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on larry king now been as you've gone through a metamorphosis you know i got a butterfly tattoo to prove it but it was just one of those moments where i didn't have to act and feel emotion just kind of washed over me and i just bawled my eyes out the biggest misconception about being a disney kid that i think they force you to be a certain way they don't they don't you know plus is this guy your husband this desert island with a couple i mean i think you're getting better all next on larry king now. you're going to larry king now been as a huggins as with those you know her from her role in the massively successful high
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school musical franchise in the past year she's played some very. odd characters from a gun toting criminal in spring break is a prostitute in frozen ground and now she takes on the role of a pregnant homeless teenager in gimme shelter alongside reserve dawson james earl jones and brandon frazier gimme shelter will be in theaters january twenty fourth ones what's going on with you why did you change so much i'm grown you've gone through a metamorphosis i know i got a butterfly tattoo to prove it. you play a homeless teenager right and he's given to just give me show you yeah i you follow a girl sixteen year old names apple bailey and she comes from a very broken family she never met her dad mom's a drug addict and she decides she doesn't want to continue to live the life that she does and goes out on her own to find her. other and finds out she's pregnant
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along the way and it's just really her struggle for survival for herself and for her baby and she comes homeless and it's just it's tough and it really lets you look at the world it was a tough shoot it was extremely i mean it was very exciting and exhilarating and liberating because it was something that i have never done before but it was a lot of work where did you shoot we don't do it in new york and new jersey i mean it's a big it's a true story so yeah. there's a group of shelters that are in new jersey for young pregnant teens that actually stayed out for two weeks before i started filming just to get in their right mind to join me the only things you can transfer motion to play that i did i put on fifteen pounds which doesn't sound like a lot but i'm five three for me it's a lot and they cut off all my hair. you know that's in the true yeah so when
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you cut your hair off in a movie you can do take to know what a movie magic i did i didn't really cut it in the movie i actually kind of weird. yes the truth. through thing business what do you expect. kind of a week and a half before we started filming just because i wanted to feel that character i just wanted to be in my body and be able to figure out the way that i am in that character would you do in the way milkshakes and pizza and pasta i was actually in can at the film festival a week before i started filming so i just really ate all the pasta and pizza that i could there not knowing was it helpful to live that the show so much so well. just because that was world when it seemed foreign to me you know i lived a pretty sheltered life growing up in i've never been surrounded by young women who were pregnant or have a baby their fifteen year old sixteen year olds and just imagining it is one thing
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but to actually be in it is completely different you know i got to get to know the girls got to know their stories got to gain their trust which was really amazing and they just they opened up to me and they really spilled out everything so i got to get in their heads a little bit what was the toughest part of both playing it. honestly i think being able to keep the character consistent just because it was so far from myself with the way that i spoke and the way that i carried myself and just everything about my character was different from me just being consistent with it and making sure she didn't change that she was the same person through the whole movie it was a lot older a lot of tough moments in this film or what was the toughest for you. i mean i think the most draining was my birthing saying i had never done one before. i get really into it physically and i popped
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a bunch of blood vessels in my face and then my leg from pushing so hard. and run ronald my didn't director he wanted and so they pull out this baby from underneath the table and placed it on my chest and it was just one of those moments where i didn't have to act real emotion just kind of washed over me and i just bawled my eyes out for five minutes straight and just when it called he just kept me crying kept me crying covering crime so i.b.m. . needed some water to rehydrate does that make you want to be a mother choir i think being a mother is such a beautiful thing childbirth is just a miracle it's incredible not anytime soon i see how much work there are but it's amazing of course have you are you engaged are you with no personal ring. jennifer lawrence the much praise of what we're hearing you see is that she has
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said recently speaking out against the hollywood obsession with being thin you think there's too much pressure on being thin leaving made jokes of the golden globes total you know i mean i think there is definitely that certain undertone of how people like looking at skinny people. i personally i love fitness i think it's. such a fun hobby to have you get your endorphins going blood pumping and it just feels good you know i feel live so i do it with narcissists no no no i mean it kind of can become his tension just because i enjoy doing it but i don't necessarily do it for the result of the loci just you enjoy the dreaming i do you do enjoy the dream i really do well i enjoy different things i do and our soul and our cycling they play really loud music and for me ten that i'm under at a music festival so i'm just dancing in a music festival those that are likely to gain weight it was tough was really hard
