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tv   [untitled]    March 8, 2013 8:30pm-9:00pm EST

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juggling job. do hack work and get caught when lobbyists money and lawmakers are combined together that's where the problem of corruption comes from. i don't know the document's. keep up a smart look. there is also. another world behind that which is how to influence the institutions to steer clear of provocations don't answer any question. came into the office and found banners hanging around the office and lots of strange faces around so i said what's what's happening will somebody please tell me what's going on and they said oh we've come to occupy your building. possibly they want to do a confrontation possibly they wanted me to ring up the police to have the police
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come in through the mount that didn't seem to be a good idea to learn the european way with brussels business. in the uk risky it's one person one fold but in brussels business it's one euro one fault. commission free accreditation free transport charges free. range month free risk free. free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects a free video dog harty dot com. i don't understand what the european union is they don't understand how it's
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governed they don't know who are the people who are running it but they know that they were chosen by the people and so when they see the results are less than perfect they say who do we blame. they don't know who to blame because they don't know who these people are. when i started out as a young environmental activist i had no idea that i should end up as a watchdog in the brussels machinery. but i was stunned to discover how fragile the political decision making process is and to realize how easily it can be manipulated. there's a dark force behind this machinery an entire industry operating in the shadow often
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in secrecy and very confidential. it is a part of this industry is to lobby industry. when it comes. to. it. not. in twenty years now i've been fighting to uncover. board these people who are pulling the strings of the new decisions. and how do they operate. and hording to their use politically. it's.
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just a different. i'd like to speak to please. not that now well listen i'd like to. to leave a message for for tomorrow i just wanted to confirm the meeting. that we have fixed . my name is mr kenny's best calculates kidney r. and i s. this from from the european side it's just part of the s.f. this and we have a meeting tomorrow but i didn't get tired today to to go to those i want to that is it ok. thank you very much.
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dressed as a small city it's a kind of province's but that's on this earth. when you know a bit further about it's brussels is really the place. this is where the business is taking place this is where they just station is dot i think there was the figure is around eighty percent of all it just places which are. touching direct life of european citizens is actually initiated here thus. if you look at plus you epicenter of political power in europe you see the european commission on the one side next to the council of the e.u. . and all around that's where you find lobby offices most of them belonging to big
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multinational corporations and you find them also in all of the side streets over to the european parliament and beyond. who finds a good lobbyist for the large corporations who find industry lobby groups and there are. lobby operations being in office traders from offices in that area. two thousand five hundred lobby structures are based in brussels fifteen thousand lobbyists the second biggest industry in the world only washington d.c. has been here. so that european union let's listen this is complicated it goes through a lot of stages it always starts with the european commission they take a new initiatives for the for legislation for policies and then it goes through the institutions the parliament the council of ministers. and from the moments that the european commission takes its very first steps in developing new illustration on
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new policies industry wants to be there to. i mean the research is. really going to have the possibility to go. for
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the private sector where i will decide myself. what i will to sell it that much more. something for me. and then i just tell the business around the open situation. i started. to feel ok just. you know really. everybody believes the bad. it's
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a real makers ah it's institutions and the situations in the european union is about the commission. the council of ministers and the european parliament but there is also. another way behind that which is how to influence the institutions to make a text to give a good idea to. propose amendments to trying to fine tune the text depending on the interest of the people we are to push more. loving is it was originally envisioned is a good thing no lawmaker can be an expert in all the fields that he or she has to deal with and so they rely on other people giving them advice. but lobbying went from their field of expertise into what is
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more properly called hired guns so you now have people who may not be an expert in anything they're dealing with but they're paid for by clients who want them to pursue specific objectives what makes them so effective is many of these hired guns will be what what we call revolving door abusers and these will be people who were in governments then come out of government and are hired by the very same people that had business pending before them when they were in government and the mid ninety's we had come across so many examples of your policies that were basically captured by industry and industry lobbying which felt it was really a fundamental problem here the influence of industries is excessive and we decided to set up a group to document examples and to start developing strategies roback this
