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tv   [untitled]    October 17, 2011 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to concentrate on our g. . supports wells pretty anti-corporate protesters across the u.s. and beyond as they insist they're going nowhere until bankers yield and the government gives in. a chance for change as the syrian president's constitution plan is welcomed by aspiring politicians but slammed by key opposition figures who are set on bringing down assad. risks over a new trouble on kosovo's northern border with serbia as nato threatens to remove serve barricades monday if they don't do with themselves.
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ten am in moscow i matras have been to have you with us here on our t.v. our top story the anti wall street campaign that inspired mass protests across the world over the weekend into its fifth week with more protests planned despite hundreds of arrests in the u.s. and a tough response from police activists say they're in it for the long haul and what they see as widening economic injustice are he's losing capital reports from the heart of the movement in new york. i'm here in skokie mart which was the scene of the massive amount of turnout of occupy wall street protesters over the weekend it was just one of the locations where protesters gather to stop precedent and a number of people rallying together to march to times square where they have converged to. sort of in summary shine and quality area with some of the other events that were taking place across the goal part of the occupy wall street movements now we've seen a lot of spreads standoffs let them live easy in the new york city police
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departments throughout the speaking and protesters have basically marched to times square where the intentions of me but i wasn't part of this actually trapped by these barricades hands there and else for several hours ronnie left and right rushing out we saw these thoughts or stop or got nearly all of the number of protesters peace officers are destroyed or ran over some protesters there was a total of ninety two are rascals part of the occupy wall street gatherings over this weekend here in new york i witnessed several of them running since we were in times square a number of protesters were sitting he says how late they were taken by these ram to violently onto the ground and handcuffed and prevented a way we saw a number of protesters arrested violently while they were fortunate sometimes where we were trying to film what was going on and despite how saying that we are brusque or simply here to cover the events they have pushed us back with on some hands they
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need to use high tech strobe lights to lines the cameras that were unable to help any. serious visuals the polls actually going on which was unprecedented in my experience here against meanwhile while these events were happening here i mean your protests continue to grow across the country here in the united states which are possible there are several thousand protesters that have turned out about one hundred forty. some of them were arrested trying to piece their stuff their arrests in denver and other parts of this time stream all the. spending it's good use your crowd how it's got lots of means to be seen but we'll be talking it for you here. one of the major grievances uniting protesters across the u.s. is anger at the government for putting corporate welfare above that of citizens not that you pick up on it by watching some of america's mainstream media so activists are getting creative to get across the point as art he's got
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a cheeky on reports from washington. i think it's very discontent loud. and graphic thousands of americans have resorted to banners and t. shirts to get their message across their frustration with what they see is the government acting on behalf of big corporations rather than the people message which the protesters say their media failed to deliver the media feels like these kinds of events don't deserve coverage sometimes all you get when you do something this is a photograph and so it's very important for the message to be seen those simple oftentimes handwritten messages that people carry on their chests and often being subject to mockery what is the sign i cry wall street rather most of the five people i would think of what does that mean. it seems the only fault of these people is presented in the american media is that they don't all have agree in economics and finances and are not able to explain their grievances in professional
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economists terms various groups involved they cheer the end of the greatest system known to man and replace it with what who cares lets nap the protests and most of your mindless and when you ask people who was true what they want they don't know x. the took place over the last thirty years with regards to national debt and debt within the system generally all of these things are very complicated and difficult for the general public to understand and people in the media and people wall street like it that way because if you don't understand it then you know you don't get what happened but the american people know that they've got no clothes it was their jobs they've seen them offshore to china it lost their houses a source of grown up and all prices that are collapsed and people are saying you know what i know that i've got all of this but i don't know how i but americans who took to the streets are looking to express themselves by need. other than
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motivational peace sure it's in banners which as graphic as they are hardly convey the full message of the movement the demonstrators are spreading their own paper now called occupy wall street journal which details with their unhappy with the makes it clear that they are not rooting for one particular party it also works against both political machines and their p.r. slick's taking control of the protest message one word to describe these ongoing protests from the beginning is frustrated on their t. shirts on cardboard on the backs of pizza boxes as we've seen people express that frustration that is the movement grows the ways of getting their message across hole so much more and as people here say this paper is just the beginning i'm going to check our reporting from washington r.t. . the banker backlash in our resonates well beyond u.s. borders in europe parties correspondents have been gauging developed. people in
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spain seem to approach these this movement with their hearts and minds really insulates the heads of state for as long as it takes until they have to. watch our on the spot reports from europe's capitals by heading to fourteen. arab league members have decided not to suspend syria from the group but want urgent talks between the government and opposition forces the syrian president move this move this weekend it to the protesters key demand by promising to draft a new constitution within four months but it's not enough to appease his tests are so your reports from damascus. calls for a change in the forms seven months or. one of those calls is to create a real pluralistic political system since nine hundred seventy two politics was only open to parties that acknowledged the supreme rule of the ruling baath party enjoy this coalition and all this for bashar al assad issued
