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markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into the report. back here whether it's a reminder the top stories of the occupy protesters are back with a bang but marches across the u.s. are marked with a new police crackdown in oakland tear gas and stun grenades me protesters calling for an answer to corporate greed and big business and pointing politics. fresh violence hits and pianist and shortly after barack obama visits kabul with a wave of ghonim bomb attacks which least six die his trademark the fear is since the killing of osama bin ladin while deals were signed with afghan president karzai to cover a decade after the planned troop pullout twenty fourteen. and frantic campaigning
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in france's residential action with just days left for the two candidates to voters before the decisive round on sunday by the fire is getting tougher ride when we're marina and refuses to endorse either candidate. was exactly three decades after the urgent time cruiser general belgrano was sunk in the first major british attack of the focus war next we sit down with historian and author hugh bichon now to discuss whether the conflict was worth it. it's now thirty years since the war between britain and argentina over the falkland islands but like the islands themselves the accounts of that war and the reasons for it are still hotly disputed to talk more about this i'm joined by hugh britton oh historian and author of races age the unofficial history of that war he thanks for speaking to r.t. during the period known as the dirty war the buildup to the invasion of the
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falklands you were actually working in argentina as a british intelligence officer how much did the british government know about what was going on in argentina at that time everything mass murder disappearances. corruption. gosh i mean the dirty war you just named them in the. two people who got rubbed out and why they choose to ignore it. well do you want the short answer the answer the. answer is that the british government is not very good at anything much except ignoring water abuse inconvenient for it to regard an instance of the short answer is the foreign office suppressed much of the intelligence coming out of the station when the us which is why after the war the foreign office lost the power to distribute secret intelligence after that it went straight to the joint intelligence committee how much to the issue of the falkland
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islands and their ownership feature in this policy we're going to balance that certainly the british government was more concerned about human rights than it was about the falklands. but that's at the political level. prime minister callaghan when the foreign office came up to try and sell him the idea of selling out the island he said i'm not handing over two thousand to a bunch of bleeping fascists. and that was the foreign office told but that didn't stop them you see because the bureaucracy has its own way of doing things and so when a new government came in which is what they always do when officials the permanent officials whenever there's a new government they rush in to sell the new ministers the policies the old and more experienced ministers told to stuff it and that's what they did with a fractured government and they revived all their plans to sell out the islands with a bunch of inexperienced ministers who didn't realise the previous essence of smell
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that one and knew it was a bad one so they're essentially turning a blind eye to what was happening in argentina because they wanted to. that was the foreign office yes that's the permanent officials politicians were desperately conscious of human rights why did they want to set out the island is why did they want to. lease bank the territory to argentina because of the conceit of the british public sector and don't forget we're living that was an era when people thought the national health service was the envy of the world and they commonly thought of the british civil service as being a rolls royce service and the foreign office is by far the most conceited of them all and they said well more to politicians and we know better. mag hastened to say that i was part of that mindset at the time i'm looking back on it this is what history is about it. if history isn't hindsight well the hell is it
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but yeah they were wrigley islands were regarded as an inconvenience why was that when they see costly you know how trendy this country is and every charge is off in one direction at one time. to being all for the empire and all the rest and it was all we all we must get rid of all traces of the empire to prove what a modern with its country. tedious as hell but it continues you know right now we are on the. we're just coming off that we must stick to uncle sam's bleep with both teeth in both lips but. it just it just goes in trends at that time the big thing was oh well we must shed our imperial past and then everyone is going to like us again overlooking the fact that people's memories go a long long long way back and just because you aren't any longer in. doesn't mean
