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tv   [untitled]    August 27, 2012 2:30am-3:00am EDT

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welcome back you're watching r t here is a look at the top stories claims of the bloodiest day so far in syria with reports of over three hundred twenty killed after battles between the country's government and rebels outside the capital damascus this is air raids continue in the northern commercial hub of aleppo where opposition fighters say they control at least half of the city. activist out of range israel's military refuses a delivery of aid to palestinians schoolchildren in the west bank by a group of over one hundred international volunteers the incident follows the latest revelations on the mass abuse of palestinian youngsters committed by israeli soldiers. and iran's foreign minister rings the opening bell of the world's
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nonaligned summit in tehran which will see a third of united nation members take part the decision of the un's chief to join the conference has not been welcomed by nato and its allies which have been accused of trying to play down the meetings of importance. but we have lines next to we we're talking to foreign affairs expert and a left wing politician but i can on berlin stance on a range of international issues including syria libya and iran. as one of the world's major economic and political powerhouses germany has a lot of influence which it can exert over global situations not to talk with me a little bit more about what germany is doing on the global stage right now i'm joined by. the foreign policy spokesperson for the left body here in germany thanks
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very much take into. syria is of course the major flash point in the world right now what's germany's view on situation the moment i would love to know what my position is on syria and i think i'm the only side i can take that those people are still peacefully demonstrating for the right for the democratic and human rights. but the german government officially they don't cite something truly until you once . repression within the country sure enough but officially them taking any other sides with the rebels or whatever but informally and we see it from their involvement you know this by ship on the ground another step. invites syrian petitions for the time thereafter and train them here so officially they seem to take sides but it's unclear to me who they are now you mentioned the training of politicians for syria without assad and how those people chosen. i know i do your
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i mean this is by it's not the government thinking that it's the thing think that close to the government would have. somebody selected people and i don't know on the basis of which virtually no clue i mean we have been invited by discussion i'm operating in how can you train some people and others not i mean we left party blinking in germany we have contacts left politicians some people in syria i would know why i would pick but obviously these are different people so if these people being brought to germany because germany sees them as being beneficial for the country in the future sure obviously i mean there's sort of an idea this government has which is not out of the public space i don't know about it but obviously they have an idea who they want to govern the country whether this is ethnically based religiously based or politically based no clue i can figure i can imagine i would
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think that they would look for people who are not too close to the muslim brothers . to islam for a way from from outside as possible maybe not too critical about turkey but i don't know so is germany setting itself up as the best place to to train politicians for the post. that's what they are doing i mean obviously they are inviting people here and they call it training for the situation there after. so yes they're training people for government positions they want to have the relationship with the german government and eventually the muslim brotherhood there are another country where they have huge influences of course in egypt how do you view the situation in that country after their revolution and their transition into a new egypt was very difficult situation for a long time i was afraid that the army would take over. now as of today it looks
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better so that they are losing some of the power of the military to the elected president this situation continuous hopefully to future for the situation within egypt what this means for the whole region i mean we had the clash at the border to israel so really have no idea i think it's a very volatile right now for israel for libya syria. and especially then all the threats from israel against iran so it's too early to say that the revolution in egypt is one is over everything is peaceful and happy happy but it looks better today than four weeks ago well to move to libya now what's the situation there in your opinion how does a country like libya is going to rebuild itself and one of the aftermath very few people talk about is that many of those who fought in libya now went to the area and are now fighting in mali for example were we have no sort of a civil war going on or some really extreme muslim took over the north part of mali
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many of those fought before that and worked with weapons everything were trained in the area so we see sort of the fallout of this war and libya in the neighboring country is there a chance that the type of situation we see right now in libya that could be repeated in syria as of today the situation for me in syria looks much worse than in libya because i mean the whole environment you know with the middle east conflict. is one problem the other problem is that right now there seems to be so many other countries. who have their own interests within syria supporting one side or the other turkey with the kurdish problem so they are supporting the movement just to prevent the kurds within syria to have their own you know autonomy then you have the gulf states supporting the rebels you have russia are supporting it you have the cia on the ground you have german spy ship something i mean this seems to be the whole world have their interest now with one group or the other syria and
