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tv   [untitled]    May 19, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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now. the. test of the group. with thousands of protesters are. becoming increasingly rare between the two sides. special report the
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american spring on the history of the occupy wall street and the movement against corruption greed and social inequality this is art. up up up up. up up playing a lot of mileage and play it up to let me go to let me go to head up my gut tells me out of the till i come back for you haven't spotted. it. looks like. he was. here. last. night likely going to. want to
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sell me new strap people. like. cub. and it is you know is bleeding when the cops song always looks it yeah it's it's unfortunate you know it's it's always a system critics yeah. and the press corps spread exact. they don't like to make the connections that we're now descending into a police state yeah yeah yeah now they'll never know it's really like the neo liberals like they want less government except a bigger police he can't write it anymore using women's bodies yeah he says they want to be more intrusive on everything except you know. social services sure you know the stuff that actually makes differences in people's lives. such as.
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six six six six six six six six six six six. oh here in. the. fall china. does it all over. love ok let's just say. i get. to be. a keep out of. this is
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such. league. yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah at least. likely. to clean. up. like. you know and. you know what. the purpose of today's march against police brutality and basically the n.y.p.d. is using the onus of protecting us from terrorists to create
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a police state. they are here to protect the public so just one of the many absurd ironies of this march against police brutality with the police themselves are being brutalized i believe by the forces that are putting them in conflict with their with their fellow citizens and fellow working people. even. yeah you guys want to help me get let me just check his consciousness make sure that he seems. to think. it's just because they can.
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pull the. trigger. and. probably. talk. to someone close to her and please because they know what's going on.
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i mean i think it's based on a plane tickets i think the agenda needs to. a little more clear for us to be able to actually. get things accomplished but i think part of. the fleet. i just think you were getting killed was no it. was great to look. at so. you're going to get to see the all this occupied. it's the newest media platform
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for. the now you know. i don't think any president in years so. i'm going to. six companies corporations own the entire mass media in this country we have to create our own media platforms and barack obama is going to be one of those people can see what. connect with the website connect with the community and get activated with occupy wall street it's pretty exciting. to get our big may day action coming up so general strike. excited about that. but the site just was so there's a lot of work to do. we have really nothing to lose i guess. you.
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are this i always use thing i was born in the wrong time. sure of. morning breeze. the sixty's or something. like you realize that this is exactly the time that i'm supposed to live it. exactly we're going to. sack interactions i want to be having. time to play on. we're not there yet either. i think it's important to recognize that we're not. in the place that we want to be. you know and that's why we get up and that's why we work that's why we struggle and that's why we face all the things that we face.
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because of the absolute. building our capacity and doing the spring training to get all pumped up and psyched to do some like tactics just isn't something that's the stuff we're going to march on wall street just a little you know that we're coming on maybe after all summer. is training which is training to get ready and get ready for every little thing we can do. to start going back to. sleep. so you can.
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learn you. to a sitting position. with it but there are. several unfilled really. bad people they aren't really close together around each other so let's see how close together we can get without hurting each other here.
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like it's like. training in sports tell you do it still discipline worked as a team also sees it and it's also more to win by people in every week to stay with us hopefully we'll get really tight and really solid military guy and some discipline all our actions coming up and get someone else with the knowledge creates a calculator he. still does that. let's close this very thorough search get. the top. close look at. those we got close.
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right now we are at the fort greene occupied town square an occupied town square is a roving pop up occupation that shows up in
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a different park each weekend and the idea is to set up in the park it's open people can come in those food there's music there's games there's information about occupy about a general strike on may first and it just it's an outreach opportunity for the community to come and see us instead of them having to come to us we come to them thats it. she good laboratory to him kirby was able to build a most sophisticated robot which all unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tombs mission to teach creation why it should care about
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humans and we're going this is why you should care only on the dot com this is the wheel of immorality it proposes various outcomes all misfortune it all unfortunate. for people to discover if each of these aki cards which. you know they reveal the unfortunate circumstances that we all live in right now. some something some terrible facts about monsanto the company prison industrial complex. climate change which is already happening and. when you land on one of these which you know happens arbitrarily as a stop the wheel whenever i want to because i'm the controller of this wheel misfortune. you get one of these cards. and you need to learn about the terrible situation you're in. is here almost like you said i can
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take a picture was it like as a fiction one of you want to do it in a way i want to be the future isn't tweeting and we don't read it for yourself in a. tweet about what's going on i take pictures of people who are were this different foods to eat out everybody maybe people come out when they see a little know they were here. that's mostly my family situation and sue used twitter as a means to do both outreach to the larger community in reach within the movement patients we not keep patients between people within the occupation and you know. also as a means of getting new resources and question things that we need whether food or clothing or support for people or cameras or money or whatever may be put out of calls on the internet people are very generous.
