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tv   [untitled]    July 31, 2011 2:30am-3:00am EDT

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weekes made headlines down here about as a meteoric default crisis hurtles towards america lawmakers are turning forty eight hours to find the solution in a person's belt while washington's biggest lender china criticises the ship of the world economy. the polish production of knowledge is pilot error was in last year's presidential plane crash in western russia it concerns politics
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part of this role also instant instigation. and arab spring turns into israeli summer tens of thousands flood streets and squares into major israeli cities the monday minister mean nothing takes over an economic reforms. but next legendary queen rock guitarist and songwriter brian may talking to a second ship nuts about life in the stars he tells us about working alongside freddie mercury reveals his alter ego as an astrophysicist. it's great to have you with us today sir quite recently so recently i was going through the glass bead game of passing and he writes about music and what he says
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about music is that except it's art it's also true power over nations and human souls and then many people say that exactly why music is compared to science is like mass. so i never really got that because i finished out a conservatory and i always failed my math class now you know as a man of music and science can you tell me how music is related with science or exact science like math for example so hard question. obviously there are mathematical things in music but ironically i think the most important things in music will be instinctive things so i don't equate how that works out except maybe gives you a balance but yes i love pure science and i love music and they're not the same we sure but. certainly throughout history there has been connections and people who were immersed in both of them you know from you know the difference in time.
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patrick moore you know. it seems to be that we maybe it's an obstruction thing maybe people who like these things don't like the clutter of the world like the complications of the world that we live in you know these these pieces of stuff they just like to find the essence of life so maybe pure science is in some way close to the essence of nature and music is close to the pure essence of human beings at this point do you see yourself as a man of science or a man of music. depends on the brain in the hour. to believe in god there's a man called richard dawkins there who is a very strong atheist and i had a little kind of argument with him in the hundred minutes because he he kind of i think he felt that he proved there was no god and my feeling is that's not a very scientific attitude because if you if you make a pronouncement you have to have evidence if you say there is no good where is the evidence there is no good you can say i don't know you know being an agnostic to me
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is a scientific point of view it's you supportable but you know he's a very clever man he has a different point of view to me but in my experience i have felt at times that there is a goat of some color and i don't subscribe to any religion organized religion that's a different matter but if your question is about. there is a god but if there is a god we have very little idea of what that god might be that's inherent in what we are we have very little understanding. do you think we're alone not there. it's only your opinion i have a strange feeling that maybe we don't have the i don't know why this is you know but you've spoken about the loneliness state you experience after each performance . and so i know because i've spoken to a couple of astronauts. at for the past readings and they also speak of that vast loneliness to experience when they're out there in space. stays some ways. when
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your printing gave you that comfort of loneliness. yeah maybe they do for a moment here and maybe ironically again maybe that's what makes you more aware of loneliness because you limps it's clinton influenced it's wonderful togetherness we people are with the universe and then the reality is you lose it so maybe that's why you know what i mean of us where we can learn the i do feel a lot of loneliness but is it a conflict in feeling. it's more comfortable. but music when you're in it for the moment and science when you're in it for the moment is boring compassing so yeah you don't have time to think i was going to ask you next earlier in your life you know it's the bond. that explore exploration for celebration was it sex drugs and rock'n'roll but was it for play money it was never for fighting because i don't particularly enjoy it was never for money because i was always happy with what i
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had been for me going to fish fingers. it's just because it was there was exciting it was unknown it was a door that you thought you could walk through that thirty years on you want back to finish that you dropped out. why did you that it was unfinished business. it's like you have a circle some place in the circle just doesn't quite. make it right past accomplished but it didn't have to do anything with pinnacle kills to work your parents because you dropped out earlier on in life and maybe they're a little disappointed in you see you want to rock and roll you know there was a moment you know your stuff that mean. yeah right that was very against that in the beginning because he. i think he saw in my education and the place i'd go to the place that he would have liked to have gotten he never got his degree and so it always held him back in his life so he saw me with this fantastic degree in science