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excessive influence that's how it started. one day in the in the summer of ninety ninety three i remember a fax came in on a fax machine in the office. and it came from the south of france. from the local environmental group. this group was fighting against a motorway that was planned to go through a valley in the area to live in the valley of asp a kludge occleve very important to the area a very beautiful area and. the group asked if we knew more about the role of the european union and and specifically the european commission in this motorway projects. so we started looking into this
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we discovered that this motorway project was part of something called the trans european networks. the transfer p and that works was the biggest infrastructure projects in history with the estimated budget of four hundred billion euro. runs from sweden came up with another detail there was an influential lobby group behind this and they asked us you know about a year to the european round table of industrialists. i know. i started digging for more information about the iraqi. i went to our archive and i didn't find anything. i started diving into the alien world of the business press newspapers like the financial times the economist german business newspapers and we found a reference to a new report that had been published shortly before called reshaping europe. but follows a rather interesting and we all are to this report at the european the round table
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headquarters. i wrote on the rick. just mentioning as the purpose of research. i did not believe i would get anything but a few days later a big brown envelope arrived in my letter box. please booklets are inside missing links missing networks and resetting your. take the first two publications going through them something strange about them somehow they look so familiar. you're a tunnel. scanning. peer in these corridor. i go to the archive. of. the t. and projects by the commission. i go through the papers
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and compare them back and forth. striking similarity. projects are almost identical. commission seems to have copy paste of the year two proposals. wealthy british style. that's not on. the. markets why not i'm going to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on our.
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you. know i'm really curious reshipping europe. a meeting in dublin has mentioned forty five c o's zero from multinational companies representing billions of euros of turnover. companies like fiat's and the farce british petroleum kirkstall
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nestlé siemens shell you know lever and many others all of them supporting what is in this book. the all source free see yours. show or more no. harm or memphis attack or. living in the netherlands a new vista decker he was the head of philips one of the largest companies. good enough i was to have a volvo a car producing company. and showman nor was the head of lee honest as all very large french automotive national. so the authors of this report were free c.e.o.'s from some of the biggest companies in europe it was a political manifesto written by these industry leaders.
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oh it was stunning was that these three c.e.o.'s woods would sit down and actually write. a report that was a detail set of recommendations for how to change the face of europe. please appearance that. i finished my job in the commission in april nineteenth one thousand. and ninety decided that maybe suppressed place is actually where the money is so i went to the open banking federation. and i started to look
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to be the biggest. difference. because to be i have worked a. long time nine years in europe and banking for duration and i started also to discover. an additional word to europe which was. international trade. know he didn't hear anything. during your book read on. but you know our industries. yeah i mean if your office we need to have a lot of contacts you probably find a figure of one hundred person which i really keep in mind. that you need a very clear. commitment. i mean my job i describe it as
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a network as a fascinating town and as an ambassador and from want to be an ambassador i have to know who you have to talk. to i can say that i would present around eighty percent of all services exporters and investors. as a turnover. let's say fifty percent of the g.d.p. of european union. i don't really believe in two. it's part of it but most of the time you will provoke chants and then it's going to be up to you to seize the opportunity when the chance is there. in december one thousand nine hundred three the n.-g. o. network i work for had its annual meeting and the meeting was to take place in brussels. we were very impressed by what we had found out about a year t. and its influence at that time there were no academic studies to show to anything
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about the power of these large multinational companies on new policies. we decided that this was the perfect opportunity to call for attention on the role of teacher to. say. well we brainstorm about what to do and we decided to do something a little provoking. the night before we were at a press release and in the early morning we went to the ear to the office. one of us rang the doorbell and told the secretary that's here's a student looking for some documents and when the door opened we all ran up the stairs quickly and we all managed to get into the office that way. i remember very well i was at some meeting in the morning so i think it was mid
