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in the movie joint me they chose the elevator to begin with the brand in period. during which the girl until you can the international closure that you see don't need to go and. read this in the can it was that you know as a retreat. always a mike there at least ninety four are confirmed dead after a youth camp was hit by the country's worst shooting spree in modern history and a huge car blast shatters the center of all slow. police arrest a thirty two year old reviews a man allegedly behind it both attacks he said to have links to a far right group and has reportedly confessed to the killings and a second man believed to be connected to the atrocities has been detained at the last few hours. also if you thought my troubles just keep on plaguing europe and the u.s. greece's credit rating is under threat again while america moves closer to defaulting
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on its massive debts. and of the other it rained here nuclear scientists is reportedly assassinated in the country's capital tehran splinted previous killings on the israeli secret services. to suffer ten pm in the russian capital you're watching r t thanks for joining us and also our top story at least eighty seven people are now confirmed dead after a shooting spree at a norwegian a youth camp and that attack in just a matter of hours after a powerful blast in downtown also claimed at least seven lives and an extraordinary picture as emerged from friday's rif events if you can look to the bottom left of your screen and that of desperation from the mouth of the water as he pleads for his life while the gun that carries on it is. util executions the thirty two year
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old region man is being held in connection with both the bombing and the shooting and there are reports he's linked to a far right movement and a second that was seized by special forces in the area where victims' relatives had gathered but it's not clear if he's an accomplice and the double atrocity larches daniel bushell has been following the developments for us. the number of casualties estimated has skyrocketed in witnesses in me initially said it was around ten since then the numbers have gone up dramatically and dressed in police uniform apparently and the labor party youth rally and began shooting indiscriminately dozens have been killed and there have been horrific stories of people swimming for their lives hiding in the bush is. people were wondering what was happening was it some bellew's exploding or is somebody playing a joke and then everyone started to understand that people actually had been shot
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the guy was dressed as a policeman and he came across like he was trying to help us he said come here he had a rifle he was using to shoot at us it was total chaos i saw people being shot. down he shot indiscriminately sheltering i'll kill everyone everyone must die and children were running jumping into the sea two were to escape hiding behind rocks hiding behind trees explosives have been found on the island just before the attack at the youth rally there was a blast here in the center of all slow which blew out windows in the city center. right now i'm thinking about the consummation and of course it's horrible nice things happen you don't really know what's going on but you can assume there's been a bomb because of the serious effect of it's being linked with the same man who thought to be a right wing extremist with anti muslim views in on the seventeenth of july he still top posted a twitter feed where he has said that one person with a belief is equal to the force of
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a hundred thousands who have only interests so he thought of posted radical tweets leading up to this attack he's now been charged with both the bombing in the city center here in oslo and the youth called just outside he was a fundamentalist he's a fundamentalist christian he says multiculturalism is always failed us in his blog which has been found i call. himself a nationalist he's also registered a gun club and around two years ago opened the farm called geo farm which gave him access to industrial fertilizer which is often used by terrorists for warmings like this one so it seems that it's an idea that he's been planning for a long time initially a group including helpers of the global jihad came out and said that they took responsibility for the mean but then they retracted that of course norway is is participating in the libyan and afghanistan war efforts is called nato and just last winter there were dozens of islamic militants
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a risk to throughout western europe in connection with with planned bombings police have told people to stay out of the city center to avoid using mobile phones the exits to the borders of norway were shot to meet italy after the blast and roads leading into and trains leading into the capital rules so halted now we've we've heard that soldiers are on the streets with machine guns police also and it's being called the worst attack since world war two perhaps the worst shooting spree in history all to find out more about the person thought to be behind the double attack and also we have a unique opportunity to speak to anderson is a spokesman for the universe. sweden and. personally it's around us and i thank you very much for being on a program with us just so how well did you know this man well. all year and then we were.
