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tv   [untitled]    July 29, 2011 10:31pm-11:01pm EDT

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he failed but was advised to try his luck in the ten arranged. planning half a century he's best known for collaborations with giants like. the world renowned three tana's trio plus a duo has won nine grammys and a host of other awards besides about twenty years ago domingo launched a contest he called. designed to help discover young talented singers and promote their careers.
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domingo thank you very much for coming to the show how are you. i see your finals they knew you. well after celebrating your seventeenth birthday you said and i have this quote whatever i imagined i never thought that i would still be singing out to seventy this is what you said what keeps you what keeps you afloat what keeps you in such wonderful shape isn't it the music itself but i think you say. that i have always feel for what i do. really really is a privilege for me to do a career that i love so much and i know that career which you can make people happy you can make them feel good many times the problems so is a very positive thing for you to soul. it's not like i understand that the us
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people that when they arrive normally to my age would be for dead looking forward to retirement you know because he said job done it's difficult they have been doing it all that life and so on but in my case i. am lucky that i am still seeking and saw a. i just don't know why but i am still able to see the passion that makes we do it you do a lot of things not only for the audiences which is natural in your profession but you do a lot just for ordinary people you help people help your colleagues is it true do you feel that that that you live as long as people need is that right well. i don't want to see that they feel that you leave your life whether you have to leave you know so i i i hope that i can specially when you have work all your life even though you are working you you want to be able to enjoy it with all your
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family and so on you know so you want to see your grandchildren growing and you know some of then they already go in the other ones too little so the respect you have a spectator to see well i hope i can see them when the police finish the university and so on you always always are looking for something you know and of course to i mean in the career mater. what we are doing right now here in moscow is one of the things that i love the most which is my competition to have the young out of these programs which is the continuation of generation that i belong that i did learn from past generations and then i want to be able to to deliberate to give it to all the seniors and i have been doing it already for the competition we are in the. nineteenth year. and we have saw so many great
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singers so very very happy and very put out. with this competition will be able to do this here you brought up to moscow and you dedicated this competition to to go in there was one of those brilliant russian soprano i was singing is unique and she has her own school now what can you say about. the school is she getting international commission already and i mean the school that that she created indeed is getting the commission and she has a. wonderful group of seeing groups rotation like it should be always when you have young artists you have to you have done some time then your lead then you held them to walk out to be a professional and they have a wonderful possibility because they have this theater which they are able to really perform you know so they can they can do many many performances. across the
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year which is a tremendous advantage there are no many places that they have right now i do have this possibility seen. i mean i have it because i have in washington. but there is difficult to have the theatre constantly both in balance here there is a smaller theatre which you can have the your lot is so. very lucky that she has that theatre and that she can have her artists constantly working and that's the way it is mistaken you saying together with a girl you know on stage only once in task. what do you crush and singing with because because she had a lot to say after she performed with the what can you say. she was great out this great. no only seeing tremendous actress. full of
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temperament and a great lady of the theater and i don't want to say the nice fighting lady would yes she's a very fiery and that day we have fire on the street which she was and we were doing tosca and she was going to kill. me when she took. the tosca when she was going to kill her week when the fire. i mean i was outside took the stage because. of the stage and. it was. she realized she was in fire and he doesn't want to die. and he was holding her he was trying to pull the week. and she didn't realize that she was on fire and finally was able to you know
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kind of in between burning bring the weak down and i came to this side with the fire people and they were there with the bottle of of wine and water than us we we make the fire hold. not only a fire the performances by by her but the really fire on the stage. did she ever sing to your children grandchildren when we. seeing together. especially the little ones they are very impressed by because you know what we did. she didn't do little boys we were doing. there are three young boys.
