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tv   [untitled]    May 19, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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top stories this hour on r t g eight leaders publicly voiced hopes of keeping greece in the harness of the euro and advocating growth as these summits efficiency and relevancy to put to the test. germany's financial help frankfurt is brought to a standstill as thousands of police fled the city in a bid to contain a fourth day of anti bank protests. opposing sides the same clearly the loss of loved ones brings israelis and palestinians together in a unique wilderness ation seeking better understanding between conflicting sides. be more for me in the news team in half an hour from now here in moscow now though it's back to us studios and the latest edition of the a new mission. with . its technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia
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we've got the future covered. time for tonight's souls on award and it goes to the head of the democratic party in virginia brian moran he's the man who helped shape the message of the democratic party across the commonwealth of virginia and he's got clout because as we all know this november virginia will be a battleground state between president obama and mitt romney they also have a very close senate race which could even decide who will control the u.s. senate next year but that's not exactly the point of this story you see brian moran also has a second job here's his fancy title executive vice president for the government relations and general counsel of the association of private sector colleges and universities what that really means is around lobbies for those for profit colleges the university of phoenix the strayer's the kaplan universities of the world we've
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covered for profit colleges that many times on this show they've been under the microscope for the high cost and low graduation rate their aggressive marketing and their low quality of education to top it all off not only that turns out they also play a major role in student loan debt problem that we have here in the u.s. check this figure out only eleven percent of all college students in the u.s. attend for profit colleges but forty four percent of student loan defaults come from for profit college students and twenty six percent of for profit students who took out between five thousand and ten thousand dollars in student loans and up defaulting that's compared to ten percent of students taking out that much at community community colleges and seven percent at four year schools they also spend millions in marketing targeting members of the military check out this commercial. it's hard to be truly. difficult to actually secure a change i am. sure you want to feel the train. station
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but you. have to transfer something. so i'm sure you're wondering why would they target veterans well there's a simple answer it's called the post nine eleven g.i. bill and it will pay colleges around nine billion dollars just this year to educate veterans and for profit colleges are getting a whole lot out of it out of the top ten recipients of the g.i. bill funds during two thousand and ten and two thousand and eleven school year eight were for profit institutions one point four billions of dollars now thankfully both congress and president obama have taken notice of the blatant exploitation of both veterans and the american taxpayer in fact obama recently issued an executive order promoting greater disclosure from the for profit college industry with hopes that would help shield veterans from what it calls deceptive practices rymer and organization representing the interests of the for profit industry was not a fan around even traveled to capitol hill on wednesday to show his displeasure at
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a house committee as a house committee held a hearing on obama's executive order as he was leaving the republic report asked about his conflicts of interest. it's very hard. i do it like you would have to do any conflict between you working as a lobbyist and being a candidate for you democratic party. where you're fighting president obama's. fight to hold the industry accountable yes. there have been mentoring for you to resign. just wave them off i mean i'm pretty sure i wouldn't want to comment on the story either but the industry that brian moran is lobbying for has one big supporter in fact this supporter is trying to replace the current head of the democratic party here in the u.s. that's right brian around the schools will start competing in a school store could be i think they're going to find they can't keep on passing on higher and higher tuition to students and demanding more and more from government in part because it's going to cut back we were beaten we talk about students story
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money from from the government will give us story money from china motivations the borrowing in this country and stuff we've got to start look at was that i mean. that's why brian around you and mitt romney has something in common you both support for profit colleges the one spending millions to market to veterans so they can get their hands on billions in taxpayer money also leave veterans and other students swimming in debt and with an education that leaves them less employable than their nonprofit counterparts so for using his position as the head of the democratic party in virginia to lobby for exploitive for profit universities brian moran wins our tool time award. well if i told you there was an overly friendly relationship between business and government you'd probably say well what's new when you have academia so that next there's something that's just a little bit unsettling about it and i'm not talking about for profit universities which we've covered quite
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a bit i'm talking about american colleges and in particular land grant universities set up back in the eighteen hundreds to dedicate some of this country's college level programs to the study of science agriculture and engineering it seems like a good thing especially for those who want to study and work in the non liberal arts field farming and agriculture after all are still extremely important and profitable vocations well it turns out nothing is untouchable and large corporations are coming in and taking the reins on education and research projects funding them and in fact choosing what is studied and more importantly what isn't it the subject of a new article written by jill richardson called how corporations like monsanto have hijacked higher education bill richardson is all tonight contributor and a member of the organic consumers association policy advisory board and she's also author of the author of the book a recipe for america why our food system is broken and what we can do to fix it i guess jill just start out by laying this out for me how did we get to this point.
