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tv   [untitled]    February 4, 2012 7:30am-8:00am EST

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all becomes a sea of nothing. the mysterious sounds of russia on our cheek. welcome back let's have another brief look at the headlines now tens of thousands of people braved moscow's bitter cold to show their views on russia's politics i heard one group demanding fair elections march through the central streets that's right in support of the current leadership. russia's foreign minister warns of chaos in international relations as he criticizes the resolution on syria saying a security council seat belt they turn saturday becomes i made reports a new crackdown city homes hundreds actually killed.
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and europeans demand free internet as people are set to flood the streets in protest against an anti lucy act being signed across the continent activists want to prevent the new door being ratified in the european markets. there are plenty of hobbies to occupy your free time in russia which one is right for you must go out program is here to help you choose.
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subject. but. also known as. a party game that was created in. eighty six as a kind of. and very. ex-pats. quite complicated the rules of this play is. one of two roles. who know each other and general people as. he continues until all of the mafia. outnumber the townspeople.
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for. me. but it's a great team building exercise. it also represents the cultural and. well. first of all to. chess russia has many connections with. dozens of players to become world champions maybe some of the. just a few champions to. the profession.
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stress. many hobbies all sport related activities such as football have a place but the less breaking my sports such as finding a people's homes to. groups. out. to tell you something about you that you will. curling is a fascinating game it's entertaining and also addictive it's great for t.v. too we have many office people here who come to play in big groups. moving on and it's widely understood in the medical community that stress can be destructive crofts and other cities help you let go of stress as focus on something you enjoy and this next is an intriguing addition to the locals and foreigners can
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enjoy. in the beginning of two thousand and seven a group of. us created a club to cultivate traditional and strong. practitioners. someone who practices on the grading system of skill equivocation. it's growing in popularity around the world capital is no exception to. spiritual and physical in high. with the means of a sword it's a powerful social and cultural phenomenon in japan and russia it's existed for twenty two years as always i've been asked if i would like to take part in a class so it's on with the clothing and components and finally the helmets all the men as it's called i'm going to short lesson in technique and the principles behind the fighting the movement and well let's try.
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that in the training is quite noisy in comparison to some other sports because he is a shout to express that fighting spirit when striking a sure as it's called is meant to represent the sword that is made up of four slots held together. what's the experience yet again i live to tell the tale. of the most time consuming times in the twenty first century video gaming some parents might not be happy about that many young says spend a lot of time in front of the screen of the play stations. it's a huge industry now six issues all around the world to showcase the best examples like the expo. two thousand and six.
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things is one of the most common. some keep their collections and cupboards others prefer to share them with others interested. and. collectors and enthusiastic by the increase of those names acquired his first. thing. this. he decided to start a collection. and international trade clause grew considerably and decided to open a museum which now has hundreds of incidents. and. children's world is a popular chain in russia with a million still of trainspotting collecting a modern making. up being replaced by technology but while some kids turn their
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noses up at traditional games there are still many who love old fashioned pastimes . puzzles block drafts chess for dozens of hobbies and games on sale here and of course even though our children's toys. and throw in the cold and dark winter months such indoor activities for. instance no. such hobbies are good for you in many ways jigsaws arts and craft puzzles plastic model kits and so on are said to hans your creativity help you think more clearly sharpen your focus. is a big bend in the global certainly keep tracing and entertained for hours in the high tech world of today there's clearly still a market for such bodies and must go beyond. puzzles a month just for children some are so complicated that even grownups can manage
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them like for example here consisting of thousands of pieces but it's a great family holby and fun well like to deal with them all together. a final location is the complex values bill for the nine hundred eighty summer olympics where most of the swimming diving and water polo competitions. i'm here to meet a group of stephen davis regular sessions. at six meters deep it's a great place to train for. the conference skills there are several diving clubs and it's a passionate hobby for many russians who travel around the world exploring their historic sites. which question this home user great part of my life i give search time to work my brain is overloaded with information and i feel like i need some sort of release which i gantz when i come here don't even the pull and spend time
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with fellow divers. used in that i thought living in a busy capital such as the holidays abroad the only chance to enjoy the what to wild well that's not the case so it's on with the wetsuit and get into the. sea creatures or not this is still great fun you don't have the views of coral and fish swimming pool is an ideal place to concentrate on managing the equipment steady breathing and to make sure your knowledge of safety is refresh and here you can see. playing a game of. take that's for you time. provides an opportunity to release your stress and recharge your batteries. expression. to scuba diving. great for.
