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tv   Capital Account with Lauren Lyster  RT  February 19, 2013 8:28am-9:00am EST

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all of those north korean scamps are at it again another nuclear test in north korea has made all the headlines trust me nuclear missiles are something worth being concerned over but haven't we heard this song and dance before all the way back in two thousand and two the north koreans according to the b.b.c. ruled that they have a secret weapons program and turned their young beyond nuclear reactor back on since then every once in a while a missile flies and people say the war is coming and silence then another test of some sort shock horror and then silence again north korea just uses this is a bargaining tool to get what they want and rather how wacky the north korean state may seem they understand that launching one or two missiles against united states means they probably won't even hit their target and in return their entire country will be turned into ash instantly this situation really isn't cause for concern
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until something big changes like the us not being in a position to support south korea japan or some other dramatic event that changes the game like china giving up their support for the north korean side but for now the cycle just keep going on and on and about two years the same headlines will be back with the same fear will be back a lather rinse repeat but that's just my opinion.
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most people are rushing home to get ready for new year's celebrations but all those when a hurry to leave then give us a priority is not to miss the train. each one of these passengers is expecting miracles from this festive trip. this is like the first time we're celebrating on the train we've waited so long to do that we bought tickets a month ago and we're so excited about celebrating it on the way it's different from the usual parting at home with thousands in cooking and stop we're so excited . by tension train fifty two from moscow to st petersburg depart in five minutes.
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great so much fun and. with two hours to go before new year passengers on the moscow st petersburg train up eagerly on packing their bags bringing out the food and starting to see out the old yeah. i'm not actually meant to be here just sing us softly a lot of this is my big mama she isn't supposed to be here. had planned to celebrate in moscow she'd decorated
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a tree prepared salads and invited the neighbors but before the party she went to the railway station to see off her daughter and friend but when bidding the two farewell the door closed and she was aboard when the train pulled off. the train was going to stop but it kept going i'm going. to venture without her mom but here's a. lifelong dream has been of a new year's adventure but only now is a pensioner is that dream finally coming true yes and i wanted to hit the emergency stop but they talked me out of it but i didn't want to spoil their adventure or trying to get something out of it mom has made friends of the conductor and he's promised her a free return ticket. eager eager we hope he'll be our father in law in the future so we can travel disappears bird for free. unfortunately it turns out that uncle eagle already has a wife and a patient one train conductor doesn't get to celebrate the big holiday with her until january the second. usually rings in the new year with his passengers. i'm
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the conductor father for us asked me to give this to you even though you're on the train so remembers you. i wish it were a thousand a year and everyone is happy to celebrate new year on the train. celebrating at home means t.v. salads and so forth people have the same things every year people want to celebrate new year on the train because i don't know what do they say it's cool it's different. sunny oceans cover has also become tired of t.v. and festive sell it's so she decided to go with the very last moment but sonya hasn't paid for this new year's train ride to st petersburg. that it's been years i had no way to go and no one to celebrate new year with all my friends are far from lost and my family doesn't celebrate new year so i ended up alone i went to red
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square but there was nothing special there just a bunch of tourists and so i decided simply to catch a train but it is you know there's always something interesting on the train groups if friends get on so there's never a dull moment so i was sent down in the vestibule between the two doors there was four minutes before departure when the conductor source me and the other guy. it was me who brought her here she also had no one to celebrate new year with my main mosque mostly because of the holiday the conductor didn't kick the girls off and there was yet another new year miracle for the two friends when moscow resident nicholai let them travel with him nicholas going to st petersburg to meet his girlfriend they've known each other through an online game for a year now maybe even had a virtual online wedding recently but they haven't actually seen each other yet the confirmed bachelor has decided on new year's day to shift from the virtual world and proposed to his internet girlfriend in the real one. the other i'm
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a fool but why. she's twenty one and i'm forty three but as fun i thought it would be a good idea. girls everything ok yes for soon if you need a sunshine here you go champaign it cost seven hundred fifty rubles if you offend the. waitress angela always celebrates new year with her passengers. the passengers on new year's eve are just fabulous. i really like the way it has all turned out there's a very festive atmosphere in carriage number nine i was surprised at how interesting those people are they had prepared so well after all they knew that they were going to see the new year on a train because there's a tree animals every table and the decorations and some incredible has on their heads and they're even children to they're not just travelling they're doing it