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ok certainly so. i just want to point out first of all the food and water recently put out a report on the same subject so that was kind of my jumping off point and within the past couple decades we've really seen an increase in. an increase in corporate funding of academic research as well as a decrease of federal and government funding and then aside from that just i mean the corporations are also doing their own research outside of academia so when you look at them in the confines of academia you're seeing that the corporations are only funding a quarter of academic research and land grant institution over to ration their funding more than the government yeah i'm sure some people can say to you well that's great that corporations are getting involved in education that they're putting money for the future but there are some issues here so only you know i mean
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one thing that i've been finding in most research it. sounds a really amazing science about. you know with discoveries that nobody would ever make money out of other than the farmer for example they found a plant in africa it's a good cattle sattar and you planted in between your car and and then you go into another planet. outside of your car in the planted within your current it increases for until it. prevents the most deadly we need to your plants and then it also repels a major pest and the one that you went outside of your car and this one also produces cattle feed and it attracts the person away from your current together this increase yields three and a half fold and yet no corporations ever going to make money out of that they don't have to sell those these are native local plants so you see research like that that's the stuff that's not being done and then just you know the flip side of.
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actually spoken to a scientist who is. courtesy of a major corporation that we all know and he that i won't say which one. but. they made him seem to get order they're holding his ph d. hostage he'd like to come out and say that he's seen some stuff that they're doing that he thinks is actually bad he wants to come out as a whistleblower and you know even if you've got the legal ground as a whistleblower they could just sink in with legal costs you know in the sights of prove that he hasn't violated his get orders so used to silence well i know i i liked how you put it in your article you said when a scrupulous scientist publishes research that is unfavorable to the studies funder he or she should be prepared to look for a new source of funding. you know what what's the deal i mean i think a lot of people when they're in school whether it's undergrad or grad school they
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are prepared to take out loans or they've saved up to sort of fund some of their own research is that just not as common. you know i mean i think folks you take out a loan to pay for your tuition you know to get through college but research that because there can be immense. and you know generally you know if i were looking to you know go back to grad school i want to find something where somebody will need us to learn not the other way around you know you really want to you're levein didn't mean that only they're not just the students but we're also talking about the professors here who are their success and they're bringing in money you know getting published. and out there you know to bring their own to their school they're not going to find their own research out of their own books i mean this is their job it's supposed to pay them not the other way around well and for those people who are saying you know so what this is just research i think it's important to note and that's why we thought this is important is that
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a lot of times policy is based on research that is done and so when that research is skewed you know it can tip the balance as here i guess i want to get from you what do you think are some of the worst case scenarios that could happen as a result of what's going on here. well you know i think one thing if you look into my article and this is where i really different from the food and water watch report they seem to glorify the land grants as these great institutions that were previously uncorruptible and wonderful and nothing but beneficial and you know from the start another source i spoke to who spent his entire career in the land gets noticed and pointed out that they really serve the throughout their history and another thing i think you know as you started with we already know that there's problems with regulatory capture and the revolving door between government and industry so this is one problem it's definitely one problem but the slip said is that you know if if the alternative is government funding of research
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and government using this research we already have government you know being staffed and led by the same people who are coming from private industry so it's almost like radio even trying to pry apart industry and really make government serve the people of all the people because certainly you know you might have similarity or farmers who say you know great a new york i love it but you know something like that that discovery they made in africa where you can more than triple your yield by just planting a native plant you know there are some farmers you want things like that here in america and that's what's not being studied all right well we appreciate all your insight on this you've done a lot of research richardson alter net contributor also member of the organic consumers association policy advisor board thanks so much thanks. so the comma washington d.c. is known as a place of power the city is also home to some great scandal and i will thank you
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want to walking tour that shows this cd and sordid history on the nation's capital and that it had a happy hour the schools have the right to search kids a social media history class does online piracy actually lead to more music sales those stories and more the months. seem to exist. to pay the. internet to see the trusses. nato see coming. down the official ante up location to on the phone the i pod touch from the choose ups to. life on the go. video on demand all keys money will come to. an r.s.s.
