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tv   [untitled]    December 21, 2013 6:30am-7:01am EST

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martian atmosphere and determine how the planet went from being richer to water the barren red rock that we know it is today the discoveries that maven makes may revolutionize our understanding about space and the atmosphere of planets but another story that shook up the status quo here on earth zero why is courageous decision to legalize marijuana amazingly the country's president hosts a movie was able to see the complete abysmal failure of the world's war on drugs same quote einstein said there's nothing more absurd than trying to change results by always repeating the same formula that's why we're trying other methods whom he that world the new law could save why which spends eighty million dollars a year on drug trafficking millions of dollars but here in the us so we saw one of our own bigoted laws shot down when the supreme court overturned the federal defense of marriage act since then we've seen seven states legalize same sex
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marriage and just yesterday new mexico supreme court gave same sex couples the right to wed take that all the countries out there with repressive gay laws moving on to one of most inspiring international diplomacy stories of the year an agreement with the wrong and six world powers of the development of the country's nuclear program and while it's only a tentative six month agreement a warm relationship between iran and western powers is a much needed step toward stability in the middle east finally the most inspiring story of two thousand and thirteen has to be edward snowden in this courage to come forward and reveal an out of control and unconstitutional global spying machine infiltrating all of our lives has changed the world as a result of snowden's actions we now have documented proof of just how severely the intelligence community has violated our fourth amendment rights and now we have the knowledge we need to fight back now let's break the set.
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it was a. very hard to take. to get. a. better actor with that character but there. are the. guys it's been an amazing and challenging year on the show we featured too many grassroots activists brilliant journalists and independent users to count of course
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and not expecting you to watch it all four hundred episodes we've done so here's a quick look back at some of our favorite guests that have broken the set in season two. is to have mr blair removed as the so-called peace envoy which is the most inappropriate appointment since kelly good luck appointed to his horse as a proconsul overall it's bribery it's legal bribery well what i was system is. you know you bribe the candidate you give them my me that's all you give them you know if you do that in the private sector you go to jail the idea of punishing the audience even if they're downloading music illegally i don't think an audience should be punished nor should like the our i a take litigious action against soccer moms we've evolved doing lots of things we do violence but involve being relentless sexist and. intelligence looks like
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insanity to drooling emphasis on what i've seen taking psychedelic drugs is so crazy that it's way crazier than the idea of a guy in the clouds with a harp the american people need to understand that what is at stake here is not only all children and grandchildren's futures but she's also the state is democracy itself to baby united states can be described as the democracy money can buy we have to stop you know narrowing our focus or to stop believing that i'm right and you're wrong everybody has good ideas to change the world. i this year saw everything from obamacare website woes to snowden's james bond manhunt likely my friendly hand comedian and host the moment of clarity web series here to make light of the top five craziest stories of the year what the
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hell is up lee. thanks for having me on your show then you have to start i have to play this insanity the latest team coco clip of media parrots. a bit or two or three or so ok you get it made it like you got it item or two. for yourself it's ok. i'm going to work for yourself it's ok you could have made it. if you bought it but i don't want to work for yourself. if you want more than for your thoughts ok you can imagine it but i don't want to or maybe ten years out. and see for yourself. and say ok you know it's tragically sad and creepy this is people repeating the same exact script but at least the message behind this one is happy consumerism rightly.
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yeah it's not only time to give it's time to receive from yourself just by yourself loads of crap you can admit it but yeah i love this quote because it shows both things it's most of our media. and also just keep by it because you know if you don't jump the terrorists win. hey that's bush said whatever he says we know it's pretty much rock solid let's go over the top five quote raese is stories of two thousand and thirteen we started with the new unavailing of amazon's drone delivery service that will be a reality in just a few years are you ready for the fifth element. yes i love it no i look i am a huge fan of technology i love that our technology is advancing but is this really the best use of the sun is this these are these are you know self piloted meets your flying device is used to deliver slap shops to goro phobic cole slaw addicks is that really the bad thing this is straight out of the jetsons and we're
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using it to deliver twilight novels to idiots i don't we should use the drones or something useful like i think every drone those drone should go they should find every homeless person search the city a little cameras find every all the person and then lead them to all the foreclosed on houses that are littering out of this cave. it is amazing to think that this is what the technology has been used for i think it's likely to keep people even more separate like no no i never had to leave my house i just haven't found the lever arm just. stop the stop the future i want to get off. the one of the most disturbing stories of all boiled giant chevron having the audacity to sue the victims of their own oil pollution act ignores was charging them with conspiracy w.t.f. . well you know when i first heard this story that they had spilled eighteen billion gallons of toxic waste if you try and comprehend how that happens
