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tv   Headline News  RT  November 18, 2013 11:00am-11:30am EST

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tonight our t. obtained security video showing the deadly plane crash it started with the jet nose diving bursting into flames. also this germany holds a special parliament session over spying allegations with chancellor merkel complaining of a lack of trust with washington. and the mistreated migrants amnesty international calls catarrh over the severe abuse towards foreign construction workers. in this is r.t. international was starting this. by the way here in moscow with the fact that our
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dramatic video of final terrifying moment of tatarstan flight three six three yesterday which killed all fifty on board in carson as it went down our correspondent can offer ports from the site of the tragedy. and you footage of the actual moment of the plane crash here in cousin does provide a clearer picture of what happens but it actually raises even more questions into what could have caused this horrific tragedy because earlier we were reported and we're told that the plane sort of slid the runway then exploding while the new footage shows it knows diving into the ground and then joining into this huge ball of fire there's a lot of hope that the answers will be provided by information from the flight recorders which have been found by now but they have been damaged so severely in this crash and the explosion they've been delivered to moscow now and is going to take some time for them to be decoded for this vital information to be taken out to
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finally understand who or what is to blame for this tragedy where there was a technical malfunction off the aircraft or human error or any other reasons monday has been and still is a day of mourning for the fifty people that were on board this plane all of them died. and. definitely the a local c.r. and especially the family members are in shock. even a lot of people that i've been talking to have been saying that this is was quite a popular flight they do understand that they could have been easily in their seats one woman told about her emotions she lost her son in this tragedy he was such a good boy healthy and handsome he had a good family his son is only three years old he made many plans for the future. psychologists are working with. the relatives of the victims so they obviously are
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in a deep state of shock this is also now the time for them to start no matter how difficult it is to start dealing with some of the consequences and to start identifying the bodies of the victims. there's been a major outpouring of grief on the internet one state t.v. sports commentator a lost his wife and step daughter in this tragedy and in his twitter account he wrote the question how to live after this also russia's president idea of fortune expressed his condolences to the families of the victims he also. spoke on the phone with the president of the republic after their son whose older son was also on board this plane he died he got married not so long ago and it turns out that his pregnant wife was also supposed to be on the plane but miraculously she wasn't
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because he talked her out of it so this is definitely a major tragedy for this whole town and well it's going to take time for a wife to get back to normal here in. absolutely also looking the passenger list there's one couple both born in one nine hundred twenty eight they both died together on a plane well it was a gusty night in plane when winds were pretty strong about nine meters per second the jet crashed as it descended the second time after pilots aborted their first landing attempts not clear still what exactly went so badly wrong passengers who traveled on the same plane to moscow earlier in the day told us their landing was also made high winds and was frightening. but in. ideal never mind the flight itself went quite smoothly but just before the landing the plane started vibrating fiercely the plane was shaking it was direct from side to side linton our first attempt but it was a really bad landing and i felt like the plane was going to roll off the runway.
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civil aviation consultant mark weiss used to fly the same type of plane involved in the cause of disaster he told me there's always a combination of factors behind a crash it was a poor repair that led to fatigue and obviously there is traffic failure but all of these factors are going to be looked at normally in interim urgency you want to get the aircraft on the ground safely as quickly as possible so what would have caused the aircraft to not live on its first attempt was weather a factor ones who fatigue who only as there are going to be so many things that have to be looked at keeping in mind the accidents generally don't have been from a single event it's a chain of events that lead to a catastrophe like this. stay with r.t. for places developments happening get across more details about the tragedy online to an article dot com. germany's
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holding a special parliamentary session about spying on the heels of a scandal triggered by leaks that u.s. and british intelligence services have been extensively targeting its officials in her statement chancellor merkel complained of the undermining trust between washington transatlantic relations and also the transatlantic free trade agreement have been certainly put to the test by the allegations of the massive spying of u.s. intelligence. correspondent peter all of us following the hearing more from now should we. have to say the germans are happy but is there any solid outcome. well we've heard the chancellor speaking to that special session of parliament today saying that it was only through investigation into these allegations that trust could be could be regained. stressing the gravity of these allegations of a widespread spying program by both the united states and g c h q from the
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british. of course britain the united states and germany count themselves as very close allies and that's been something that has certainly struck hold here in germany. keeping such close tabs on on each other and in fact that angela merkel's own private telephone may have been hacked by the united states it was noticeable today while she was speaking in parliament that she was using pen and paper as opposed to her. usual smart phone in hand that she usually house during these type of meetings. talk about how to rebuild that trust though it is said it's going to come down to an investigation the the opposition parties here in germany have wanted an extensive parliamentary inquiry they haven't been given that and they've criticized angela merkel for not going far enough when it comes to investigating these allegations of widespread spying ok the