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an extreme season. this is he brings a whole range of fascinating hobbies and as the city evolves. the activities enjoyed only become more individual specialized maybe next time they'll add a shock to the swimming pool. what i've experienced that was great fun. so that's what some have left on this week's program my hobbies and pastimes again in washington so i'll see you again it's the same time next week and so much for me and the rest of the crew from the elephant ski school city here. for now.
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from los angeles to chicago to birmingham twenty trauma centers of close since two thousand severe problem is not enough inpatient beds not enough urgency department
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beds and not enough nurses and those that seek to take care of all the people who are the only real health care system that we have in the city of los angeles is the los angeles fire department in fact when i started my venture is a firefighter i didn't want to turn it around so i started out i want to just do firefighting it's about eighty two percent of what we do the for the problem this medical. got a rescue couple weeks ago waited for hours for i've waited sometimes three hours i wouldn't say it's a francis in lynnwood for four hours and fifty minutes standing against a wall with patients and we have a federal law that mandates that if you can't turn no one away who seeks care in an emergency room. we have the most expensive health care system in the world and it's probably valued the least. thing.
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so al.
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aqsa alex. passed. tens of thousands of people braved moscow's bitter cold to ensure their views on russia's politics heard one group demanding fair elections march through the streets around it in support of the current leadership. russia's foreign minister warns of chaos in international relations as he criticizes the resolution on syria on a single security council veto vote and they turn something comes amid reports of a crackdown on the city of homs hundreds of educational. and europeans demand a free internet and some people to flood the streets in protest against an anti piracy act being signed on to the continent so this is going to prevent being
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ratified. without unions hang out with those for tender rugby fans can smell it again you in the six nations is back yet for the next few months we're going to see grown men beating each other to lumps on of course ireland winning it all at the end but i tell you what they aren't in action today kerry we're going to have a look at who are. happy with us this is sport today plenty ahead over the next ten eleven minutes or so including all. capital quest maria sharapova just got in russia's big cup campaign off to a winning start against team spain in moscow. coming up in our special of phoenix the rest of the field look i'm rubbish on day two of the waste management phoenix open. imports and exports we take an in-depth look at how the russian
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republic of dagestan itself as the mecca for world wrestling. but we get going this hour right here in moscow where maria sharapova. drawn first blood for team russia in the opening round of the twenty twelve fed cup against spain were number three sharapova blasting her way to the first rubber of the expense of spanish debutant sylvia solar. six two six one this season's astri and open finalist wrap things up and her compatriots. she is expected on court any moment to start off against carla swore as varro russia last won women's tennis is premier event back in two thousand and eight their fourth title. goal for not a single blemish was seen and spent to have been score card following his second round at the waist the phoenix open the twenty seven year old's bogey free effort securing him a three stroke lead with day two suspended due to darkness the american heard six
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birdies when he saved the day on the seventy this bunker shot going in for an eagle that would be enough for a run of eight under sixty three his composure it's horace and fraser was playing catch up from right along the forty rule still three away from finishing his second run but the second overall while twenty eleven p.g.a. money list runner up webb simpson is a full half a dozen strokes off the pace the twenty six year old tied now with korean john who . are both men did wrap up the runs. we moved to england where there is a big day of football ahead in the premier league they can end with months moving clear from cross town rivals united the summit the sky blues will their at home to full i'm seeking to get back to winning ways following defeat at everton midweek before the arsenal could move up from seven to fifteen to get the job done against second from bottom block burn bolton trouble to nourish q.p.r.
