p.o.
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to recoup their investment. the market's now crude is coming down slightly after climbing four days in a row as investors hope for growing demand amid optimism that europe and the u.s. will deal with the crises also the international energy agency says it won't extend a release of a reserve all supplies european stocks are trading strongly in the black there supported by the greek deal the new bailout should help cut the country's debt by six leaders of the e.u. empower their four hundred billion euro rescue fund to buy debt of stressed euro nations that's intended to prevent the crisis from spreading to other members they also made detailed provisions for limiting the damage of credit rating agencies declare greek default. here in moscow the markets apparently still mixed the r.t.s. is up point two percent my six point zero eight some stocks are seeing profit taking as the trading week comes to an end but if we look at the main movers on the
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my sex you'll see that most of them are positive like ross neff is adding more than one percent benefiting from the high level well that was seeing right now nor cynical as the consumer read this by posting a seventeen percent increase in net profit for last year you know it's a bizarre point two percent on reports it's in talks on the purchase of a twenty five percent stake in germany's first largest gas importer of russia's dialing and tempting carrot in front of north korea enticing it to scrap its nuclear ambitions moscow news says gazprom is preparing a plan to start gas deliveries if the country shuts its nuclear program but they only points out north korea could need ten billion cubic meters of gas annually and the two countries may build a new pipeline however analysts say gazprom has no spare capacity at the moment and such a deal could be completed no sooner than when the. headlines are next to nothing.
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