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it was really hard because i love feeling in my body and i just felt so uncomfortable things were touching that haven't touched before and it was just it was just really weird and wearing super baggy clothes and it really did and did a number on my self-esteem was it hard to readapt when you finish shooting so tough it was so hard because i would just look in the mirror and see my character because i had short hair and i didn't feel comfortable in my body and apple is all that i saw i didn't know who vanessa was anymore because i stayed in my character for so long i completely lost myself i didn't know what i liked them more i didn't know how to be me how long was the shoot it was about six weeks it was it was a quick shoot but just very concentrated and james earl jones play he plays a priest the pastor of a film who kind of saves my character and puts her in the shelter where she ultimately finds a family one of the great men of war time oh my gosh you know i work on women he's
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incredible i mean he's so professional and he still comes into a room and just fills such space and energy in that voice. so i wanted their respect time stories from the ones that always are to go on the edition for voiceovers with them james earl jones is sitting in the studio good luck then go buy a new high school. years ago you were an overnight sensation i got a whole you know how did you get the role i was sixteen when i did the first one it was just another audition that i went in on and i almost in a go my mom said that she had a good feeling about this one so all in one month it was a movie yeah usually right no not really i had additional multiple times for disney but nothing really came from it so i was a little hesitant she was going to things that you've done i why did my first movie it was called thirteen i was thirteen years old another controversial film. really kind of opened my eyes to the independent world and then when i was fifteen i did
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a movie called thunderbirds which was a remake of the puppet show and i had so much fun and i was in london filming i was fifteen i was having a great time over here i did yeah so i was your high school musical i just women and auditioned like any other girl i mean it was a series of five different auditions. because mitch oh yeah i spent the golden globes with my girlfriend actually because they're oh you're very famous from that right it was a little crazy how did you handle it. you know i think that i was so young i didn't really realize to the full extent of what was going on all i remember is a lot of kids screaming and us trying to run from home but it was fun i mean i was with my best friends and we were traveling the world and we're reaching new records live the soundtrack a lot of the birds the drugs and alcohol all how did you avoid the. i mean i do
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enjoy a glass of wine every now and then. but i don't know i think that for me it's always been about the work and i try to keep myself grounded and i really spend a lot of time working on myself to grow and to take care of myself and just good people and your family push you into the business no no no. well i i wasn't in the tain or ever since i was very young i was in my first play when i was three. and then i started doing dance classes and singing lessons and they could just tell that i loved it i really enjoyed it if anything they didn't want me to do it because it's such a tricky industry and very tough so they supported me and they put me in classes and i had the time my life. how do you avoid the tabloids i don't know what they were going to have you ever had anything bad about you i tried to not focus on or pay attention and then you add up things sheeple make up stories why worse like the
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funniest things the weirdest the dumbest thing ever written about you. i remember one time i was in the different country and they said that i was in l.a. hanging out with an older man getting frisky and i'm like i don't i'm not even in that country i don't understand completely falsified. do do they follow you around they do they do is are annoying extremely because i mean i love being outdoors i'm one who loves nature so anytime i can go on a hike i'm there but you live by your legs i live way from home so you have a boyfriend i do have a way i don't have a ring which will never end easy in the business is you know he's an actor how does it feel to be twenty five and not have to worry about money oh and if you don't have the wardrobe no but to a certain extent you know everything is so temporary and this business is so unpredictable that you really do have to do your part on saving i still i'm very conscious about my money i try to take care and have savings and have investments
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because you never know you see scripts all the time yeah you're lucky yeah but i'm i'm also picky so i am extremely lucky because i do get to turn things down what's going to follow you in the shelter. i did a movie that will be out in october it's called kitchen sink it comes out at somebody it's a comedy my first comedy that i've done is set at a time where there's on these vampires and humans living together as harmoniously as they can who are you i am the classic hot chick in high school but she's also the village stoner and she undergoes a little make over herself it's fun. to have a go right here in the desert coming up and goes robbery and prostitution there's a lot of local laughs that's next with the next one hundred.
