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this is our. headlines at the u.s. and its allies ridicule syrian government claims that terrorists are responsible for last weekend's houla massacre in which more than one hundred died of military intervention plans are in the pipeline so it is considering sidestepping the u.n. if necessary. expected in germany and france today where president putin will be discussing business and politics on the first of his new term in office moscow hopes europe will rediscover russia as a lucrative investment hub for the future. irish government exit polls
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suggest the country has voted yes to the e.u. fiscal treaty. two years of crippling austerity loss of sovereignty to brussels only half the three point one million eligible to vote did so and. stay with us if you can. take a look at how a. youth profile all around the russian capital. oh. the word. hello welcome to the bride on this week's show we're taking a look at the new generation of successful young moms go by in the r.c. i'm so i'm just like the straights know we all but they are both all wonderful examples of the same thing twice i'll brush up on the culture and play let's meet
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some of the golden youth in question the thing there is opportunities young people have him up and start i pads one cannot clubs and controversial arts galleries youth in modern day moscow live a completely different life than they did just twenty years ago. facebook designed a shopping day friends western music and politically inspired fashion statements to some of its whole different world. close. to pretty area of the trashy prudy is a green residential spot crammed full of new restaurants spas bars and designer clothes shops. inside this historic building on the premises of a young and talented female fashion design a. very very nice well this clothing store here is also
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a recent addition fueled by somebody who is in that twenty's having started off as a small company featuring the designs of various personalities the design a concept of a car but then moved into printing t. shirts making dresses and since the quickly opened this fashion store here. very cool. she graduated from the stroganoff musky state university of all as an industry in two thousand and five studying graphic design her passion has. always been creating images patterns and designs. intelligence humor is the philosophy. with bold papalagi and subtle color as sketches are designed to create a high rates of reaction think the latest celebrity scandals all social upsets printed on t. shirts is very young and young design issue make something interesting for young generations of people who want to be actual in form or older persons who
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like this jokes with politico and who is interesting to play with the words when the same word and the same phrase can and have two or even more meaning. to all sound has decided to show us the why they all see in moscow. the popular triumph gallery is located in a historic building in the center of the capital just two minutes walk from red square the space represents a number of russian artists and it's true that every change exhibitions programme by aim to show the best international contemporary art didn't pose a real. chance it was roughly the same are these cases which means it made sense to play disney's as families and raising my question claims to have an inspirational means of. moving on and welcome to
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gypsy a popular nightspot located in the film critic type of chocolate factory. i'll second guessed is twenty two year old russian esteemed felt she recently graduated in journalism and is a politics talk d.j. russia has also written two books has directed short movies and work some various websites and with charities. too cool for school image is life is false successful and well connected pain and social media is the case. next a mushroom bites me to one of his favorite hangouts incorporating a close pretty. strong but the symmetry of complex managed to succeed in introducing the night. moscow might see in. the russian design is famous for his cutting edge outfits which combine the latest trends with
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soviet legacy and as you can see the designs are bold. take a look at this funky fridge and high heeled shoes for one thousand five hundred dollars. say no more. hold the ball downstairs turns into a nightclub after ten pm the venue stands out thanks to the eccentric mix of stylish interior and kitchen details as well as an eclectic selection of music from cheesy russian people to the best funk in town this is a place that connects hearts because there are a lot of couples already married. and there was a story when one of our friends. and ajman gave an engagement ring to his. beloved. on the floor that was very cool in.