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ok now. people are wondering what kind of a person is i what can you tell us about him along with. the ever so many. well i mean absolutely nothing. anywhere near that and i have been on a mention of both but of course there has been small change. which they probably don't play but on the ego and especially who in relation to girls we have a chart which was rather inflated and. would sort of cause friction for example the parent. or other guys working. and that was
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kind of a little bit. but it was still you know i am on the payroll and you know by. the you know the you know they look. radical ideological. patients you're. opinionated person. so you know really not really i wouldn't. be. primetime. you know and maybe six. times. there's a lot of attention on his twitter. is worth a hundred thousand with all the interest before the attacks what kind of ideas were
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going around in his head based on a conversation couldn't have had with him. he never came across there's some kind of place for religion and that is for anything i mean i knew that he was religious but it wasn't even trying to irk you or anything you know he just i just feel he was really just pretty much kind of. far mainly. on the other hand if you look. very like i'd. be compared to both kerry and the girl but i do nomination but. each of them are trying to get to being on the other hand there is just a lay. population who are very. bad and that you know.
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sandra was always basically like your poison which a long way. and so. you know the way frank thing but i'm just telling you the surrounding places where he was around here it is interesting though they are saying that he's a very little person at the same time he's the nationalists how does the two together in a person likes him. well you know. at the moment when i knew. i was not. as a person who is very thought through i you logically i wouldn't more describe who. i was even all the way you're going to get angry that. would be so this big second person are but they don't belong to any organ but more than that i have not yet that is sought
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through ideological. why from your conversation just their beliefs now you're talking to me about him being quite an average person he had quite an ego that he was a religious person looking in retrospect would you have an argument that one day he would be capable of doing something like this if it is indeed him absolutely you know you never ever would ever imagine that. there are far more guys were you know way more weird than he was ok so how do you think he got these ideas into his head in the first place you kept talking about stories and his relationship with girls and church these thinks it's somewhere there that he got these these ideas and says have. to look around. and it's like. oh people who are very radical religious all the way ranging from white muslim
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christian and then you have people who were the leftist for years and obviously he has managed to find from the right wing groups so not generally surprised that people find their extreme my niece and her last quote. ok just one more thing what what do you kept saying that he got irritated what was a topic for example that really got irritate her angry. that will be. the general rule. i. spend more. i will be lower and. lower. but. that will be. ok why do you think he did this there are speculations about the reasons behind why he would commit such a crime why do you think based on what you know what him i have no idea i could not imagine. imagine. him after being from home brainwashed or
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something. by who by by by his christian fanaticism religion or nationalism who isn't brainwashed by i don't know if anybody is just saying that you central oh look all that is why you are there. ok well thank you very much for that insight into why the suspect the left anderson thank you very much is a spokesman for the union of russian communities in sweden and here he had an adverse prefix thank you. the intervention prime minister said more from long prosy and openness is the answer to the fire less but hello lure us from the region institute of international affairs believes it's a country's policies of multiculturalism that target the gunmen against his own. behind an increasingly. intense and heated debate about immigration.
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about both immigration is doing to no beach culture no to culturalism is really not the way to go forward marginalized the regions feel their voices are not being heard in the political establishment. in the region people have never been consulted democratically about whether a volunteer immigration on a will not and not the political establishment is a sort of of the elite that lives in areas which are to get it out by all whites and that is no overcalls the region so who feel that immigrants are sort of getting into the territories removing them for the from the drugs lowering their salaries etc and there are no veiled global playing the democratic rules i guess. so far seems to be the motivation of this person as well. all in light of the attacks norway has reimposed the shotgun to border controls done to the same over two weeks
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ago a move strongly criticized by other members of some vital for the process taking monetary university says there are signs a united iraq is falling apart. tell your people these collapsing slowly collapsing you know their loss of life or it's coming. from the. pound some countries have to answer raise fold is they have. to back their research and that has control over immigration control and that's the only tells us that the european political life see you know kind of fights how we see the there were riots and then it should be shared by the people living in the people how it should be ready to actually lose people they have to say no to this coming three countries. the whole various countries how to get it through either referendum or actually talk to the people rather than just saying we have to leave the band this event
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that every stakeholder has to have a say in it not just the citizens of the country not just the migrants because you see there is a contradiction where you could say this fall he's and he's a lamb he's cold as supposedly to the information shape body we will wait and at the same time there is an islamized again he's asian that. they have responsibilities in the whole of the blast in the way that it's all you see there is a contradiction if they miss what you say is a lie ms recalls and at the same time islamist organizations take responsibility neither there is something deeply wrong with the communication and just to remind you the latest on our top story this hour at least eighty seven people are now confirmed dead after a shooting spree at a movie joint youth camp and police say they are continuing to search for several people still missing that attack came by shortly after a powerful blast in downtown oslo which claims at least seven lives.
