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tv   [untitled]    August 9, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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this is. almost children a pulled from beneath the. years living in. part of a radical muslim sect. the syrian army says it's advancing into the country. while rebels accuse the government of using heavy weaponry something that military experts say. a un report. of the west bank territory.
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director of the new internationalism project of the washington based institute of policy studies she explains why she thinks the flowing into syria. thank you for joining us on r.t. the red cross and many other experts are saying that the situation in syria has descended into a civil war a full scale civil war. how does that how does that affect the positions of the positions of the west versus the position of other countries so far we have seen no indication that either the us or any of the outside actors are taking seriously the consequences of the determination by the international committee of the red cross that this is a full scale civil war what it means among other things is that the international laws of war what's known as international humanitarian law apply throughout the
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region and it applies to the opposition as well as to the regime they are obligated under the conditions of international law not to use certain kinds of weapons not to attack civilians not to hold prisoners without some kind of process all of those things are part of international humanitarian law and we have seen no evidence yet that any of the outside actors are taking any of that seriously what does that mean to the syrian conflict what it means for the syrian people is that the militarization of this conflict is escalating that can only be in my view dangerous more dangerous the notion that there can be a transition a regime that would not have the same kind of repression that we have seen from assad all these years is still possible the fact that hillary clinton is now reduced to acknowledging that that if assad himself arranges a transition safe haven whether it's in moscow whether it's in saudi arabia or somewhere else that's still possible then the question becomes who is going to be
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in control if the escalation continues if the militarization continues what we will then see is that the post. government will be led by the men with guns just like what we saw in libya just like what was so in somalia and many other i don't want to make comparisons libya is a very different country than syria somalia is a very different country but the notion that the victors of a political struggle because this is still a political struggle in syria when the victors are those with the guns that always bodes ill for women for children for civilians syria is not libya syria has a long history of of civil society mobilization and organizations they have many things that was not possible in libya it's not the same i don't want to equate them but the danger is that you will have certain parallels certain similarities such as
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unaccountable militias who will not put themselves under the accountability of a new government that is a very dangerous reality and as diplomats have already acknowledged if there is another bigger explosion in syria if the entire syrian body politic explodes it will be an explosion not an implosion as libya was there is the danger because it is becoming sectarian because of that sectarian character that is only now becoming dominant in syria in a country that was not traditionally a sectarian divided religiously divided country despite the use by the regime of the religious and sectarian divisions to maintain its power this was not a population that identified primarily by their religious affiliation as sunni or shia or alawite or whatever it was a possibility that if you were alawite you had a better shot at power but it wasn't the way people define themselves the danger of
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course is that with that growing the sectarianism growing there is the danger that it will spill over the borders and by some congress. and senators calls to arm the rebels for the u.s. to intervene don't you think that's just going to make it worse any further intervention by further militarization is going to make things worse the original militarization has made things far more difficult further militarization is going to kill more civilians the choice of the syrian opposition to take up arms was contested from the beginning by other parts of the syrian resistance who said that we have a better chance of changing our government of overthrowing the government by nonviolent methods so certainly more escalation whether it's by the u.s. or any other outside power is going to be very very dangerous experts now say that
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the rebels in syria are very much dominated by there is an interest in the united states for instance of downplaying the role of the islamists but it's become more apparent that there are islamist forces whether they are al-qaeda i think there is certainly not much evidence yet i think that it is a very dangerous for outside actors who are not on the ground who don't necessarily have good sources on the ground to assume that any islamist forces for instance are part of al qaeda that's a word that's designed to sow terror in the minds of anybody in the west anyone in europe in the united states it cetera i don't think we know yet what we do know is that the opposition in syria is very diverse there is a part of it that has an islamist framework the same is true of all of the the rebellions that have led to the arab spring we see the muslim brotherhood in power now in egypt that's not al-qaeda there were people claiming it then it was not true
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we don't know if it's true in syria diplomatically the efforts where do you think that's had given that the escalate the situation on the ground is escalating the fact that the u.n. has. allowed the the monitoring mission to remain on the ground for at least another thirty days is the one bit of hope that i see right now kofi annan team led by general mood the norwegian general has begun the political process in which they have been able to use in one town another town in small areas from the ground up to make possible a kind of diplomatic process of local commanders of the military and local commanders of the opposition forces of the resistance to create small scale ceasefires in three or four towns the town of dear dearest or is one town in syria where it's apparently working if that could be expanded if that mandate could be shifted from simply monitoring
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a non-existent national ceasefire to facilitating small scale local ceasefires that could then spread and move up from the bottom bringing people with it rather than trying impose something from outside from the top down which certainly has not worked that might be the one hope for a diplomatic and less militarized solution but susan rice and other foreign diplomats at the u.n. said that they are willing or they will withdraw at the with through the monitors if this insulation on the ground is does not improve and so far it's not improving so is that is that is that them saying that this is the last time where expanding this pressure they are saying this is the last time they said that the last time they will change based on political realities not based on the realities on the ground the realities on the ground are not what is determining u.s. positions russian positions qatar's positions saudi positions anybody's positions
