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tv   [untitled]    February 15, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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people what they want which is a decent standard of living which is a social safety net to work then divert attention by targeting minorities the brotherhood has done it in relation to the copts in egypt and it's not impossible that their sort of peers in syria will do the same so that is not a good thing i've told but you know we have to wait and see if this is what the majority of the people want then unfortunately it will happen so no on late. thank you very much thank. resistance. but a culture. this could.
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cultures of resistance on marching.
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welcome via design to the headline. iran says it's been considering cutting all sales to six e.u. countries but wouldn't does so at the moment because of the cold winter this comes as if it's raining pm accuses the islamic state of being behind for tightening their two hundred timeline and urges an answer to what he said if there's a bigger problem for ground. russia says external players are encouraging opposition groups to stay out of dialogue with fearing government and therefore bad large responsibility for the ongoing violence while president assad has announced a referendum on a new constitution. and that rallies marking one of the first love to see
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uprising in bahrain protests face yet another on come down with police seizing tactics and questions from a few. as the headlines up next r.t. special report on peoples around the world forced to stand strong to preserve their culture amid political and often violent suppression of their aspirations for a separate homeland.
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sure my. feet. here's one of the largest rivers in the world the plan is to dam all the major tributaries of the amazon river. there will be immense pressure not only on ecological reserves but also on the communities and the territories that are used sustainably by indigenous people. meanwhile agribusiness is encroaching illegal logging is taking place and so the shingle basin is now at
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a crossroads and this is there's a resistance against this dam project that was going on for twenty years. who had gathered here to defend all waters as it on demand so right. to finish these energy will power and the big al-ameen in companies and on mining companies. well house and resources. the. the the. people due to the grief and anxiety that the indigenous people are suffering. i don't think this story will end well. there will be
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a lot of conflicts. why did we choose belmonte for a dam to work we need height and lots of water was i stuff bellemont a demo we will stop brazil stop bellemont a dam or we will stop brazil was . the.
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vet was the tie up all war cry nobody should underestimate the indignation that they're feeling that. we're going for that i think that the federal government should see this as a message a message to much more blood could be spilled in the chamber river valley if they continue to pursue the project in this way since. the. one day i belong to do something they do. out in the open and not behind people's backs like the government my tribe and i i'm not going to accept this. boards. for
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centuries this is what took them away. with no good meant. for the british ones fault i'm all for my jail for because. i didn't watch the africa the i didn't. believe people money so that was too good to look at the guy next to nothing. but. i just go crazy doesn't help i don't know yet. because the with. me it is the feel of the future i was thirteen when my father was thinking about all those i'm forty seven now and i find myself still singing about these things my follows fashion for the steins are young. enough to.
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know that. there. is no limit of. effort those are drowned out by me jewish. accounts a comfortable. bed i was going to do so many operators. well for a minute there's a month or a lot of fall and groove for peace on the front of the lens. at the end of the do you see that to see or do not to. still believe your long were denied your own stupid those on this only to trade up to devolve it does that in the eyes of god meant we ought to do those last.
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is it. that. i thought of. the. few people i think of it was while while what i suppose it is. no doubt. because of all those things through my vest. so. you know a peaceful. protest. you know was making a peaceful protest sat the president not in a good. team he's a good leader of the much of the sea. but a peaceful campaign against the ship will compensate. the people the dictator is
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something much. trumped up. it doesn't amount was guy we. did you can be a son. my father. beat me people have sacrificed risking their lives. for the generations to understand. i want to be like those are well thought out i think it. was just my what you see what about that you can't we have twenty words. that's very hard to see nonviolence is distributional. if you. does he would lie about it because you don't listen then lead generation well abalos tried nonviolence maybe we should try volunteers how do you bring people in that we waited government was looking right at people.
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it's there all day to day. at the bottom but when one speaks of genocide one chance of a wonder or dark fellow member speaks of the congo. or the united nations centers that there be a conflict in the world since world war two. was a geological scandal because of the enormous mineral wealth that's in its soil. conflict is based on who's going to control the resources of the congo that's really what's at stake we're talking about ten year rainy i'm cobalt or you name it ira and they have been a spear in the congo and nothing is ever going to ask all the soldiers who braved the fire to read what the children are at odds. with on track so you have
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a number of major corporations that are implicated illegally exploring congo's mineral wealth so you have cabot corporation out of boston massachusetts o.m. group out of cleveland ohio you have freeport me out of phoenix arizona microsoft panasonic touchy you have new keogh motorola being questioned about the call to buy tattoo that's used in their cellphones congo has anywhere from sixty four to eighty percent of the world's reserve of coal tan three letter conducted and is found in almost every cell phone in the world and in almost every electronic device so these are some of the corporations that have been involved in benefiting from the cargo on the other hand we have the congolese people dying to the tune of fifteen hundred a day forty five thousand a month five point four million in the last ten years hundreds of thousands of
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women raped. what really discouraged is to see a patient you treated in two thousand come back five years later with even worse than the one she had before this is terribly discouraging what gives us courage is the capacity of these women to fight. this. if one person is brutalized if war by the time. everyone in the area take their baggage and leave the community. displace d.c. is there. a look at it which way. the people. sticking place. and people and these two rapes in the link
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you. believe i just read are in labview. now be rare. in the. cheese or the people contained by. this is
