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tv   [untitled]    July 27, 2011 10:31pm-11:01pm EDT

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government building in the center of norway's capital oslo the car bomb killed at least eight people a couple of hours later a man dressed as a police officer begin a shooting spree on an island near oslo the targets were members of a youth camp run by the governing labor party the rampage last did ninety minutes before the police finally arrived at least sixty eight teenagers lost their lives the gunmen surrendered to the police immediately after that iraq will thirty two year old unders privet admitted he was also responsible for those low explosion privett was a member of the right wing populist progress body for a number of years he confessed to have authored a fifteen hundred page manifesto which stands against multiculturalism and this part of the manifesto is a day by day diary describe in preparation for the massacre brave they appear to the closed court hearing in those low on monday claiming he wanted to save europe
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from muslim domination and saying he had two more groups of collaborators the same day hearings were held thousands of people went out on to the streets of those low to participate in the rules march in memory of the victims of the bomb attack and the youth camp shooting there must the mind of the atrocities who spent four weeks in solitary confinement awaiting these next court appearance brave it could reportedly be sentenced to thirty years in prison the measure of punishment in norway for crimes against humanity. held accountable for this show well the initial reaction in the west was that the attacks had been conducted by muslim jihadi a does that mean that the new york nazi threat is overlooked by special forces today and in europe and countries i would say it's overlooked. but of course the first first reaction to any terrorist attack
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not not only now but if you remember what happened in ninety ninety five in oklahoma when a. sane person ultimately mark we destroyed federal building also everybody was convinced that that was a islamic jihad or something on that and for us then people started to to to be terrified by the groom homegrown terrorism so of course the society is everywhere and authorities. are now for pure stand on muslims which as we see quite frequently which is not not entirely correct and in scanner for example there is a long all traditional for racism and so to say white power movement but it has also always been very marginal and maybe because of there's overlap we have
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seen a steady rise of rightwing anti immigrant parties especially europe over the last couple of years do you think that the norwegian massacre is part of this trend. yes of course the these guy is a madman and without any doubt saw it's very very. dangerous to see that what he did is is a reflection of a trend so actually if you start to study his motivation i'm pretty sure we will find some personal reasons as always in such cases so it but not of course the problem which he is pointing to exists and of situation if this if this is the situation does that mean that we are witnessing a radicalization in the society a radical is ation in your. in politics and that and that and that. the cloak olds
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and muslim fundamentalists are ready to to to to go to violence in the streets no i don't think it's that far already now but what we are witnessing in european politics since a couple of years especially two three years it started two or three years ago. election results showed the populist party is mainly focused on migration they used to gain significant. successes in the elections it does not mean they win more than that i don't think those parties will last for long because they used to be in not very serious political forces but the main thing the mainstream politicians they they turned. their right wing side and for example statements which now used to be down by by has of state of has
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a government lagaan go america oh then it came around and of course it was the about complete failure of multiculturalism we could not imagine something where they had been. two years ago let's turn to some reactions to to to what happened in oslo in russia well here are some some of the reactions from russians from bloggers to journalists who tend to put the blame for the massacre on not always society rather than on the terrorists. some called really decide what he did runs contrary to human history but it would be wrong to say. this homegrown philosopher exports to europe to play station agreed humanist thousands at recess in the relation of human rights and public safety. yet there is every reason to doubt that you will start addressing these issues as a result of. how would you. yes.
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so to blame on the vision go in particular in their vision government that sound fair because i am pretty world's going to an area i visited sweden norway denmark many times and i must say that just in those countries governments used to pay a lot of attention and used to make enormous effort just to implement this multiculturalism which was not the case in many other countries like germany or france or or never lands so in this this is irony of history that that terrible event happened just in norway at the same time of course. many people now experts including corruption experts on nick interethnic affairs they are saying that multiculturalism as a conception has has fortunately failed and europe needs to look for some new mortals which unfortunately. unfortunately doesn't happen yet now another
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quote this time from from an article published in one of the russian national youth daily. europe has been slapped trotted across installer the one who slept by al qaida it was unknown to national and the radio has gone down to become a hero to many thousands of nothing. really good belt against the very concept of european society he rebelled against the susannah lucian of multiculturalism tolerance and complete the people he killed the martyrs martyrs of a new godless religion. how would you explain outrageous points of view the blogger the journalist in russia a country that fortnight. yeah but this delay to school and this is awful it's yeah what is what. are you saying you yes there's an editor. how the national you that
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he pay even printed in the paper is the question of quality of professionalism and tickle borders for limits for and for journalism so that's another discussion unfortunately it's a big problem everywhere including this country but what what this those sentiments are reflecting unfortunately. we cannot understand we i mean all europeans including gresham's we cannot understand yet their time with homogeneous society has gone forever we will never ever again leave in a society where the majority is certain the region unfortunately and russian public and russian public opinion of the russian journalist as we see absolutely unprepared to take this reality and to try to cope with it we had a quote from a russian blogger a russian journalist now a russian politician anything that i was in known for his nationalist views.