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here. and make stop and t.v. the russian language. and music channel that's the millions of homes. where we meet video journalist are. having just graduated from the moscow state university twenty three year old guess. it's already a popular face among many russians. that works on many projects and even though he spends a lot of time in america he knows it's moscow that's the melting pot of opportunity one of his projects is being a part of down the cafe ginza project an eatery located on the streets knew about. so to speak more about down the caliphate and a generation in transition let's meet our sean in question. so tell me where are we
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now with the brainy well kind of brain neal plays just hope and begins a project does everybody know what that huge chain of the restaurants and clubs and bars the only more than one hundred fifty restaurants and bars all over the world i've been to many projects it seems that lots of young people are involved in the you know the ownership and the you know yeah i know you mean like it made all the plays a very young and fresh with the new mind as we call it but this is the actual the first place which were designed specially for young people young audience because the check is more democratic it's the it's like more cheap you know and affordable but this is seen times like when he and we were inspired by some of london and maybe new york places when we were producing this place throughout russia and i know from meeting you know young people in you know the far east for example it's like traveling back in time absolutely ten machine and i just think that you know it's slowly russia is being moscow is just at the pinnacle of it's on the top and
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they're like trying to you know catch face things i mean the regions they're trying to be like bad i'm sure that someday they will be like moscow it's not i'm not saying that this is good to be like moscow because moscow there are many disadvantages but in moscow you have so many opportunities which is interesting a couple of years ago everybody was talking about that goal and then your young people born in. very wealthy family is and they don't need to do anything they just have money and they drive lamborghini in switzerland then crush it and that's it and everybody was like oh how can they be part of the gold in europe and now some people still think that the golden youth exist but it does not exist anymore as i believe the name of this youth is more of a global year liberal who travel a lot the people who just achieve a lot even even they have very wealthy parents and thank you very much for your
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time and good luck with your projects in the future thank you very much thank you very nice to see have fun. our final guest is musharraf i meet sky age twenty having studied at the state medical university a stomach. aim is to become a successful dentist as part of a diploma russia has to work as a therapist and over don't just mates facts not everyone in the hippie generation works in the creative industries there are many in the twenty's who are climbing up the creel out this in business law medicine and politics. time to put our dancing shoes on now and masha has invited me to have faded dance studios having just opened the she has the center offers a wide range of classes including tap jazz latin american and you can post on say a world away from her university and dental center the venue offers private classes
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to slowly being taught the steps we aren't doing too badly but. a lot better and if you don't see it isn't my life and that's what it is i know i go this way you go ok. great fun this is a great example of one of the many contemporary hobbies that is taking moscow by storm recently whether it's hip hop. well clear up if it's new and different than the culturally hungry loving new generation of moscow devours swearing it's good to escape from reality. more positive. after my work and after my university it's very nice to come here and move my body. makes me feel more expressive. we return to the restaurant complex gypsy the venue also doubles up during the day
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as a one stop shop for entertainment the terrace area of gypsy during the day is cosy and relaxing. and i'm very. well i'm missing my guess. is. she is. from watching t.v. and getting their information from an organization through blogs facebook and twitter it's more than day living now the way. parents the russians have not been brought up to control state if you want. to get. a load i'm slightly older than my new friends here it's great to be surrounded by successful people and as we drink our champagne we make a toast and celebrate in style to everyone's excited feature. on the party.
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well unfortunately that's all the time we have left on this week's program about the new generation of muscovites here in the capital i'll see you again this time next week for me and the rest of the crew here from. good news it should good laboratory to mccurry was able to build a new most sophisticated robot which on fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything turns mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans in group which is why you should care only on the dot com.
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sings and welcome to at least transmissions to the break from the beating heart of this incident one remaining open channel will come from missing from trouble free from filters and back to back to the ship didn't like speak to cyberspace where battle journalists have me to jump to hyperspace challenging the establishment grip on information and are now being pursued by sinister agents more of what's happening we sit in figures on opposite ends of the spectrum with us we come off the list at hand we can expound on written a publisher and. if . would be soon which brightened a few. songs from fans to christians.