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that looks to me like a recent piece for a long civil war within syria now we talk about contagion when we're talking about the eurozone crisis is the risk of a wall contagion in the wider middle east area if the situation in syria continues contagion is the very risk why the west right now is hesitant to intervene because they know if you go into a country like syria you have no control of what's going to happen in the neighboring countries with in the center of attention and levanon so that's why right now the west does not want to intervene because the one of the spillover. but is this not the perfect opportunity to work with iran if i would just look at syria i would think. that that's now the time to get in contact with iran but if you look at the current news. threatening more and more in conflict with iran
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traveling to attack the nuclear sites within iran and with the threat growing by the day and i'm still not confident that these were really keeping at bay until november. it's very difficult for me to think about getting more contact with iran but at the same time there's the spread of military attack on iran interior and might. seem to back off the talks that started so hopefully in moscow for example earlier this year so. the problem is that we're not having syria as a problem alone we're not having he said iran is a problem and rone we have turkey because conflict is escalating everything at the same time so where do you see the future of this argument between israel and iran if tel aviv would be rational. i would be happy and think nothing's going to happen because i think military on the. cookie nearly suicidal for israel.
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considering that with all the change in egypt in the neighboring countries the tech like this you don't know how to how the region would react and if netanyahu the rational would be happy and safe and think no they won't dare to unfortunately i'm not sure that that and you know is that rational i mean he's increasing he's really increasing his tanks israel attacks. and i'm afraid his calculation might be before the us election i can attack you growing obama has to back me after the election he might not want to back so that gives us really really bad chance that the netanyahu might attack in october as soon as october it starts with an attack and the question is how an attack from. tools for nuclear sites in iran how will that develop. i'm not sure it will develop in an all out war but i mean attacks on israel will happen then you don't know how to react with the street almost whether
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they will close it or not that would definitely start an all out war in terms of germany's role what job is that germany to do and germany could really change a lot in that region it was. germany nine years ago to to mediate in the conflict on the not their program it was germany who moved to three plus three talks in the beginning in two thousand and three when i'm talking to passengers in the region or when i went to a couple of months ago i mean everybody thinks the german should play better the stronger role unfortunately this government just plays. the u.s. courts so whatever the u.s. does they follow it and they don't have any initiative on their own what kind of initiative would you like to see. the first thing they could easily do is deescalate the conflict with iran i mean they could really go three four five steps towards to iran and say ok now we believe that you stop the military nuclear
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program in two thousand and three so that we are lifting the sanctions and we are engaging in human rights talk and economic talks and this and that the journey just lifts the sanctions is that not purely a symbolic act you know it would be much more than symbolic because the u.n. sanctions are rather small and then the e.u. sanctions are much much bigger i mean it's the oil embargo that's very bad and germany was sort of the powerhouse behind the on board or they could easily have said in a ok we postpone it for another six months postponement not lifting that would have been a very strong signal to tell. they could have started negotiating. to me to move on that i mean i really thought he was my own government and said what's the problem with with a moratorium for three months for six months and it wouldn't go for that because they just follow the u.s. line here they don't have their own policy that's really bad i think the other thing is weapons i mean german exports third biggest in the world after russia
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around the u.s. . and they should stop selling weapons in the region and that involves saudi arabia as well as israel as well as other countries and they are still sending every kind of weapon to that region what would you like to see from a german government's foreign policy right now i mean if they would do nothing at all i would be happier than what they are doing today i mean officially they're not doing much but then we suddenly can read in newspapers that they sent a spy ship you know that they are monitoring everything that they are helping the rebels against the assad regime they are taking sides in a military conflict exactly wrong i mean better would be if you don't do the right thing to do nothing thank you very much pleasure speaking. your work a. quote
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. good old story to hear before going global and now it's pulling the fire. in. the right to. choose your place take your stand. to. make your statement. spoke the words. she points to the moment.
