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tv   Headline News  RT  June 13, 2014 7:00am-7:29am EDT

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russia calls for an investigation over claims the ukraine army used banned weapons in east ukraine as a military expert tells r t they bear the hallmarks of bosphorus bombs. he gets its final deadline to sort out its gas agreement with russia with a price tag still stalling the talks. began washington considers sending drones and launching air strikes in iraq where radical islamists have seized control of the north and are setting their sights on the capital.
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which are had a national coming to live from moscow a marina joshie russia is demanding an investigation over claims that the ukrainian army used phosphorous bombs in the eastern city of slovyansk residents there say they were woken by what they believe were fire bombs being dropped these weapons are banned by the un and king of denies their use and here's what locals are saying . we all saw what happened here yesterday they used rocket launches as well as incendiary bombs against us the ground was on fire on the ground burned by itself it burned for about forty minutes. you know but it's going it's starting from two am everyone i've met has a sore throat and is coughing all the time i think this is because of the burning i think will feel the consequences later. and we spoke to a former british army intelligence officer who's recently returned from ukraine he told us the attack bears signs of phosphorus weapons. i've seen the video i've looked at it closely it does indeed tolerate what one might say about the whole
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science the whole box of white phosphorous use for example a very bright light but in and multiple burns coming down from the sky it's an apt weapon to use such as a more to approximate i coughed and then of course again to tell it still and videos i've seen are in the daytime sharing actually this very territorial rights a great white phosphorus being used it's an alarming development of course it needn't necessarily be legal but it depends on the use the church concerned and that's exactly why of course and indeed other people even from the west should be even if i haven't so far should be calling for a proper and full investigation of this incident to prevent a escalating white phosphorus an extremely dangerous and when used as a weapon it can cause painful chemical burns often with lethal consequences perhaps its most notorious use was the two thousand and four bombing off in iraq witnesses
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are finally described women and children been used in slovyansk a city of more than one hundred thousand people which has been under regular tillery fire for weeks the u.s. state department was asked to comment on the alleged use of fire bombs but it's a few very few with the most of the conversation between secretary kerry and former overall there was one there was one yesterday and actually i did and i want to say on that vehicle so let me get to that after i get to matt's questions thank you for your company do you have anything to say about the force of the. there's some you know what appears to be video and photographic evidence of this from some of the by the by the russians no matter the training i have not seen those reports and i'm happy to check with our team the confirmation of that or more to say. now the humanitarian situation in eastern ukraine is increasingly desperate thousands of people have fled to russia from the bombings and artillery attacks are to talk to
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some of those who've uprooted their families to escape the violence. but what you can see a few yards behind me is the russia ukraine border and for many people fleeing the restive aist of ukraine this is their first port of call it's a makeshift temporary holding center now the vast majority of people who are crossing the border have somewhere to go they can stay with friends or family within russia however many simply have nowhere to go no want to turn to and they're completely dependent on the rest of authours sees in the last twenty four hours more than six hundred people have crossed the border seeking shelter the majority of them are women and children who are trying to escape uncertainty of life in eastern ukraine and it's clear speaking to a number of them but it's an emotional time that it will lose the almost every night we hear shootings explosions multiple rocket launchers i can't handle those noises anymore. it's all my children are with me like my
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mother and grandmother stayed there people are hiding in basements and don't seem to realize this will never end the house is a bomb we don't have anything anymore. god says that it's scary that the government and the ukrainian media are lying about things they see their organizing humanitarian corridor but there is no sign of that they don't let people leave and keep them. well the authorities in the rostov region are being helped by donations from people all over russia on thursday forty tons of supplies including food water medicine arrived but with an average of four hundred people crossing the border every day and seeking assistance it's clear that in the coming weeks more more aid is going to be needed. the rest of region. nothing out of the organization for security and cooperation in europe has visited a ukrainian refugee camp in russia where he heard directly from civilians about the attacks in the east so had to r.t.
