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in india she's available to move the joint be the children's the i love you that's a great way to turn the grand imperial truly that george was the bush girl until you can a little bit you know its ability to go and. run this in the county was the term is used to retreat. welcome back here's a recap of the top stories we're covering today on our t.v. the spanish demonstrators are venting their fury of madrid over soaring unemployment and the government's handling of the struggling economy or the protesters accuse their leaders of being dictated to by brussels and the i.m.f. instead of focusing on the people's needs. all across the atlantic americas rushing to reassure its nervous investors put it on the stave off from
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ever encroaching default well that's even though the president and legislators continue to squabble over how to lift the fourteen trillion dollars debt limit and . over one hundred thousand people gathered in the raise capital on a day to mourn the seventy six victims of friday's atrocities the man who admits all slow bombing and be a massacre at an island group is charged with terrorism. one talk of a big continues to wreck lives despite president obama's pledge to shop at the notorious prison well many detainees released without charge have shed light on what really goes on there are he spoke to one a former prisoner who says the u.s. hasn't even given a simple apology for his years of torment that interviews next. you know it's states held murat kurnaz like when saddam obeyed detention camp for five
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years before releasing him without charge mr could this have you ever been given an apology or an explanation by the americans. and they did not but even i don't thing that they are going to probably just think you were arrested in pakistan in two thousand and twelve why were you there here in germany i saw the group it's called remarkably helping. young people who have problems with drugs or homeless people or who has problems at all they are always in from pakistan they have their own towards eighty million members it's i thing the biggest group and nonpolitical and they are against war of course and they also hate him by. because they are against war. and when i went to pakistan i got to that their school office and i think they have each year i guess between thirty and forty sergeant.
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students or people who was with steve at school each year i was just one of them and. so when i was captured and thrown to the americans i was already in about close to the airport and i had already my face to get in my pocket i was very close so therefore. i couldn't understand why and what reason for and jamaat to be. every everybody north. interested on the war or against. us or what were the circumstances of your arrest when i got arrested. they didn't told me anything what's going on they didn't told me. that they're looking for terrorists or walk that was he said just we don't. going to check your passport a lot i did not know that time was
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a good all day long to go through some thought of. each person and. not under my name dots for anyone who is to him though it's making us as a terrorist he was received through salt or through some dollars in pakistan a lot of money and it was not socialism and just when i had my first interrogation by american government. through my detention in pakistan. they asked me if i want more with this on the night and he didn't it was not interested on me it was you were transferred to come to haul in afghanistan what happened there. in qana was happening. all kind of things like you can just imagine on the culture and. on myself i saw many people got killed on the torture and. i was one of those would survive those kind of closure on myself they used electroshocks
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because i will not sign papers and. i was forced to agree that i'm the member of taliban a and. i'm not even really i didn't know at the time what used to be i didn't know what i did anything so. when they asked me what i thought i didn't tell you and i said i'm not a member of them and they brought me papers across me to sign i refused and. they forced me to write me to sign making signed by electoral electroshocks and. in other times the force and water treatment it's called was a lot of blood in the snow it's. clear it's not on the work of warding so or another time. they hang on chains i actually was on my hands and i was hanging on the ceiling they lost pulling me on the ceiling with itching and my feet used to be
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over the floor and. off the few days i start to pass off of course because in that situation i could not eat or drink and it was freezing call it was during winter time and i had no clothes on so i was hanging there for many days when the interrogator came he pulled me back down and he asked me are you going to sign almost every time when i said no he just meant like this and people do that. all the detainees at guantanamo i got water water. after i had seen a couple things got a couple people got killed in front of me so it wasn't the first or second one i got i had so many people got killed and some of them got just picked on his head games and he died. and the other one he was hanging on saying into. many things. when i got to write about it of course i was sure. i can be the next
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one. as a young man when i got arrested at that time i saw it's ok now i'm in the hands of the american government. i'm sure they have just. because i have so on the all the hollywood movies they had made before. and if p.r. agent was quoted as saying guantanamo detainees were chained time to put in a fetal position on the floor with new chair food or water for twenty four rolls all more take place they did it. i thing with everyone because some astronomy right we had to see. in a special position when we had handcuffs and shackles on and our ice was a car with. google's song. we had to stay in that
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situation for a long time and. some people across the aisle with a really under each detainee seemed runs out of us the youngest one was nine years old the second youngest was twelve. i still can't understand. why they get arrested do you agree with u.s. officials to books that it makes people tell the truth when they told me if i will be terrorist i never what i agree because they are torturing me anyway so what i have to loose. some people on the top told them couple things i don't know if it was the truth or lie but many people are lying because. if they torture they are asking. especially questions so. they can just answer yes or no and that's why in the most awful situation it's like how did the system of rewards and punishments work that yes some of us about the morsel of food some
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of us. but. it was in the plans. which kept you out there in guantanamo existing like a kind of camps and. accept along all of all other camps you get less food and one camp i must have called at the camp all you would because it's make for the join on this just been a journalist people like me they can play football maybe the first time inside five years but they say this is every day the same think they can play football they can play well and so they are the place where volleyball and basketball are a and. when to join is. they can make them pay that i have to say i am a person who loves and that's ok. and things long time on many kind of animals which i have never seen in my life except on the t.v.