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fifteen sixteen seventeen and they hear the whole time and now they say let's put the children. then they said let's put the one of grandpa. and they are saying good so they sing with me you know so the. we seem to get it ok he had mentioned being great a great performer laurence olivier to see you in that it is a tell that in vienna once remarked that domingo acted as well as he himself once did along so that he how important are acting ability for opera singing for the tenor i think today there are almost essential you know we still we have because of the television but the still we have to remember the opera and vocal ability should be number one you know they
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are some singers and they they are not great actors but they have such an unbelievable voices then you will say them i got you know this is really a voice and the probably would like it but for me the kind of. theater then i like to do i like to be believable as a character and for me it's very important to acting but i don't say that it has to be for everybody but of course the people today they like to believe because they are very spoiled they have seen so many good things in all the you know in order of a new son in television and so they are spoiled and they see most a big percentage of or for better singers today they have a great ability to act you know so for me is indispensable and it's always has been fair i think i think the youth has always been important who you are playing what's the thing about the character not only reading then the know it
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of course of course it is it is all so important always to be really in the middle of the color. says. just to remind you know watching spotlight on the back in a matter of minutes after a break so stay with us and. we'll . bring you the latest insight. from the. wealthy british.
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market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy. welcome back to spotlight not been just to remind my guest on the show today as the men go the world famous opera singing i wanted to say tenor but recently i've heard that you have. back to the roots you're trying to be a baritone once again and there's even a quote you said. that a father's father's gives you a lot more satisfaction than the role of heroes and big love sung by.
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you know i think that i mean. that he's more logical than i perform the father of you know. i have performed the father in different occasions. first. turned out i was doing it. in. in an old soul i did. my years it was the body of course. one of the great this father's. better the role of his best music for the scenes than he has with his daughters or with his sons. even. when. he saw so many or press where the. body has to be
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a father. you know i mean the father the father daughter is the best music ever written by virtue of the you know when i read about you that in nine hundred fifty nine. in mexico city in the opera as a baritone and they told you know you are ok and you became it i told to somebody that you know that domingo became a tenor because they told him he has to be a tenor and the guy told me you know it doesn't matter i mean most of the baritone the tenor is a baritone is that right is it like close if you have a if you have a good voice you can be both you just you just choose yourself most of the most of my colleagues they were very lucky they were born already with. and they can. you know but i was maybe i was never. on. my part. and the body tony's. business with so i sang many roles then they were
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there were almost ten or you know so that's the reason but i. parts of body and i don't consider myself a body. because i feel then i think they need to they need to seem good they need to not tour and because because the public wants to hear me more. very happy to sink these roles which i have always loved you know i mean who the someone to. this there has been so so much time around who doesn't want to go to a little and i have done it and i am ready to do it on the stage and i don't pretend to be about it and what i pretend to sing the rigoletto. let's get back to . that alley one of the one of the winners it was was.
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now one of the famous russian are pressing there's one of the no that she was not she was not. really new not she had some to do with you know yes she she came to seeing because i meet her very early in the beginning of her career i meet her with a valid you know. with all the big talent he was having. you know i before i start to sing in the big theater she was singing in washington for me she was singing. she was singing. the notes if you go she was saying you need. me she was singing. in los angeles she was singing. juliet she was singing my own she has done a lot of things for us before so i i we were also i was singing with. a lady and she was one of the. in those days you know.
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in new delhi were doing it so i made her from there oh but you know i. don't want to go to a competition she says she never went to a call. petition. she's a great artist but she could be. but she told me no plus you are no i don't want to go. she was singing i was very happy i'm very lucky because today you can look. she doesn't have a free day and she doesn't come anymore you know so so i was lucky to get on my show she was. ok now and i'm lucky to have you. another question about the young generation that now here in russia is in moscow you can have a close look at the young russian talents do you see a lot of talented people is there somebody among those that you see the russians that you really hold your breath and you think this guy can be better than me. we
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have final very good voices very good voices. for the. all together i mean sort of then they don't pass the subby finals but never mind the great voices. although they have now in the finals the finals and i have to say that we have four turnovers there and one of the ten or so. is with dramatic capacity you know she sings. and he sings even who sings to a lot you some important dramatic voice so i'm looking forward to obviously i'm looking forward for ten years and then we have. the turnover and it is then it is. russian armenia and minion and he has more lyric and then we have an american south korean ten or so those are the four terms we have for the finals so we are