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an hour let's discuss the tragedy at that rock norway with chris yates a security analyst from manchester in the u.k. mr gates thanks very much for being other programs now where most people jump to the immediate conclusion that the also attacks were the work of an islamic group but the fact that a native in a region that was behind them has come as a surprise or shock for some now you've lived there what's gone wrong how did a peaceful society produce america turn against its own people. you know one of the key issues here i feel is that we're looking outward right across europe european nations to a threat from overseas not necessarily looking to ourselves from the royals sort of right wing groups run across europe not just in a way elsewhere across european nations. and the almost
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sort of phobic to choose the people within these groups expound. you know this is a key issue that has not been addressed. in recent times because of all of the the the reasons. for across europe ok now are just looking at hindsight again it's always easy to do that but do you think anything could have been done to prevent this attack. a yes or no is the short answer to that really what we're talking about here is possibly a lack of resources instructive to the. european organization police forces in europe europe all. together. setting up a group of three of you also begs for us to raid police forces across europe in
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looking. inward as opposed to what. the question is why this is not done and not been done before because there are any number of reports that you can read on the internet and privately those reports. suggest that the the rise of right wing extremism in europe has been problem for a number of years so the question is why have we not moved into ourselves could be of that of these things much bursar probably we could go on. even when we go from here ok now as as an outsider looking in if you look at norway traditionally it's known as a quiet and peace loving nation and it recently though there have been headlines over several extremist related arrests so why is that is that just a step in the efforts arresting extremists or is that an increase of extremism
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possibly a struggle and. we have to remember what happened christmas time in the neighboring country sweden last year we also have to remember that there has been a rise whom right wing views being expanded right across the northern parts of europe so we're talking about sweden we are talking to a certain extent mark and of course holland belgium germans of crohn's so. i come back to the points that i made just a moment ago that. really need to be mindful of what's going on within each country as well as it's going on in the wider world as world ok now i did norway's immediate reaction was to reimpose border controls following of course that march think a few weeks ago that was heavily criticized the other evaders could this be the start of a split in the union you think. as
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a very big question the the issue of open buddhism across europe and scream the table for quite some time now given the influx of immigrants from north africa following bring the full of the children seen regime the the actions that were going on in libya and of course egypt as well we shouldn't forget egypt was world and a lot of those people are migrating into southern europe there are issues with who controls the southern borders of the show and. so-called shango area that has calls many many problems right across the region not least because of the problems in italy and to a certain extent in germany and austria so we need to get excited we control
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the borders in europe yes that has been action within the european union. to to ease the restrictions on individual nations closing borders times of crisis within those countries and what norway has done within this past twenty four hours is precisely that given that there is a national crisis and they have temporarily closed their borders well thank you very much for your analysis chrissy eight security analyst talking to us live from manchester thank you. and will be of no vision attacks of shock waves around the world inspire passionate debate on what's really behind it on our website r.t. dot com we're asking what's the cornerstone of that our region tragedy and so far the majority of you think the sheer fanaticism is to play fewer people thirty five percent say the tension stem from multiculturalism twenty percent say the reason is
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global terrorism which penetrates everywhere and the minority it says it's down to the theatre of security forces what's your view on that just log on to r.t. dot com and have your say. and now for more insight on the rhetoric attacks we can cross live to justin dargon a research fellow with the dubai initiative thank you very much mr bargained for being on the program again initially fingers were pointing at jihad this extremist groups jumping to conclusions if you will what does that say about the world's view of islam. well i think that obviously for a long time i mean since two thousand and eleven the world has been focused on transnational islamist terrorism i mean so it is pretty fair to say that whenever there's any type of random explosion or people are targeted or what have you the first thought that you know course would be some other radical group and of course
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since the death of a some of bin laden and censorious. increase in terms of us soldiers that have been sent to afghanistan since president obama's been elected there have been regular threats coming from various groups have been targeted that have stated that they are going to target europe and target the u.s. and so on and there's also been a spat at attempts so i mean it is fair to say that there is a bit of justification that initial thought of course was tense let transnational slowness terrorism but i think that what this does represent is that while this transnational terrorism has been on the radar for some time the very real threat by the homegrown right wing extremists has been overlooked and this is really been overlooked in most western countries and the u.s. and also maybe. many european countries as well so i think that now this is going to contra concentrate the minds of policymakers are there needs to be
