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radicals vandalized the russian embassy in kiev flipping over cars and pelting the building with eggs and fireworks. any government fighters in ukraine's east have downed a military transport jet delingpole forty nine people aboard. in iraq up to a thousand people killed in an insurgent campaign launched by jihadi fighters earlier this week in a bid to deter advancing militants the country's leadership resorts to calling on volunteers to take up arms. british citizens should be half in that christmas eve it's. a country which is supposed to be closest ally from surveillance to nuclear warheads here from some experts who say britain's closer ties with the u.s.
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are all given no take and could compromise national security. before you get to any of those stories update you on what's happening in kramatorsk in eastern ukraine a spokesperson for kiev's military operation there says they've killed more than fifty or about fifty anti-government fighters in kramatorsk and injured another one hundred fifty his facebook message indicating that the activists were killed in an airstrike that also destroyed their ammunition warehouse earlier the ukrainian military said all forty nine people aboard a plane shot down friday night in lugansk had been killed this video purportedly shows the moment of the explosion before being shot down the plane was trying to lend it airport with troops weapons and supplies have officials say they consider this a terrorist attack the crew and soldiers aboard the plane are the largest single
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loss of life the ukrainian military has suffered since the start of the operation in eastern ukraine. foreign policy analyst serge attributes thinks the accident the incident rather justifies a no fly zone over areas stricken by the conflict. they're actually contributes to the calming of the waters to some extent because the way in which the ukrainian a product is confused their air power over the recent weeks has been irresponsible in big screen they obviously use no smile guided weapons that the school are accustomed to on the skids and i think if occasion of the no fly zones in eastern ukraine is much more warranted then it was in say lately a friend who had an. alexander pavlovitch things kiev and its allies will point the finger of blame at russia for the attack they're just going to blame russia they've been blaming it for the past several weeks not disposed to be an escalation on the part of russia how do these people manage to down
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a plane i mean the equipment must come from russia of course i mean ukraine has its own military industry but they're going to pin the blame on russia because the real target is russia not even the south east or the east of ukraine so i expect escalation burley and otherwise from nato from washington london brussels girl and i'm fortunate with. western countries block moscow's u.n. security council statement condemning the attack on the russian embassy in kiev according to a diplomatic source radical demonstrators have been vandalizing the building in the ukrainian capital for hours accusing russia of arming anti-government activists in the east and south archy's paul scott is there. a number of protesters do still remain outside the building one stage this evening a fire broke out it's not clear whether it was started deliberately or by accident and fire was a real concern really throughout most of the evening most of the time that i spent
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that there were a number of overturned vehicles outside the embassy building and a lot of diesel and oil spilling for varies from place cars one stage people around the school to the protesters the demonstrators were going to set fire to those vehicles but in the end the fire services turned up and hosed the cars down as a preventative measure the leg or front of celibacy is crazy and the police. or this was being done without a police presence they seems that the ukrainian forces were prepared to let events forward without the police being on the scene the united states state department who should condemn reaction is oh great protesters here in kiev to do it started earlier on saturday police say around one hundred protesters arrived to the russian embassy with i'm team russia colleagues and shouting and lot to make putin slogans but the atmosphere at times when the numbers began to swell
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a man from the right sector turned out we know where they were in the right sector because right rather than black flags. and they started pelting the embassy building with with paint with eggs and they started smashing windows and overturning. the ukrainian flag has also replaced the russian flag as well outside the building that was something protesters did not over the exits and entrances to the embassy at the moment i'll drop to meeting with the embassy staff all holed up . in the empty store a party has managed to speak to one of the people inside. the situation it's gets more tense protesters have turned over embassy cars parked outside the perimeter is blocked with tires in the driveways a block to the protesters own cars they've torn down the russian flag from the pole the ukrainian police are supposed to guard the embassy there on preventing the harm being done to russian property so the staff are still holed up inside the embassy heading to the evening and events outside of the embassy will go at the moment
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they're peaceful they are certainly tense here officials say they've arrested several people who are provoking tension at the russian embassy and they have reiterated that they are doing everything possible to restore and maintain security of the diplomatic staff investigative journalist and filmmaker danny schechter though speculates the embassy attack could be key of purposely trying to bait russia into a harsh response this is an urgency to it now i think from craney in point of your recent viewpoint of the ukrainian government suddenly with the events in iraq american media and shifting its attention away from ukraine to iraq that results in a i think indeed on the part of some in the ukraine to try to get back into the media i know by staging incidents that could lead to over response by russians which they could then use to justify calls for intervention or more support from