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was there an employee standing over it going all over. how much longer do i have to do this twenty five years. but in fact it was it was intentional right that's how this happened and so now you know they want to be a court case they ecuadorians did it so many of them have died in everything chevron suing the own victims of their toxic dumping which is a level of evil like you've got to figure darth vader during his necrophilia years would be like dude that's cold all right that that's just gross you know it's insane i mean speaking of the two tiered justice system later what are your thoughts on the two activists who were just charged with committing at terrorism a hoax for simply unveiling an anti fracking glittery banner why do you think the
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government cares more about punishing glitter bombers than the fact that fracking. quakes and possibly cancer. think you're going to hard on him here because look many people know glitter looks just like anthrax anthrax is very fast and glittery and so i actually think they did the absolute right thing you know it reminds me of the scariest time in my life i was at my cousin a two year old's birthday party and someone brought out what was either fingerpaints or a semiautomatic weapon no one was really sure which it was and it was a very scary time pipe cleaners also look a lot like nuclear bombs that's right we are i think if you. say they were being i hope that kid went to jail for ten years because you know it's too similar lead pipe cleaners and guns you don't know what you're getting. my personal favorite is
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this affluenza case the kid who mowed down for human beings while driving deliberately drunk sibylla severely injuring two others of course gets off scot free because he's too wrecked to have a moral compass lee what's stopping wall street bankers from pleading the same that is if they ever get prosecuted for anything. they have solutions believe the same and i think we could do it as a country like i think america we go a lot of wealth right so i think we should just be like o w m d. affluenza. spying on world leaders. and i think i think that it's possible that the main reason they got off is just because of the clever words so i think if you were to use this on other things it would work so if you used to be rich and you were used to going to malls and buying whatever you wanted and now you're poor and so you stole everything it's not your fault because you have mall pox it's just clever or if you're really rich and you are just an
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absolute douche you know you just treat everybody horribly it's not that you're a bad person you have one percentile dysfunction ok i can't let you go without talking about the n.s.a. of course that came out in two thousand and thirteen at the agency spying on everyone in the entire world including porn watchers and world of warcraft gamers lee what are we supposed to do we can't even watch porn and play second life and private anymore. you know it's like that great founding father patrick henry once said give me liberty or give me something that we pretend is liberty but is actually a massive surveillance state watching your every video game play and your every porn habit i believe that was the expression i know that our founding fathers didn't want to the n.s.a. to be watching people masturbate so hopefully we can turn this around thanks for shedding fun with me instead of a leak can everyone comedian and host of the moment of clarity whether there is
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always a means and have your own. exactly. so since we won't be on air for the next two weeks in the meantime guys get your beauty as fixed by going to our youtube channel at youtube dot com breaking the set be sure to subscribe so you don't miss a single episode or individual segments and interviews pose a step in the news tab and sort of check out the many and the lightning b.t.s. interviews from two thousand and thirteen and great segments including my takedown of eric prince who is just whitewashing his war crime the daily show check out all that and more youtube dot com for slash break and set stick around you guys in the world career of rusted root's is a new song smarty pants. on the money with the business over rush.
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i don't understand you correctly that you don't believe that ad words snowden performed a public service may be in all of in the best interest of the united states but at least in the best interest of humanity here countries don't want to turn over their play book to the other side and that's essentially what's happened here it is true that it is heard a big debate about the role of our intelligence services in the united states i think that debate was coming anyway after nine eleven but i don't think we've had sort of anything in the interest of humanity served by this episode. to limp a torch is on its epic journey to such. one hundred and twenty three days. through to see my number two cities of russia. really run for june two thousand
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people or sixty times done some killing. in a record setting trip by land air sea and others face. olympic torch relay. on r t r c dot com. the but. if you grew up in the ninety's then you probably know about rusted root the six member pennsylvania rock band sold more than three million albums worldwide and lead singer michael. was also political activist recently teamed up with occupy wall street's latest music project a label called movement music records the collaboration is titled buy this fracking album which will feature the rusted root songs smarty pants and here is the world premiere. of.
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back home all. you such a. thing. underneath go in black magic. you know you make it. so much a. song. that
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she looked a. good. new law a small venue. but she got the fingers into anything in the city. to hate. you could. you come on. all in the ground. because. it's no. salt.
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so much. it is all. going to. have a kind of. you'll see it's so. big. news see good stuff. has to smile on it parents.
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ok let's. teach you. to day lives. seem shallow. say. spin and. say hey hey link below there. to my goods. sold around she. says.
