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if you're visiting the former capital on a budget but she does hotel accommodation insipidus but can be found at older soviet era hotels some of which offer economy class rooms as well as more comfortable renovated interiors. but just like us and it's time for me to go up to my room even though such rooms are more expensive sometimes apartments or suites can work out cheaper especially when charged a room instead of a person wherever you decide to stay do your math research for deals and office on the internet. expensive breakfast buffets and how many times you might need taxis for example because often you'd be surprised the high end hotels cheaper in the long run. out of more than three hundred rooms there are various luxury apartments and suites like this one here perfect for families and celebrity entourages they come with several connecting bedrooms and a large living room with kids from the seventy's so whenever you're bored of eating out don't worry as you can always make the good old trusted carry.
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time to eat and we've arrived at. opened in two thousand and seven this one teacher is one of the brightest newcomers on st petersburg's restaurant scene question national study domania features various cuisine. italian japanese and russian dishes you know vegetarian meals as well and also wide variety of tasty beautiful desire things that. booking is advised if you want to eat here soft sofas in pillows easy lounge music in ambience beautiful people and some people's bags gorgeous guy this is the ideal place for dinner after a busy day of sightseeing. now it's time for me to travel through it. gorgeous a burial the thing i love about the city is all the hidden locations if you do your research take a look on the internet all the local guys you'll find some incredible places new restaurants. popping up every week and teressa here i think has the best location
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in the city just look at the stunning cathedral behind us and despite the down the road you can see the church of the scales. and. solitaire at that see what it tastes like. while. absolutely beautiful. a city known for its revolutions over the last ten years there's been a different type of uprising that's on the restaurant and hotel scene times have changed in the former capital now offer some of the best food and lodgings in russia and to discuss the western influence and development of simply dispense cultural scene let's meet this week's cast. me very nice to me so you are the general manager here at the hotel yes being here like since january . in some petersburg and from in russia now for four years but i came here in.
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a different of the thing that this is my thing so so so every every morning when i wake up i can't wait to. start my day so it seems that the different hotels and restaurants are opening every single week in the city at the moment you know this is just booming because like when i came here like four years ago they were basically just a few feist store hold those in the morgue it but now we are getting more and more not only for the store but they also also hold those in some other segments or for for all the old of travelers who wants to come to be the spirit so now it's currently white nights and surely you must see a huge influx of tourists coming to the city just the greatest actually knowing it's still what bankrolled i come from from finland from hills and exactly the same thing but they have done so. great job with the white knights here so so so i don't
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understand that white people chose some petersburg instead of heels and it's just because of the theme. but the great job well done great great great p.r. marketing this is this is the time of the year to come here if you want to enjoy something with this beautiful you know so i'm regarding cultural activities it seems that the list is absolutely endless from the hoff to palace to barry trips it's amazing that's true but on the other hand i would love to say that there are no younger generation who comes to experience life here and experience nightlife. they don't even need those excuses that there's a next is that next to the whole don't they just want to see how the life goes here they rather go for clumping you know this is the great city also for that twenty four hours most all so while it's wonderful it's great to meet you all the.
