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actually. you live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous i had lunch i got so many i mean i have my hands at ten pounds i know that i'm sitting seems really messed up. in the old story so i personally apologize it's. worse for the little things. like how superman the radio guy and politico minestrone. what. to do because you've never seen anything like this until.
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these folks this is the break in the set and i'm abby martin so today marks the day one thousand private bradley manning has been in jail without a trial you have since been arrested in kuwait's on may twenty sixth two thousand and ten he's been sitting in a cell sometimes in solitary confinement and subject to lay guy irons for a thousand days today just to get along two years eight months and twenty four days is with out due process so far manning has been one of the many people charged under the archaic espionage act piece of legislation that holds heavy penalties for exposing government corruption was all for the crime of leaking thousands of classified military documents and blowing the whistle on war crimes on the bush administration you know obama refused to prosecute any of the bush cabinet for their criminality because. so it was more important to look forward but i guess
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it's fine to look backward wants to prosecute in prison those are told the truth about set of crimes over the last decade makes sense right now i don't think so let's break that. what. were you ever seen anything like that. up. yesterday my producer and i had the opportunity to attend a rally right here in washington d.c. tens of thousands of people poured into the city to protest the inaction over climate change making it the largest rally on this issue in u.s. history right in a sense very own america david how did chance to catch up with some of the rally goers to ask them why they think this is so important take a look. it was a rally of rallies. tens of thousands of people pouring into the nation's capital.
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braving below freezing temperatures all to send president barack obama an urgent message on climate change if president obama can hear us cloud and clear american the american people what is leadership they want is action of they need it now we don't have any time to waste president obama if you're smart you talk to the scientists you know what's going on let's do it. it was a call to action made by people who are seeing the urgency now more than ever before just in the past year alone the country saw the most extreme temperatures on record california dealt with overwhelming wildfires the midwest experienced the most severe drought in decades and recently the northeast felt the wrath of superstorm sandy mr president good to be with you again despite the staggering weather patterns both president obama and former republican presidential candidate mitt romney were silent on climate change in the two thousand and twelve campaign elections. michael marking the first time since one thousand nine hundred eight
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that the issue went unaddressed in the debates. the president of the united states. but now president obama is seeking to turn another page most recently underscoring his commitment and the state of the union will direct my current to come up with executive actions we can take now and in the future to reduce pollution prepare our communities for the consequences of climate change and speed the transition to more sustainable sources of better. yet while climate change advocates are encouraged by his rhetoric they maintain it must be followed by action starting first with a halt of the controversial keystone pipeline project being pushed by giant oil and gas companies that would transport tar sand oil from canada through american pipelines to texas oil refineries. or. environmental activists came from across the country and across border lines one
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canadian actress said now is the time to reverse course the world is in trouble and at this point if we continue as you know continue on the what we've been doing in the past and continue on with dirty oil we are damaging our children we have to draw a line in the sand we have to stop somewhere but time is running out while consumption and pollution are growing exponentially that's why these probably go words are here to do what they can making it clear to this administration what they're asking for remains to be seen however whether president obama is listening amir or david r.t. washington. and now to talk a little bit more about this rally its significance and whether president obama is likely to listen i'm joined now in studio by b.t.s. producer amir david thank you so much for coming by and he was really amazing to be at that rally yesterday to be with so many people really calling for this topic to
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be addressed i mean why do you think the momentum was so strong why now well i mean first of all you you mentioned how cold it was after the i mean it was freezing so i think that speaks volumes to the sack that i mean the fact of the word that many people there to come out on a cold winter day like that says a lot but i think it's a couple reasons first i think people are starting to connect the dots between the extreme weather we've been seeing the wildfires the drought everything and the science that's really there that backs it up and actually offers an explanation for why this is really happening not only that it's not something that's now you know twenty years down the line or forty years down the line it's something that's happening now and so people are feeling it's starting that they're starting to get a sense that this is very real this is happening now this is affecting us and when it becomes when it comes close to home like that you know that really gets people to get. you know out of their seats and do something about it not only that but there's the keystone pipeline right it's a hot issue right now lots of people came out specifically specifically for that