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so when i get on i got to guantanamo so i had seen a bonus i was hiding a piece of my bread because of they go on to say was coming smart animists econo in the same time to the fence and i was feeding them when i got. when they saw it they got i got punished by thirty thirty days by isolation and because i was eating. animals was there a feeling that the camp was whole style to muslims of course it was. it was like that because. most americans. they were thinking that. muslims are terrorists lots of course that's not to. do to fight against the terrorists and not to be a terrorist were you told anything about your legal status runs out of money we was
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not authorized to through any kind of questions when we asked questions so we got the we got the punishment for it and all they said just. ask me the question is not you know i didn't know the first three years i didn't know even that my family nor said i'm a life and i even didn't know did not know that my family doesn't know that i'm in guantanamo i didn't know anything so. when i got a receipt they never told me anything and so we thought it was it's not authorized to watch the news and there was no on a t.v. or force no newspapers no any kind of news and the god who was working inside the camp there was not authorized to talk with. even though i didn't know the time i got to be. innocent person by mike i'm gone i didn't know about it. after you until i got released or shortly before i got you just saw. i saw it just
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now i will stay there for all my life tell us about your sports career before you were arrested when i was nineteen i was in a way good shape and of course i started for a martial arts since i was seven years old and. i was doing and almost professionally and i saw when i got arrested of course i could not strain like before in my life. even on one phenomenal i did martial arts by myself of course i got punished every time again for it because i was training martial arts it was forbidden even to do pushups at the last job and i got also punished for doing pushups thank you for speaking with elsie.
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culture is the same ocean going to use music to share a minute mark was five months on what is the condition of the egyptian revolution as it lived up to expectations but just pick. up.
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more news today violence is once again flared up to free these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to look for asians are relieved a. mum. would be soon which bryson if you believe the song from comes to fruition. these food stamps on t.v.
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don't come. the headlines on our t.v. spanish demonstrators are venting their fury at the dreaded over soaring unemployment and the government's handling of the struggling economy the protesters accuse their leaders of being dictated to by brussels and the i.m.f. instead of focusing on the people's needs. across the atlantic america is rushing to reassure its various investors that it can't say barter never approach or default but seen with though the president on the legislators continue to squabble over a policy to lift the fourteen trillion dollar debt limit. over one hundred thousand people gathered in or raise capital on monday to more of the seventy six
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victims of friday's atrocities the man who would lead so also bombing of the massacre of a i love you kathy is charged with terrorism. not next year then as here with all the sports news and i hear american football fans can finally breathe a sigh of relief that right so yes indeed you are right it's hot off the press the n.f.l. is going ahead for twenty eleven twenty twelve they've just reached an agreement we're going to try to get a little more detail in just a moment. great to have you with us busy sports today plenty head over the next ten minutes or so including. southern comfort europe why defeat her and why in the cars that america final to secure a record fifteen type. capital conquest c.s.k.
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moscow a stretcher advantage of a top of the russian premier league to seven points following victory at home to her yes i'll be out. in labor pains are over the n.f.l. american football players come soon agreement to end the four month lock eyes. were not just a second let's get started pitch side where your acquired claimed a record fifteen america title beating part of why in the decider in buenos aires the victor is opening a scoring it doesn't minutes in liverpool striker luis suarez showing his class for his fourth goal of the tournaments on one where the final then three minutes before half time you're obliged double their advantage to go out and sworn in twelve previous international games finally ending the drive to finish off the part of the fence was tired. from last year's world cup semifinal a solid another on the stroke of full time for them again putting the icing on the cake three nil how it ended up i have not won south america's biggest tournament
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more times than anyone else. who until today came here thinking to dedicate this comps all the players coaches and stuff that won the first full team caucus because we don't and there would have been fifteen or you know it was a case of beating bottom in the russian premier league tonight stretching their lead at the top to a full seven points following a two one win at home to ten months. of. opening the army man's account with a quarter of an hour gone b. ivorian striker netting his tenth ball became pain making him the league's top scorer properer japan midfielder kids suki then converted a free kick for c.s. to second five minutes before the break. was unable to stop the ball going into this goal moments after the. three yamas initial effort also passing equal rock in fear of an internet. even if sent off soon after the restart
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but knew more goals would fall to on c.s.k. how it ended up a fourth defeat on the trot for korea while c.s.k. sees further control of this table. stay with the poll where the sport's hottest team prospect brazilian striker neymar could be heading for russia instead of to the likes of chelsea or parse alona least that is what his legendary composite we want him to do former world cup winner rebirth of policy he's been warning the nineteen year old every day to try and lure me in march to his current club g. . seemingly with money to spend up to being purchased by billionaires too much for him for this year however neymar is also being courted by some of europe's top sides while his current club some toss up plates to keep the forward in his home country. meanwhile another club with deep pockets munch city have concluded their