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with all their heart having down themselves on a train this new year's eve they made up their minds to make the best of a situation. who wants this useless stuff who wants some change or in. who wants a doubtful though a tangerine again happy new year i'll give this useful thing to you to. the new year i wish you all happiness and being happy. for you. petersburg native alexei and expected to be drinking champagne with his girlfriend diana in moscow but he ended up drinking beer on his own they arrived in the morning so the two could celebrate new year together but that evening she dumped him for another guy. like they bought
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a ticket for the next train and made it home. for some new year makes dreams come true while for others it's just a fact of life now it so happened that i'm celebrating. on the train if she chose another i can't do anything about it. but alexei continues to believe and to wait he keeps his cell phone close by. if she calls to say she's waiting for me i'll be off the train at the next stop. and some of our compartment is the best on the train we all come from different places and i'm traveling with my two kids the guys are traveling on their own well i'm very happy that we all met it's cool and fun to be celebrating new year together so. please meet lee he's from china. she doesn't get anything no no no no a little bit i understand. she already understands what you must
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know that. it would look you. know happy new year. as the new year approaches people who were strangers just hours ago have become fast friends. travelling without a ticket give nicholai some advice the goal is to make a life i hope that this woman mid-south to your expectations was muslim it's likely she will turn out to be quite different than you've imagined. but up here is age isn't important what is important is that your most likely turn out to be a completely different person than you imagine her to be when you play games on line with your ok girls i guess we'll meet again. only alexei bistro off is alone his phone remains silent.
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it's no good if someone's on their own it shouldn't be like this that the new year is a holiday and people. don't be alone. and many find a partner young men and women and not only the young. the senior citizens and all kinds of people travel with us. and many get acquainted on the train you board the train brings people together. what i mean to say is that when people are in the metro or when walking down the street or stand in line at a store they're less likely to say hello i like you while on the train in a pleasant atmosphere with a friendly conductor and a bunch of other factors it brings people together and for many it turns out to be very good. people start families and give birth to children this is very good that's what happiness is about. olga and the goal met a year ago this very train. honest we
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met at the dining car in fact record each other's i went into was trying to figure something out with the train conductor and i asked him where the dining car was this well swore there wasn't any music on the train yeah that was it and there's none today either they still haven't sorted that out and then i headed to the dining car to find there he asked if they could sit at my table i was travelling alone i simply decided to go to st petersburg at new year so it was how we met. begin talking and first i didn't think that it could lead to a relationship in the do list and i hope that i couldn't see equal in january first to be honest but it so happened that we've been together for three hundred sixty seven days now which makes eight thousand eight hundred eighty four hours together and you lost them last year they travelled with us yes we remember them and they remember me at the time i did not know they were a couple they didn't look like
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a couple yet then the girl was not as close to him as she is now this year she positively radiates for. good i had little to. story corps my trip had the code name drowning in the gulf of finland with a camera it was found that this was a pretty interesting ideas so we decided to do it together and a day later met my mother in four days after that he proposed to me. they think us because we even brought them together so to say it was not us but rather the railroad that became their matchmaker if they met on our train perhaps it was destiny do you have a big family no not big only three father mother i mean are you going to marry in russia were in china is that a question our proposal. just a few minutes or less before new year nicholas going to congratulate his future
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wife. picking up both of us have lives a row we'll sort it out it's not a big deal. is that even the little more you know on this night i'm not exactly waiting for a miracle i just want people to experience something that's well like watching people coming together people are travelling it would be it would also be for the first time they're meeting each other there's a man from egypt and a guy from china. they've got food and because our people are treating them to russian champagne you know and you know they probably don't understand any russian but they see this atmosphere and it's very interesting for them. do you like our traditions yes i like have a fun yes. in china russia and russia must go on for a long one year are you enjoying. it's very cold.
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here today we have people who want to be here they love this holiday and they decided to celebrate new year on the train even older p. well said it's romantic it's simply great it's cool. to. play means to a new year. no
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matter whether we go from st petersburg to moscow were from moscow to st petersburg which the new year no i don't train fifty two is sheer joy everybody is welcome.
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we are facing a lot of problem in the. because no one thought to drink no good school. no gun no permits when you feel southpark. other local what's not enough job is a law in the local needs you want a community l.n.g. multan will be used. you've just done for a match up artist and was fights about the most fights. all fights.
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fights arrived.
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you. guys have been singing without me makes me very sad you've been singing without me . even paul goes are singing a lot so we decided to have an ensemble work yeah i'm busy serving passengers right now but i'm definitely going to sing i love singing very much.