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the united states they could provoke a intensification or an escalation of the crisis there that gives them a pretext to refuse to pay for gas they refuse to accept compromises on the russian part hopefully to get the u.s. more involved in their situation i think that's the game here that's being bullied . group of russian journalists filming inside a maternity hospital in the eastern ukrainian city of slovyansk when the shelling began on the building here is footage that we got from them. journalists have been interviewing hospital staff when the military allegedly started shelling and they rushed into the basement and waited there till we're going to talk with one of the journalists at the hospital. when we the group of journalists got information that a maternity hospital in the town center has been damaged we headed there started recording interviews in the hospitals yard then entered the building and at that
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moment the new attack started we ran into the basement and stayed there for twenty minutes then we left the building but heard knew showing quite close in had to hide again the building is quite seriously damaged nearly all the windows are broken. while the niobrara trotzky korean authorities are three hundred two russian journalist working for his visit t.v. which had already had employees detained in the country a correspondent and sound technician were held as they were heading to the airport they were supposed to fly to moscow after their assignment in the country was over the channel says their documents had been in order they are now reportedly being held in the city's justice ministry we spoke with the wife of one of the men who herself is an r t journalist and i just reached him by phone i could only see here unknown and i don't know how can i think of my life quality so it was all i could understand and then i called to kim jong our search engine like i'm certain my question. has changed and she won't come back home today and some
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time ago she called me concerned oh of course it's me and i want to go to i'm sorry you don't and he right there and he doesn't know where he and then you can also tell. as the ukrainian crisis continues the country's economic affairs are also on shaky ground in just one day left work you have to settle at least part of its gas bill or face be moved to a painted vent system and potentially a gas cut off more on that. by turning today's other top stories in iraq up to one thousand people reported killed many of them civilians after a group known as isis started in the surgeon campaign earlier this week jihadi fighters seize several major cities including iraq's second largest city mosul more victims feared are feared now as fighters are believed to be crossing are closing in rather on baghdad hundreds of iraqi men responding to a call to arms issued friday by the country's top shia cleric who urged the nation to join the fight against the radicals
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a government airstrike on the area surrounding the country's biggest oil refinery reportedly killed some two hundred terrorists this as the u.s. deliberates over what kind of assistance to provide or he's got each pixel. president obama's message to iraq is the u.s. will help it fight the militants but it will not put boots on the ground he said he would be reviewing the range of options in the coming case and this could mean air strikes but the president has not made a decision yet he'll something dictated that it's not up to the u.s. to solve iraq's problems we will not be sending u.s. troops back into combat in iraq but i have asked my national security team to prepare a range of other options that could help support iraq security forces and i'll be reviewing those options in the days ahead we can't do it for them in the absence of this type of political effort short term military action including any assistance we might provide won't succeed the sectarian war in iraq broke out after the u.s.
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invasion in two thousand and three and has been a source of constant violence ever since it has allowed to the militants with the islamic state of iraq and syria again to gain momentum and recruits the. i'd against assad in syria is further bolstered these militants and gave them new resources they are now in control of large parts of iraq including iraq's second largest city of mosul the goal of this militant group is to create a caliphate or an islamic state across a vast area that includes syria and iraq when taking over most heavily armed radicals overran police stations freed more than one thousand prisoners from the city jail and took over the international airport iraqi forces apparently ran in the face of a lot leaving behind uniforms weapons and armored vehicles those could be weapons that the u.s. provided to the iraqi security forces that are now in the hands of these militants more than half a million people have fled seeking refuge the situation for most iraqis is dire and
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it has been so for years they were promised democracy but all they've seen is violence with no end in sight. are these worlds apart discussed iraq's sectarian strife with former u.s. ambassador to iraq christopher hill explain why isis could be a threat to any nation watch the show starting at ten thirty g.m.t. here's a preview these i.c.'s people you know they are not interested in just iraq they are interested in the rest of us as well and so i think we as a civilization if you will need to be prepared to deal with organizations such as i sees the criticism of maliki for not having enough sunni outreach that may be true but i think one can apportion some of the criticism on the sunni's who have made it very clear they're not interested in living under a shia prime minister that is a prime minister represent shia political power and so i think it's a very fundamental problem.