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and the whole world opening up to me and it looked like i was walking away from it and he found that just impossible. so yeah he was very upset and we want the truth of. the world and. various things happened but eventually he came to see his story. in the. winter. and the funny thing was you know he was very curious all the time i was doing something or frequent in he was drawing. little maps and charts of how the record sales were during interview he was following with great detail what i was doing so he was always kind of into it he just didn't want to. say that to me but i can't obviously when you think queen and say you playing next to freddie mercury all those great hits come to mind and then understand that when you reach that level of success with someone you definitely are special law and you form a special bond and i've heard you. say that you still see freddie in
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a strange way can you elaborate on that it's like a family member you lose them but you don't quite remember because you try to review. and we were so long forgiven so. you get back close and from somebody actually in a creative environment other than framers or interest or even success but in the creative environment you know you learn to to know what somebody else might be thinking you might not always be right but you have a feeling for anyone so i still feel there are mergers as well or in particular it applies more if we're working on a screen in the same room we think will work for the story and your own would be would say this. yeah he's part of the creative process because he's part of what we are because we really chiseled this thing out all together me and john brady and roger so you know i mean for a while i didn't want to you know i was very you know. it was
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a point you know the grieving process where i just didn't want to talk about between didn't want to feel that it was very very new except it's history. sort of got through that and now i regard it there's a part of my life which will never go away and it shouldn't go away you could say it's so big part of what i worked to create the question what do you think happens after death after death you will be questions in there. i don't know. i'm inclined to think that our view of the universe is very simplified and you know in a way that. crawling over a piece of paper has a has a very limited view of the universe i think we also have the limits you know so this existence that we know maybe just a very small part of the whole picture you know and i'm excited to think that maybe so. i'm not counting on it because maybe maybe in your life but see i
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don't know. you know one thing you certain you can't use it as an excuse to saying ok you know this life is really bad but the next one's going to be ok you know you have to make the best of when you were so i can't not ask you i know that you've been very successful and yet you were on the verge of suicide what stops you at that point the fear of death or love of life. yeah i've had very bad depression which a lot of people deal with at certain points what stops you killing yourself. i think what stopped me was the fact that i had children and people who were painted on me and people who love me. and you just think in a sense is a very selfish thing to give you sir because you make so much mess you know you do terrible things to the people around you but i would have been all of my children. and maybe i would like to tell you that there was a glimmer of hope there but there wasn't at that time now i remember driving and
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seeing the bridge and thinking i could do this and i just thought it would make you know i have to somehow discover what what is going on and. yeah it would be a bad thing to do because of the people around me and you come up more empowered after that concert actually. i think if you do certain kinds of work you come out more empowered yeah and i do i do kind of check my life and check myself into a depression. clinic which was actually the first thing i ever did because it was a new stone just like restarting your car you know and i had to teach my preconceptions and that would definitely grade me and. i knew energy here was an instant but it gave me the tools to deal with life in a slightly different way i think you have to get to the point where you throw everything away. because that's the only way you can make and you still i realized that if i did not deal with the depression i was no use to anybody so it's the same
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kind of logic is not killing yourself you know. killing yourself is really bad for everybody around you but was staying in depression is very bad for everyone around you certainly are you struggling in trying to keep doing what you've been doing the whole time because it's it's going to be the same thing you know you have to somehow get outside. and trust that you can come back you know as a person who can deal with things you can make and you've got all the money you want your educated man you love staring at stars would you consider maybe flying as a space tourist you know i don't want to bring the tourists pony but you say you know if i was flying in there was some reason for this place i think i would enjoy it more it's like being here. i keep busy in my life and it's quite hard for me to take a week off just to come to generate although i'd love to enjoy it but there was an excuse to come you know i had work to do i had things which could be achieved and i think that's made me and joy the sunshine and and the beach more the fact that i'm
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sort of part of the life of the sign and i love the sun and anyway and it's because of the work really it's not because of being a tourist so you know if there was some reason to go into space if i thought it would. stop people torturing animals i would do it. but i would enjoy it have you spoken to some of the brilliant green stuff our time for the past three days what do you think what you think could be or is the twenty first century the high priest . the twenty first boil boil boy. and maybe nelson mandela. because he has a very important theme i think apart from wisdom and knowledge. he has the key of forgiveness which i think saved his country completely from our blood. and i think if all the people who run these planets studied on the nelson mandela then we
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would definitely get a better planet so i think that would be more than anyone else i think he has mccain right thank you very much for this interview came. safe. to. say if. if if. if.