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can put daylight between themselves and the drop zone and victory over wolves sunderland are at stoke west brom rock bottom wigan entertainment table ever took. brings us on to basketball where friday saw the battle of two of the n.b.a. western conferences leading lights miami winning that particular contest at philadelphia close all their fur right throughout the first half though going in at the break four in front leading fifty one forty seven even closer in the third quarter with the score scoring sixteen points of peace significant breakthrough coming in the final period in miami well they didn't mess around out scoring the seventy six by sixteen points to win wade and le bron james the main men for the visitors finishing with twenty six and nineteen points respectively the one thousand nine hundred seventy nine victory means the heat smarts philadelphia's four game winning streak. europe's most prestigious rubi tournament kicks off later
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on saturday and already there's a trophy on the line when six nations title and put their cup on the line against scotland before that one kicks over murrayfield france and italy will bring you all the quittance is in paris tally and secured a famous win over the french in rome last year with a surprise twenty two twenty one victory but they have won only wants away in twelve years in the tournament meaning the altar still starts firmly in the favor. i think the advances team always take easily but maybe with less focus as opposed to when they play against other teams but this is something normal it can happen to anybody even for me maybe less focus when i play with my club sometimes we can happen but anyway it is no problem but i don't think that france's team will see this game as a way to make up for their defeat last year. after more than three years
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sober at texas rangers i'd feel it josh hamilton has admitted he's relapsed the baseball star missed both the two thousand and four and five seasons because of drug and alcohol abuse the thirty year old stating he had three or four drinks on monday after what he described as a weak moment. it was wrong. you know i needed to be in a different police. to be response more that moment. and i was not response from. those actions or. heard a lot of people that are very close. to world title by so we had boxing fans in texas on something new with julio since our child is junior preparing for his w.b.c. middleweight title defense against marco antonio rubio the vacant w b o super bunting with a title is up for grabs with wilfredo vazquez jr and the need to get down there doing battle for the silverware in san antonio a busy night all for participants have plenty of the game a hell of
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a lot to lose out they don't since our child is junior not only putting a title on the line but also is on the defeated record of forty four wins one draw the next skins veteran come patreus rubio meanwhile has fifty three wins five losses one draw the thirty one year old hasn't lost in almost three years since going down to kelly pavlik in two thousand and nine while the w b o bumped him with some aggressive suitors and on their own quiz one of those men will get just their second professional loss on one will earn that title. boxing hard no matter who you are you could be puerto rican mexican filipino but one thing is when there's challenges we take it with all that respect that's what it's all about boxing that's the beauty of boxing and we want everyone to come and see because this is going to be an incredible fight this is going to be an amazing fight and i know that both sides have respect for each other but both sides will do everything
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and they think they can bring their heart to bring their pride and it's going to be fun thank you. finally russia's greco-roman and freestyle wrestlers have never been shy in adding a lead big silverware to the team's coffers dagestanis the country's on the speed and center of the sport with outlets from all across the world using the north caucasus region as home in the run up to major international competitions cost of reports wrestlers day in dagestan begins at around eight am with a run up the targets our mountain this traditions been going since soviet times and is a vital ingredient in the recipe for success that continues distinguished athletes from this small region on the international freestyle wrestling arena. over the last ten years dagestan's become a world center for wrestling with athletes from all over russia coming into practice with some of the best sparring partners in the world in the last three
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olympics are wrestlers of one six gold medals and we have potential for more around thirty thousand children actively practicing freestyle wrestling helped by more than eight hundred coaches. wrestling has become a noted export from dagestan just like brazil with its exceptional football players two thousand and eight olympic champion ramadan shaheen is a native of dagestan but ended up representing turkey and happens to be just one of many locals who went looking for a shot at glory in countries other than russia. first i did not even think of performing for another country but everything changed after my jaw was broken and i lost my place on the russian team a short while later i struck a deal with a turkish club and began to compete there after i defeated all of my turkish opponents in the sixty six k. class they decided that i could perform for the turkish national team. sheens uncle is stuck here by haro is the coach of the turkish national team who are also in
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dagestan training alongside other countries for the upcoming summer games in london . and this. far enough that skin immense experience here every year they come from korea mongolia and even cuba dagestan has a great school of wrestling also only have the olympic training center but in any wrestling center here even the americans would come here they'd videotape everything and then leave. with the london games just around of course the rest thanks finest are right here in russia's republic of dagestan the local school is considered to be one of the best in the world with four national teams currently gearing up for the london olympics this summer. a lot of the world's top wrestlers know each other's strengths and weaknesses very well and that's in large part thanks to a combined preparation program offered here in dagestan the fact that athletes know the condition of their opponents before the actual competition is by no means
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a disadvantage for the russians as the country's olympic heroes try to pass on their fine wrestling traditions around the world. we should not lose what our ancestors have left for us freestyle wrestling means a family where you can always find understanding and assistance if we lose those elements of our culture then our own people will not forgive us for preserving those to visions is our main goal over the last twenty years or so the number of a limp dick medals won by a russian freestyle wrestlers has been on the up and the republic of dagestan was instrumental in that success remonde call sort of artsy. russia's republic of dagestan. never a month spent a week in the russian republic of dagestan and spoke to at least a dozen olympic champions from different generations and we will be airing those stories in the run up to the summer olympics over the next few months so plenty to look forward to there are all the sport for this hour i'll see you in four hours
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time. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture.
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