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to kong for more on the ongoing assault in the region. iraq's crumbling under the force of a renegade splinter group that sweeping the north now the us president is considering air strikes and drone attacks the so-called islamic state of iraq and syria insurgent groups have captured the whole province of need of air and in this video you can see some three thousand iraqi soldiers surrendering to the militants now there is light on baghdad and findings being reported just fifty kilometers from the capital the u.n. says that hundreds of civilians have been slaughtered by the insurgents are going to count looks at what effect america's offer of help to tackle the militants might have. militants with the islamic state in iraq and syria are now in control of large parts of iraq including its second largest city of mosul they are now aiming at the capital baghdad the fight against the saudis syria has bolstered these islamist militants and gave them new resources and the sectarian food in iraq has
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allowed the group to gain momentum and recruits the sectarian war in iraq broke out after the u.s. invasion in two thousand and three and has been a source of constant. islands have a sense now the u.s. may invade again to stop the onslaught of the islamist militants my team is working around the clock to identify how we can provide the most effective assistance to them i don't rule out anything because we do have a stake in making sure that. these jihadists are not getting a permanent foothold in either iraq or syria for that matter the u.s. says all options are on the table except boots on the ground u.s. officials don't specify what options they're looking at this could include airstrikes the goal of this militant group is to create a caliphate an islamic state to cross a vast area that includes syria and iraq but for many iraqis the prospect of being
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bombed by the us again is no less daunting they're already being shelled by the iraqi government which is striving to drive the militants out when taking over a mall so heavily armed radicals overran police stations create more than a thousand prisoners from the city jail and took over the international airport iraqi forces apparently ran in the face of the onslaught leaving behind weapons uniforms and armored vehicles more than half a million people have fled seeking refuge the situation for most iraq these dire and it has been so for years they were promised democracy but all they've seen is violence with no end in sight. while the jihad is have also managed to seize a some american army hardware that was supplied earlier to iraq to help fight the insurgency michael bryant who is a u.s. defense department contractor in iraq discussed iraq's disintegrating security with a nice now in our tease in the now. instead of suicide bombers and all that and
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people getting killed you know which one of the next step. instead of people just being people getting murdered now you're taking actually land there they're actually they vote for all practical purposes running in anbar province they're taking over the country now how much responsibility should put on the iraqi government here. well iraqi government's incompetent it's inept but you know that the job is impossible you know saddam was that was a bad actor he was a bad guy but he kept a lid on everything through force the maliki you know is a shiite and the sunni's are upset because they were in charge and they want to take over again and saddam kept a lid on all of this maliki doesn't have a prayer of the iraqi the iraqi government can't and i don't know if any iraqi government could do this unless it was a dictatorship like it was under saddam. and though while iraq struggles to feed the hottest in the country the u.s.
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is fabricating terrorists at home. what they're trying to do was to convince the american public that there is this large army potential terrorist that they should all be very very scared about a muslim advocacy group report says that since two thousand and one u.s. security services have been traveling and convicting innocence which washington perceives might be dangerous in the future stay with r.t. for the details. please. please please please take a look very hard to take i. want to get on
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a plane that you ever had sex with her right there no. please. please. please the bottom of the the of. welcome back you're watching r.t. international now russia has given ukraine its final deadline to sort out its gas agreements with europe nervously watching from the sidelines
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a third of the continent's gas comes from russia through ukraine and if it gets cut off that's likely to cause headaches for european homes and businesses let's now breakdown how these prices are worked out well right now the price stands at three hundred eighty five dollars per cubic meter which is one hundred dollars less than western europe generally paced and that was agreed on by former prime minister yulia timoshenko back in two thousand and nine well it says that in moscow applied a few discounts and twenty tan the prize dropped to three hundred fifteen dollars because of the agreement to station russia's black sea fleet base in crimea and three years later than present at a college agreed to enter a customs union with russia and that saw the guest prize go down to two hundred and sixty eight dollars these agreements no longer exist but ukraine insisted it should get gas at a bargain price which no one else gets explains somewhat surprising given that
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ukraine is now looking west and plans to sign an association agreement with the e.u. so the price of three hundred eighty five dollars is at a market level reasonable mosco is offering to fix that price for at least a year but that's not enough for prime minister gets a nuke who wants to squeeze the prize to its lowest and that's despite the fact that ukraine still owes a whopping four billion dollars if gas is a political weapon then this political weapon is in the hands of the russian government and if gas is a good as it typically is all across the world then that trade is based on a contract and not based on whether russia likes the ukrainian government or not interestingly the current energy minister yatsenyuk scavenge was in that so. imposed back in two thousand and nine when you let him go advise him of what's in agreed on roughly the same price which russia is offering today gazprom chairman is far from being impressed by kiev's bargaining tactics. the strategy of the ukrainian side is outright blackmail from the start they took new constructive