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except for the people of syria what the outside powers are doing has virtually nothing to do with what actually is going on on the ground so what we're seeing play out of the united nations. is a power struggle between the united states and russia between nato and the gulf states on the one hand and other arab states on the other we're seeing a bunch of different battles playing out diplomatically almost none of which are taking into account the interests of the people of syria where do you think that's had you think there will be since susan rice clinton and other diplomats have talked about intervention on site they want to think that's going to happen do you think that's a possibility that the west is looking at there is already intervention underway the western countries have provided the military of saudi arabia the military of culture that's where they buy their weapons from they buy american weapons so it is already western weapons that are going in it's not coming directly from the us but
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it is weapons of the west the danger of that escalating is very serious the danger of further escalation involving other outside actors is very serious i don't think the us right now in an election cycle i don't think the obama administration wants to engage in a direct involvement in an air campaign for instance against syria of the kind they engaged in libya i don't think they want to whether what is known in the us as the c.n.n. factor the political pressure on a president in this case on a candidate in the election based on what people are seeing on their television sets becomes very important it's not impossible that even when the regime in power in any country and in this country when the obama administration doesn't want to engage directly if there is enough political pressure they may give in to that
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pressure that's happened before it could happen again mccain is trying to exercise that kind of pressure other congress and other senators there's a number of senators there's a number of members of congress there's calls from the punditry in the mainstream media it's. there's a lot of pressure on the obama administration not because any of them have a proposal of what would actually work but simply because they're using this as a stick to hit candidate obama in the context of the elections that's very dangerous for the rest of the world what are the solutions that you think are best for syria and do you think there is still time for dialogue when the government and the opposition i think there is still time i think the time is diminishing i think that the level of repression from the government has been so horrific and in response the opposition which i support as a principle of the right of people to rise up against a repressive regime the fact that they are using stronger and stronger military.
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strategies and military tactics makes that kind of discourse that kind of discussion that kind of negotiation more difficult but there is still time i think the question remains will the international community help to make that possible for example by small scale community by community village by village city by city negotiating process is at the grassroots bringing together local commanders with local officials of the of the military to work out a cease fire and then a political process the best thing the international community could do would be to allow the u.n. to play that role rather than as a fig leaf of international involvement a fig leaf of multilateralism to cover the unilateral decisions of several different governments.
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the headlines on odds he almost thirty eight children are pulled from beneath the earth in central russia after years of living in dark on the ground cells as part of a radical muslim sect. the syrian army says it's a bad thing into the country's key combat zone while rebels accuse the government of using heavy weaponry. a u.n. report slams israel for kicking palestinians off almost a fifth of the west bank territory turning it into a military training ground. right let's get the latest sporting action dimitri is next.
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so that all the latest. sports update our top stories. russia's eleventh gold not to be american rival. seven hundred ths of a second to win the women's four hundred meter how the. last for russia to be to fit in the men's basketball to reach the olympics seven finals for the first time since the end of the soviet union. and some of them children all under sixteen and new records in the talks about shift to claiming roles in the british. but first the latest from london where to me russia has just won bronze in the men's one thousand meters at the olympic sprinter a garter they do of. of and yet beautiful hin finished third in the final hate
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losing by almost three seconds to pete and could shatter of germany who claimed gold there while defending champions to motorists with brothers and three and alexander but did know which came home second for silver. while headliner tyler and two stormed to her maiden island but gold with a hard fought victory in the women's four hundred meter event which of aborted reports from london. it was a decent day twelve for russia at the london two thousand and twelve olympics with a gold silver and two bronzes to show for their efforts as a page of a medal tally past the fifty mark over success in track and field continues as natalee unsure just come out held on for gold in the women's four hundred metres hurdles a thirty one year old won by the skin of a t.v. show as she was almost called polish and today most of united states on the line in a circle all this had a personal best in the women's long jump but it was only good enough to second place as britney research united states claimed gold i'll spare where was women's
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wrestling sixty three kilogram bronze from the loss of r. and there was talk on the bronze from russian the men's fifty eight kilogram category for alex a didn't see and was so only their second ever medal in the sport imo first in sydney in two thousand russia's men's volleyball team of maybe last fall following a straight sets victory against poland while the country's men's basketball team are also proof of a sameas offer an eighty three points to seventy four victory against if you want india and i will play in spain for a place in the gold medal game. goes once again the start of a double double over nineteen points and thirteen rebounds i think name a k forty seven but if you're in your scrap to says russia's got more firepower than just the minnesota timberwolves forward who's playing well but you know the whole team is playing well the word system is building you know you've got a lot of good passes. you know breaking down one on one. and you know