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on. morning news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china corporations are all today. the flu.
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claims of the bloodiest day so far in syria with reports of over three hundred twenty killed after a balance between the country's government and rebels outside the capital damascus and this is an error rates continue at the door of the commercial hub of a level where opposition fighters say they control at least half of the city the. activist our age israel's military refuses a delivery of aid to palestinians schoolchildren and the west bank by a group of four hundred international volunteers the incident follows the latest revelations of a massive abuse of palestinian youngsters committed by israeli soldiers. and iran's foreign minister rings the opening bell of the world's nonaligned summit into iran which will see a third of the united nations first take part in the decision of the un's team to
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join the conference has not been welcomed by nato and its allies which have been accused of trying to play down the lead in some points. so they have allies here and he supports next. hello welcome to the sports and here are the headlines looking up to go forth with a three nil win over clearly as the very top samuel eto late brace helped and beat . in the russian premier league. while all those even champions manchester city twice come from behind to draw two two at liverpool drop snow again finished goalless up stove top flight. and checkmate drives the edges motor g.p. lead full day lorenzo to win his second straight probably pretty narrow the gap to
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the top. but first a football and tesco mosco are up to full softer trancing creosote off three nil in the russian premier league alexander sound of what the home side ahead catching clearly a goalkeeper gave them caught unawares from long range after only six minutes then added a second just before the interval and it's a go of providing for this one. and with the five minutes left after made the rocky to move latched onto a mark on top of it's across to that his first goal of the season so the army men wrapped up their third win in a row to go forth with just a point of separate from the top five slipped to eleven. and in the late game samuel actually was scored a laser braces angie went six with a pull to win at home to promote should more tovia. come out mounted an impressive fight back to rally from two goals down to draw two two at home to cross that off
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and all the goals coming in the first off that is fading though it left much to be desired as you would by debray sit within five minutes to give the business and apparently comfortable meet. the media striker has now scored six goals. as in as many matches then with you to be stopped he pulled one back out. to a. level matters and two two was how it stayed us while on saturday twice former champions rubin came from behind to win two on it is the need to inflict a first defeat of the season on the defending champions watched on by russian manager fabio capello that defies didn't put the home side ahead not in any beast of cost twenty five minutes but seven minutes after the break alexander has done so it was filed in the area for the visitors the press not sure level from the penalty spot for the israelis six goal in as many games and on the hour the man as human cat netted from long range what proved to be in the billions without wrapping up
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the perfect present for coach good ability of who turned sixty on saturday. and that's a defeat for you chano selectees meant meant to win for spots i could even form direct and see the muster side going top and they took me to argentina and every time i'm inside out from a corner after sixty seven minutes. and with ten minutes to go igor never drank a level four to one to go. right to speak to us and the camp was once again left in stoppage time brazilian defender antonio forrest snatched the win if i ever signed to me one thing up their code winning games to leapfrog spot act and though i never point it suits us while over in england carlos tevez capitalized on a defensive howler to help champions manchester city it's not a late two two draw in a stroller at liverpool to deny brendan rodgers a first victory as reds manager the reds let through martin head after thirty four
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minutes but city levels is just off to the hour when ya touré pounced on the defensive mistake then the home side immediately regained the leave thanks to lewis white's free kick but with ten minutes to go. intercepted scuttles call that passed to ensure it finished two two while the austral failed to score for the second straight league game off the selling top scorer robin valley firstly to manchester united as they drew near minutes stoke which followed last week's goalless open up against sunderland. defensively and as long as we didn't score you know they were happy was a point you could see about. and. easy to point. to drop. which. just to go. on. but you made the point because it's different for everybody to. tennis now and patrick fitz about has clinched her second title this month by beating maria kirilenko in