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steps may do compromises and apparently want to be maximally aggravates gas relationship and of course that leaves europe in limbo too in two thousand and six gas supplies were cut off after ukraine siphoned fuel intended for europe from the transit bipes in two thousand and nine it did it again russia has already given ukraine the benefit of the doubt and shift to deadlines to help negotiations now the ball's in kiev court now let's get more analysis from marcus papadopoulos editor of a u.k. political magazine and politics first marcus thanks so much for joining us here on our team or national well as we know russia has made concessions yet ukraine once the current contract to be redrawn why should russia agree to that and reasons for the. well the city of the ukrainian government is breathtaking and this is the same government that wants to have quote relations
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with russia which means no favors from russia and at the same time wants to place ukraine into the west's influence which is which would be against the wishes of millions of ordinary ukrainians and then ukraine wants to have discounted prices from russia from russian natural gas is unacceptable that is intolerable russia has been more than accommodating to a government which is totally on repentance that ukrainian government has never apologized for or paid in the russian language law has never apologized for the destruction of russian historical and cultural monuments by ukrainian nationalists for example world war two ones but at the same time it wants to have a discounted rate from russia and russia is doing everything it can to ensure that the ukrainian people have a constant supply of ukrainian russian gas but then today russia needs to make sure
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that ukraine is paying its way as any other country in receipt of russian gas should have started so you know looking at the money that you're. sorry for interrupting now looking at the money situation and the current funds that ukraine has the moment i mean at the moment it is a four billion dollars in debt and it can actually pay that money from. the i.m.f. doesn't it i mean why isn't then key if willing to pay back the money. let's be clear about something to be amounts of money that ukraine has been given by the i.m.f. is really a drop in the ocean to what the country really needs just to stabilize the ukrainian economy so it's not surprising that the ukrainian government wants to extract as many concessions from russia as it possibly can because it wants to save as much of the money it's from the receipts received from the i.m.f. as possible and that's about by this what my point is if you crane is going to have
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quote normal relations with russia then it should pay the market price no ifs no buts no cat claim no waffle in the market price as another country does well you know cave also said that it's actually ready to pay the price the russian ones only if the case goes to court now what do you make of that statement. tactics which i believe have been put in the minds of the ukrainian government by the americans because the whole russia now would be this if it was to go to call an arbitration tribunal and if if the if the judges were to find in favor of ukraine that would be a moral victory for the ukrainian government type of russia that would be a legal victory for the ukrainian government over russia and they would be good publish the for the ukrainians so. it's a judgment in a tribe you know wouldn't receive a feeling its tactics it would be symbolism i can only reiterate if ukraine wants
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to have quote relations with russia don't expect any discounts don't expect any favors you pay the market price are modest papadopoulos editor v.k. political magazine politics first thanks so much for being with us here on r.t. international. now bill what the international action center thinks is treading a dangerous baskin these gas negotiations do you create a new government is being intransigent putting its own population at risk and also putting the people. of europe at risk i think in this particular case the russian government is not acting politically but acting on a strictly economics market basis they are offering gas to ukraine at a lower price than europe is paying you could say that russia was acting politically earlier when it gave large discounts to ukraine in a desire for stability but if the ukrainian government is behaving in a hostile way and there is no reason for russia to give ukraine special political
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consideration now there's been a triangle style mystery over the skies of europe it's an urge data over a dozen planes vanished from raiders for almost half an hour and three countries reported similar disappearances experts are scratching their heads over why get a full story on r.t. dot com. and whistleblowers listen up as your future revelations could see you cashing in with bitcoin rewards will tell you how online. and it's a double celebration for brazilians were the world cup officially began and some power last night with a host team getting the first win of the tournament coming from behind to beat gracious three one in the opening game you could sense the relief and happiness among their fans at the end and they are in the only ones in good spirits angling plays their first match against italy on saturday and graham phillips caught up with an english contingent on a boat in the amazon. but he would not was one of the troops serving sentences you
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can see of turning the ball the bonus points willing to the times for the society there is much against italy fight we can see some of the boys. who didn't really go to read up to the radio days oh yeah just put up a sphere and sure you so watch the football but if your piece makes a deliberate point. most of the woke up sometimes it was in shock easy to. say the same thing when you talked about abbie kept up to see. the boys used. to force you to think straight through food because you think the first instinct is to. secure a good situation such. as the hours before the opening game entire world cup