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thank you it was nice to meet you too. moving on and what other hotels and restaurants i was mentioning in sim petersburg to backpackers there are some great places to stay in the northern capital which would burn a hole in your pocket location hostel situated in the heart of the city of his wonderful views a palace square from its windows prices here just six hundred rubles that's roughly around twenty dollars and night the concepts as they call it also both contemporary design and a friendly and international atmosphere not only will be given a bed for the night but i suppose many interesting projects they also offer advice for the most people happily venusian events in the city. and one of our projects is in my kitchen hostel guide it's a nontraditional city featuring the most interesting places in the city in our humble opinion and includes information on where. downs eat our shop and there are
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all kinds of places from flea markets to concepts stores from two to five star places so let's say yes. when visiting look around for many of the city shards and many of them you'll find cozy restaurants diplo meeting wolf is a so-called living room restaurant here is about several holes in terrace are indeed very homey and if you're traveling with children there's even a special room for them. next up the new ball cooled twenty two thirty inspired with traveling around the world it's junk and if you just owners can create a fashionable place to lunches and also cocktails after dark. the bombing at the venue make amazing drinks and there's also a sweet shop here ten microbrew to take away place. one more ranking on the interior is if you wanted the venue to represent and family comfort for example the sofa was brought from the flagships now boutique in paris
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it took a long time to proceed the owner to sell a time she didn't understand what i needed the old one down so far for what we believe in our energy and philosophy of furnishings but history. the dorm we too bought and cafe is located in a soviet building of the same name meaning consumer services center its interiors with old furniture resembles the atmosphere of an apartment in the times of the u.s.s.r. during the day there are dishes of russian and european cuisine on the menu while at night the venue turns into a loud and busy nightclub. next up when we've arrived at our final location the w. hotel. in one thousand nine hundred eight the brand has since expanded with over fifty hotels and resorts around the world. if you're looking for stylish accommodation find better than the trust to double your best hotel already it's packed full of the who's who of st petersburg high i was jesting. arrests with just
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one hundred thirty seven rooms the service is in ecuador. if you do stay here but i do recommend that you bring your credit card. as well as a spectacular rooftop bar and the bliss pool and spa the hotel boasts a restaurant called mix it invites guests to enjoy killing every muscle pieces by linda cass the master of french cooking in the world records man for the number of michelin stars. st petersburg is amazing cultural historic and ground to try our best to harmonize the cuisine with the city's spirits through to be top quality and at the same time reasonably priced the best dollars or thirty that the of. the fullness of the north is a great city for dining out with restaurants to suit every pocket from humble backpack is to a list celebrities as for accommodation simplest most hotels range from grand historic properties to budget many hotels and wherever that may be in st
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petersburg it's ultimately the wealth of culture and history that will amaze you and most of that is for free. very light so wherever you sleep eat all visit here in st petersburg this is you will never fail to disappoint and that's all the time we have on this week's program sell see you again at the same time next week for more adventures around the former russian capital until then for me and the rest of the crew from the beautiful and balance of the never read.
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the last time the close of team was in the cool down region where men flock from all over the world to out a few centimeters to their self-confidence in the face time archie goes to the more each of the first for the gold rush still gets people hyped oak brook current ancient try to save its culture the book where cranes are protected in the first and only official nature reserve. to be amore egypt going to russia close up on r.t. . wealthy british. passport on the title. market
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why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on our cheat. me it is eat eat eat eat eat. eat eat eat. something comes. hungry for the full story book we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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who go to. bring you the latest in science and technology from around russia. we've got the future covered. the torpedo effect democrat led senate kills republican debt ceiling plan shortly after it was narrowly passed by the house as u.s. default deadline looms. ultra conservative islamist overwhelmed egypt's tahrir square demanding surreal to walk on in the wake of revolution spreading across the region israelis take to the streets to protest social justice. as number of journalists in the u.s. decreases the public relations sector grows rapidly some say the ultimate victim of the trend will be democracy. whether the sport is up next with andrew and
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understand that russia could soon have the world's highest paid footballers andrew . yeah that's right i carry if reports are to be believed angie wants to and are prepared to pay him twenty million euros a year about fifteen thousand euros a day or something not a lot more on that story plus a look ahead to the weekend's games in the russian premier league. hello there thanks for watching the sports and these are the headlines. back in the holmes hole baltar is in by a big get six home couldn't use the win over her rivals in stock. while you move back in football it is named the new coach of the u.s. national soccer team. and the tender touch problem a tone that mind in your blood gallo coaches the kids who parades from injury in