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people don't remember what you did when you were. times invaded because they were more or less told by british officials that all that. britain would do would be to yap to the un then to me that. when patcher decided to send a task force totally unprepared for that totally convinced that the brits are indeed if it had been up to the foreign office that's exactly what would have happened the argentine invasion of the islands worked out pretty well they didn't it for the british government given that it was in such trouble domestically how much was this planned by britain to lure argentina into a trap to save us and skin. you're attributing too much intelligence to the british government it took everybody completely by surprise you know the political will certainly there were plenty of warnings that one of the things they say there was an intelligence failure know there was an interview failure of the intellect but
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that's permanent in british government it seems unable to process information and come up with sensible policies they campaign itself the way it was conducted was it done well was it a good idea in itself opinion i think they had to do it we had a legal and moral obligation to those islanders and if we did not keep our word to them we were worthless. how close to my books call raises age for a reason and you'll find julian thomson in full agreement that whole operation could have gone either way at any stage i mean just some quite small things that the arjun times the third done on back to. the british sort of last how fair was the media coverage of the war in britain at the time i have deep contempt for the british b.b.c. . and it started at the time in the falklands because they're one of the only
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concern is to hang on to the tax enables them to live far better than they deserve . so therefore they were attacking they really wanted factual to go because they saw her as someone who might cut government spending almost all b.s. thing to cutting government spending is this regressive tax paid to the b.b.c. so therefore they did everything and they and officialdom generally did everything possible to undermine thatcher and actually treasonously to undermine the operation to recover the falklands why was it on the races agencies say why was it so closely four was it because britain underestimated argentina no they just didn't have the capability. of waited another six months we could've done it would have had no more aircraft carriers would have had a more on t.b.s. capability. as indeed is happening now it's the same old story.
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as we can give cover all over the world account what about now what would happen if argentina attacked again would britain be able to pull together a task force and defend the islands they can't recover if the islands are lost now we can't get them back we do not or genuinely do not have the capability this conservative government has once again emasculated the armed forces. which they've done regularly since the nineteen fifties. so it all depends on whether. the big base pleasant can be held military are way more professional now than they were then and they have some pretty competent special forces and i can't see anything actually stopping them coming in doing an act attack on mount pleasant and taking it out at which point the islands fall. just don't use
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a q ship come in send in your special forces dressed as tourists on a cruise ship and take stanley that two and a half of the thousand of the three thousand people in the falklands you hold that just exactly what is britain going to do that moment i don't think so how damaging would that be for for the current government here presuming it would be what this government and modern britain deserves it isn't what the islanders deserve. more was actually a serious operation by a serious country i don't think this country is serious anymore why does the british government then so. desperately want to keep hold of these very far from it the british government desperately wants to get rid of it they just can't get rid of it why not because of the war so what i mean political suicide for any any government after that war was not and this is why the utter stupidity of the
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argentine government after that war it was politically impossible for any british government to sell out the islanders however much the foreign office and the ministry of defense want to do it you can't do it people remember people would say what the hell is this how much the recent conflicts like afghanistan and iraq tell us what's been learned if anything from the falklands war well they did learn one foreign office control foreign intelligence that was one. the other one briefly learned was that if you're going to operate overseas it was a whole bunch cheaper to have aircraft carriers than to have to hope that you can get ground bases from which to operate. on that note the british british very very very poor at learning the lessons of anything broadly speaking because they never face up to the truth about anything the politicians if they can will draw the long
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wrong conclusions from everything and blair got us involved in war after war after war beyond british capabilities were put into hold battles where we did not have the combat power to do that we were put into hell man we did not have the combat power to do that one rages in vain against this. not because of any censorship not because of any oppression or the fact that i will walk out of here and get beaten over the head for my opinions because very simply my opinions and my statements of fact will be ignored because they're too inconvenient. thank you.
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it's just so.