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the sublunary a problem very hard to take out a letter to get along here is a plot that never had sex with the target their lives let's play. lists. lists le
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my list. of. it's hard for some. of the finish line of the marathon. i want to. work. with our good vanessa hudgens she stars in gimme shelter it'll be in theaters
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january twenty fourth you did a movie called spring breakers shot two other people ever regret doing it oh god no i loved it and i was divisive was it not yeah i mean it definitely took people by shock i loved the script and i loved harmony curry and i think his work is so incredible and he's such a very special filmmaker and he normally doesn't even hire actors so this was really a special opportunity you're there with guns and stuff like yeah i had i had worked with guns before i did a film called sucker punch was x. knight or so i already had a foot in the action part of it all but i mean it was a very empowering thing you so lively so pretty so bouncy so how come the kitchen sink is your first comic the. old these weird films. they did their challenging and that's how you grow by pushing yourself and now is the time i know now is the time to do it while i'm young to push myself out of my
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comfort zone so that that becomes figure but there's a director watching this i've got a perfect role for. i mean i'd be down. you took on another heavy part recently in frozen ground you know what you play a prostitute right do yeah that was base that was a true story as well and i actually got to spend a weekend with the woman in my character's based off of really into. very heavy very reason ok jim q. two two great guys so incredible age is weird i mean i love music i love he's a great guy or he's so great he gave me a really lovely compliment towards the end of our filming which just filled me with such a joy and we had awesome random conversations about the universe and he's just crazy he's really had a few wonderful oh my gosh he's incredible i didn't have much time working with him but what we did was really intense were you nervous about working with people like james earl jones nicolas cage john cusack which was the people you had worked with
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previous now those kind of the chorus i mean i just look at their repertoire of work and there's just so impressive i mean one can only hope to have that kind of career but they they were really really kind and collaborative with me and so i do very much to seeing yourself on film right i am what is it like. i love watching the results or because when i watch the film i don't see myself so makes it really easy to watch when you mean i mean that person on the scream i don't associate myself with is just so weird because i completely look different i feel so distant from the movie because i did it a while ago and i just i don't feel like that's me i don't know it's a weird disassociation you say i would have done this differently yeah i was say. of course of course i think that the person no i think is an artist is always going to be the case you're always going to be striving to do better you're always seen the stakes for these were the your personal and your you be all of these roles have
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to have a true deal. for sure i mean they've definitely opened up my eyes to so much. made me learn how hard i have worked and and show me that it takes a lot of effort and a lot of time and a lot of focus when you want to work with course so many people there's so many people honestly so many incredible actors so many brilliant. directors. there's new ones popping up every single day i just love people who have strong visions and awarded working for disney mean to you because some say when you were a disney they told you if you did interviews saying nothing controversial everything has to be smiling all the time i think that you are not true not necessarily no because the interview is that that come along with with high school musical i would disney are going to be hard heavy hitting questions are going to be about the film and about the projects and they're going to be light hearted because that's the audience i don't necessarily think that you will come in and say something controversial just to mix it up i'm not
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a drama starters you didn't call true as to america we didn't do anything noam they just let us be i mean i'm a happy person so. kiss and tell oh that will be out when i'm going to see the sick kitchen sink because insulted she said well i don't need goes to go there isn't any toes you know type where it is and i like that i still didn't want to focus into the poem really but i can tell me to sort of your book for after kitchen sink we're going to do that i don't know i'm looking for the right project i just want something that excites me is something that i haven't done before and actors and many famous actors have told me they're always nervous between scripts yeah nothing is set i mean it takes a couple of months for the nervousness for me to set in just because i do so much in my own life as well to keep me preoccupied being hobbies or projects that i'm creating so it takes a while and twenty five if yes how many films you've done. i can't really takes me
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to come to camp and this is a project you want to produce do you want to have product still want to venture out . projects right now for me would be in the world of entertainment still i love it like a show spinning together some kind of musical show i don't know i'm still working on it i'm in the early stages of this i have an idea for something that i want to do want to do broadway i would i think get the right character came along the right part i would completely do it because i love plays i grew up doing musical theater that's my home somebody did some of the music on live television yes do i do that i want to do sound of music i would do west side story what would you do would you venture into live television. i think it's funny you were raised catholic are you very religious. you certainly don't play religious role. i have i am very spiritual . you like your new pope. i know my mom does the positive