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a group. we took into jokes given to the fights. on the roof over the years ok just get karen here the mobile none of those are really as it was the. queen of war our friends and i get a lot of people. i was in this group of students movement. you can see there's a man day he has a comb. you know no one who does not want to. make sure he's caught in the distribution should be. in on a flow people mind down below it was so sad so sad to see you go see i don't want to ask why we just go but it won't move until we just bought by this kid to get all
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those images on my. from the onset the drawings i walk to the door and also from all in the documentary was taken place what i was close to in place around the as an artist. because i felt i was mildly gish and while the recorded account at the stick even though i was doing there was in doing so. we lost i just we try to encourage the people we show you know what we think had to write about it and know people are picking up. the. template you can make a little better of it but general in transforming the lives of the people. it's
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a day in. the opening of the international women's. to the finnish president. you know the one to. come. to the very well. that period women have always been strong we have the only woman president enough for. me. to make sure that they are more women that's what this coming together is about for us to sit down and. we will see a. liberia liberia. i welcome you all to see. these women. they are placeholders. sometimes they are the boldest of all of the people trying to stop
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the war because they have so much invested they know it's their daughters that are going to get great they know it's their sons their are going to be picked up as child soldiers it's their husbands who are going to get killed so they care deeply about stopping that violence. nor could you who cool cool. just. to educate into the think you need to listen to. one million people. who are not and they came with machetes spears shouting and looting whole house they were after the ethnic tutsi thought towards. the shores there was so much negativity during the genocide but people also showed
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humanity there were people who dared during the genocide to hide their neighbors despite the threat to their lives because they could have died most people would ease. off if she took me into the house and suggested that i hide up in the roof she put me there she works harder in sick i took him in and instructed him to hinds in the attic. when the war and the genocide started and i was nine years old i was in third grade. of course i was afraid. i had to be brave because they attack or so would come and ask me yes there anyone in the house and i would say no there is nobody if you were me that if i peer out of myself they could kill me and my children and i came out after three months together with this brave woman but first a group so we really need. to prevent genocide from happening again in
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a dress and staggering aftermath so we can rebuild this world my advice to people is to have a loan. move with you to let love come back in manas so that to warn them or attends to this country. six years after the chant aside we started printing krupa for a bond and women leaders one of them was illinois here in new. we didn't speak any different political but his speech was the one that she had to figure out how you bury eight hundred thousand corpses without any meant and what to do about five hundred thousand orphans. the women adopted the program. or won't get one it took them to the homes. just sexist or one cheap in its heyday attributed to the. highest percentage of women in any parliament in the
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world. to fit in and that's a strong message. of the couple to the overall. it is that this country can get people. in music the thing to do and we'll do it. we in the quest mission of the people. killed. he. is a bad player not only real one didn't hear at the fest pad festival many countries responded to the invitation that surplus bellemont the interim.
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then it's to be a different level of comfort with the nuclear people who refuse to be involved in war so that it's tomorrow it comes up and says let's go and fight these other pussy just a minute we dance together we sing together back why should we fight. you say your shoulder to the show so. we try to sing songs or a piece for us i'm a haro it's a piece of boom ways unity and we try to cultivate national pride to us we're not. the colors that we wear of the colors of the national fly. sensually is that we are making a contribution to the unification of gus unity which brings about peace. your
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mind should look at the darkness but your real and your action driven or trip. regardless of what anybody thinks of the iranian government or the regime i think iran is grossly misrepresented. they run your nation as a whole it has always been a defensive posture it's never been in an office of posture. you have been this for intervention you know specific in one's interests me when our first democratically elected government said it was over. and the british. there is a very serious wall of mistrust between iran and america because of america's past performance and actions in iraq. they want to war was
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a very stark reminder that they were isolated as iran was being pounded in and simple the western powers were giving arms and weapons to saddam hussein this has been the root of most of the ones mistrust where the rest of the world. such a. political gut. cut. it all you express ourselves through rap music with the motor that we talk about things we see in real life. and those of those good old boys shut. up.
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there's a lot of them but as comes from nationalism and i'm from the love of our mother. and we're trying to reach people and have our words heard not just in iran and but by people all over the world hopefully will have a positive effect even if it's just a small was. cut. cut. cut. i always wanted to some homers to know these are the learned in my childhood and use them in my work. are are. her. its close silence at the end in slow march to a lecture the village that was bombed by saddam hussein and was wiped completely.
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louis. theroux. it says it's history did i think it's one of a kind in our century a leader been doing this to so many people. the first there is nothing we can do about it but the membrane perhaps he can make you think how to prevent. her what can we do to stop making it happen again as humans not this there's not this iran is not the same world she's you know not as citizens of any country but as humans. or.
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basically a deposition of aging from one thousand to twenty my interpretation has been to bring all of these elements in this this moral decency and see how it works in function for its time. as i was working the ransom here on earth taking place with the green movement so a lot of this is just current events that they're shocked by mobile phones and recorded as rossi's major agree with me and still. there's a reason for this uprising is that people vent on voltaire's and their voice was. told people i've been humiliated and dave wants their voices heard on. this movement as their nonviolent civil rights movement.
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i talk about the symbolism of the mind but activism of the bill with your mind should look at the darkness but the real action should be driven to work to change . the culture is the same of you i can tell you the lottery winners almost all were tempted to take your pick up an island for them i'll be in britain and argentina again sparring over the legal status and future of these islands is this dispute it .


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