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tv   [untitled]    July 23, 2011 8:01am-8:31am EDT

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it isn't right sometimes right now i'm thinking about the consummation and of course it's true or believe things happen you don't really know what's going on or you can assume there's been a bomb because of a serious it's just the thought of. being linked with the same could be a right wing extremist with anti muslim views on the seventeenth of july he still to have posted a twitter feed where he has said that one person with a belief is equal to the force of a hundred thousand who have only interests so he's thought to have posted radical tweets leading up to this attack he's now been charged with both the bombing in the city center here in oslo and the us come just outside he was a fundamentalist he's a fundamentalist christian he says multiculturalism has always failed us in his blog which has been found and calls himself a nationalist who's also registered a gun club and around two years ago opened a farm called geo farm which gave him access to industrial fertilizer which is
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often used by terrorists for warmings like this one so it seems that it's an idea that he's been planning for a long time initially a group including helpers of the global jihad came out and says that they took responsibility for the bombing but then they retracted that of course norway is is participating in the libyan and afghanistan war efforts as part of nato and just last winter there were dozens of islamic militants arrested throughout western europe in connection with with planned bombings police have told people to stay out of the city center to avoid using mobile phones the exits to the borders of norway was shot to me tilly after the blast and roads leading into and trains leading into the capital were also halted now we've we've heard that soldiers are on the streets with machine guns police also and it's being called the worst attack since world war two perhaps the worst shooting spree in history. he's done
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a bushel reporting right when i spoke to an advisor to the department for security and conflict management at the norwegian institute of international affairs he says the far right ideology thought to have driven the attacker is wide spread in the region society behind an increasingly. intense sun's heat did the bait the bolt immigration. immigration is doing to no beach and culture no to culturalism is really not the way to go forward marginalized feel their voices are not being heard in the political establishment. the reaching people have never been consulted democratically about better a bump immigration on a not and not the political establishment is a sort of of the elite that lives in areas which are depicted out they all white and that is lower class who feel that immigrants are sort of getting into the territories removing them folded from the drugs lowering their salaries etc and
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there are no bail global playing the democratic rules i guess. so far seems to be the motivation of this person us well. now right now to discuss this story further we're joined live by an expert in terrorism from vienna thank you for joining us today so at first all eyes were on islamist terrorists but then the story turned around and now it's far right ideologies that are thought to have driven the massacre what is going wrong in europe. what's going on in europe the integration is failed because the specially the foreigner they become. increase the. time especially the muslim community there is a lead they don't take part and the. integration and the political or the parties. the support of the muslim brotherhood who they have all
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the muslim organization with these poor of two the idea of money this is shelby and a conflict also the two people that is it in the most or in community this make this election produce against the action by the committee in europe on what happened by this that are out in from christan acts that are missed and all slow it's not the new we see that the right movement the new increase and grew up the development go far away that i can see in the next time shall be confrontation between this power and there are many there are many that are saying there is there is a hard right movement in parts of europe to go against multiculturalism earlier you were alluding to the failure of multiculturalism we've already heard top leaders for example the angle of merkel pronouncing multiculturalism in europe is dead isn't dead though to the extent of a shooting spree and bombings on the street. is there because the integration
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failed absolutely and i told you the a muslim also they bring their culture and the european community they don't accept it maybe the older they did that many years but the navy sure they didn't war because the number of the muslim grew up and many on when i come for fifty years to europe there is a few hundred then the few thousand but the muslim now in europe many thousand and . seven is in lead to another kind ism and i because it as you were saying you're sorry forgive me for interrupting here but you're saying multiculturalism has failed or integration has failed but who's to blame here is it is it the those who have come to europe or is it the europeans. both the european politicians and also the european community as i told you of the muslim brotherhood with the money they have the most. the majority influence of all of the muslim organization to europe