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young to five protesters are back with a bang but marches across the us are marked with new police crackdowns and old ones tear gas and stun grenades we protesters calling for an end to corporate greed of big business and once in politics. fresh violence kids have gathered steam shortly after brock obama visits kabul with a wave of gonna bomb attacks in which at least six die for his trip marked a year since the killing of osama bin laden while a deal was signed with afghan president karzai to cover the decade after the planned troop pullout in twenty fourteen. and friendly campaigning in france's presidential election with just days left for the two candidates to woo voters before the decisive round on sunday but the fight is getting tougher as right wing
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leader or even live hand refuses to endorse either candidate. all right those were the headlines here in our team next we turn to the the floor. and third time no real problem for russia boxer certainly is no real problem but he is the real deal dimitri pero is who we're talking about rena he's just successfully defended his middleweight world title for the third time nobody is talking about him there will be soon more coming up. thanks for joining us this is sports of a plenty ahead of the next ten minutes including these stories and. man in charge roy hodgson is named as the new english football manager on a four year deal but will win. the final two games of the premier league season.
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going the distance russian middle with world champion to meet you curled the fences in moscow seeing all the japanese challenger. or fool hardy the austrian alps host to one of the most varied and challenging stream relay races in the world with nine events in all testing the best the best. for the first sending them to have their man west brom boss roy hodgson named as the country's new manager for the next four years the sixty four year old will remain in charge of the baggies for the last couple of premier league matches this season but they've agreed to release him from his contract early ahead of euro twenty twelve parchin immediately confirming that england squad for the european championships won't be announced until after the final day of the club season the former liverpool and interim manager has overseen eighteen teams including three national sides in a career spanning thirty six. feet. to have been over the
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country. looking forward enormously to the good everyone knows it's going to be one . thing that everybody supporters. of the country will get behind the team because the team that counts. it's been another disappointing outing for liverpool in the english premier league but a historic one for full the london side winning it for the very first time on tuesday morning to treat the visitors i wonder when liverpool no longer on home soil for seven weeks in the league not the best preparation of the reds for some of these f.a. cup final with chelsea cross-town rivals everton are three points in front of his men in seventh place after they drew one one away to stoke and then i saw only other fixtures. over in spain real madrid might be able to unleash early league title celebrations later today just a marine use charges are
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a way to upcoming europa league finalist athletic bilbao and cancer cure the spanish top flight with a win. no easy touch the right fit have played arguably the continent's best football on the way to the police decider against atletico madrid next week second place barcelona meanwhile host the top four sides should pep guardiola side lose tonight the title. automatically the bar so monitored taking the time this week to touch on his imminent exit from the newcastle seeing to nothing to do with the recent loss of home. to josie marino is nothing to do with me leaving the club and erosion comes with the day to day training the team blame the game can also having won so many titles this is just about my job and that is the reason. turning to some sad news from the world of swimming world champion alexandra de mello and died suddenly at the age of twenty six the norwegian was fined dead and his shower
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in where he was training ahead of this summer's olympics it was later confirmed he suffered a cardiac arrest dale owen was a world champion in the one hundred meter breaststroke after winning gold in shanghai in july last year a victory he dedicated to the seventy seven people killed in a shooting by right wing extremist under spray vic just three days before the meet let's talk basketball the n.b.a. where the lakers have moved two zero up in their opening round playoff series against denver kobe bryant and andrew bynum combining for sixty five points in california but the nine. ten champions seeing their nineteen point lead to windell in the third quarter but regained composure to close on the fourth when chicago meanwhile are seeing their worst fears come true after losing many m.v.p. jeric rules for the season a huge third quarter run helping underdogs philadelphia tie their series on apiece wild boston fourth box from eleven dollars in the second half to even their series
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up against the big man paul pierce star of the show in georgia. we knew paul had to get going early we did i mean i was you could see our first seven boys that they call it was paul pierce left right center and you know and i'm so used to make misleading the ball and to go in. i thought. you know we're going to lose but i just thought we had a shot and once we got off to a good start. two ice hockey now one of the kitchen elves leaving goaltenders has switched clubs constantine joining us from atlanta on a three year deal but olin's standing this plays in the twenty eleven season helped his former club finish on a jump for the first time in their history the twenty seven year old russian international tour in the playoffs was valuable player award last year meanwhile rising russian talent. turned on the chance to move to the washington capitals deciding instead to stay a truck tour for at least two more seats it's. the man regarded as the greatest