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indorsed gimme shelter it's indorsed by the vatican really well there's probably previous forbes would have not. you never know he's a cool pope you know he's a good. ok we have some social meetup social media questions ok bryson knocks on facebook wants to know if you do another high school musical movie if you had the chance i don't think so just because it's one of those things that we did it and the world got to enjoy it and i feel like it was left on a very positive known it's about growing with two. amaury one development thirty seven any musical projects where you say you can do that so yeah i'm going to spend the year to try to predict whether something of my own but if you will watch these then i will create some in the process of creating i have a vision it's just putting it all together now making it happen but you have the
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vision i do have. and you have the luxury you can take a year off to do it exactly ok we play a game called if you only knew are just simply a question of fact you member the first boy you kissed idea what was his name his name wish on harbor happened was shown where sign was my elementary school boyfriend and where it is that that's fifth and i remember he put his arm around me he did the yawn move as they view an elementary school and pulled me in and gave me a little pack wow what's your pet peeve pet peeve i don't like when people say they're going to do something and don't follow through with it what's your favorite zombie movie son of a dad i love that phone but it might be kitchen sink. or kiss and tell this is a given that if you were not door would you be. yes i love the arts i love makeup i think makeup artist as being an artist itself you would want
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to be an example when you go on be a makeup artist or i would be in the rain forest teaching yoga. just what i want to do. if biggest misconception about being a disney kid. that i think they force you to be a certain way they don't they don't know you're in a desert island what three things do you want to have with you. kemi be a collection of books case all collection of books. to be anything this is not a court. maybe my boyfriend will be here and a lot of sunscreen sunscreen yeah space travel or time travel. well that's a tough one i've never been asked that one before i was just watching tree of life i'm a show in the b. loans and it's so beautiful so be incredible potential will be really amazing to most important piece of dinner but as you've ever received. at it it's an eight
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hour a day job larry moss was something people don't know about you. rise . i don't know i don't know what people knowing already do all those years that you have a hidden talent so i haven't found it. i mean i'm such a goof but people might know that i am a lot of i talk in accents all the time and i dance around all the time i'm sure you're not actually yes darling. do you do spanish fan i should i don't that's a tough one i love canal of being a terrorist want to do her i mean i love italian like the later one jordan i'll call missed by it's very good thing you need to do you do german i don't like. russian well you know marriage is going to be ways around like
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a. what do you give me vanessa hudgens age forty age forty you have two children yeah that sounds about right still acting still lag saying i would love to have a little cottage in italy with a vineyard i could get away to and driving down the coast of italy is this guy your husband is desert i would. be great. yeah and just continuing to work and being able to work with with good people you know brothers sisters i have a little sister yeah she's eighteen and does she interested in showbusiness she is . starting take classes i just keep reminding her that it's a lot of work so as long as you put in the work and you'll be going what does your dad do my dad is retired he was a firefighter really yeah excitements you know what was that like growing up in the firefighters' us of course you never knew what would happen every day when he went out right well no because he was gone for a week and home for
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a week he actually stayed there it's a bit as right as a fetish if they have they live at the first place yeah well word for department he was an important auto in sacramento so he he was gone a lot a lot of times it was just me my mom my sister the three musketeers that went to does that you mother hope the right yeah when you start good when he's home. thank you i guess when as a hundreds gimme shelter is in theaters january twenty fourth and remember you can find me on twitter at kings things i'll see you next time. i know c.n.n. the m.s.m. b c news have taken some slightly but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate.
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that was funny but it's close and for the truth of the might think. it's because one whole attention and the mainstream media works side by side the joke is actually on here good to be coming up. at our teen years we have to print pretty. good because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not laughing dammit i'm not how. i feel about. you guys stick to the jokes i will hand over their stuff that i've got to. fight but i think corp mind. you i'm the banker i take all that. money and i'm bashing my pick for politicians
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breaking the laws and regulations. coming. here just to but. today's side. up. wealthy british style is not. the time to write let's go. to.
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the market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with my stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on our. one of the wonderful strong arming to watch any bank of new knowledge face time to time peter limone. her lead me. pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i roll researcher. going to. a bit of a look
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a look at. how do you know i'm not a martin and this is breaking the set so yesterday marked the start of the jury selection in the case of jonathan jordan excuse me davis seventeen year old black teenager who was shot and killed by michael dunn. a forty seven year old white man in jacksonville florida so according to authorities davis and dunn got into an argument over the loud music coming from the teen's car dunn said he felt threatened by davis pulled a concealed handgun from his glove compartment and shot at a teenager's s.u.v. multiple times davis was unarmed i got to be seen it is likely that dunn's attorney will employ a stand your ground defense because we all know how much it helped the jurors consideration when it came to trayvon martin and george zimmerman so if you don't want to see dunn go free for claiming that an unarmed teenager is music threaten his life anough to take the young teenagers then join me and that's great. but.


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