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repercussions are happening now what's allegedly happened why is germany such a popular target for its allies to spy on what cigar. germany is the driving force of the euro zone it's the it's the only real success story economically in the in the monetary union at the time being and one of those things that has come out from the these allegations of spying when i've been speaking to senior political figures in europe they've told me that they're not they they expect they spy agencies will look into governments but what's been special about what's happened here in germany is well it seems that business and private citizens have been the main targets now that prompted around one hundred fifty thousand people over a hundred fifty thousand people i beg your pardon but their names to a a petition that was handed to parliament today petition among other things called for edward snowden to be allowed to come here to germany to be granted asylum here
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and that he should be allowed to to address a parliamentary inquiry as the german people want to find out exactly what went on where these leaks came from and just how much they were being spied on now we heard in parliament today one of the the party grandees of the left party saying that edward snowden should be given the nobel peace prize for his his work in in revealing the this looks nancy a wide ranging and extensive spying program by germany's closest allies on. germany i'm looking into the private phone calls of not just the government but of civilians as well and i'll be a turn over the book should it ok peter all of a spring some speed from berlin appreciate it. well guess who's been checking up on diplomats have checked into big hotels yet it seems british intelligence have been secret service in the rooms of foreign v.i.p.'s at the top three hundred fifty zero tells worldwide according to revelations in germany's spiegel news magazine from
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new leaks from edward snowden tracing it back the program's called royal concierge very nice too and apparently intercepts reservation confirmations when they're sent to. government addresses for monitored hotels the agency can then quote prepare the rooms for detailed surveillance order to get a bunch of flowers as well meaning bugged phones and computers junk goats a german investigative journalist met snowden in moscow last month accompanying a german m.p. he says governments badly need his existence. that's one of the things that's being discussed is the question of how to get input from of the person who actually knows the most about the documents right now all of the documents are being kind of read in and reported on by journalists who of course you know are doing their best are doing the best job they can but these are complicated things and it would make sense to get expertise i mean from the person and knows the system and the
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n.s.a. from the inside as a matter of fact i mean the interior minister and other leading people in the german government have acknowledged the importance of snowden's allegations i mean the fact that angle americal actually called president obama about. the story about her cell phone was not just the basis of a newspaper story it was that basically the german authorities had found out that this was true. coming up on the program breaking the ice in the arctic sunrise controversy a greenpeace doctor is freed on bail but another activist has had his custody extended if you manage that on our t.v. report from outside the court where the all read hijack hearings are underway. next though france won't back down for his tough stance in the next round of talks over iran's nuclear projects i was a message of support to prime minister netanyahu is from swallowing visited israel
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meantime a british newspaper claims israel may join forces with saudi arabia in a military campaign against iran if they don't approve of whatever atomic agreement is reached and in another development russia's president putin spoken to iran's leader ahead of wednesday's global talks is out he's. the russian president vladimir putin held a telephone conversation with his iranian counterpart who harney and in that conversation pushed and told him that there was a real chance that the international standoff over iran's nuclear program could ultimately be solved now this comes just two days ahead of slated talks that will take place in geneva between the six global powers and iran's and if any kind of indication is accurate that they will be some kind of deal reached this will happen then potentially this week and at the same time what we're hearing from the british newspaper the sunday times is that if a deal is reached this puts the option of a military strike by israel and saudi arabia back on the table both of them are
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worried that the deal would see international sanctions against iran lifted while the country continues with its nuclear enrichment program according to the sunday times riyadh is offering tel aviv tactical support in the form of allowing israeli warplanes to use its airspace in any kind of possible military strike and at the same time allowing the israelis to use saudi tanker planes drones as well as helicopters the saudis are reportedly furious over any kind of possible deal in the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has repeatedly said that he will do everything it takes to make sure that his country is secure particularly as regards iran the last time the world powers mitt to discuss the iranian nuclear program was back on november the tenth and at that stage no agreement was reached and one of the major critics was the french and right now you have the french president
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francois hollande visiting israel and palestine he's here on a three day visit and now it netanyahu has urged him to keep up the pressure against iran and western allies francois hollande by what indications is going to do this earlier he did say that there were four conditions that paris was insisting on. indeed any kind of deal with iran is to be brokered in these conditions ah that only raney and nuclear installations need to be put under international supervision immediately that enrichment needs to be suspended to the twenty percent level that the existing stock needs to be reduced and that iran needs to hold construction on the a rocket plant that on yahoo has praised the french president for his position visa via ran and its nuclear program through to a fifteen pm near moscow good movie company more news could be well known for a very short break.