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his name to rush. the first russian pole vaulter yellin is in by send out a message to her rivals the two time olympic champion winning the latest diamond league meeting in stucco and afterward saying she's on course reclaiming the world title in south korea next month the world record holder cleared for me to sing seventy six centimeters to clinch victory headed germany still to school and american jennifer isn't by putting behind it the disappointment of last week non-o. lectionary high did well the same boat cruise to victory in the manage two hundred meters in the time of twenty point zero three seconds alone to edwards from panama where second would you make his engine white in and coming back in the twenty one month drug bama shaun merritt in the men's four hundred meters the american happy with the second place finish here behind you making your main gonzales christopher brown from the bahamas completing the podium while carmelo anthony jester still
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dominates the women's hundred meters she won that in eleven point one five seconds although there was a strong headwind. now in support ball and in the russian premier league there are three matches being played on saturday and they don't promise to be tied to fares on paper at least some welcome terek that those teams are level taking in the league on nineteen points by. moscow her first post banned in three one during the season and for me sixty three being entertaining angie only three points separating those two ranji are reported to be targeting into milan to cameroon striker samuel c one will be prepared to make him the world's highest paid player on twenty two million euros a year the thirty two year old is trying to to syria side into and call twenty forty and has said he doesn't have any plans to leave but that hasn't stopped and the in their own soon man credit more making inquiries to dagestan club brazil legend carlos last season. i buy this two weeks to go until the start of the new
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premier league season in england an arsenal manager arsene wenger says he wants to sort out the future of his captain says fabregas soon he is absent from the gunners squad for this weekend's emirates cup involving bok juniors paes sangi man and the new york red bulls increasing speculation he could be on his way to barcelona because usually. the more not he's coming back from an injury is not settled rudolph's as you know but all the speculation of. his position. to be sorted out soon. meanwhile manchester city have unveiled their latest signing arjun time to. sign from i'd like to go for a free thoughts between forty and sixty million dollars he's with his new team mates nine feet of pre-season super cup in dublin city will play a league of ireland eleven on saturday before facing into milan on sunday. in the
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meantime former germany manager you can klinsmann has been named as the new head coach of the u.s. national team the forty six year old who lives mostly in america replaces bob bradley he was sacked on thursday after four and a half years in charge the german will take charge of the u.s. for the first time against mexico in order to attend as a player clinton won the nine hundred ninety world cup with question many and the nine hundred ninety six european championships with germany before retiring in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight at the age of thirty four the former strike event took charge of the german national side in two thousand and four and then to third place at the two thousand and six world cup klinsmann later then had a brief spell with by munich taking them to the quarterfinals of the champions league will be a press conference in new york on monday. in formula one mclaren's lewis hamilton was the fastest in both of friday's practices for this weekend's and gary graham the briton pace ferrari's fernando alonso apparently made against him but the
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reigning world champion standings leader sebastian vettel had to settle for the fifth. time behind his red bull team mate mark webber while how much him believes attaining pole position in saturday's qualifying will prove crucial for the actual race. this is it is very difficult to get to him because it's constantly turning we don't really have many straights between each corner to get up behind someone and so it's a little more more more like monaco in a sense but i think this is a track where you need to be improper edition and need to disappear so we haven't had a pro business in this year so. this weekend is to get our first full. elsewhere sebastian is leading the way at the rally of finland to date this is like the boy mattie that i'm thin and crashing out but lower kept his nerve on the finish gravel to go fast this in the final special stage of the day. and we should continue make sebastian.
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trading by just a second but we'll be looking to fight back and win this special rally. it's always difficult especially against but it's one of my favorite ready to drive . be there was a time a lot of. good pleasure when you have a good team there so i mean for sure. that i will be in finland to try to fight for victory for sure. that's catch up with the gulf where there is a two way tie for the lead at the greenbrier classic in west virginia at the moment britain is your own hit a three under par sixty seven looking at home to he's played this course many times and studied at the college less than two hours from white sulphur springs he took the leaderboard with webb simpson webb simpson sorry both are on seven and a shot back is first round leader trouble in big names phil mickelson and defending champion she would appleby failed to make the cut. while at the r.h.