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a hard fought battle to win the new haven open in the final warm up the last grand slam of the season the us open last year's wimbledon champion was pushed hard by the russian with each player dropping serve three times in the first. two to eleven in the toy break for a length of then went a break up in the second but critics fought back to try the seven six seven five are going to want your title she won you know we're just here lanka has risen to a career high twelfth in the world rankings while crittur is seeded fifth at the u.s. open and started in the nuts off setting up. while roger federer spearheads the men's half of the draw at the world number one is the man to catch after beating reigning u.s. open champion know that jacket in the final at the cincinnati masters last week and the swiss says he called thanks to kick start his quest for a record six title at flushing meadows the search you want your old winning streak between two thousand and four and two thousand and eight to be
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a small point be held by g recognizant pete sampras etc by that formal much. time there's no doubt about how never just move on right. now for them. teenagers are those times are. just. going to reach my goal for the coming world i want to. get a good amount of switzerland so it's been incredible i do have this one for me this year where you want to do well. i want to be returning here is what i want to. super size now as a major g.p. where danny pearl drives the edge standings radio wholegrain or enzo to clinch his second straight victory at the check call pre their end zone has started from pole ahead of pedrosa and it was a tight jewel between the two throughout the racing bono bazza pedrosa crept ahead on the final corner to eventually win by less than two seconds cal crutchlow came in search to give britain that podium finish in twelve years while pedrosa cut the
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gap to fellows founded lorenzo just thirteen points at the top of the standings with six races to go champion casey stoner remains in third spot despite missing a check from three because they could on. the last corner. he did i do it is a brace and we were. into the corner but i could get my line in and win this race so it was it was amazing and i'm just just a hobby. and meanwhile in cycling laws armstrong says he's unfazed by his latest career threatening scandal the texan came second in a mountain race in colorado just hours after being stripped of his seven tour de france titles the american anti doping agency also banned him some life after the forty year old refused to continue his legal battle over doping allegations but on strong says he has more important things to keep him busy. so i don't have anything we're going to. buy great kids i've got a great lady ever wanted but you're
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a wonderful foundation it's completely unaffected by any. noise out there and we're going to continue to do our job. and finally there's only one boat in the world which sails under the europeans. why he hasn't. unbeaten since its launch in two thousand and ten however its latest victory in the palin the two monte carlo regatta was probably the hardest. on explains. this boat is a says who is the best europe has still for the most advanced and probably the fastest moxy yacht with a motivational dream team on board all together as well and promoting the idea of european unity as immature but she has never tasted defeat since it first took to the water into it to tell smashing records as a mother of fourteen. june the fourteenth at the draw up these amid big the previous record by over three hours with experts calling it the best ever sailing
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performance in the move to rein in. now the brilliant blend of europeans has gained some russian flavor with making his debut these images in the political two multi-cultural race over the last weekend but it's the latter assume it's a great honor for me to be russia's representative on such an outstanding both shoulder to shoulder with the likes of yacc and schumann and one viola who are sailing screen with a crop this is a great chance for all of us to bring our skills together and reach the top attention in the first race for the russian was expected to be a real challenge for the health team as the weather conditions was far from perfect and portugal expect hard light breeze is going to be a question will be going west of sitting across all going on these are going to the middle so there are a lot of strategic options and it was the point where our thoughts the race proved to be one of the harris tests these i'm a team had ever had escaping out of debt combs. tried
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a brand new route me at the tail and coast which gave the yacht the lead in the dying minutes just twenty miles from the finishing. carl. was a long one when you would really not but actually trust for cost to go along italian coast and he made a very early decision to split to the right and we realize soon on the tracker that nobody else got the same plan the risky tactic proved to be the best with the team's victorious record remaining intact and in the meantime his immature all parties once again challenging the elements on the course between the knuckle and for the chair will near certainty near. the team of all standing europeans based on going all out to be in the record set in two thousand and three. but for the party . and that's all the sports news i have.
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closure is that so much about taxpayers' money mentoring is it makes me a lot of people that area managing in a political class has to hold facing another and more sustained food prices higher prices population growth bad weather.
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