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imagine and also for example. they like many years to send them back to get this done in iraq and they didn't send them in is also extremist i think also there is an internet christian extremist and most of them in support of wi fi is for on pages from vietnam they send hate to rid the hate against jewish and of christianity even today and nobody is stopping them this is the main problem now is come and the nations year end quote for the patient between muslims and the european and i think given all of this are apt it's not the muslim. goal but this is a political and to say to the norway government. we are to be a right movement also stronger and we are also a danger for you and even i think. right that they don't like that no two and war
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within nato against libya i've got a son this is i think. main a problem now that you're saying he would be involved the involvement of no way with nato and afghanistan could be a contributing factor but a moment ago you mentioned the politics the political ramifications of this interesting that you say that because the norwegian prime minister has said that i reply to the violence what was just happened over the past twenty four hours would be even more democracy now does that sound like an effective approach to. no this is a targeted democracy but i think we must take an hour account and you know the. right part is they grew up not to slow to slow fast and the rapidly and this is a danger for you. and the future of that they come far for they come on they come and the government for example and. says fifty years i live here in europe
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and i see the elation of especially of the muslim community who grew up. in the mall so they don't. they don't have the language and they have this it is a shift but i think we need also rule to stop such and the internet by muslim extremists by accident is because we come to very dangerous. indeed a future america an expert in terrorism live from for you know many things. twelve the way security forces may be trained to thwart terror attacks but they completely failed to predict or prevent this massacre about the view of danish morton messerschmitt who says that nobody is safe if an individual maniac decides to go on a shooting spree. many scandinavians were of the belief that we our police our intelligence service really had the facilities and the measures in order to prevent this from happening we have in numerous cases we have prevented attacks from
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terrorist groups islamist groups earlier on of course it's much more difficult to prohibit individual lunatics from doing. it if we have as we have seen yesterday but there's of course once again questions whether the police whether the intelligence service has the facilities and measures that are adequate to the situation that we are living in today right now too for more insight on the oslo attack that's a few alexander sullivan offer from the moscow state humanitarian university thank you for joining us today we now know this was all done by a norwegian opposed to the government's multiculturalism policies what's going on in society if a man rises up against his own fellow citizens. well we have to remember that the a number of the european union and the whole multicultural europe and in
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a recent interview to your channel. was also one of the well the consequences. rejects it and o.b.'s that the political integration is false that europe and the social. and so there is a neat whole i would say social integration greats and. to give people a say in the policies in the in shaping their political agenda all nation states and europe otherwise we're going to have more and more accidents like that so you talk about you talk about the need for policies to integrate but basically western christians and muslims who have come to live in europe i guess we spoke to moments before you were saying that both to blame both are refusing to integrate norway is not the only e.u. country where far right sentiment has fled where we see similar aggression do you think in the future in other parts of your. well we just heard. they also there
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was a little bit saying where are you in the caf just like in france and you can expect . uprising is there i think because all things like that i mean of banning if you just impose a bad deal for additional clothes a whatever explaining the identification problems that may lead to some discontent with people who reject their identity because you are imposing restrictions on the identity of people who are constantly to your country so that's why i'm talking about integration road and you know this confrontation with the migrants and the. saying that they. integrate so i don't think they all. just enough instruments and tools all they can integrate they are not all that enough. and also it's important to say that the many say is just simply a clash of cultures a basic religions a basic belief but it's interesting a few moments ago the you you foresee an extremist uprising in france and one would
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imagine that france is a leading role within nato bombing of libya surely would be. no help in the integration in france but if i may know each and prime minister said that more democracy and grates an openness will be the answer to the attacks do you think that's the right reaction from the government well there is no all the reaction expected because you know you can not. always the globalization used imperatives and migration is one of. the by the mayor of all that yes they have to be bold and i think this is the only possible response and i'm sorry to interrupt you but you say the government and the prime minister saying the need to be more open but surely the real message should be to calm down on extremists who are living in a foreign country. well yes but we have to remember an open society is a more progressive society and it actually offers you more tools and mechanisms to