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people people are going to break. a lot a lot of guys on the team playing well and. know where they're going to be so i think there's to. discourage. kirilenko you know is who is leading score. a lot of guys getting the ball but russia didn't win any boxing medals on day twelve billion breaks but they guaranteed at least. two silvers come first guy is fruits of light weight final but she'll face islands katie tailored to actually be turned. so a definite chance for revenge on russia's european middleweight champion years to topple over her place of a gold medal against america's terrorist shields so russia picked up the gold in just five days and if everything goes to plan to try and double vast amounts with just four days of lympics to go richard i'm all for it r.t. london. american sprinter allyson felix has claimed her maiden individual gold
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following a spectacular victory in the women's two hundred meters the twenty six year old and to the final straight trailing jamaica's two time one hundred meter champ and shelley and fraser price but fed ex would not settle for a third straight silver she stepped up to clock and twenty two seconds to break her silver jinx. and there was more joy for america in the men's one hundred and ten meter hurdle says harris merritt captured his maiden and big gold ahead of competitor jason richardson beijing champ and robles of cuba pulled up midway after injuring his right. where there was drama in the men's pole vault which are bogus they skate after his health to a qualification but the cuban missed out on a final spot. now the same ball is aiming for another in big double tonight
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as he tries to retain his two hundred meter title but what makes the jamaican super sprinter tick sponsored and reform are caught up someone who has the inside track on the fastest man in the world. now after it's been storming performance in the one hundred meters the same boat will go for gold again in the two hundred meters on thursday and to talk a bit more about that is a person who does know him very well carol back to joins me she is the publicist the same boat thank you for your time tonight firstly after that one hundred he must be a change to get back on the track is neat absolutely and the two hundred meters is his favorite race and having you know come back from with his qualification in daegu and tram so much in one hundred is going all out for the two hundred and the four by one because jamaica currently has the world record for the four by one hundred meters now you know him pretty well certainly for the last four years or so he always seems so relaxed isn't the. even for one hundred meters is the hundred
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meter final he's smiling he's joking is that a carrot to you know yes he's saying he's happy he's excited about doing his job he sings that's the way to get people's heart and he said i was sad of his physical performance he's here to do a show and he likes keeping the proto happy and based on the response i mean it was overjoyed i mean after the race. half of the stadium if not more was shouting you saying you saying you saying he's always said he would like to break you think we'll get another one in the two hundred but if the weather is right and doesn't like the cold it's not bad actually. a little bit of rain here and there he's going after it he doesn't go for records he just wants to wait whatever comes after that's on their borders i think in the four by one of them he would be his two you would want to challenge the world record and watch his preparation for a race i mean he wakes up on the morning of the final you know he sort of routine.
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depends on afternoon or morning race typical breakfast he has his beverages and so on that he takes no one to call it in names of anybody but you know he does his you. eats quite a bit. but not too much probably will talk to somebody in this family's team obviously his coach and his best friend energy. watches television he's into sports big time and now with their live pictures when we went to visit him he was watching boxing and cycling and he gets into it see her checks is there he's now over a million fans on twitter so he's excited about that but he does want that typical twenty five year old does and he's happy once he wakes up he's ready to go looking ahead if we can the world championships athletic championships are in moscow next year is not something he's looking forward to after all he will be looking to get his crime back there will certainly i think after the disappointment when the one
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hundred meters or anything is possible he's the defending two hundred meter champion and obviously will want to go back after that and can we see him in russia before then do you think i'm sure if if the price is right ha ha ha you know what i think is a lot of children and i think if we can coordinate some kind of activity where you can interact with the people of russia he would be excited to come along ok with it carolyn speak. thank you for your time and we can hope that you same boat we can probably expect the same boat will get the gold medal in the two hundred fifty knows maybe a world record in the relay and farmer. london. finally it looks like this is the limit for legend hill and is seen by about the russian could only manage bronze in london but third place seems only to have fired up first for glory but has more. to learn arguably russia's most
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recognized flit around the globe to limping goals from athens and b.g. have something to do with the stardom but it was a case of third term unlucky for the pull in the british capital and show how true condition was gone with the long term wind well i was happy i was hoping. it was i was risky to get any medals because of terrible weather conditions. to make. but physically there was rated to jump higher than for fourteen so i was also afraid that whether. it's for them for the medal so i was worried about that. i did a part break for somebody but that bronze also did at least one good thing to give the russian reason to put a time and. thirty she wants to start a family and give birth to the first child and this is by the hopes of having a baby will help to deliver the goods through games in four years time for the
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moment the main objective is award championships in moscow two thousand and thirteen is going to be a historical event for russia and we're going to house well tempered first time in history. and after that so i would have some great. i think i hopefully i will have . a new family gives me mitigation the huge motivation for that is what is my main but i don't know what's going to happen next. whether she makes it to brazil know she has already achieved everything that you dream of she's a double champion not to mention before your title the goal to get me to play also such a staggering twenty eight ball broke his career and she's the only woman to ever lead to. more than five pieces the top although. i will hold this record. so maybe more years five credible. it seems.
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so difficult. so it looks like you see by the his confidence to spend which would be enough to hurt even though we watched the speech. and that is all from a fall today good bye. good laboratory. was to build. fortunately doesn't sound anything tim's mission to teach creation why it should care about humans and. this is why you should care only on the dog.
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