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my friend. your label that you started called it movies like records has a brand new album coming out soon called buy this fracking album amazing name you guys just went to pennsylvania to learn a little bit more about fracking why do you decide to put it into the name of the album and what you've done while there. i mean putting in the name of the whole point of the album is really it's it's to you know really create awareness about the fracking industry and going to dimock pennsylvania and meeting mazing folks there that are all anti fracking activists dedicate their lives to it it just. strengthened. the drive to make this album and what it's all the people say while you're there like what are you learning about the community there their water
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supply in dimock pennsylvania is decimated practically every single house has this shed outside their house with a filtration system that really isn't even strong enough and is not functioning enough to even clean the water that the fracking is being made dirty from. so it's just you know it's a mess over there and people need to stand up and. sing about it and stop it in any way possible and that study just came out that basically confirmed cancer birth defects in fertility because of the fracking liquid and we know that it causes earthquakes it's really time to shed a lot more light on this issue environmental potential disaster like i say that the majority the vast majority of musicians just do not choose to be political why are you. why start out of high school being very political i ran a organization called youth cry. we are outside of the school system we got kids
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together college professors come and teach us about a lot of the activist issues we're doing central america at the time we're doing part a part. region and. nuclear disarmament and right after leaving high school i went to nicaragua and went by myself as a witness to the contra war just to. kind of be a be a witness to all that you know what's actually going on there and the misinformation that was going on back home now when i came back though as a seventeen year old i was just devastated and got really depressed. so i use it was the only thing that could get me out of the jason i know that you were really into role with occupy wall street i know that we talked before. the movement having been involved. how did you go from that and being an activist there to forming this record label called movement music records talk about how that all bridge together you know movies music records was created specifically to put out this fracking
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album. in. you know the fracking industry the anti fracking movement in occupy wall street tied together so perfectly in that occupy wall street one of the biggest gripes of occupy wall street is the corporate takeover of our electoral politics and that's exactly why we have a fracking issue. because we have these these corporations who are paying off the politicians the politicians are making their decisions you know. in favor of these. of these companies that are at the gas companies that are doing the fracking. and that's a big thing that we're fighting against in the occupy movement still are trying to overturn things like citizens united in order to really. give the voice back to the people mike where can people go to find out more about rusted root and also jason i want to you to add about the album rest of it. is our web site
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and we're pretty pretty active on facebook too there are probably two nights that we just get as much as i hear you know it's just finished up and tore down the country and you guys are touring all the time and yeah there are a lot of shows that they were talking about them at the birch table having a hanging out with people and just talking about it and base and working people find out more about occupy the problem can go. buy this fracking you know. you can go to facebook dot com forward slash buy this fracking album or you can go to buy this fracking album. everyone needs to buy this fracking album. says mike producer jason samel really appreciate you guys rock it out and that you so much for having us. it's just. it's just.
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one of the last time you looked up at the night sky and laundered life in the universe well thanks the hubble telescope for now much closer to answering one of the biggest questions of all time whether or not we're allowed to see recently nasa discovered five jupiter size worlds that contain water in the atmosphere just a few trillion miles from earth and according to a study in the pursuit of the national academy of sciences we now know that there are possibly billions of planets just within our galaxy that up capacity for life but what about the capacity for intelligent life on a man named frank drake came up with a way to quantifiable even measure the likelihood of life within our milky way astrophysicist carl sagan explains it best for the process of elimination so you can get the point gets to a point of how many technological civilizations are likely to exist. if only one percent of civilization survive technological adolescence but if so be go
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would be not a hundred million. but only one hundred and then the number of civilizations would be a billion times a hundred and the number of civilization of the galaxy then would be measured in the. sort of technical sort of. mind blowing you know it's funny all of earth's problems seem so small when you are going to be in the space beyond the confines of this planet that on this planet so many human beings are consumed with trivialities and materialism the shortsightedness an unwillingness to look beyond our own personal lives in such a detriment to the help of all of the things let us not forget that much of the suffering here on earth comes from human comes. rocks money work deadlines of racism bigotry religion and the structures recreated often times in prison us from each other in the natural world so easy to forget the bigger picture it's so easy
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to forget that one one human family living on one organism one pale blue dot as carl sagan said think of the analysts cruelties visited by the inhabitants of one corner of this pixel on the scarcely distinguishable inhabitants of some other corner how frequent their misunderstanding is how eager they are to kill another how fervent their hatreds are posturings our imagined self-importance the luzhin that we have some privileged position in the universe are challenged by this point of pale light our planets a lonely speck in the great enveloping cosmic dark in our obscurity and all this vastness there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves. had doubts he wasn't like the easiest person to negotiate ways i mean many people
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who've met him or even those who knew him briefly all say that he wasn't completely sane what was he like when you were talking to him and negotiating with him about the lives of these people you know he was very she was very. how can i say maybe on the drugs or medicines but she was listening maybe it wasn't the right place said the right moment. largest consumer of the season i see it with me in the country is the federal government to simply say this property will be in many cities. is the united states numbered image and it was done the public has to realize you can't just buy. your own just throw it away. for instance belongs to the united states environmental
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protection agency and i found this on a dump site here this is a computer is not a waste of aluminum producers of these little i have to should be able to look at least i believe the vision responsible for the brutal to greet. the mexico. mental health jail cell to merge trying to cope were also belongs to the washington metro area transit authority properties will be devastates pre-trained and trademarks. if you. got no opportunity. to start to construct your own little currency. no longer be a bit give don't want to be gangsters you don't want to be drug dealers they don't
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want that blow with no time but k.k. maybe we can see. you just needs a zero zero zero zero zero zero problems in the hood if you know somebody with the wrong clue. about i said. i don't want to die i just really do not want to die young young.
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a family gathering a day after being released from a russian prison a formal oil tycoon mikhail khodorkovsky awaits every union with his loved ones and the german capital. washington is sold to rein in unaccountable defense spending at the pentagon and mounting to eight point five trillion dollars since ninety nine to six. new challenges are rather than egypt's former brunei mohamed will say you. a prison break in twenty eleven while the later shot of dissent on the streets on step by police.


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