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misinterpreted tolerance with regard to a multicultural world leads to a dramatic polarization of the political system and to radicalization of society this is how monsters like this one. should this tragedy be an alarm for the western society what would you say absolutely it should be an alarm. and the alarm saying do something with multiculturalism or do something with extremism or or both actually do something do something because because the problem with multiculturalism everybody is talking about that everybody in europe was talking about that since twenty or thirty years but if we try to understand what has been than in order to at least to try to to guarantee this harmonious coexistence of different. entities. people different the region
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culture religion and not much because the problem is not necessarily with the concept of multiculturalism the problem is that politicians frequently prefer to use them to rhetorics in order to so to see. not to deal with. to deal with the real problem now this time is over so they will need to do something the problem is what because yeah political scientists feel that a lot of spotlight mood the fact surely auction rate they way i don't. see twenty years ago largest country in.
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the south had been. began a journey. where did it take the. good. mood.
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download the official ante up location to your i phone i pod touch from the i q jobs to. watch on t.v. life on the go. video on demand parties minefield costs and r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. question on the dot com. welcome back to spotlight i'm al green of and just a reminder that my guest in the studio today is further look in the editor in chief of russia and global affairs magazine we're talking about the consequences of the tragic events in norway. just look at a well we have discussed what happened we have discussed the reaction in russia to
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what to what happened in in europe well what's interesting is that this guy brag that the terrorist used to be a member of the center right progress party which is the second largest party in. parliament do you think that that what he committed which is obviously obviously a crime and he admits that will it. influence the put the position office party in parliament and upcoming elections no i don't think so because he used to be a member of a very short while and that was a while ago until i think. two thousand and four and he was not an active member he was just just a part of their environment i don't think it will have impact but what is interesting this party actually which is rightly you said rightly its second strong party in the parliament this. party used to and for size the need to limit
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migration. in a very civilized way so it's not an extremist or radical party but but still and now of course they are in a little bit under attack because of this connection because of the general atmosphere. of fight against in the foreground so but what i what i guess and what they're suspect that after initial period of statements as for example not of huge and prime minister we will keep our open society will keep our democracy and this right he should say just that he has to say it now than i think in europe at large in norway in particular we will see the gradual change of migration policy well let's hear this reaction of norway's prime minister's name is yes south america to the attacks. we will have in
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a way before and in a way after the bomb attack in the killing but who will still be a society it's very clear on our values of democracy of openness in this is a where we will can people to be active in their political work in a way where they can if you say. well in this norway are to the attacker do you think that the famous norwegian social democracy would survive what will stay intact as we knew in before a yes no vision of social democracy will survive the question is migration policy because the tradition of the social democratic party is in europe and especially in northern europe used to be extremely international is the glue mine that the first signs of change was shown was seen in finland where there is strangely enough finland as a country or at least affected by the migration. way because it's difficult to
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leave maybe because russians russia and russia this year certainly by this a different. notion. there are quite a point if you of. migrants like saddam part of europe or but even there there is a clear growth of. protest feeling against something for him and social infant in finland social democratic party strangely enough try to take this argument from. from those nationalist parties which emerge and i think that in both in sweden and norway we can expect that all parties including the left wing parties gradually will review not not abruptly by gradual review of their stance with the migration. in there there another thing i want to ask you i don't know if you know and i don't think anybody has the answer but still this
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break and there's been a vague claims to be a member of the international underground organization called knights templar international how serious do you think this claims are and how serious do you think is the threat that similar attacks may happen somewhere else this particular statement by him i don't think it's serious he he he seems to be more important than you know yeah yeah as for. xenon you know for big sentiments in the rest of europe i think security services policemen and politicians everywhere are quite concerned now because actually that happened in norway again as we discussed before it's a very badly ironic that just just in norway but if you take countries like france or dillard's or spain with. rapidly growing amount of migrants
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and there is a different culture in the way it's easier there saw the temperament is different but i'm afraid that. there are grounds to there are reasons to expect some not similar. events but i've something to grow up as. maybe for example in france election next year already now it's quite quiet or was that two out of three main contenders are sarkozy president sarkozy and mary lappin in different ways of course but they are trying to use that to you to address this issue from electoral point of view and i will not be surprised that that topic will be a central part of possession up in france what about russia mr redlich he said that he sympathizes the party called national in russia i think he said that in one of