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and it's something that they know that if they don't act now president obama will you know sign for the expansion of the pipeline and they do not want to see that happen so it will cause some pretty detrimental effects on the environment and the health of the humanity i want to play a clip that you got from rhode island senator sheldon whitehouse who's been at the forefront of this issue about the pipeline for quite a while so let's listen to what he had to say. the state will be. very responsible just a game over for our country on climate and i think also game over secretary kerry and president obama's credibility on this issue too. these big speeches and that the first thing out of the box is the project that it's game over. you know i really like what it does say but you know it certainly is game over because we really expect obama to act i mean here he is he has the oil companies in his pocket i mean they funded his campaign not to mention the koch brothers are really poised
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to really profit immensely from this pipeline going to regularly has their oil fields what do you think i think you know it's difficult to say you know there are a lot of skeptics out there who say you know it's really going to be hard for him to turn his back on these big oil companies the lobbyist to just you know fossil fuel industry huge industry koch brothers very powerful influential people are really sort of investing a lot into this it will be hard for him to turn his back but that's the reason why so many people felt it necessary to come out to the rally they said we need to show him that we support him that we're we're we're there as long as he's willing to take the bold action we are there and people who are very optimistic believe it or not they're very optimistic i was very interesting to see how how obama oriented the rally was before going to just wanted to say you know this investment in the pipeline it's it means that we're going to forty more years of dirty energy so that so i think that it really is game over in the sense that if obama doesn't act on
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this we are assured that for forty plus more years we are investing in the bad kind of energies which really does all the opportunities to invest in clean absolutely and that i think this is the time to act because this is the drawing the line you know what you know whatever way obama goes is really going to determine the future of the climate i mean of of our earth but also of the movement and they see this as as you know game time absolutely let's talk about jill stein who was really huge on this issue during her campaign for green party presidential campaign let's hear what she had to say about the movement and the establishment. the some differences between the two establishment parties between democrats and republicans they're both taking the ship down and taking the planet down so it doesn't matter if the ship sinks a little bit more slowly under obama then it would under romney we need a solution that really works we've got to be able to go into the voting booth and exercise the politics of courage that's really what's going to save us here we're
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going to need courage in the street and courage in the voting booth i couldn't but i can agree with her more i mean here she is saying we don't need we don't just need obama we also need people rallying behind him we need people like joel stein i mean here she is saying we can't just support this seller and expect them to act when really they fall short on so many other issues that mirror what do you think absolutely you know something that's very interesting is i found it peculiar that she wasn't speaking at the rally. and she told me that she wanted to speak at the rally but they denied her that opportunity and she chalked that up to the fact that they do not want to fragment the climate change and that they do not want to confuse the voters they very much the movement has very much changed their bets on the democratic party to get this issue moving and perhaps you know not the best decision but that is their strategy and that's what they're sick and that's really unfortunate i was really surprised to see how many people just expected obama to act i mean let's really hope that he does but like i said before i don't really
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have much faith let's talk about civil disobedience which is something that joel stein also really pushed for because it's really important to accompany this kind of action direct action when you're talking about something like the keystone pipeline that's here which you say. you are increasingly committed to doing what it takes to stop the pipeline if that means you know laying down our bodies and civil disobedience we are prepared to do that and i think it's really important that we conduct civil disobedience not just in the streets we must be prepared to conduct civil disobedience in the voting booth and actually put our values ahead of our fears in the voting booth i really like also which. it does say i like her that she has a vote because it was great she was super passionate about this issue since super positive about civil disobedience and also what i thought was really interesting is how many indigenous people were there representing their communities who are going to be directly adversely affected by the pipeline talking about that their health the earth our mother earth and really how they need to lie their bodies down to
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prevent this from happening absolutely was very strong as there was a lot of amazing speeches that happened yesterday thank you so much mary for reporting on it appreciate or. now if you like what you see so far head to our you tube channel at youtube dot com slash breaking the set be sure to subscribe so you don't miss a single episode or segment every single segment tab that if you want to catch those separately and courage i want to check out our interview with journalist max blumenthal on the chris dorner cover up you can also look at every other say that we've done tad bit into the sections on top of our page from big brother watch to weapons of mass distraction check them all out and more youtube dot com breaking the set i'll take a break from my preaching stay tuned to hear why there might be an economic recovery at all next.
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year i. think. that's the. wish. list. good luck.
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and. find him a little. place . because.