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if if if if if. if if if if. as a meteoric default crisis hurtles towards america lawmakers have only forty eight hours to plan the solution for the impact as felt and wild washington's biggest lender china criticizes the u.s. for jeopardizing the world economy. a polish probe reluctantly acknowledges pilot error of course in the last u.s. presidential plane crash in western russia amid concerns politics played a pivotal role based investigation. and arab spring turns into israeli summer tens of thousands flood streets and squares in pages israeli cities
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prime minister. undertakes urgent economic reforms. and it's time for latest sports news now with david palmer and doesn't see groups have been drawn for the world cup qualifiers in any groups of dick and i would say if you're a manager i suppose you could say all greeks that definitely keep your options open and perhaps come up with excuse but it seemed a long way why didn't the final details aren't until twenty fourteen but russia and the netherlands are among native facing a less than easy task if they are to brazil i got all the details in my. hello there thanks for watching the sport and these are the headlines ricki's role russia agrees with portugal in a qualified twenty porting world cup. and she's done former champions through
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green three nil we have the latest action from the russian premier li. bevel edges and time will tell you the plain cold visitation for sunday's game gary and craig. but first russia have been handed a tricky qualification group for the twenty fourteen world cup in brazil they've been drawn alongside portugal with only group win is guaranteed a berth at the finals the draw was made at a ceremony and readers unirea pele was there as an ambassador for the world cup and another brazil legend renowned pull russia out of the hat with the portuguese. group. so let's take a closer look at that group also that israel northern ireland as a big luxembourg only as a group that is qualify automatically second place teams will have to enter a playoff or fifty three european teams were divided into nine groups and reigning world champion spain were drawn with france. finland in group.
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spreads. all our son is losing finest another one of the toughest briefcase headings turkey hungary romania is a county of and there were. elsewhere in england have a slightly easier task during ordinary grey you crying over and summary no increase in age with england boss says it's still. illegal to use it because who. knows. when. the euro. will go but those of you. now back in russia and in full mangi have leap frog group brain into four sport following
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a shock three male trancing of the twice former champions on their home turf in khazan are the first half was a tentative affair then six minutes after the interval brazil legend roberta carlos saying the long range free kick a goal really netminder circular logic of with their guilty about al of that i'm a hunch can finish it off midway through the second half alexander pruett headed in his first top flight goal in almost three years and things went from bad to worse for rubin after angie were awarded a stoppage time penalty to suffer they'd have to retake the sport but scored nonetheless cranial angy. they would be fly down to pick in the standings a spot at most gates two points further back or following a disappointing one one draw against japan usually karina within a throw rate scored a penalty get to the visitors to put my head just before half time for the fellas and i got the full life just after the break. where terry won one nil and so on thanks to a goal he. blunder there live on a given as of. he took
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a free kick butt or another is a big fumble then giving him he'll of a simple tap in winning on the road in siberia. on sundays anita looking for the number eight in a row and has a second bottom spot on our cheek k'naan moscow also informed twelve points from their last four games they host vulgar illegally this discarded themselves of eight hundred eleven games travel to crowds in the dark a rush of. six. that might have been only a pre-season friendly but there was a little bit of revenge for manchester united beat barcelona two one after losing to them in the champions league finals eighty thousand fans packed the washington redskins stadium to see united took the lead midway through the first half welbeck beating nani you know makes people think the valdez passer found an equaliser though twenty minutes from the end a stunning strike jago michael owen. the winner his third goal for united