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a decree passing the multi-party will. preside assad al-deen this is the moment he has been waiting for the chance of a new voice to syrian politics. but realize you were replying to become a political story so we can be more assertive. parliament hope greek laws and defend your stance as the new law allows parties that are open to all syrians regardless of ethnicity and religion and are not affiliated with organizations outside of syria or the newly formed internal opposition the national coordination council or n.c.c. will not participate. over these reforms are not real we are not participating because we dined having violence for dialogue the violence must stop but political prisoners being released even though they passed a multi-party law one will draw up a new constitution which will that under attack and assess and that recent deadly clashes in cities like understand and live the president appointed
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a committee to draft a new constitution within four months and one sticking point is article eight which states of the bath party is the leader of the state and society the opposition argues this undermines the essence of multiple parties you know some some people in the in the party leadership have come to the conclusion that articulate and more dangerous articles in the constitution that article they are going to be under review we should have almost a new constitution where the new multi-party system will be achieved without any difficulties perhaps change is coming to syria. street protests and violent clashes of the dragon are three months some that we could not stop until bush on the side steps down so is it simply too little too late. meetings like this comment on a daily basis for most of the national developmental party out there in the final stages of the application process of becoming an official to live in the arctic
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here in syria well after a decade of listening to promises of reform they now feel that this could be a let me set the thing for us are still the artesian to mouse in syria to the. still to come in the program israel says the palestinian peace talks are no one else's business the country's foreign ministry says there is no need for international mediators we hear expert opinion on why to wait talks can only lead the world back to a dead end. plus russian children are doomed to an early grave even though the incurable condition from which they suffer is treatable and controllable depending on where they live apart he reports in a few minutes. but first serves in northern coastal have been told to remove barricades near the border with serbia or nato forces will do it themselves they were told to clear roads over the weekend or came for troops will dismantle them on monday trouble flared in early july when kosovo police tried to take over two northern border crossings which were resisted by local serbs blockaded access roads
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nato when forces then moved in to try and establish control last month some barricades were bold those resulting in violence but keeping the peace keepers using rubber bullets and tear gas again serves political analysts nicolette the savage says what anger is serves most is the fact that nato is so we serving kosovo officials interests. that legally they do have a right to everything a. poor it would be to move movement on the whole territory of across the world but the problem it would be legitimate because the theory be an authority to produce certain cos it would do you recognize. nato is right and paper is right to enforce the law in cost of war but the problem is that most need a country need to recognize the independence of kosovo or veto and kind of currently trying to implement their laws and to establish their checkpoints at the
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border between north and got some more internal therapy and that is what isn't acceptable to third fill caves or in a celebrant should it be only nato convoys there will be no problem whatsoever to get all but the problem in carrying them fell out i mean in a fish show from the possible grab of. archie spoke with serbia as chief negotiator with kosovo as i hear about twenty minutes he believes it's impossible to resolve the situation the way pristina in attempts. to create a border between the serbian cos there cannot be a border especially in areas in which we can majority of serbs leaving so there cannot be a border because the he's at least a key ally the second thing is that once you cross them off the series then you would put a flag in the real political and of arms then you would put the so-called possible laws and then people who live here will be circled by something that looks like. the chemical so so there has to be
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a different solution. a senior israeli politician says their conflict with the palestinians could be resolved without outside help the foreign minister says there is no need for mediation from the middle east quartet made up of russia the us the e.u. and the un but post columnist jeff barak says international participation is a must to ensure a lasting peace. these are all posts in this piece if it is ever going to be solved will be solved under an international umbrella of course mr lieberman is right and the ideal situation would be nothing very confused reason upon the scenes to sit down together and reach a peace agreement between the two of them without the need for international mediation unfortunately however history has shown that this isn't going to be the case and in fact for now israel has made peace agreements with another arab country the international community in particular of course the united states has been very
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much behind this because she ations if you look for example it is really gyptian peace accord although the initial contacts were made between israeli and egyptian it needed to come to its summit on the work of president carter to finalize a deal in the case of the palestinians initial contacts between israel the palestinians back at the beginning of it also calls for work on their own to produce secret israeli palestinian criminals fifty to get them to any stage towards a new green needs an international commitment particular as far as israel's concerned with the united states backing israel wants american backing for its security needs the palestinians on the other hand want to know that they have the backing of the arab world to me because they'll have to make if there ever is to be a peace agreement between the two sides. or on the middle east peace twists and turns could be far website r.t. that many other stories are put away including this. ukraine want strays off its streets the country reportedly burdened dogs a lot i had
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a hosting year of. at the jolly roger oysters instead of a bolshevik tractor a group from sick people have scaled the master of all russia revolutionary fried ship or find out why our team got. wealthy british style. markets try not to seem to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report. on. the economy.