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morning i came into the office and found banners hanging around the office and lots of strange faces around so i said what's what's happening will somebody please tell me what's going on and they said oh we've come to occupy your building and. possibly they wanted a confrontation possibly they wanted me to ring up the police and have the police come in through the mail but it didn't seem to be a good idea at all indeed finally some reason but we had an office lunch so i took everybody my people out to lunch and left and then. we were surprised by the reaction that we got from the sea they went off into a room and talked about it apparently and decided to leave. and what we did was using the your t's press list we faxed the press release to the international media . we expected that's the occupation of this very shadowy able to very powerful
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business lobby group which really interested media. so things went a little bit differently. i think we talked to one newspaper and there was a radio program that was interested before the rest that was silent. and that we didn't know when the t.v. stuff would come back. that's on the tables there were a position papers and reports lying around but it was also all very neatly organized archive everything sort it's. so we decided to move to would be fast and copy as much as possible. in those documents where letters from the year two and the months from the year two to european governments and to the european commission and i would responses. and it really showed the degree of access that they had an incredible influence and it was
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it was clear from those documents. to when we tracked back the history of that your team we found that the start in the early days. from the commission. the the member of the commission who was really keen was a man called a belgian called steve. he had diplomatic business background and he could see the need he said if i want to talk to european industry who do i talk to. but i found out through and through commissioner for industry the insufficient gone in with the commission. the economy grow. richer existed reservation with. the fetish is of interest
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i would say unofficial. but not at the level of the. sponsor for individual business and i felt that we were missing. and so we decided to set up or group of industrious rich better be guaranteed yesterday so as to have the capacity to listen through the c.e.o. . there were the and yelling who run fia finished in a booth rissa decker who rammed phillips and another one. whose pair given how much who run volvo in sweden people from siemens and the big german chemical companies the french spaniards then the british. small number of people who ran. the biggest companies in europe were ready to talk about big policy issues
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with those people who were in charge of the european government. and then when they need. a visionary president of the commission by the role they find dillo is thinking in entirely the same tone. so why don't they get together and pool their ideas that's a breakthrough read. under facilitate that's probably a good a good way to put me as a description not being is the only way is. understood as a bit of a dirty word but it's just networking just contact between human beings. and grooming them. the world is very small actually as
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a people we have to reach out actually at the end of the day it's becoming smaller and smaller if you know the right person actually you know it's going to be about a hundred person keep us and the rest. moving around in brussels talking about. the crazed companies are global. and therefore the american companies the chinese companies the indian companies the taiwanese companies are actually my my allies we're working together for the same purpose which is to open up the market. in one thousand nine hundred three was the year when the european union was born. to us and have been sold as a political project. of these letters that we had found in
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december pointed in a totally different direction to. the poster again a master plan behind it. like with a t. and projects. written by the iraqi. referral showed that the iraqi and the european commission were meeting on a regular basis. in. turn was amazingly jovial and informal. all that went on in complete secrecy. and the european commission worked hand in hand. and nine hundred eighty four missing links was published and immediately after the european commission set up a working group with the iraqi on exactly this topic generated. nine hundred eighty
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five this is decker c.e.o. philips presents his europe one thousand nine hundred and his action plan for the single market. ten days later shocker lord new president of the european commission speech about the single market in the european parliament which sounds like the echo of decker speech is done to me in india. in june one thousand nine hundred five from norco fields vice president of the commission publishers to frame a single market white paper a copy paste of the ticker plan. the worst year for the whole thing going white out soup of the day on the radio guy for mateo minestrone click off what you watch quote for about fifteen years you've never seen anything like this on cold.
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potentially deadly blizzard taking aim for the northeast it's expected to hit stunning in a few hours from new york to maine we have team coverage of the storm. but what we're watching is the very heavy snow moving into boston proper earlier today it was very sticky you can see it start to become much more powdery down he said the bottom line there is still a lot of snow out here a good place for snowball fight. jason it is going to pretty incredible day there and even record snowfall throughout what's been like nobody's allowed to be driving lessons from emergency vehicles are exceptions.


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