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looking forward and yes i hear him in the surmount of the russian talent there is very subtle and he's in the final song so which is a tremendous start that she was singing in the queen of the night and she was singing sort of in a whole slate these already and we have we have great great talent you will see you once said i quote singles can be many some of the making thing nominal careers but there are real artists of whom you may say this is a star they are very few so what tunes and now pressing you know a great opera singer into what is a real story well is the public that. we'll special status you know is the public which that terminates i'm sure that everybody wants to be you know all when we start you know everybody would like to be in
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a very important place but it's the public the public school makes the stars. how much you want to try it if the public. house and determinate that it puts you to. use the one that stands is the one takes is the one that gives you and it's the one in all our career the public that makes the stars you were part of the famous three tenors project that was an integrated during the football world cup in rome in one nine hundred ninety s. well. is it good from your point of view when when classical becomes becomes very pop very popular even maybe vulgar i mean is that a sort of concession or fine arts to pop culture well vall got it no no no i have never done anything. popular yes of course i think that it has help very much
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to to really bring a lot of new people because when we were doing these concerts there would always be big venues and in the big venues. like. you would we. would sing you know would sing songs all day you know we were doing medleys with some of the international songs of the world with some switch their spin as something that all day. or north italian. they would have they had in their repertoire you know so i think we were making just happy to people and i think then we we opened the way we opened the world of for many many new people last year he became president of the europa nostra and the voice of the cultural heritage in europe do you consider
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opera classical music sort of a heritage that needs to be protected that's dying just just like with the. just like the. big monuments the churches the well the pressures that they would open has i think music has to be protected opera has to be protected and it is a most it's a cultural. tradition and i mean you specially russians you do have such a great tradition i think it's difficult to find a big amount of composers and you happened in russia but you see i mean as a tally and they say these you know is the krieble of opera you know is that what i believe them all together do you have the bigger amount of for peter composers that accies you know. i think i'm right if you counted all of then
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i'm sure than you are right to eight or ten which is difficult when i've you know they're against what against pop music because pop music is stronger is it killing classical music well look i don't say you cannot protect. our music with the music is there and he's going to be leaving whatever he's just. a p.t. that the children because the parents of the children they love them. so they show it to the children i it's a pity that this is not education for the children to learn classical music they could learn it if you really peach children the children you make. something with the principal themes of the symphonies you know and they're all and you do it. in a pleasant way in a playful way they're going to learn classical music without even knowing so this
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is a must a child should read my child should have a should study music you know but no no seriously then indeed we know. you know they will made that the want to be. but music should be available for the children. to creep into the school should be able to be able to. disprove the children being. available and. the. more relaxing you know so i think the most education for children should be music should be part of the great advice for all the parents that's listening to
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right now thank you thank you very much for being. a. great. and. thank you. from all of us here will be back with more on what's going on. and take you. through. thank you you thank
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in india oldies are made up of the. joint people to be a movie that's a great way to go to the grand imperial truly the torch was there. you can oh well it's good to. see don't have to go. round to see the colonel was her job as a retreat. part of that made part of their record last year's crash that killed the nation's president and high level politicians near smolensk but the findings also trying to shift some blame on russia. the greek bailout may see spain get a credit rating downgrade just says we growth is also among the key concerns spreading the risk of contagion in europe. and across the pond in washington the democratic controlled senate has rejected the republican bill to increase the nation's boring limits which has been approved by the house of representatives. plus thousands campout in a row in protest against poor living conditions and some are already drawing
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comparisons with a tough state uprising in egypt. up next lower list is in for you to debate how americans fight in several wars right now is being overshadowed by the money talk in washington. good evening and welcome to the a loaner show where you'll get the real headlines and none of the mersey we're coming live out of washington d.c. of course lauren lyster in for a loan and it is friday which is usually good but today it means that d.-day is
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just around the corner is august second approaches and default looms for the u.s. we will take a big step back from the minute by minute coverage of the debt debate that you're seeing on the mainstream media to tell you what you really need to know and what is congress getting done totally under the radar with all of the attention being paid to this do you fault circus attacks your civil liberties that's what they've gotten sneaked on to the agenda because of the debt distraction and with bad economic news out today and more seem to be on the horizon what model can we look to for salvation will some to help the texas miracle is the success story to recreate but we'll look at the look behind the rhetoric and what's really going on we will have all of that and more on tonight's show but first what did the mainstream media miss . well the debt debate may seem like the only thing going on in the war hold it.


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