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however you understand it for something a political thing for other people so i want a job. for people like me it's a whole bunch of things including just the opportunity to get together with other people and not be on my cell phone. and just talk like we're talking now which has become in our modern life a kind of rare thing. spread the word. because if there's something good in here. let people know and join us that can be just hang out with us for five minutes to see a post of mine post it and say you know what does occupy people in similar bed it
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is a bunch of losers but i have a very good job. people have jobs here that's all nonsense so they don't have jobs they're losers i say something which also it is encouraging the courage. the courage of these people to sweep down the street in the cold. to get a read no pun. law that was better for all of. us. yet again. i think that right now being tracked by. lifting him to miley's. american star he's like i'm afraid we're going to die
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and i was living my life my self was it was really. it was pleased going to cost of most of the truly the body there was no going little about your name sir what's your name and it was really hard to step back right to look at just step by . step back after midnight and then it was just sitting inside of a sleeping bag it was freezing out here and stuff last night and is so cold you couldn't even like his legs were literally shot and they're wrestling as you know passing just one hand i guess. that's a parent i mean it is being arrested for being in the area. that is being arrested for being a human in a situation rescue where a human might want to be normal and it's literally about freezing temperature right now this is just a sign of the morning spirit is all it is. we really know we're succeeding doing
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what we're supposed to just kind of free to just try and keep moralizing use like you keep. seeing all the crap that's gone on here in america and they're just trying to stop this but they know they can't stop you know smugglers just know that's why they're fighting o.c.d. as hard as they can get him a living within the limits of the can do so. but. i thought that was my first radio he's going to be joining us to he's a longtime. brooklyn community organizer and we coach each this class together twice a week but today we're going to be meeting off site at a church chalk about. well we're going to plan we're going to plan some actions the students want to do a walkout. in solidarity with the workers for may first so that's pretty exciting. so you know other actions how we get other students activated stuff to give me to
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say these are great student leaders they're strong young people they've been through a lot they're embattled because the city's closing their school down and they're not happy about it. but. change is that. it's not just going to happen because people oh you know what let's change the. way we have and stay. so it's not people for us people that are strong people that have will pull our were there. to change that they did in new york city we the students the public this occasion i hear. you about injustice.
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who says that. the private privatizations about a school systems budget cuts. the pleasure because. policing of us schools and. we feel that if these issues was sitting in the field and we demanded saints we believe that. the system is set up to think in place isn't enough and she solicited us to says this killing the table. because first eisel be a mass to go. only first as to fully. the
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task the film does. now so. here we go. so today when we evolve that is it just so incredible historic moment when high school students in new york city just really really realize that they need to organize themselves so this is the beginning of the organization the soon organization you know for a justice you know. for proper education. i
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want to see you guys. to continue with. the people who are getting to know what was going on but there was no sense to me with that detention. we celebrate in america with our struggle. they
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wouldn't even enter the games. will. be complaining that it doesn't sit with us travel there is no course. you. didn't move that we're not going to. continue to watch. the people who want to thank you for. the time this is taking to we did. see the city. in the shower with us the. new me because i see people have some really. really was. this letter was for
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you. because. i. thought. it was. was. ok was was. was was. was . can i ask you as a great roddy and i were two of the founding members of occupy wall street back in september last year. what impact do you think occupy wall street has had on the spheres that you that you exist in and work in well you know.
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occupy was your most significant things or has happened in this nation less forty years calm. and its in its innes infancy or you know what is required of occupy wall street is to begin to and as everyone has been saying this we have to begin to identify those goals and objectives as you have been doing and pushing it to the forefront so the people understand the purpose and meaning. to understand it because the ninety nine percent of the underprivileged have been deprived. of camp a student loans to find jobs to find decent housing in the stand mostly but just as importantly how do we connect those things how do we move it because you know people are very concerned because it affects them but how do we connect the of those people and let them see the direct relationship with the
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book. seeking an exit. to cable. and an exit of atrocity. they tell chicago's.
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