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there's a media lead also we'd. like to see the pure. play your party there's a good. news that no one is that good with the gas they deserve answers from. politic. pick your country iraq afghanistan libya saudi arabia israel egypt syria turkey and even though what happened in each washington finds itself either the odd man out leaving alone or leading from behind in a muddled path is the u.s. simply out of touch or is history in the region merely being on. speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world talks of the r.p. interviews intriguing story to tell you.
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the arabic to find out more visit arabic t.v. . again this is r t let's pick up on the story we just left the iran nuclear negotiations away from stan's only i would joined live by terry caldwell is an expert on iran at the institute of international and strategic relations in paris and joining us live by the evening to you what's france trying to achieve with this tough stance that over iran i'm a sicko but you're live on r.t. just just checking you can hear us so you sort of talked over let's try again what's france trying to achieve with its current stance over iran. i think france is trying to reassure its traditional allies like saudi arabia and
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also israel in that you know they will be tough with the wrong i think they're also issue of internal politics i think long wants to take. a safe line or with iran and i think also there is the issue of france transformation recent tense relationship with the u.s. maybe the train to make a stand that you know the kind of their own for you see them think of what happened with syria i guess to this is about why the relations with gold states changing the way things may be changing the status quo you have to get some of the gulf states sorry i didn't hear you yeah i guess this is also about why the relations between france and the gulf states as well could you fill a little more detail for us oh yes yes you know that france as a strategic and economic relations with
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a lot of course states like united arab emirates saudi arabia we are selling a lot to be countries so i think france is trying to show that you know our relationship the french relationship with them is not going to change and you know obvious countries are very anxious about iranian nuclear program so there is a. you know i think france wants to tell them you know we are not going to change we just stay on your side for economic i would say a lot for economic reasons and strategic reasons ok we know we have a strategic relationship with the united arab emirates for example how would you role does israel have to play here in all this although we've lost a lot of good i'll try to get how much of a role does israel play here. you still live on air i can't i can't hear anything i think we've got
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a problem or try one last time terry how big a role does israel play in these negotiations. yes obviously they're trying to influence a lot of negotiations you know we know that they've done their phone two or european countries before the geneva negotiations were mentioning we know that the relationship between the israeli in the us is quite tense at the present stage so i mean they are doing everything they can you know that to be sure that. negotiations will turn in their favor we don't really know what they mean you know if it is their objective but they would want to be sure that you know the stance against the wrong will be the result of this one solution. erratic spirit at the institute of international strategic relations in paris thanks ever so much for your time sorry about the few sound problems we had there but good to get your thoughts nonetheless . a russian woman who was working on the greenpeace arctic
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sunrise ship was a doctor has been freed on bail it's the second ruling in some petersburg where two courts are deciding whether to extend or not the custody of a group of protesters arrested in the russian arctic will try to board an oil rig our correspondent in is in the city. berlinski court here in st petersburg they want you can see behind me has ruled today to release the sunrise she doctor a young russian woman on two million brutal all sixty thousand dollar bail and we've attended the hearings over her case today and we saw the woman in a courtroom she started crying when for the first time in two months of the tension she saw her husband's i think that this the station oh off the judge was could be explained by the fact that she was not a greenpeace activist but a doctor working at the earlier today and not the code also here in st petersburg has decided that greenpeace activists another member of so-called politic thirty to
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fifty nine year old men are most really are we'll have to spend three more months in russia's jail but all these hearings have started here in st petersburg after russia's investigative committee applaud for the extension of the pretrial detention for the arctic thirty say they need more time to complete the probe and just to remind you here's a little bit of the story's background in september the green crease arctic sunrise ship approached it was lol now offshore all drilling platform in russia's northern pretoria see it's owned by russia's energy giant gazprom and then a group of activists attempted to hold themselves on the platform as they sat before a protest over the danger is that the drilling could potentially pose to the environment but they were arrested by russia's coast guard initially charged with piracy they were facing up to fifteen years in prison but later on the chargers were changed to
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hooliganism although lorries are saying that technically piracy chargers are not have not yet been lifted. first they've been held in the russian's northern port of movements but we could go there were transferred here to st petersburg where they are now kept in three different detention centers we're already been hearing from greenpeace international but they would apply no extension as they say this is not legal so let's see how the story may end. rufe an option report for us migrant construction workers in qatar are suffering from systematic human rights abuse according to a newly published report from amnesty international the gulf kingdom's on international focus as it prepares a cost host the twenty twenty two football world cup testimonies from workers say they're being treated like cattle with amnesty indicating that some abuses amount to forced labor as far as they see it while ations include unpaid wages harsh and dangerous conditions as well as overcrowded unsanitary housing the report