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machine would be soon which brightened if you moved from place to freshen. stone talks he don't come. while we all know that washington d.c. is the center of the universe when it comes to tourism from the capitol building to the lincoln memorial most americans make the pilgrimage at least once to our nation's capital to see the sights for themselves but the architecture isn't the only draw there's a brand new tour in town that shedding light on another important aspect of this city's history that where there is power and money you better believe there is plenty of scandal. we're going to make our way up through the treasury building you
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know there are many ways to see d.c. and and many things to see that your general here but hidden in the shadows of the grand architecture on these renowned streets. an intriguing history you didn't learn about in school. at fourteen to an age was the former. port unquote porno district of d.c. he grabs a couple pistols and he runs out the door and i was distinguishing mark on this dress. there's a semen stain on the dress but new to the washington d.c. tour circuit is the d.c. scandal tour we love scandals in american history is rife with flukes and flaws as is the history of any country there seems to be an inordinate amount here in washington why is that i think it's a power play you know everyone wants low keep want higher power and how folks think
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they can do anything and yet people in power they really push fear mongering perspective on the american citizen really. and to a great degree you could say that who is the father of fear mongering the united states . you know unequivocally i can say this j. edgar hoover it's no surprise then that this was one of the stops on the tour but as we know scandal comes in many forms as to be expected an overarching theme was sex and all the politicians caught with their pants down or with women who weren't their wives apparently and happen all the time where i'm standing right here the side of a very popular strip club in the seventy's called the silver slipper and then there are those scandals that have it all politics sex and drugs here at d.c. city hall to talk about one of the city's former mayors who still reports here to work and the city councilman i'm talking of course about marion barry said i'll be
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goddammed that bitch that bitch did that to me from the set ups of sunk to the get up of others. this tour covered it all like benjamin franklin he would wear a coonskin cap and. you know the various ladies for hire on the street thought that was a rather rambunctious move and would compete for him and his attention scandal it seems one of the few constants throughout history. and social relations that one. of the committee to relate nixon eventually was found to have broke into the watergate what is it that people love about scandals. well a little do make you a little of us law r.j. amounts of society start to deify some of our founding fathers. past the
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point of realizing they were also just human beings oh a look back i was getting of a different kind and a new perspective on how some things just you never change. in washington christine freezone r.t. . all right joining me for happy hour is our two producer adriano seto and r.j. web producer andrew blake our i guy i was we were national bar all three of us and soon we said all right we're going on. the case of trayvon martin is back in the news report from his autopsy was just released and it actually has some quite a few people are pretty upset take a look. yes what trayvon has is a system according to the autopsy report that we did study one point five nanograms
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of t.h.c. which is a greedy and marijuana and seven point three nanograms of another t.h.c. substance substance both found in his blood and traces of cannabis also found in his urine. so traces of t.h.c. of marijuana that must make that the stoner did it as you started it. makes me so angry i mean that doesn't mean that he. may be smoke up maybe he like poppy seed muffins you don't know and then all of a sudden my regardless not recall exactly ten year old doesn't smoke pot first of all second of all the contests and make people more apt to do anything or be violent and there's certainly no evidence and i'm going to this why are we doing this entire just like we're flipping it now blaming the victim like one thing is actually clear there is a kid that is dead and there's someone else that's not that's that's a clue that's the only thing that we know so like trying to do this is just it makes my blood boil just because there's t.h.c. in the system doesn't mean the kid was stoned when this whole thing happened like
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that anyone who has ever who's ever had to take a drug test before went on google and knows that it stays your body for forty five days like you've done no no no never grueling you don't shave my head for you to see. or have serious. serious lots of things without the still i mean but you like ninety percent of our audience right now has t.h.c. in their system really like half the control room probably you telling our viewers no and i mean just going to one is i think it's going to be seized on by a lot of people who are trying to support zimmerman to kind of take away the squeaky clean image of martin and this is ridiculous to be even more reason to riot if he gets off. ok let's move on to a real no that ice immigration and customs enforcement isn't just in charge of immigration it's also in charge of combat piracy we've seen them put out a lot of ads like i want to show you want to make people feel awful when they