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his interviews and he also claims and this was in the press it's in his manifesto this published he says that there are like minded persons in russia this is what he says do you do you think that. there really is a threat that something like this may happen in russia and that there that the that the anti migrant sentiments are as strong in russia as they normally can lead to something so i hope he's wrong about national movement because that would be very strange because it's very close to the government but as for all these people who he shot they were close to the government too yeah exactly but you know. this this island was very low power. but i'm afraid not in national. and bob in the underground there are groups which are
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quite close to mr briggs views and also again as we mentioned before there is a similar problem in this country as in the rest of europe that people people are afraid of change people are afraid of globalization actually because because free movement on migration this is an element of globalized environment and those who cannot understand what what will follow what happens next they they can also turn to violence hopefully not in that scale but we knew know that. many incidents happens in russia as well. what is the problem in particular problem in moscow and big cities in russia is that it's not about migrants or key migrants people from sandra leisure from our
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transco. southern carcass that's one one problem but we have a big community of russian citizens living for example in moscow or somebody does work coming from russia in the region of northern caucasus and unfortunately a big part relatively big part of population. doesn't see them as compared to its that's the problem and what we had the december last year of this man years an implosion with nationalistic slogans that was not against foreigners basically it was against the are the russians no longer we discussed that on the show and then people people come to thinking that this was inspired by some by some people behind the scenes that this wasn't like a genuine but like a normal no way it was that it was a genuine reaction of this guy but in russia what happened in my mind was it was inspired like my palate maybe maybe it was inspired but you can fix inspired if
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it's nor nor potential so unfortunately potential is there and there exactly that's the problem that if potential is there always you can expect sample additions to try to use it so young is today say that politicians you mentioned them said of course he cameron miracle their their attacks and multiculturalism their concern actually triggers new intolerance and one of the population do you think the poor the part the ruling politicians should continue criticizing rethinking multiculturalism or not. criticize the rethinking of different two different options these are by criticizing that you start rethinking i think. it's enough with criticism because what. what is needed now is just through thinking and coming and coming up with new ideas how to new models how not to look closing the countries now i didn't and it is because
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this one was i'm going to i. want to you know it's because of noble as for globalist economy and then looking at demographic trends in russia in the whole europe we will not survive with new waves of migration so that's and for russia for example that's that that's the biggest problem for years to come a decades to come because in europe we are we are behind europe in terms of migration but unfortunately we will need to fall of that on hopefully. russian leadership will learn very bad lessons from from europe which which produces now this this situation bob barr unfortunately will need to to address same challenges thank you thank you very much for being with us and just sort of minded that my guest in the studio today was political scientist that i look out and that's it for now from all of us if you want had your say on spotlight if you have someone in
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mind feeling crashed into the next time to drop me a line at al green at the t.v. dot org and let's keep spotlights into it we will be back with more first time comments on what's going on in and outside russia until then r.t. and take.
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india is available to move the joints either to raise. the gateway to
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the ground in theory truly the coach was there. you can to listen to the socialist or to see don't need to go publicly and read this in the can it was a photo retreat. billing not killing land security contractors blackwater in court two former employees accuse the company now rebranded as z. of invoicing the u.s. state department for more than one hundred million dollars in phony expenses. norway's intelligence service denies claims by the suspect of two deadly terror attacks in the country last friday that he's part of a wider group but authorities in europe are on their guard after his anti immigrant stance is echoed by extremist groups across the continent. u.k. ramping up pressure on libyan leader moammar gadhafi as london exparel is with diplomats and invites the rebel council to replace them london also giving rebels
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access to about one hundred fifty billion dollars of previously frozen libyan oil well. headlines part one of the alone a show coming up. good evening welcome to the ilona show where you get the real headlines with none of the mersey we're coming live out of washington d.c. i'm lauren lyster filling in for a loaner who is on vacation but meanwhile here in d.c. the u.s. is less than a week away from d.-day is in default and what will be the price that the world the u.s. economy and politicians will pay if that happens and can it be avoided at this point we'll get the financial big picture from michael pinto he's an economist at euro pacific capital and also get the political picture from california congressman john
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garamendi plus a wrongfully convicted man is freed from death row now though justice has been served after years of imprisonment what does his case tell us about police raids we'll have all of that and more in today's show but first a look at what the mainstream media missed. now some u.s. counterterrorism officials officials believe the killing of osama bin laden put together with years of cia drone strikes have pushed al qaida to the brink of collapse and the mainstream media took a break from the twenty four hour he said she said of the political death debate to report on it out on the brink of collapse you know that headline is pretty catching and as americans it's something we love to hear top u.s. officials are saying you know he's on the verge of collapse the death of that group's leader coupled with years of.


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