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highlights how the exploitations happening in one of the world's richest countries we heard more about the report from amnesty as head of refugee and migrant rights well we found was. there was this terrible problems with the make it workers in quarter many of them are subjected to dave or exploitation for example which i think people who. were deceived about the baby were getting caught or some people have been deceived about the kind of work they were doing there we found many workers who had not been paid. for a long time. some of them had not been paid for months has a time we found work crews who had been stuck in the country trying to leave their desperate in some cases the suicidal they're trying to be you know that i'm able to because they will not get them that makes it permanent which is required going to cause a real lot in some circumstances. with people who are in conditions that for multiple
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forced labor. and i spoke to a german filmmaker who went to catto to investigate situation himself that cameraman wood was detained and interrogated by security officials accused of attempting to spark a riot by talking to workers mr gates all told me why uncovered about the problems migrant workers face when they get to cattle. four of them they haven't got paid for seven months in a row right now trying to file their cases well all of those workers have one major problem they have to work within the so-called system let me try and explain to you what that is it's a law basically stating that every migrant worker that comes into qatar has to find his own personal sponsor meaning his boss the firm is working for the corporation. and that sponsor has to take care of him legally legally medically but
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most of the sponsors obviously take the passports away from the migrant workers and that put so numbers of them maybe tens of thousands in a miserable situation. once upon a time this isn't a bedtime story by the way it wants a public on the planet mars was just like earth primarily now scientists want to know what went wrong that nasa sent up a new orbiter to study the red planet skies to discover why it became uninhabitable billions of years ago the details of that mission on our web site want to check it out also doxy dot com as well always got great pictures lined up there tonight to volcanoes putting on a huge show in the sky above sicily you can enjoy breathtaking view of the erupting mt etna in the emotions section of our teeth don't. take you around the world in brief and first off a manhunt is underway for government in france tonight who shot and injured a photographer with a hunting rifle and newspapers head office all the main media offices in paris have
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been sealed off the attacker escaped from the scene hijacked a car forcing the driver to take him to the shelves allays a place also confirmed it's the same man behind that attack on a twenty four hour t.v. news channel on friday no shots were fired but he had threatened not to miss next time as he put it. a huge rebel bomb a time. it's rocked a government building northwest of damascus has killed at least thirty one troops an opposition group which is part of western about free syrian army says it carried out the attack and posted this video on the web is sold come to spite efforts brokered by russia and the u.s. to bring the rival sides to the in the civil conflict to the negotiating table. great trade in a minibus flooded in egypt at least twenty four people are dead many more are injured it happened at a level crossing south of cairo and also involved several vehicles it's thought that although the barriers to the trucks were closed at the time cars were still crossing as the train approached most of the casualties reportedly members of the same family returning from
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a wedding. in tunisia has recalled its ambassador to australia in an angry response to alleged spying it stems from leaks by edward snowden revealing that the story had been listening into the into the president's phone calls it's not the first espionage tension between the me that in the knees here had some industry as a master of the reports that its embassy in jakarta was used as part of a u.s. led surveillance network in asia. oh is topical conversation on this channel and a lot more to talk into which up next crosstalk on america's influence in the talks over iran's nuclear program the next news bulletin here in just over thirty two minutes time. there's now an all new form of humanitarian aid for the twenty first century created by members of the occupy movement this is nothing to do with hunger or
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homelessness but a different key problem in the so-called first world debt the rolling jubilee project has already bought around fifteen million dollars in personal debt for americans around the country most of the financial obligations that they bought were for medical bills and now the people who had to pay these bills are free from their burdens the group claims that the secondary debt market is very cheap and they are able to buy the nearly fifteen million dollars in debt for only four hundred thousand dollars the secondary market exists because banks try to sell consistently unpaid debt to third parties for less than a nickel on the dollar right now i would be begging the rolling jubilee project to get rid of my college loans but alas this is always purchased anonymously so it's all pure luck who gets their debt purchased the important thing about this project is that they're actually doing something against an evil system instead of just blogging about it and although fifteen million dollars is a tiny tiny drop in the debt bucket it may have really saved the financial lives of
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many americans but that's just my opinion. hello and welcome to crossfire where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle tongue tied in stumbling this is one description of american foreign policy in the middle east today take your country iraq afghanistan libya saudi arabia israel egypt syria turkey and even iran and each washington finds its.


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