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open a real sharp british open champion down clark missing the cut very disappointing man of seventy four left in them won over for the tournament fellow major winner patrick harrington also goes home early germany's marcel c.m. is the one to catch him took the lead at the halfway stage with a can second consecutive round of sixty six that gives him a one stroke lead over saying and u.s. open went out rory mcilroy i think that along with that i went right down. and finally some ice hockey british school of became the n.h.l.'s highest paid goaltender when he joined the philadelphia flyers this summer the russian is currently on holiday in his home country and paul think reports the thirty one year old still found the time to pass on his skills to a new generation of netminders. it isn't very often that you get the c.e.o. but his gallop in russia m b s is unlikely to change him in
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a future after he signed a nine year fifty one million dollars contract with the philadelphia flyers in the usa the pressure will certainly be on the russian but he says he'll be up to the task we have a great team that went to team enough experience to guide we have a great line of defense who are the defensive players. and i hope i'm missing the bees i hope that's why i came to see would help this team win the stanley cup because be along. soon as the seventy four yeah you are already thirty years probably thirty one but it's goal of should be entering his prime he has no intention to hang up his skates of the moments so he does have one eye on the future the flyers netminder set up a goaltending summer camp for budding youngsters in moscow and his hometown of charley at sea on the volga river but its goal of saying is this is something he'd like to continue when he eventually retires it shows my idea but we'll see you know
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it's a long way to go it's. knowing more and more in here so i send a contract and i hope that my dean my mind and i hope it's the. it's come true. the next generation of goaltenders took the chance to learn the tricks of the trade from one of the world's best maxime whose fifteen and travel two hundred fifty kilometers from his home city vienna savile to take part in the coaching clinic and he hopes one day to make it into the big leagues himself as this of which is that it's really important for me to be able to learn from someone like is a great goalie and i'm sure he can pass on some great tips. when it comes to coaching but his goal of has endless infusions them and is willing to pass on his secrets for hours to bowser interested unlike in north america the concept of coaching clinics given by professionals at the peak of their powers is still a relatively new concept in russia. however philadelphia net mind wants to change
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this and united states. pretty much every respect player who respects himself hockey schools and because they worry about the hockey and. help the kids to develop themselves you know they do model good god why as to how to play hockey and how to. handle the part of the parents and between defenseman or forward or. it's it's very popular are no are no wise. not so many camps here in russia i wonder about this will be because we where so playing n.h.l. we have for so much to give to give give it to the kids because we know something can we got to share even proved to be a fantastic experience for kids like the chance to be coached by want to be heroes
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as far as go of we've got just as much and. join in times of the day he'll have a few more weeks back home before heading off back to the states to open up a new chapter in his hockey career when the new n.h.l. season gets underway in october which of importantly dottie bosco. and that brings us the end of the sport for the moment coming up next here not say it's less. hungry for the full story we've got it first the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on the party.
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issue free credit take should be free. free. free free. free. free. and free blank videos for your media projects free media.
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in india. the move to join. the grand imperial. western. medicine hotel treat. democrat kills republican debt ceiling. as. one. take to the streets to protest the social justice. number of journalists in the us decreases the public relations sector rapidly some say the ultimate victim of the trend will be democracy.
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for crossing live from moscow twenty four hours a day you're watching on t.v. well top story now the democrats control the u.s. senate has shot down a republican debt ceiling just hours after it was passed in the house of representatives the plan put forward by house speaker john boehner. that would have raised the country's debt ceiling by nine hundred billion dollars along with a similar amount in spending cuts and there's the clock ticks down to a second when the debt limit is reached has this time to avert an unprecedented default crisis which might from the u.s. to reduce its top notch credit rating well senate democrat leader harry reid now hopes his proposal will see a compromise which could keep the government afloat and according to economist next front wolf this plan is more likely to get the green light. less than two business
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days away from the worst self-imposed crisis of america's standing in the world and america's credit rating and at least a century it's a fairly emergency situation and we're deep into the eleventh bordering on the twelfth hour the debt reduction plan that president obama has endorsed at least rhetorically that comes out of harry reid and the democratic majority in the u.s. senate does make massive cuts in spending more than two point five trillion dollars over ten years so more than two hundred fifty billion dollars a year does no increase in revenue at all which was one of the early if i think somewhat unwise demands of the republicans in these negotiations and therefore is possible is actually does more to reduce the deficit and the debt in the united states over the next ten years than the rival republican house plan the cut cap and balance plan and so it's possible that that could be pushed through none of these plans make real efforts to reduce the long term problem of insufficient revenue.


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