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it looks like. a good gibberish if anything like that. back in two thousand and eight the us government rescued to be biggest financial institutions by granting them the largest bailout in history at a cost of seven hundred billion dollars in taxpayer money and despite having record losses the companies that were the largest recipients of government money paid out bonuses of at least one million dollars to their executives regardless of this act of contempt the bailouts encouraged the already too big to fail banks to take
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a wild or and bigger risk since profits would be privatized and losses socialized if any one of us practiced such recklessness would be in jail and off her feet but to this day not one person from any financial institution has ever been prosecuted or even brought to trial for contributing to the mess we're in today the question that's been on everyone's mind for the last five years and finally it was addressed by one newly elected senator elizabeth warren who spoke to bank regulators on the hill and her first hearing as a member of the senate banking committee take a look. see what i want to know is tell me a little bit about the last few times you've taken the biggest financial institutions on wall street all the way to a trial. anybody. after financial regulators skirted around the question and try to justify why you know
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banks have been brought to criminal trial she followed up by famed neath. the district attorneys and u.s. attorneys who are out there every day squeezing ordinary citizens on sometimes fairy thin grounds and taking them to trial in order to make an example as they put it i'm really concerned that too big to fail has become too big for trial indeed the immunity from bank c.e.o.'s have come to appear in my eyes the two tiered justice system where the richest and most powerful people in the world are held to a different set of lost in the rest of us so what's the answer do we restore justice to more government regulation or is the government the problem in the first place join me now to discuss this stuff on my new essayist author and host of free domain radio thank you so much for coming on stefan thank you my pleasure so some on why do you think these banks are way too big to even be prosecuted here. as well as
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a number of reasons old government force violence is a terribly negative effect on society that we generally don't see it with regard to the state we consider it law and order first of all of course they give massive amounts of money to belittle campaigns and therefore there's not a huge incentive to prosecute secondly of course the f.c.c. the securities and exchange commission get funding from congress and any time the f.c.c. wants to go after banks congress threatens to cut its funding because they want to keep the donations flowing in so they can get reelected of course the amount of regulations this is miss you know there was this big deregulation and then all of the banks came out like jackals just based on the body politic i mean not since the bush george w. bush hired ninety thousand additional regulators during his term and regulate banks in europe heavily regulated you can more so than in the u.s. and they suffer just as much so banks love regulation. because they're very expensive to comply with and so what happens is they have huge legal armies and
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huge legal departments to to deal with these ten thousand plus pages of regulations and when the regulations hit the smaller companies can't compete because they don't have the legal requirements that they sell to the big companies and of course there's going to great precedents are bank bailouts in the past there was a savings and loan crisis in the 1980's that was often out there so i mean there's just no way that the government can reliably and affectively and manage and control these so that you are dependent on them and of course the banks just populate the regulatory agencies but people who likes of the smartest people in or the math and vine and classes go into wall street or the dumbest one's going to the regulatory agencies so you know it's like a four year old playing chess with a russian grandmaster i'm just going to work up very well very good points that the revolving door goes around and around to make sure that these prosecutions don't happen on your channel on your you tube channel your future here to video says that there will be no economic recovery can you briefly explain why this is the fun. well it's a variety of reasons but mostly they're of course
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a huge cratering of the middle class in america a massive divide you know we tried this program in the west starting in the one nine hundred sixty s. and. this happened all throughout the west publicly it's so frustrating poverty was inside as a human societal historical problem in the post second world war period you can see the numbers but he was going down one percent every single year we were within a decade to a decade of eliminating poverty and then the government where let's go in and help the poor and of course what happened was you've got massive debts you've got the creation of a permanent underclass you've got a cheery ration educational quality in jumping to nice you've got the outsourcing of manufacturing which is the traditional way to the middle class for for the poor and as a result you have now forty percent of americans have about five hundred dollars in the bank and to the richest to become richer the poor have become poor. become a permanent underclass you have to high five american households substantially dependent upon the government so what their income you have jobs being created now
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at less than half the rate they were over just ten years ago and you have all of this overshadowing overshadow we get it truly catastrophic fashion is the debt and the deficit so i mean it's one hundred fifty million dollars a minute you can take away all of bill gates is significant mind crushing it numerically superior fortune anybody found the u.s. government budget for about fifteen days so you have a huge increase in the growth of government yes and of course as we know guess or simply deferred comp we've had a massive increase and interesting of the social mobility is down we've got this huge cliff edge of debt and so unless there is a massive shrinking in the size and power of the state and not just what they talk about you know we're going to reduce the rate of increase over time and that we're going to call that a cut you know a substantial enormous caught in government spending there's simply no way that the economy can recover stuff and definitely