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snooker player of all time has decided to take early retirement stephen hendry walking away from the green felt with seven world titles to his name the scots were simply phenomenal rising to the world number one ranking aged just twenty one he would also hold the top spot for eight consecutive years during the ninety's forty three or hendry a nice in his decision to quit following heavy defeat at the world championships and choose they. hold the record for the most one hundred forty seven breaks in the story. the boxing now reigning w.e.o. middleweight champion to make your perogue has once again successfully defended his title this time against japan's noble hero a sheet it took the undefeated russian the full twelve rounds to achieve it though as michael reports. even with the pre-match drama when nobody here is she didn't really fail the way in a confident dimitry pirogue spent a lot of time talking up his chances of a twentieth successive victory ishita on the other hand was for the large part very
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quiet not least because he did not speak russian or english instead he let his fists do the talking as round one began to rock had stated that he had expected the bout to go to the wire and his early cautious approach meant he was sticking to his game plan ishida who is hoping to revive his career somewhat with this fight was also focused and determined and although he was caught by many of piranhas jabs he continued to stumble to find you i was the rounds passing without serious incident the home crowd began being blurred. and my around eight it was obvious she too was not going to win by the judges' score piro kept plugging away at him and finally forced a japanese books to the four i despite the setback is she the still looked like she believed he could get an unlikely knockout but pirogue with that if she does increasingly desperate lunges and almost looked. as if he would get the killer book
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out. in the end pirogue prediction of a tough twelve round bounce came true and by unanimous decision he registered his twenty of the victory remaining undefeated and looking hungry for his next opponent but he did not go with a lot of work was put into preparing for this fight and i'm very pleased to have successfully defended my title i was prepared for it but to his credit he surprised me a lot and i've learned a great deal from fighting him now i'm already looking forward to meeting my next opponent with the issue was gallant in defeat praising his victory but also saw no shame in its manner this is a champion i've never really been hurt by my previous opponents the dimitri is truly a worthy champion because he did manage to hurt me during this fight but i am also proud to have been in the same ring as him i was never really any down the beach with success to defend the field titles like it's see the japanese but never really getting by. iraq's next fight how the movie gets by the way chad can tell you he'll
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test the tough in the morning to take back to. kowtow has a chance to do what no other boxer has done before on saturday the puerto rican will become the first fighter to the feat floyd mayweather jr if he defends his w b a light middleweight title successfully in las vegas the thirty one year old has several things going for him against him on in forty two pro fights for the first time in five years mayweather is moving up in weight for the clash in addition the thirty five rule will be starting in one hundred fifty five to corral and shortly after the fight on june first but it's cotto houstonians side that could not continue my train pretty hard for this why i train on bullet hole in harmony and peace there in orlando and i come here you know so to grin i will fight and get the victory i don't want to face no guy. don't push floyd mayweather to the test i want
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to be pushed to the test saturday night i want to bring his best because that's the only thing anything that's going to do is escalate my fight game to the next level so this is very very important i won't be gil kowtow to be at his best i want to be strong i want. to press the attack early. finally there are professional athletes there a professional athlete to take part in nine grueling sporting events in just four days this is the peak to creek challenge in austria three teams of eight taking part in the race the competition encompasses an incredible nine events skiing mountain biking mountain running climbing route cycling ski monckton earring parra gliding kayaking then if that wasn't enough white water rafting leg the teams are made up of pro athletes with the most notable this year being cyclists young rick is red team came in third and last but anyone who made it through the hell of schedule certainly cannot be labeled.
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brilliant stuff to all involved and that is all your sport for whether it's next.
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secret laboratory tim curry was able to build a new most sophisticated robot which all unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach creation why it should care about humans and. this is why you should care watch only on t.v. dot com. we'll.


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