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it's just such. a. system if it's. safe. to eat to a. she. writes in. from steve.
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starts on t.v. don't come. thanks for staying with us here on r t turning now to some other stories making headlines across the globe forces loyal to libya's interim authorities say they've entered a bani walid one of the last towns still standing against them last week's assault on the city fail with fighters forced to pull back because of strong resistance elsewhere government militia still struggling to seize pataki his hometown of sirte well the capital tripoli bulldozers now demolishing the kurds the main compound. the israeli high court will hear for petitions against the deal to free a thousand palestinians in exchange for a captive israeli soldier gilad schalit they want to swap delayed so the list of prisoners can be scrutinized state prosecutor's office says the appeals are likely to be rejected monday if the deal does go ahead with the palestinians released in exchange for shirley tuesday with the rest to be freed in december. pumping
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oil has resumed from the stricken cargo ship that grounded off new zealand but worsening weather could hamper recovery efforts for vessels now leaning sharply it has serious cracks threatening to break apart at any time about three hundred fifty tons of fuel have spilled into the senior beaches and killed more than one thousand sea birds the ship hit a reef almost a fortnight ago setting off what using the word says is its worst ever maritime environmental disaster. finally in this news white parents of children in a russia who have a debilitating genetic disorder have another battle to access to the treatment that could prolong their young ones lives so it is our sort of boy who reports and it is seen it is available in russia but not forever. and most parents there's hardly anything more sickening and seeing their child in a hospital bad not for oksana average drop that france through these i.v. line outs to her hold her son will have
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a chance in life very few people believed it would find the money it's somewhere deep down i think i knew that everything will be fine. one bottle of this jar costs more than exxon is husband makes in a year and their seven year old boy needs four bottles each month diagnosed with hunter syndrome p.d. alliance and crucial amazon that house channel toxins out of his body there's no cure at the treatment that's available he can leave well into their thirty's and beyond the eight years without his therapy have already damaged his organs but now we have hope of not only stemming the negative symptoms but also reversing some of them. they're all region of repeaters family leaves is an impoverished subsidized area and central russia the only other patient here of a conscious syndrome died earlier this year after his mother's frantic search for guns someone who was of the funeral says he drove their decision to move to a treatment providing when is the palette rather than count on the generosity of
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the local administration but now did the region is on board she's terrified that her relocation idea will strike other unfortunate. local authorities have rather over one million years dollars to buy drugs for peter it should last of the end of that year this is a huge lifesaving news for the boy's parents and five doctors could get very reluctant to talk about that they're not superstitious think we're afraid the parents of children will be fine condition from generous regions of prussia tried to move their kids here and in russia the hunter syndrome is here is it called a lot of support is chances and continue with treatment by the greenville on been number of children for competing against a million dollars every year or at least exorbitant price tag will be attached to peter's live for the rest of his days and while looking officials say they're
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committed to providing his treatment for as long as it takes they say it's already testing the limits of the regional budget could use other regions have already experienced this once they started treating these patients their number increased several times over if this were to happen here i said you don't know how we would do this since the city of moscow started providing treatment for this rare condition a few years ago the number of patients has tripled mainly through migration and it will continue to rise cessna's john amaechi unless russia introduces country wide coverage for hunter syndrome. his son was the first in russia to get the drug she believes all sick children should be entitled to regardless of where they happen to be born. i was lucky to live in a city that agreed to take care of my child every time i have to talk to him or whose baby is denied the treatment i do realize that i love my child costs