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understand that people coming into the country if you just impose restrictions all coming to your country you will raise the level of. you know people will insist that they conflict with the society itself that will lead cities like that up to and eventually and so actually we have to learn in europe and anywhere we have to learn how to leave peacefully together and being open is the only imperative that we can stick to right now at present but as it is very very optimistic of you to say we must live in a more open society and live peacefully together although there are blatant clashes of of culture and religion here but it's interesting you say that clamping down on extremists would raise the level of anxiety and a lot of the attacks norway has just reimposed the border controls something denmark recently did to you is a united europe disappearing behind closed doors. well yes and i think i've already told that in the previous fall so yes the european project is collapsing slowly
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collapsing you know there are lots of license coming from asia from the north africa. middle east and some countries have a cancer rates fold is they have to food in the back of their research and has control over immigration and that's. only tells us that the european project lacks the you know kind of vitality the there right agenda and it should be shared by the people living in the e that's why it's all saying that this site is need to be more open where i mean by that is that people have to be ready to actually lose people they have to say no to this coming to the country. the governments all those countries how to put its you either referendum or actually talk to the people rather than just saying we are going to band this or that so has every every
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stakeholder has step aside and it's not just the citizens of the country not just the migrants because you see there is a contradiction brave you can spain this fall he's aunties lamis calls as supposedly to the information shared by the media no wait and at the same time there is an islamized to get his ation that. they have taken responsibility for all of the blast in no way so you see there is a contradiction famously. calls and at the same time islamist organization fakers sponsibility means that there is something deeply wrong with the communication so anything deeply wrong with communication as you say. some of the more common for the whole time we have for a year from the most going to humanitarian at university many thanks indeed. all right a reminder now of our top story here on the latest we have at least eighty four people are now confirmed dead as a result of the tragic shooting spree at a norwegian youth camp it came with shortly after a powerful blast in downtown oslo claimed at least seven lives one man is being
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detained thought to be behind both attacks and sarah thirty two year old norwegian man supposedly driven by followed right ideology when its accounts suggest that there could have been an accomplice but this has yet to be confirmed. although our correspondent daniel bushell is there at the heart of stricken all slow up bringing us the very latest as it happens is a first hand experience is also available on our twitter feed and i have a look at the screen right now and one of the latest tweets he says he witnessed demonstrations of extraordinary bravery victims of the oslo blast return to ground zero so look for those trapped inside despite the risk of another bomb that's about our top story this hour but of course much more there besides as well. i will be keeping you up to speed with the latest developments in norway throughout the day here on r.t. who would have more expert comment on analysis of the situation right here to stay with us. european leaders breathe a sigh of relief as greece is provided with
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a bailout of one hundred nine billion euros that's despite the threat rather of athens credit rating plunging into the dreaded default category and critics say the second cash handout isn't nearly enough to get the euro back on its feet. president sarkozy has been saying in brussels you know greece is a special case it's received this special support from the europeans and other countries won't receive that but of course. do we believe that i'm not sure that we do because it's inconceivable that the europeans wouldn't step in. and it's also i think inconceivable that even the resources now available to the financial stability fund the sort of nascent european monetary fund i think they wouldn't really be sufficient in the end if it was a sort of battle between the bond markets and the italian government so without
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wanting to paint nightmare scenario i don't think we're out of the woods yet. and another debt crisis is brewing across the atlantic as washington struggles to decide on a way to avoid defaulting on its debt in a few minutes very new york resident laurie half finished asks people in the big apple whether they're ready to pay more tax to save their economy. a little bit how much is a little but. a few percentage points more and that's about it that's about it i believe everybody even if it's a dollar fifty everybody should be in this shared sacrifice if you. like in the states government to spend all the money. so i would say first. and then you don't need.