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a reassessment of the home grown right we have the right interesting that you bring that up actually it's more detail the notion of far right movements and extremism homegrown extremism as you put it has been put to the to the spotlight now which do you think would be a bigger threat because the region security forces for example didn't expect someone with far right sentiments would actually be capable of this whereas a greater threat with islam or the far right. well i well you can see that islam is a threat because islam is not that throughout rather it started to lay share of certain extremist ideology which is coming from certain groups that have certain geo political aims so you can say that islam is a threat but at the same time within most western countries we have seen two things happening at the same time we've seen this type of ratcheting up of rhetoric anti immigration rhetoric this is happening to us and also western europe and there's
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also been this to my eyes we can say multiculturalism so there have been individuals that have more or less become quite quite self radicalized due to vironment and also due to the idea that there's just been an influx of immigration then compound these factors is also burned of the global economic crisis so you have the euro zone crisis and you also have how the global economic crisis impacted united states so there has been a general type of environment which has encouraged individuals to take out their frustrations and newly arrived immigrants so i think that this is something that is actually very very very very important for western policymakers to look at so i think that in the coming years we're going to see more of this right wing extremism ima needing and this is of course happened in the u.s. and also i just like to give you an example we saw that there was the shooting of
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congresswoman in arizona now this happened during a time of extreme political agitation whereby political discourse became quite heated now the individual that did that of course was not a right wing extremist and i think people are still trying to figure out what exactly was his idiology but still you can see how this tragedy up of the rhetoric impacted this individual who was a bit marginalized so i think in the coming years we're going to start to see perhaps transnational. islamic. terrorism crispino perhaps this threat coming from home grown extremists on the right we increase all right thank you very much for that analysis of insight just in a dark in a research fellow with you by initiative thank you. well again a reminder of our top story for you the latest we have is that at least eighty seven people are now confirmed dead after a shocking shooting spree at a norwegian youth camp and that attack came shortly after
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a powerful blast in downtown oslo which claimed at least seven lives a thirty two year old a norwegian man is being held in connection with both offense and it's reported he belongs to the far right movement a second man was detained by special forces around an area where the victims' relatives have gathered but it's still not clear if he is a suspected gunman as well. and of course we'll be keeping you up to speed with the latest developments in norway throughout the day and night and we'll have more expert comments and analysis of the situation right here in r.t. so do stay with us for that. but iranian media is reporting the one of the country's nuclear scientists has been shot dead in the capital tehran is a third nuclear physicist to be killed in iran in the last two years only regular authorities are previously blamed ease rail secret service mossad for involvement and that could again be the case according to karen book tariq a political commentator in tehran. iran has just carried out an operation against
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zionism backed. militia group in kurdistan page at which is hurt them really really very badly and iran has just taken over three of their bases so it was to be expected. but whether it's going to in any way impede the running nuclear program i don't believe that that is the case because knowledge is something you can't kill at the bin this is something that the enemies of iran will have to buy a trial the i.a.e.a. has not come up with a single speck of evidence that iran has deviated from its its peaceful nuclear activities it is a nuclear energy program given the shia appetites of the east and the west for energy resources of iran once iran's energy resources have finished we have to look to the future are we going to be dependent for our fuel rods on the west or the
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east always going to chance it or not and we've decided not to do so. the u.s. has moved a step closer to defaulting on its debts the latest round of talks to raise the country's debt ceiling collapse when a republican opposition leader stormed out of negotiations with president obama the government has to allow more borrowing on top of its existing limit of fourteen point three trillion dollars or if the decision is not made by august second the u.s. will be unable to pay its bills and will have to default archy's new york resident laurie harford has to through the streets of the big apple to gauge public opinion on more taxation. would you be willing to pay more in taxes just baby your government from bankruptcy this week let's talk about you know definitely with people when you were there was spending. the winter over there spending on defense and.


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