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britain increase in collaboration with the u.s. when it comes to nuclear weaponry the worrying some that the country could lose its deterrent independents both countries work closely already sharing intelligence and exchanging prisoners artie's polly boyko reports that critics fear such far reaching cooperation it might not be benefiting britain's. america and britain already share the know how in hardware and according to a guardian newspaper scoop that cooperation is to be stepped up even further prompting fresh questions about the independence of the u.k.'s nuclear to terror and if we don't have an independent deterrent which means an independent threat then we might as well just if we want to be protected by nuclear weapons pay the americans a fee and allow them to do it for the cold war may be over but there are still nearly ten thousand u.s. military personnel stationed in britain at dozens of our a.f.
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bases under us control that we are still five north of us here to be she's in britain wires or you have to ask her many. states. you know where america is very rich we were in this border last month the independent on sunday revealed that washington is to spend two hundred million pounds want to revamp of r.a.f. crouton one of the u.k. bases allegedly involved in mass surveillance of revelations about g c h q and the n.s.a. they are what we could be saying that british citizens are actually having their privacy in paid to it by a country which is supposed to be closest ally and friend in the world it's led some voices in the u.k. to question whether american and british interests always overlap britain is now a fairly small in some. powerful country as we were in the days when we had an empire but we have a national interest we still have
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a national interest we're still a very big economy we're still an important country but we should exercise that national interest in our interest we shouldn't just slavish lee handed over to the americans anything that they want and yet the succession of british leaders have done little to remedy what many see as a lot of sided relationship under the current extradition treaty between. written in america it's much easier for a u.k. citizen to be sent to face trial in the us than the other way around over recent years twice as many people have been extradited from the u.k. to the us which british prime minister thousands. go that extra limb for the americans objects of commentary to. have. too many of them are in the american stuff which means britain is the fifty first states of america. to see london still to govern the program select their morality. in the one time to talk about
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the sexual violence and you talk about war crimes. weapons to this government we take a look at claims that the london summit against sexual violence ignored numerous cases of assaults in sri lanka. debating american foreign policy is there one any more traditionally the political left and right and clearly different positions on how washington should exert power in the world today it appears everyone in the establishment is a hot. economic record. now right and. what if.
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there's a media leave though so we leave the. other see bush and see your. party is in full. shoes that no one is as you would to guess that you deserve answers from. politics only. eighteen minutes past the hour ukraine's prime minister ordered the government to prepare for a halt to gas supplies monday he have more than four billion dollars in debt in just one day left to pay at least half of what it owes if the deadline is not met russia will only deliver the gas that's been paid for up front earlier my colleague kevin owen discussed this with r.t. correspondent i read or lucia. so are these latest gas price talks of collapse we
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seem to be back to square one who's holding it up is ukraine or is it russia was the picture all depends on who you ask for example ukraine says that russia's price is too high and moscow says that gives demands are simply absurd so let's have a look at the facts first starters ukraine admittedly owes billions of dollars to russia and gazprom has actually moved the deadline for payment back four times and now it's thirty one rounds of negotiations persecute here though that's still to be purty then we'll talk about what kind of strong opposition ukraine is in a moment but their economy is so bad that the moment we're going to pay them that is true but remember that i.m.f. loan that ukraine has already gotten and that is actually enough to cover part of their debt and that the fact is russia is not even asking them to pay back in full at least half of what heroes and if they do there's a deal for that moscow well actually throw in a retroactive discount on what ukraine owes and that will save the country millions
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of desperately needs if war but to the present ukraine is this latest discovery that was all for the one that was on the table is just too hard it's not enough so when we go from here well here's a perspective on the gas price russia is offering three hundred eighty five dollars per thousand cubic meters which is already eight hundred dollars less than the current running price what's more is that russia has actually guaranteed that rate for a year regardless of whether market prices go up and as a matter of fact even europe's energy chief has called the offer very reasonable. i believe that three hundred eighty five dollars is a reduction that could be considered a reasonable depending on the volume and length of the contract it could even be less than three hundred eighty five and that will then be the final price ok so we've heard what russia is prepared to do what you crane prepared to do we're going to compromise well it doesn't seem like ukraine is going to compromise almost anywhere in fact it has offered its. parry price of three hundred twenty six
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dollars until a permanent one is agreed upon and that is of course much less than what russia wants on top of that ukraine is refusing to pay back its existing debt until it gets the price that it wants. when we touched on this just now why does ukraine feel it's in such a strong position he wanted to be just and that is a very big question here and according to gas from c.e.o. ukraine may be listening to third party advisors let's have a listen. perhaps the ukrainians of outside advisors it's just that we've observed from the very beginning of the talks that the ukrainian side never really wanted any compromise or any deal. so who's alexey miller talking over there rather cryptically who are these advisors may be well it's still a bit of a speculation but we've asked that question to a number of experts and there seems to be a predominant let's have a listen cramer is on the instructions from the united states of america very very large industrial companies this is also another subtle way of controlling the