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a multitude of reasons and unless you address the actual core of the system i don't think that it is going to recover i think that you just outlined that pretty well let's talk about the solution because i think a lot of people when they look at what you're proposing to size down the state to really get that libertarian mindset you take it one step further you actually advocate no state talk about this philosophy and i think a lot of people are confused because what i mean myself included i think when i look at the current state of things i'm thinking armed question you know is this in the inevitability of a free market capitalist state where we have these monopolies controlling everything and our government i mean is that so i think can you just explain why this isn't that case and also what your philosophy entails. i've got about three hours straight now from going to break so just completely lost the rest of the afternoon programming because what could be more important and a lot if we did well ok first of all let's not confuse what we have now is free market capitalism this is
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a hierarchical oligarchy at all or well you're in style fascism i mean not completely and totally but you know these sort of private control of profits and public control industry is in that sphere so that's a huge problem the solution traditionally has been to make government smaller back there's a teeny tiny little important problem that occurs when you make government smaller so look at the american government of the founding of the american republic in the eighteenth century look at that beautiful tiny tiny little government a government that when you can show it was a period on a piece of paper and what's happened from the very smallest government that we've ever had in the history of the world we now have the very largest government that the world has ever seen this is an inevitable think because what happens is when you have a small government you get free trade you get incredible productivity growth you get wealth growth you get the humilation of capital and all that stuff and what happens is just like an animal droppings that attract flies it attracts governments to grow so when you have freedom free markets free trade genuine freedom. grows
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when wealth grows governments get the tax more and people don't care as much as they have so much more money and then when you get even more money governments use that as collateral to borrow which is why the national debt can be so big i can be so much bigger in america and europe and so africa and so when you have a very small government what you are is creating the conditions to get enormous guns and so that's a huge problem so i know it's a weird radical idea but it's really not that strange when we think about i mean i assume that you would not like the government tell us who we should marry or what professions we should follow or no actually that's remotely not what i do want the government to said these are the basic awas and i think that's what ron paul is advocating for is that we just need to instill the basic laws and have these giant corporation. b. you know the fall of these laws that we can do but you go even one step further and say that we don't need any laws at all how are we supposed to be conscious consumers regulate the market ourselves when really clearly we're not doing that now i mean look at b.p. it's still thriving and well after poisoning the gulf of mexico i just don't know
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how how can we get to this state and regulate these massive corporations who clearly only care about profit maximization. well i mean the first interactiveness not working right regulation is no no i mean you probably knew that people sent in reports about bernie made up. for years before the f.c.c. and yes he did nothing it's a little fine regulation doesn't work this is i think pretty well established by public choice. what does work is having people be personally accountable for their actions so there's a mystique that is often met which is that corporations have something to do with pretty much now corporations are a legal shield for the owners of organizations to avoid legal consequences for their actions so you know what happens a whole bunch of people make a whole bunch of money right as you say that million dollar payouts are the bail out and so you get to pull all the money you want out the corporation but if you do anything it's the corporation that gets fined not you personally it's like that you get invisible friend goes on trial for everything that you do i mean it's only
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going to encourage this kind of crime so i'd like to look at the possibility of sort of put forward the possibility that what we have now is true chaos and the idea of anarchy the idea of self regulating spontaneously self-regulating social order is not the idea of no group so the technical definition is no rulers which means they should not be and morally cannot be a central group of people with unlimited right to initiate force against everyone else can we call themselves a state that basically is just a gang of people with guns and a whole bunch of pomp and circumstance it's you know it's guns with flags and bans and so the idea is what if we didn't have this center of society well then we would actually have rules that would be generated by. so so what if you don't like the keystone pipeline fantastic then don't sell your elections to the people who want to build it for organize a boycott or find some of you know just don't don't deal with these people economically there's lots of ways to get things to not happen that you don't want
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to have happen in a free society but right now we think that the government to take care of everything with which they're not and so you end up with this unbelievable unholy injustice where in rich people make conflict and it's in the banks while the poor and middle classes get taxed and the unborn the unborn are born into a house million dollars of debt mostly owed to current bankers before they even draw a breath what accounts and this is ungodly this is what we get what we put coalition at the center of society and all i'm saying is maybe just maybe we can do for regulations for laws what we've done to marriage and occupations which is we've made them voluntary choice rather than some centrally coerced interaction definitely definitely faceted i'd love to get you on more cars are so much more to get into about this concept of anarchism mom i think it's a very demonizing the mainstream but i think it's a really fascinating concept to explore. and that was host of free domain radio stuff on my no if you're just an interesting point about personal freedom and what role the government should play if any in our lives it's certainly not the end of
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the conversation but this is just one example of many alternative ideologies out there that need to be discussed and explored after all if we don't entertain other philosophies and systems of order how can we ever fix our own failed model how can we ever create a new together. do we speak your language as anybody will or not a day in. this program see documentaries and spent. more matches to you breaking news a little turn to angles couldn't stories. for you here. in troy spanish. visit.
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