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tv   [untitled]    July 21, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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he still talks t.v. dot com. this is our team here just in time for a recap of our headlines hundreds of protesters gather in madrid just a day up to nationwide demonstrations against cuts the outpouring of anger was followed by prime minister enjoys announcement that and dish will sixty five billion euros be slashed from the budget. and syria is engulfed in violence with fierce battles raging across the country between government forces and rebel fighters reports claim july has been the bloodiest month of the conflict so far this as a u.n. security council agreed to extend the observance mission to the country by thirty days. plus trigger happy tourism
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a new attraction for visitors to israel spalls fears it promotes a negative perception of the country critics say is cashing in on the country's trouble security situation. next os special reports of cultures of resistance. sure my. feet.
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here is one of the largest rivers in the world the plan is to dam all the major tributaries of the amazon river. there will be immense pressure not only on ecological reserves but also on the communities and the territories that are used sustainably by indigenous people. meanwhile agribusiness is encroaching illegal logging is taking place and so the single basin is now at a crossroads and this is there's a resistance against this dam project that has gone on for twenty years.
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so we are gathered here to defend all waters as it on demand so right. to finish it and these energy will power and the big al-ameen in companies and on mining companies. oh well and resources. the. the. the. jews to the grief and anxiety about the indigenous people are suffering. i don't think this story will end well. and there will be a lot of conflicts. why did we choose below monte for a dam to war we need height and lots of water was it
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the stuff bellemont a demo we will stop brazil stop bellemont a dam or we will stop brazil was the was the. will be viable that was the kayab all war cry nobody should underestimate the indignation that they're feeling but. the. us would benefit i think that the federal government
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should see this as a message a message that much more blood could be spilled in the chamber river valley if they continue to pursue the project in this way the. the one day i belong to do something to do. out in the open and not behind people's backs like the government my tribe and i i'm not going to accept this. rights and boards its solution. for but essentially i want torsos were taken away. by britain by france belgium it
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would look good once the us. losses were exported from hat for the british ones for to all for my jail for because. i didn't offer much of that the africa the i did what if you leave the people with money pleads so that was to get ignored sources of africa for next to nothing to do to get by to you of america put a little bit. on his books because it doesn't help i don't know yet is it only because man music is the whistle. it is the feel of the future i was about thirteen when my father was singing about all this i'm forty seven now and i find myself still singing about these things my father was fighting for in this times we're young to get somebody nice one by. the end of the. night nuts. oh. no no.
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no. you got to let the record effort this you're going to beg me to use. accounts accountable or sickness is going to do just what the republican . competition. well for some but it is enough to realize the long haul and move for peace on the river front of the lens. but even though they do see that to see and do not. so do their language and stick to those on this only to trade up to devolve it does that in the eyes of government without until the last or dish of the puzzle because that is a loss also a whole problem because the multinationals it is a new problem with that is going to. say i told her to stop to read.
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that book for. me i thought of. someone who go. before i can go to the wall the wall why what i was told either is what i did not get out of movie or. because of all those things through my vest act are you going . to get a divorce or something then on. the end you know a peaceful way i'll put this to you know they'd friend ken so. you know it's making a peaceful protest sad that best not that that in a good. team he's a good leader the montra good to see in sorry but let a peaceful campaign against a sham well company. the fool a dictator something much bigger and trumped up. in the internet was god we michael matz martin luther king the son koran
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a comment to my my father. beat me people have sacrificed risking their lives to put the truth for the generations to understand. that. we got to be like us are we on the podcast i get. but these molecules want to pass that you can read we are not only would we caught. that it's very hard to say nonviolence is distributional if they're treated with you know we have elections in the law but it is a for people you don't listen then in law generation comes and says well i'll buy this tried nonviolence maybe we should try violence how do you bring people in whom without we weighed the government as look if i did force people. it's. a bit.
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of a battle but when one speaks of genocide one chance of a wonder or darvell or allusion member speaks of the congo. or the united nations and is there be a conflict in the world since world war two. was a geological scandal because of the enormous mineral wealth that's in its soil the . conflict is based on who's going to control the resources of the congo that's really what's at stake we're talking about ten year rainy i'm cobalt or you name it ira and they have a new medium is there in the congo and nothing is ever africa but you ask all the soldiers are a different matter what the children at odds are that it's all right so you have a number of major corporations that are implicated illegally exploring congo's mineral wealth so you have cabot corporation out of boston massachusetts o.m.