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american tour would pick three over david beckons los angeles galaxy joe hart's instrumental in the shoot out when the city hall keeper stopping and a j. dilla garcia shot before stepping up the score his side's winning penalty being shot for taking that seven six for their third win in the u.s. the game well it was also notable for another mario balotelli moment the italian feeling to heal home when one partner on one much to the dismay of his manager roberto mancini volatile year immediately substituted after that blunder city head to our lives ahead of the premier league kick off this thursday. at least to give it a go mohamed bin hammam launch the world words against me for president sepp blatter the disgraced qatari executive speaking out after picking up a life plan for allegedly attempting to bribe thought rich in order to gain their packing in last month's presidential election something he insists never took place
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the conviction. of. it's going to come from somewhere. else and must must. be. witnessed through the through instance the. things that this. person is a prominent were. tears through. he doesn't mince his words like i and i stay with football where a new era has officially begun for chile attacker alexis sanchez after the twenty two year old was unveiled the latest signing for european and spanish champions a parcel in a sense is joining a five year deal from an easy move setting the couple on giants reported thirty seven million u.s. dollars so interested earlier he doesn't want to be compared to real madrid star christiane naldo instead coming to the new come to learn from the likes of lionel
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messi zombie. incidentally you know messi and selvi were all nominated for the you know world best player in europe. things look set to get back to normal across the globe take off for the american football players on the n.f.l. voted in favor of a deal to put an end to the four month lockout which had threatened the entire coming season then you collect of bargaining agreement put in place around an hour ago here signings are not penned in for tuesday with some teens scheduled to reopen training helps as early as the day after the trouble how to rosa or how to divvy up nine billion dollars in profits so n.f.l. fans can look forward to action this year but the labor stalemate is yet to be resolved in the n.b.a. with international basketball is heading back to home leagues to see a. one man putting guy in his basketball for good as yelm a chinese receiving an honorary sendoff in his homeland following his retirement
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announcement last week thirty year olds celebrated the other for a welter of money in beijing after announcing his departure from the sport due to injury last week the former houston rockets centrist sons of two meters twenty nine centimeters a sizeable loss to the texan from chinese ming is an eight time n.b.a. all star and will go down in the history books as all of china's biggest ever pleats. properties is the golfer it's been a weekend to remember for sure no hair the american play. in his first p.g.a. title in over two years following after market play off the canadian open there were number sixty demonstrating his comeback ability after starting the three strokes off the pace so her quoting a birdie at the thirteenth hole of the title lead before forcing a playoff with compacted crisp lights both men finish on four under both men crumbled after us o'hara forced to be content with a bogey on the first hole but lights really did even worse double bogey and twenty
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nine year olds or his fourth p.g.a. tour title pocketing almost one million u.s. dollars in the process. brings us finally to one of the most extreme sports on the planet the cliff diving the fifth stage of the red bull world series was held last weekend with reigning champion kerry hunt the man to capture in the overall standings erma record for dunny and watch the action unfold. cleve guarding elite coming together once again in detail in city of mulch isn't it over the weekend the stage of the red bull world series quite diverse and experts alike announcing a unanimous decision of the words this event was the best they've seen this year i don't know what to say this is the best i've ever seen in all those years and they're all like just mailing and i've said we want to have mexican sensation joint and bread is the first of all shined the terror and song it was only the second
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time the twenty one year old mistaken for an in the world series of bands and it saw him claim fourth place only two points from the podium. the future of the sport is clearly in safe hands and then it was time for oakley diving his heavyweight to show what they've got. one of the favorites for glory me hold the right deal at second in the role standings the czech is currently the only driver able to catch up with a reigning champ and very hands. and impressive arm standup here though there were two divers who did even better. our term solution to one of the talent stage last year getting off to flawless star these time around following a truly amazing excuse in the preliminary round the russian came out for the decisive dive if they lead one of the most difficult can be nations today i'd bet the farm stand pulled by two in the house somersaults and one to help twist the
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suits and extreme choice however a few mistakes in the air along with too much splash living that were only sneak in second position. next to the holder and the men had grown waiting to see their hands the englishman found to be untouchable in the big security his third stage with a new roof extend he school for a lead. the most complicated dive in the sport with the highest degree of difficulty his famous triple quarter in the twenty six year old makes it look easy . a static i kind of thought i'd blown it which i lost on just landed short vertical i wasn't fast enough. seems it was enough to take the when it's very good competition for me. i'm patrol very good guys today i made one mistake in my last. it's very difficult but i know it it's
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a risky for me i'm sick time in this era we're here for more stalls and i want i am i am who i want to be and i'm ready for flight. just two stops left world series twenty eleven with the next event to be hosted in boston and noticed the twenty fifth. but a new on her cheek watching not i think i'll see everyone's a winner a lot is all your sport weather is next offseason. admission free credit patient free instruction just free. range machine free. three stooges free. and free broadcast quality video for your media projects
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