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and this is got our own folk singer here you know what it's wonderful that you doesn't matter how a person sings it's just the mood that matters my family works here my son works at the dining car as a chef the head of the dining car is my daughter and all i help my children and i like it that i like being together with them working with people is interesting we happen to meet different people some have a good sense of humor others may give you some interesting information good advice most people are kind. i would be happy to celebrate new year at home but this is long. new year at work on the train is also good with us
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a lot i mean someone needs it when you're travelling people are travelling there are guests are passengers as it should be someone to serve them and i'm here to do that there should be someone to do that kind of job. if you. give me a little bit only get you in that way by. this new year's day you can all go and igor a wide awake they've decided to walk the streets of st petersburg until dawn in spite of the fact that the city's failed to offer a good new year whether it's raining.
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but a year ago it was completely different and the colors were different the sky was blue that was the single cloud in the sky despite being so early so the love was a determined to retrace last year's routes to the on a bridge where they first kids. will remember how it was last year but i wouldn't say that the emotions are the same they are different this time. but we definitely have positive emotions i love my husband i hope he loves me of course i do. like it is the most we stop to the bridge because it isn't view. the weather was cloudless like it was and is again lights reflecting in the water it will seem like. olga loves taking photos so she began to first grow the reflection of the lights but at that moment i just.
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feel it's a miracle image. when you look so you. i guess i believe in miracles. knickers and so i think we all believe in marriage some people simply forget about it but in their heart of hearts they never stop believing and then suddenly in miracle happens and it comes from somewhere deep inside it revives again and this long as we believe in something wonderful and something beautiful miracles happen. you know it's january first and i'm already going to work. also sure that a new year miracle would come his way and in the morning he made up with his
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girlfriend on his way to work he received a message saying simply i was wrong i love you. but don't worry when i got home i saw a message on the line printed in my girlfriend and changed her mind and wanted to make up another she said she was wrong and i hope we won't argue again that i won't just let her go like this after all we've been together for two and a half years and i believe we are made for each other and the go alexy immediately drops everything and head straight back to moscow. york with a ticket to moscow place with the. economy or business class economy class but then you know the difficulties make a relationship stronger if there were no problems it wouldn't be life which it would be boring it was the first time i celebrated new year on the train at first i was very sad because i had to leave and i thought it would be my worst new year
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ever but once i got back things turned around like in a fairy tale. well the tension of and of us mother sleeps off the overnight festivities the rest of the group visits the hermitage. this is simply great all the more so because i am an art teacher ellen artist i'm just well it's not exactly a dream come true that's an exaggeration but it came quite unexpectedly kind of a surprise. because we communicated with the artists we chose three rooms that focused on them just like with focus on people that we don't squander our energies but we choose them and today we give greeting cards to people on the street who liked. this it was the you know after the night after the mary holiday we've had our crews from getting some rest we've been gathering strength before next shift spiny been
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sleeping to the job goes i wish morning came as early as possible so i could go to work. you know our kids were waiting for evening to come so we can go to work the people have also been having a holiday while we've been working for them but we've also had a great time with the passengers now it's time to get back to the usual growing what i want this is a carriage was it you want them in the body you will definitely come again next year maybe three of us. are going to go returning to moscow on the very train the took them to petersburg practically everyone is the same on the platform they meet a group of friends with their mother as the conductor had promised. travels free of charge. here i want to be a watch and i love money very much but i can only stand being on holiday with her for two days at most i must get in small doses but decided to send her bag well
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because she needs to. you know. orthogonal is so much fun you can even imagine it was great i never thought anything like this could happen for the first time in my life i had such an adventure we had a wonderful new year every now i'm going to be late so i'm going to run away. with the train on platform six whoa depart in two minutes have a safe trip. we will. listen to not run tonight we're going to a nightclub where there's a new year's celebration every night when we've sent our beloved money away and now it's time for round two if all goes well we'll be robbed three four five. mummy i love you now on new year's day the group celebrates again in a club where every night feels like
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a new year's celebration even in summer. oh. dear citizens of russia despite the snow in the traffic jams everyone is here i am glad. it's still in some petersburg he said a call from his girlfriend back in moscow i don't understand diana has changed her mind again and told alexei knox to come well things change so to say she's chosen another. but alexei still lives in hope of yet another miracle is in no hurry to give up his ticket as to when i want to go before departure and that means diana has a full sixty minutes to change her mind one more time do i keep on hoping and waiting on what if my heart says yes but my head says no but still i keep on hoping.
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