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group out of cleveland ohio you have freeport mcgraw hand out of phoenix arizona microsoft panasonic touchy you have new kia motorola being questioned about the. tattoo that's used in their cellphones congo has anywhere from sixty four to eighty percent of the world's reserves of coal tan three letter conductive and is found in almost every cell phone in the world and in almost every electronic device so these are some of the corporations that have been involved in benefiting from the cargo while on the other hand we have the congolese people dying to the tune of fifteen hundred a day forty five thousand a month five point four million in the last ten years hundreds of thousands. women rape. so what really discourages you is to see
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a patient you treated in two thousand come back five years later with a rape or and even worse than the one she had before this is terribly discouraging is a kid though what gives us courage is the capacity of these women to fight. through this. if one person is bring the lies in front of everyone by the time that ends everyone in the area i'm going to take their baggage and leave the community. if they are being displaced d.s. is the regional or most of the minerals i look at it so that's the best way to move the people. so the actual rapes taking place the ramp on the land and the report of people at least two rapes in the district of believe thank you. i for you don't bring a lot of your. fish
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. out of the. fish. in the name of mine organization is uber does boeing you know that you were just blown. away they all want to see chunk. of change or the people complain buy things. now i would go out into my space a group. we took into trucks to give it to the flights. and the roof oh he's ok just get karen here the mobile money for the riviera it was
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the. senior water our friends and i gave all the people. i was in this group of students movement. you can see there's a man day he has to go. down and i want to decide i want to. make sure that it's kind of just shooting. in on you know the mine down but no it was so sad so sad to see austin i don't want to ask. aren't we just going to talk move on we just bought by this company alcoholism in just a moment. from
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the onset of drones oh i didn't want a formal in the documentary was taking place but i was close to employees around me as an artist. who cry fat i was mildly gish and while the recorded account you know artistically even though i was doing there was in doing so. we lost artist who try to encourage the people we show you know one thing it will write about it and no people are picking up. but you can make a little better and want to rule and transforming the lives of the people. to day is the opening of the international women's. to the finish president madame. you know the one to remove them to come out
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to be deliberate welcome welcome welcome. the liberian women have always been strong we have the only woman president in africa. and we want to make sure that they are more women that's what this coming together is about for us to sit down every three months if we want to continue to. be. friends of liberia partners of liberia. i welcome you all to see me and that. these women. they are placeholders. sometimes they are the boldest of all of the people trying to stop the war because they have so much invested they know it's their daughters that are going to get raped they know it's their sons their are going to be picked up as child soldiers it's their husbands who are going
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to get killed so they care deeply about stopping that violence. no could you who call them to. understand to educate into the bin to nineteen to. one million people. who are not and they came with machetes spears shouting and looting holding us they were after the ethnic tutsi we thought towards. the shores there was so much negativity during the genocide the people also showed humanity yeah they were people who dared during the genocide to hide their neighbors despite the threat to their lives because they could have died most
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people would ease. yeah fish she took me into the house and suggested that i hide up in the roof she put me there she works her in sick i took him in and instructed him to hinds in the attic but when the war the genocide started and i was nine years old i was in florida grade. of course i was afraid. i had to be brief because they attackers would come and ask me these days there anyone in the house and i would say no there is nobody if you were me that if i peer out of myself they could kill me and my children i came out after three months together with this brave woman but first we really need to prevent genocide from happening again in a dress of staggering aftermath so we can rebuild this world my advice to people is to have longed. for you to let love come back in manas so that war never returns
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to this country. six years after the chant aside we started bringing croup some of our abandoned women leaders one of them was a lawyer is here in new. we don't speak different political but his speech was the one that she had to figure out how you bury eight hundred thousand corpses without any quick meant and what to do about five hundred thousand orphans. adopted the program. and one it took them to the homes. this is sexist or one chip in its holder to beat it to the. highest percentage of women in any parliament in the world. to fit in and that's a strong message. of the couple to the overall.
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thing is that this country can be. in music the going to do and we'll do it bit. we unity because fissionable people. think. he. is a bad player not only real wonder this here at the fest bad festival but many countries responded to the invitation this replace the amount of top military at the end and . then it's to be a different level of conflict with the new people who refuse to be involved. so that it's tomorrow it comes up and says bits go and fight these other. pussy
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just a minute we dance together we sing together why should we fight. you say you're all shown to the show so do we try to sing songs or a piece of whole wheat for us i'm a haro it's a piece of boom ways unity with you and we try to cultivate national pride affected us you know the real clue to the colors that we wear the colors of the national fly . is a bus essential it is that we are making a contribution to the unification and thus unity which brings about peace. your mind should look at the darkness but your real and your action driven or trip . regardless of what anybody thinks of the one in
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government or the regime i think iran is grossly misrepresented. they run your nation as a whole it has always been in a defensive posture it's never been in an office of posture. you have been good wages for intervention you know specific in one thousand fifty three when our first democratically elected government said it was overthrown by a cia and british. there is a very serious wall of mistrust between iran and america because of america's past performance and actions in iraq. they want iraq war was a very stark reminder that iranians that they were isolated. as iran was being pounded in civilian centers the western powers were giving arms and weapons to
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saddam hussein this is been the root of most of the ones mr. we're the rest of the world. because. of. it all you express ourselves through rap music when the motor the jew we talk about things we see in real life i'm living with. a bundle of those good job goal posts just. a. little of them but as comes from nationalism and i'm from the love of our mother . and we're trying to reach people and have our words heard not just in iran and
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but by people all over the world and hopefully will have a positive effect even if it's just a small was. cut. cut. cut. was. i always wanted to some homers the melodies of the learned in my childhood and then use them in my work. her car. her. its close silence city and in so much to a lecture the village that was bombed by saddam hussein and was wiped completely. sure.
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it's the street that i think it's one of the current in our century a leader of them doing this to so many people. the first there is nothing we can do about it but the memory of club she can make you think how to prevent it. her womb what can we do to stop making it happen again as humans not this there's not this iran is not the same world she's you know not as citizens of any country but as humans. or. is basically adaptation of aging from one thousand to twenty my interpretation has been to bring all of these elements in this this moral painting and see how it
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works in fun temporaries time. as i was working the ransom you're on you're taking place in the green movement so a lot of this is here is just current events that they're shocked by mobile phones and recorded as rossi's made their grades they get paid and still. there's a reason for this uprising is that people then time will test and their vote was. told people even though you and dave want their voices heard on. this movement as on why that's the civil rights movement. i talk about the symbolism often by and activism of this bill your mind should look at the darkness but your bill your action should be driven to work to chance.
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wealthy british style it's time to. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on our.
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