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whose friends don't talk t.v. dot com. the headlines on odds he the us and its allies are ridicule syrian government officials who claim that terrorists are responsible for last weekend's houla massacre and mission which over one hundred people died washington admits military intervention plans are in the pipeline and says it's considering even song. i'd step in the u.n. and if necessary. tough talk on syria expected in germany and france today where president putin will be discussing business and politics on his first foreign tour of his new term an office moscow hopes europe will rediscover russia as a lucrative investment hub for the future. and tallying of the totals irish government exit polls suggest the country has voted yes to the e.u. fiscal treaty which opponents say dooms arland to years of crippling austerity and
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its loss of sovereignty to brussels only half of the three point one million eligible to vote did so thursday's referendum. or enough of the headlines let's get to your headlines you don't understand it's well we're getting now to crunch time now just one week left before the big twenty twelve kickoff exactly right was not only yesterday i was saying there's a year to go well it's not it is one week left before that football starts and we've got the latest from russia's camp rory in just a second. pretty happy with this this is sport the bandaids plenty have including all the. testing time russia prepared to take on a silly in their final friendly before next week's euro two thousand and twelve kick off. the injury
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troubled murray into the last thirty two at the french open. putting their best foot forward for the seventeenth street country club marks international children's day with a golfing showcase. couple first for russia are gearing up for their final friendly before the start of the european championships dick advocaat charge is getting ready to take on italy later on friday in switzerland the side training here neal near the swiss french quarter before heading off to zurich for tonight's clash defender alexander and you cough and midfielder a smile off they are darts for the game although of accounts has been playing down any injury concerns the dutchman also stating that the spot an inspiring scoreless draw with the two in the last time might there would be no major tinkering today or indeed for their opening euro twenty clash with the czech republic on tuesday. is going to start changing the system. just before.
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the system and there's also no reason to be the system is successful because you know the home tuesday i don't think that they're really really motivated and it gives it to you have to give the motivation. russia's potential euro two thousand and twelve quarter final opponents are being putting their recent was behind them with a week to go before the tournament germany taking care of israel to end their run of two consecutive losses joachim loew of his men determined to put on a good show and having lost to france in february last weekend where you go is getting hosed off the mark five minutes before half time with a powerful strike range over forty minutes pass then before the crowd retreated to another goal surely letting rip from outside the area in the eighty second minute to know the final score the germans on a possible euro twenty twelve not guard stage collision course with russia this
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start their campaign though against portugal on tuesday. british media reports are saying that chelsea have got their man or mob rule move that shelling out fifty eight million dollars for porto striker holt according to the guardian on mirror newspapers the twenty five year old personal terms the only paperwork that knowledge needs to be completed the deal isa the move comes just days after the club's successful fifty million dollars bid for another attack on belgian. brazilian hold could take the place in the squad left vacant by didier drogba as departure as a free agent scoring record is an incredible one having never fifty seven goals ninety one games over the past couple of seasons. brings the tennis in the french open where things are going to plan for the fending champion rough feel the spaniard demolishing it dennis is to man the coast into the third round at roland garros in the doll saving both break points he faced while dropping just four games on the way to a comprehensive six two six two six love victory over the used pick the second seed
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needing less than two hours in court to wrap up the winner and stay on course for a record seventh french open time. before that fourth seed murray overcame a back injury on an opening set last debate finance your full name in one six six four six one six two haven't ended up with the scot standing afterwards he should be fine to. you know there's just a muscle spasm that's not going to shoot really concerned but. very difficult to show. you know you know it's early morning so it's a bit of time for your body to warm up and so. i'm not doing any. finishing much i could do to. russia's top usually also me to work hard but still progressed after beating dutchman robin hass in straight sets next off really a tough challenge in the guise of spain's for. the french minister julian bennett
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so. a mixed day meanwhile for russians in the women's side of things i'm a see a pub the first player on thursday to make run three following victory over hungary and melinda singing czech laura who knocked out another russian reoccur olenka while and call that kept the flag flying knocking out while card feuerstein of france. overnight faces wimbledon champion patrick a video. that lady poland six one six three the czech though making sure to play dollar for a title chance so i don't have an expectation and i know that last season it was great for me and be ready to have to have a similar result as that last year so i just i noticed this season be right with the pressure and think about you know i just would like to improve what i mean main game and. every practice every match. while reaming champion of china was broken