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europeans remember because when and if russia quite rightly stops delivering gas which isn't paid for of course like last time like the previous two times ukraine will simply siphon off that gas which will cause some problems in europe which will further encourage the europeans to be forced to eventually start buying american very expensive american gas as well that's all part of the business plan well any richer in russia and the e.u. is really good for america because it is desperate to start selling its own gas if you look at this map right there you can see that europe gets thirty percent of its gas from russian federation and to you and ukraine is actually a major hub on that transport route from russia to europe and what america is desperate to do is to start selling its own gas but the problem is gas prices in europe right now are too low and i'm going to read if you took all this out of the equation all the transit through ukraine. how is that going to affect the price of
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gas it would go up would make sure no absolutely and that is exactly what would make shipping all that gas for america to europe actually profitable and of the same time it would hit russia's economy to boot so america stands everything to gain and very little to lose. dot com right now with enthusiasm has come up with a solution to the gas dispute auctioning the russian and blue fuel on e bay click on our website for the details there. u.k. queen elizabeth has made actress angelina jolie an honorary dame for her humanitarian work julie host of the global summit to end sexual violence together with the u.k.'s foreign secretary was called to address instances of rape in war zones like syria congo and others but the conference apparently failed to cite violations in sri lanka where experts say thousands were raped during almost thirty years of civil war human rights groups say sexual assault is still use there as a way to torture suspected criminals. civilians also at risk in sri lanka according to a un survey saying every ninety minutes there
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a woman is raped every day up to five children are also abused and most of the suspects allegedly end up walking free often returned see a host of art he's going underground spoke with human rights advocate bianca jagger who is convinced that the u.k. ignore sri lanka's violations because it fueled the civil war by selling millions of dollars worth of weaponry to the country but i did some research and found reports about how the u.k. send weapons that probably will use in the mass killing of the terminal at the end of the war and even before and he does believe that between seven hundred fifty to seventy thousand innocent civilians were killed among the time and it is a real prosecution of the even today and why is the u.k. government silent and of course they have something to answer because of the sale of weapons to that country and because sri lanka holds the presidency of the commonwealth in the one hand you talk about you know the sexual violence and you
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talk about war crimes and then you sell weapons to this government. which just three days into the fee for world cup in the tournament has already thrown up a few surprises none more so than the huge victory of the netherlands against world champions spain trouncing them five one and in the game between england and italy the italians came out on top two to one but it's not just football on the pitch that's providing entertainment there's plenty of other treats on the sidelines as well graham phillips have been fighting out. misspeak specially constructed on the edge of the city but for this world cup two thousand seat now stretches over several that is good of course a big screen is in place so seventy take the tens of thousands the five kids get into the atmosphere i. let me sneak in some of these pines to see what the pentagon does here this come two thousand and fourteen in brazil so it was emotionally placement in there so you know i think it was facing she was
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going to run itself said assumption because it was shocking. because there are those who fight show one of. those leading c.b.c. or me my time on the side would you please me. coming up next are to international have a tradition of having more than one wife is driving a wedge into today's kazakstan or if you're watching us from the u.k. a boom bust but they're an aid coming up next. recent events in ukraine definitely have a wide range of interpretation both russia and the west accuse the other of doing a lot of meddling some people call those who are fighting out east separatists or
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terrorists but others call them a people's militia fighting the kiev and this sort of situation everyone has their bias and it's hard to tell what is going on but i can tell you one thing in the sea of opinion the kiev side is using artillery and fact there have been numerous reports of artillery strikes like the one that just a few days ago hit the sales of hope orphanage which was thankfully empty at the time why is our tour such a big deal well if you send guys with guns in the fight they're going to see their target try to kill it but artillery shoots targets they can't even see they just throw shells at a general location and interestingly enough many locations seem to be in populated areas of the breakaway republics so who is the actual target of randomly shelling populated areas well if we turn on our brains for a second we can see that artillery is one of the worst ways to take out a specific threat in a local population but it sure is a good way to eliminate the entire local population because maybe that's who the quote threat actually is but that's just my opinion.
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talking about languages but i react to situations i have read the reports for. clues to know i'll leave that to the state department to comment on you to. secure yes because on the job you know. they get. no more weasel words. when you need a direct question are you prepared for a change when you throw a punch be ready for a battle freedom of speech and the freedom to clash.
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