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for testers kept up the pressure outside the stadium and some power five people were injured in the demonstration against the huge cost of hosting the event and there were also protests in other cities including readers in arrow were some six hundred activists clashed with security. and elsewhere around the world commuters in france are having a tough friday because a rail strikes been extended into thursday it's already caused the worst disruption on the trains in years unions want to fully merge the rail network with the service operator and which are billions of euros in debt less money than was revealed that asked in this year of order two thousand trains that were too big for most platforms because the network gave it the wrong measurements. dozens of people have gone on trial in turkey accused of organizing last year's deadly riots in a samples gezi park and they face up to twenty nine years jail if convicted what began as a protest over developing a part of the sanity into widespread anti-government unrest and the worst challenge
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to date to the authority of prime minister abdul on human rights groups on the charges dropped and said turkey should focus on the lethal police tactics used during the riots. getting convicted to if you are suspected or you might cause trouble in the future it's a practice security services in the united states have been using according to muslim advocacy groups there and it's known as preventative prosecution but critics say it's nothing more than entrapment explains how almost ninety five percent of those found guilty were provoked by the f.b.i. in a post nine eleven america hundreds of muslims have been arrested prosecuted and president for attempting to carry out terrorist attacks however this study just released finds that the u.s. government has played a major role in orchestrating most of those so-called terror plots in order to exaggerate the domestic threat of muslim extremism when examining the department of
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justice is a list of three hundred ninety nine terrorism cases the study found that ninety four percent of those cases involve preemptive prosecution that's a practice of targeting those who officials. deem predisposed to committing crimes before an actual crime is committed in some instances the study finds that defendants were targeted purely for their religious affiliations and ideological beliefs in other instances the f.b.i. used in egypt provocative work to recruit vulnerable individuals moring them with cash and coursing them into carrying out a terrorist attack that was set up by the f.b.i. now federal informant would provide the fake explosives and instruct the defendant on what to do this is otherwise known as entrapment now the one hundred seventy five page report was released by project salaam a group providing support and legal advocacy for muslims one of the co-authors told
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me his findings make it difficult to believe in the integrity of the u.s. justice system and federal agencies what they're trying to do was to convince the american public that there is this large army of potential terrorists that they should all be very very scared about they are very much engaged in worldwide surveillance and this surveillance is very valuable to them they can learn awful lot about all sorts of things and in a sense control it's control issues and to their advantage and the entire legal justification for that depends on there being a war on terror without a war on terror they have no right to do this so they have to keep this war on terror going they have to keep finding people and arresting them and locking them up and scaring everybody because without that they they cannot justify the kind of surveillance or doing u.s. surveillance as the public has learned is not just limited to muslim citizens
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critics say unless there is public outcry over a government manufactured crime that too may eventually become common practice to target anyone. artsy new york and i have breaking assess delves into iraq's new struggle against islamist unleashed. and military campaign against security forces. in london in one of the caring hearts of one of the capitals of loving liberal e.u. they've implemented a plan to finally get almost people off the streets at night so that they provide these desperate people with a jobs they could at least earn a few pounds and have some human dignity of course not they put down spikes everywhere on the ground so that the hobos have nowhere to sleep yes that is right
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they are laying down spikes to keep up the homeless just like dragon's teeth keep out tanks now if this happened somewhere in say bangladesh on a bad day i might say well that is their business but all the liberals in the e.u. just constantly cry from their ivory tower to the whole world about how we all need to be tolerant and be taxed to death to help people but as a guy who grew up in a bad neighborhood i can tell you that liberals never want to live near the people they claim to want to help you know henry ford was one of those guys who said that you should never give anybody any handouts so what he did was give the disabled and the poor a decent paying jobs at his factory so listen up you liberal loony bin if you want to get those evil yucky critical people off the streets just put them to work it will read your city of its homeless problem. right.
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now i. want. if the public it's like. hey guys how's it going i'm abby martin and this is breaking the set so over the past few days the extremist group known as the islamic state of iraq and syria or isis has launched an enormous assault on several major iraqi cities taking complete
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control of the country's second biggest city missile and now saddam hussein's hometown of to create the group which is spread out over northern syria and iraq now controls nearly a third of iraq and more chordal territory than the governments of israel and lebanon according to the long one journal besides mosul and to create isis now controls the cities of ramadi and fallujah as well as other smaller cities and they were going to zation as valid that will soon be marching toward baghdad the occupation of these cities has led to more than half a million people to flee mosul seeking safer areas of the country and although baghdad is currently secure from takeover violence in the city is largely continued unabated with more than sixty people killed just this weekend with a new wave of car bombings throughout the capital these developments have actually led many members of the republican party to actually push for airstrikes iraq because of course the people who allowed the current situation to develop as a result of their insanely irresponsible votes for intervention back in two thousand and two definitely have the authority to dictate current military policy
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so what's happening on the ground is a catastrophe of epic proportions the only way it could become worse is if the u. west decides to get militarily involved in iraq again let's break this.


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