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a lot but who didn't choose this illness if we could i would definitely have something cheaper. and now after the procedure period he is blaming with the allergy a plan of action figures shows me his favorite hero. i love him because he is strong he can take down all the monsters he goes on to model it and clearly at one point he is plus the son hero falls flat on his back but he's quick to prop it up the kind of reaction many parents dealing with huntress syndrome still waiting to get from their country. aren't see a real region in central russia interacts with their stay with us or r.t. . thanks matt alone a warm welcome to business r t gazprom is pushing for tax amendments to deals with its subsidiaries to bring prices to market based values russia is going to see
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daily reports that gazprom has asked prime minister putin not to apply the new transfer pricing law to its subsidiaries head of gas from alexey miller says the new rules which will come into force next year increase price review risks and may jeopardize gazprom his investment program and reduce its market capitalization prime minister putin has ordered the financial authorities to decide on a proposal by the end of this week. the outgoing head of the european central bank says it has done everything it could to support financial markets sample a tree she points out it's now up to the governments to struggle with a stubborn debt crisis that them have to be the lead of last resort and not the central bank. if continued activism from the european central bank were to continue in helping out europe with the crisis then there would be a moral hazard of sorts whereby countries would start to become too dependent on
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such assistance from the european central bank and would not. produce enough of an effort in trying to stabilize their own finances in addressing the key ills of the weaker links of the european zone to come out of the crisis so i think it's a signal that is meant to put greater pressure on countries that are experiencing fiscal difficulties in order to get their act together to stabilize the fiscal path to stabilize deficit and to improve the state of their finances. so you look at the markets. we start with commodities while it is mostly extending gains from the highest close norma's the month investors are bullish and crude as european leaders are pledging to deliver a plan to keep the debt crisis from snapping demand for fuel brant is down just one cent per barrel lights readers like thirty two cents and eighty seven balls well
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since we're here. in asia stocks are higher the start of the week the upbeat sentiment is following a g. twenty meeting over the weekend in france and this is pushing stocks higher tech shares are up sony is adding up over four point nine percent shoppers gaining two and a half at this hour in tokyo however a live person is shedding twenty three point six percent after the firm's next c.e.o. said he had raised quote serious governance concerns with the company's chairman hong kong stocks are also on the rise with the index adding one and a half percent one point two percent so. here is the opening picture in the russia the markets are up slightly with banks in the lead. her bag is the one after sent high of eighty because up one point three percent and the ends of the r.t.s. is a heart of a cent higher at the opening does roll through more of that capital expects last week's positive trend to continue for out this week. market should be quite strong
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. you know worth. pushing up further towards you know hundred fifteen or one hundred twenty dollars and we should see the continuing to you know strengthen in the russian market due. back some more grounded in the last over the past month. russian car dealer independence is weighing up plans for a stock exchange listing next year on a sunday only reports that the sale will be run by alpha group which took a stake in a company four years ago fifteen investment banks are reportedly looking over the proposals but the amas warn that the timing might not be right with current market old simply sluggish part in the street growth the company is valued at around seven hundred million dollars. and that's it for now we will be back in about fifteen minutes time with nothing but you can always log on to our website r.t.o. com forward slash business for more matters next ahead stay with us.
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from the days of the manhattan project in one thousand forty two the university of california has been involved through the science of it said provision of scientists
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and their relationship to percy you see since day one has been in charge of researching designing and testing nuclear weapons and to some extent producing weapons every single on nuclear weapon in surveys arsenal was signed by the first of california. we don't warm go. to university of california was selected as the contract because the army needed scientists to leave their versity positions. a group of protesters interrupted a university of california border regions meeting to demand the school's severed ties with the nation's nuclear weapons program.
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in india she's available in the grand central shares in mumbai the taj mahal in the polish president bush famous for his old nano beatriz old clothes are going to go on mahal hotel charges. hotel. in the radio and. church in new delhi.


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