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on their pre-season north american tool the english champions winning all five of their matches. but it was a highly anticipated in mixed martial arts where russia is feared or in million yen care has suffered his third defeat in a row the using two american dan henderson the pair were fighting in a strike force and one global heavyweight contest for the last emperor was invited you can walk out after just days before minutes that was the russian's defeat in a row having previously gone twenty eight bytes unbeaten and could now see him retire from the sport of things moving on to formula one where defending champion sebastian vettel is on pole for today's hungary in grand prix the eighth time he's grabbed the front of the grid this season last week's home race in germany was a disappointment for vettel as the world champion finished that side that paid him for the first time this year the red bull worked overnight to overhaul beccles car and the changes helped him get back on top. aging hamilton by less than two tenths
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of a second the second mclaren jenson button lines up ahead of ferrari's felipe massa . which is a lot of work of my then the boys were working pretty hard and i didn't get much sleep first i think you know if we have a result like this today. i think it's the best way to move to see things and on the gravel seven time defending world champion sebastian loeb has won the rally of finland that is the sixty think of when of his career he finished just over eight seconds ahead of gary massey learned from teammate sebastian ogi was the globe is now seventeen points clear he could third minute at the top if drivers championship . it is tight going into the final round of gold greenbrier classic in west virginia and the kin has a one stroke lead there over rookie scott stallings kincardine the slowest round of big year and eight under par sixty three to top the leaderboard this wage giving
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him the out right lead on a par or a pretty running one hundred thirty yards right up to the pin there scott stallings is just behind him are nine and overall financial reform artemis in the cardinals lost thirteen horns and is even harder to call of the our g.o.p. three men share the lead david how among them after hitting the best round of the day a seven under par sixty four always find in green today he's joined at the top by fellow richmond simon dyson and cheap simple birdie here very nicely. and also astride is richard green exactly stop setting up his pick of the day with a lovely approach shot on the last hole bad weather saw me call seeing fall down the leaderboard he's five shots off the pace. and finally yesterday we showed how the n.h.l. net mind it really a blue skull of his giving up his time to coach youngsters in his home country of
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russia well we also spoke to him about life in the n.h.l. where he joined the philadelphia flyers to become a league highest paid goalie and he's looking forward to the challenge. philadelphian server is successful organization. there was stability video ownership they have all these which some highs call in hockey perspective the always wants to win the stanley cup compete for this don't leave i like the city they spend their money they give it to the players everything they want they want you know but they need a result. first of all feeling it's a hard media but i think i'm ready for the to deal with the media there will be
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pressure on paper and i signed a contract with the understanding all consequences is could be you know it's time i'm ready for these and i want to be a guy who want to carry this team because i bring the phoenix coyotes lies to play but we don't have a success it's partially my fault you know special this year but you know since. it's enough it's new for me. when i play i don't think about the money and when specially yeah when you signed a big contract it's nice you you know your family your children you security you know and you can over a lot seen just working out because you don't professional sports so. you can be filled with terrible like. car teenagers you know you've got your kind of car you
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don't ever think of copping you know and when you shake you gives you something like a coach trusting you it's give you more. natural logs this is. more kind of a freedom to play in. the in the media of ninety's yeah when they play just started to come over to the united states that was they came from the different country right there right now they're going to have a different talented team from some so you know i don't have any right when you came up. like thank you want to thank rangers and drink if you want to buy some food you can you can buy you what you can buy a car you know you can you can you can get whatever you like right. compared to so your union and probably some players was not ready for this you know and. maybe
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some players had to take the suit discipline right now is there a good you can have sent. and when you came right now the united states most of the players. why they came here. they actually. players was before us and right now playing n.h.l. they have a good trip location and they have no problems with. management brock just you know . me they are. interesting stuff that is all the support from i mean but the weather i mean. it's . hungry for the feel so we've got it first time the biggest issues get the human
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voice ceased to face with the news makers.
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