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once but conceded just two games in the second said the seventh seed blitz francis stefani for its six love six. ok let's talk basketball on the n.b.a. were oklahoma city have become the first team to beat someone tonio in this year's playoffs the thunder stomping on the spurs ten game post-season win streak with a dominant home victory sunday leo had actually won twenty straight games dating back to the regular season but the thunder were determined to upset the spurs on the home court just that kevin durant leading the way for the win it with twenty two points in the thunder though still trail to one and the best of seven series with game four also in oklahoma on saturday. that was a. game where we used our hands using our furnace is a. god to loose a fifty fifty balls into you know do what we do play it underground. you know it was a one game and now we're going to read it again for. boxing floyd mayweather jr will
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be treating this word circle for a prison gym this summer the unbeaten fighter is set to begin an eighty seven day jail sentence on friday the thirty five year old was originally set to begin his punishment for domestic battery back in january but for to postpone the sentence squeezing in another box in the meantime the american julie defeating miguel cotto last month winning the w.b. a light middleweight crown on wreaking in some thirty two million dollars for his troubles it weathers three months absence puts a further dent into the hopes of him taking on money piccy out sunday in what would be among the sport's biggest ever it's. interesting times of the memorial meanwhile with some of golf's biggest stars are drawn by their lesser heralded colleagues during the opening round in ohio four time champion tiger woods along with rory mcilroy and philip mickelson all karting seventy or greater with scott stallings the man sitting top of the leaderboard twenty seven year old taking advantage of some excellent conditions the hardest six under sixty six including half
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a dozen birdies this is one of them on the sixteenth hole or a company who is known for remarkably having had two heart transplants feeling the rhythm on the day he sets one shot back along with spencer levine brown snedeker lies among a group of seven golfers time for third spot currently despite being slowed down by u.s. three bogeys on the last five holes while mickelson has now left the competition altogether citing mental fatigue after an opening round of seventy. finally today june first is international children's day for the past seventeen years the international charity golf tournament has been hosted just on its side moscow the side to help those among the countries children most in need are tim koreans picks up the story. the moscow country club launched this charity golf tournament in one nine hundred ninety six and ever since then the club has made it a new tradition to hold this competition in a gesture of sports and kindness people famous from the role of business sports
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journalism and the arts along with many politicians from all over the globe took part in the event to help arrange a keats charities. for the third of his tournament is being held for the seventeenth time now and we're very very happy about how many children across russia have already received our help it's really important for the whole and all twenty four teams consisting of three adults and one child took part in the tournament and though there was a contest between them victory at such events is never the main objective some teams obviously needed time to get into the sweet offense. while others made the most of their abilities from the first tee but everybody had one thing in common they strive to battle all the eighteen holes as it seemed no matter which country they were from or how old they were for center in iraq at the. to become
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a professional player is a dream for me and i'm very glad to be taking part in this tournament and i hope it will help me improve my skills as well apart from the action on the course to spectators had the chance to witness golf from a different perspective on everybody can learn how to hit one ball with one regular club but how many would dare to try to get two balls or even four while using such unusual equipment years of training and lots of patience and you could probably repeat this. and as the master of the club says he streaks aim to attract more and more people to the game. if i can i can help with the enjoyment with the fun in this it's perfect and i think in the end make more interesting or more people interesting. and for the kids this is this is just put it they just love it. up to this year children all across russia have received more than two billion dollars
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thanks to the help of the international charity tournament but golf is just one sport among many here and events like this show how generous people can be when united their own the single haitian. r.c. most cool region. for a great cause and all your sports whether it's next year is here with all the news . shows that so much happening this week each musician on the mark with a revolution misunderstood so education's will go to the polls to democratically elected president but what about the choice is this a contest between. in
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his secret laboratory tim kirby was able to build an old most sophisticated robot which on fortunately doesn't give a dollar amount anything.


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