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it with r.t. thank you for joining us today recovery efforts are continuing on. following the country's worst ever boating disaster the sunken pleasure cruiser the bull garia is being towed now to shallow waters water will be pumped from the wreck to make it right enough to lift exports will then begin that close examination to determine exactly what made it go down in just a matter of minutes two weeks ago one hundred fourteen people are confirmed dead after the tragedy eight others still listed as missing the owner of the cruiser is under investigation two people meantime have already been charged with violating safety regulations. for now a brief look at some other international headlines for you this hour al-qaeda linked militants in somalia have vowed not to allow international aid workers into the drought in his country as the u.n. warns that eight hundred thousand children in the region could die from starvation despite the islamist groups pledge some food aid is getting through to some of the
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stricken people there earlier this month militants said they would allow international assistance in the crisis. foreign ministers from north and south korea have held their first talks in three years meeting took place at a regional forum in indonesia the two sides agreed to renew stalled six party talks over pyongyang's nuclear program however the u.s. state secretary said washington won't go back to negotiations unless north korea first starts dismantling its atomic facilities. nato has carried out fresh air strikes on the libyan capital hitting colonel gadhafi his headquarters on friday a crowd rallied in tripoli in support of the colonel whose whereabouts remain unknown libya has been ravaged by civil war since february with the nato led coalition launching airstrikes in march richie contributor says there's a growing credibility gap within the alliance over the ongoing intervention there is been a lot of talk about. the u.s.
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policy or the lack of faith or regarding pakistan and afghanistan no less has been said about the nato operation or actually aerial intervention and bombing in libya take a close a look at how the nato aerial bombing in libya is related to american try vies in afghanistan and pakistan on the technical basis yes of a nato intervention and indiscriminate bombing in libya could be both the united states and nato operation but technicalities aside it is not just a tune and a half wars for the united states in reality if not on the ground at least in the air over a lead the bombing is one hundred percent a nato operation the timing of nato operation against libya demonstrated not on the lack of trust between the united states and pakistan and afghan
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leadership it is also indicative of a huge credibility gap between the genuine united states of america and its year of paean nato partners. he with its he now the u.s. has moved a step closer to defaulting on its debts the latest round of talks to raise the country's debt ceiling collapsed when a republican opposition leader stormed out of negotiations with president obama the government has to allow more boring on top of his existing limit of fourteen point three trillion dollars but the opposing parties accounting agree on how to achieve that democrats propose higher taxes on the wealthy while republicans want spending cuts if a decision is not made by the second the u.s. will be unable to pay its bills and have to perform and the effects are already being felt as the u.s. federal aviation authority which oversees civil flights in the country begins a partial shutdown and new york resident laurie hofmeister took to the streets of
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the big apple to gauge public opinion. would you be willing to pay more in taxes to save your government from bankruptcy this week let's talk about that yes definitely would. have any. dealings whether they're spending their. education. so do you trust your government to spend it correctly i don't trust any of the country a little bit how much is a little but. a few percentage points more and that's about it that's about it since fifty percent of the american public does not pay a nickel i would have a problem i believe everybody even if it's a dollar fifty everybody should be in this shared sacrifice you know the parents of
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how much work you know if i'm working hard and. my kids share you know why do i want to get taken away from me when people who you know don't. you know you just spend a lot more money in town. just of that more people have my service says you have to pay for people who aren't working as hard as you yeah yeah do that yeah ok with that well yeah i think everybody should have it ok so i think you're going to go to pay too much that says you know you take the energy from people who want to work so if you ask who wants texas you have a better government like in the states that have better government to spend all the money on crazy wars in iraq and a guy. so i would say first focus the wars and there you don't need to tax increase no matter how you feel about taxes the bottom line is you're probably always going to have to pay them but it's up to your government to use those funds well.
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live from moscow this is auntie it's good talking with us on this saturday i do stick around a recap of the headlines coming your way in just a few. missions
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the headlines. at least ninety one. to a country in a police uniform killed. in a shooting spree. police have arrested a thirty two year old suspected of being behind the attacks. with a far right movement some of.
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the united states credit rating is under threat. america. failed to agree on raising the debt ceiling. we will keep you updated on developments in norway throughout the day here on r.t. but for now a change of time between now and then as we bring you the latest addition of this weekend's.
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