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actually share stuff that they download online. if you take these movies this nice woman right here loses her job i don't know her yeah these are the movies because the bad people like her are losing their jobs making this so literal use is really you know there's a consequence to all this stuff going to take you are because you have no soul. all right so here's the deal there's a new research paper out by north carolina state university that examines the link between bittorrent downloads and music album sales and actually found information that goes against what we've all been hearing it found that there's no evidence that unauthorized downloads negatively impact stales and sales and fines and in some cases it more positively leads to say yeah yeah come on take this for a decade why don't i mean you like our web who are here so we. know you know this like everything's like ninety nine and these like ass hats like lars ulrich and dr
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dre all sort of take it out napster they made this argument they're like oh no no no no no no piracy is going to write music you know crispy music rooms music industry people are going to stop buying albums you put oh crap people been saying this all of people go in download music and they go and see the bad and they go and they buy the bands or the buy their album and it just people been saying it all along it's shouldn't be a surprise and i'm going to steal some music tonight and then go pay for it tomorrow to oh wow yeah back in ninety nine yeah. all right let's switch gears sorry i've decided this is a man you do you want around i lose you know i let you go i let you go that's on the say no no right on that up we're all right all right well let's switch gears from piracy to privacy remember when the a.c.l.u. had to step in because employers companies were trying to force potential employees to given their facebook password so they could find out more about them see what they see not just the limited version there facebook well it turns out that's going on in schools as well take
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a look. it's just it's this is the customer with this it's. just. this is. just the word or. it's this is. so that was actually a potential employer about what's going on is a middle school outside chicago actually asked a young girl to show to logon to her facebook page at school so that the school could see what was on her facebook page they say they want to maintain the educational environment oh i don't know i have you know when i was reading this i was a little torn because part of me is like why are they asking no they have no right to ask for her facebook information on the other hand i've seen law and order s v u i know what happened happens like cyber bullying is a thing and leg kids die apparently i want law and order and i should make it about
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that but but no but i mean i understand the thought process behind it but it's actually very it's actually scary if you think about it and i like that in that case like it was it was her mother that was up in arms saying that you know my kid doesn't have to give you any access to their information i mean i don't parents should have their young children facebook information i mean once their kids are eighteen or even seventeen or sixteen for my i get you know what in your parents is everything but if your child has a facebook account as a parent you should know what's on it but the schools know what do they want to know with like a middle school or like i mean of my facebook is boring really good for kids these days kids these days come on no i'm going to do the job so there are those rascals . found out that their fourth grader was complaining about you know the class that they had the day before you know well they're kids to the shut up suck it up whatever all right move on really really really quick turns out white babies are no longer the majority hold on zero zero zero zero there you go spit up you don't
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you're good you got to put me through it all right so minority babies are not actually a minority anymore take a look. the first time babies born to minority parents are now the majority from the census bureau of all the babies born last year forty nine point six percent were white fifty point four percent were not. all right so really quick what do you think this means for this melting pot of a country that we love it means my people my people are are taken over well not taken over but you know there's no sense in denying us i or anybody else who doesn't know i'm from puerto rico born and raised thank you oh i am and it just makes no sense to sort of not understand the fact that we are going to play a major role in shaping just politics policy in this country it's just what it is it's all right guys us us our answer for you that's why i'm heresy one little might
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think that my right where we are out as i am and your wagon adriano is that i thank so much for coming on and that is going to do it for tonight's show i want to thank you so much for watching the show to come back on monday. so resistance a new job writes of. the race if you came in for example the city of. breast cancers more than ten times childhood cancers fourteen times i forget the exact details but there's. nothing that you have ever found in any epidemiological study if you have there is a way that brings victory. to its creator. he's not alone some are more severe than others we have something to be born without skulls without ne sometimes with their legs totally to mr
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means death to those who it's pointed. to go. this way. and this celebrates and they don't realize that stand looking at their own future can't so. this is just. so sad. i have. leakage and i show you to the extent how much i have leakage. here the reindeer isn't everything for the herders. and when it suffers. people do their best to help go out.
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but the distances are. and the roads are tough and unpredictable. will the romany be untidy.


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