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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  June 20, 2014 11:29pm-12:01am EDT

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i marinate join me. in that impartial and financial reporting commentary interview and much much. only on the past and only on. your friend post a photo from a vacation you can't afford call it different. the boss repeats the same old joke of course you like. your ex-girlfriend still pens tear jerking poetry keep. norrish. we
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post only what really matters at r.t. to your facebook news feed. mass shootings continue to rock the u.s. and as it says in our country's rule book no tragedy should go on exploited you know go home our company is marketing bullet proof blankets to schools to protect children from crazed killers just an ordinary day that is until now attention to. this. crop i've raised gunmen have entered our schools prepared to kill our children and teachers when these calamities occur our children are most often left helpless and afraid. they're afraid because you're passing out war zone or ever. to have someone there but welcome again to garnish your crayons in a flak jacket. oh but i forgot the oklahoma company says the blankets can also be
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used against tornadoes yes tornadoes are often deterred by reinforced. i think we have an image of those blanket protected children during a tornado here. or see one there see another one there. but there are too many mass shootings we're going to going on that we average two random mass shootings per month in the us compare that to say australia where they averaged roughly zero per month ever i'm not talking about taking the guns all right we can argue about the size and shape of the guns we want to allow some other time that's not the point instead gun people let me ask you why do you want to cut right now you're hunting a rifle of the other gun you own it in order to protect your property your family and your freedom at least that's what most people would say i'm sure an odd man or two might go i use it to scare went around the snakes that live in my psoriasis. but in general people say property family and freedom are right they didn't care
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about the occupy wall street protests they don't give a shit about the environment and they don't protest the rise of the surveillance state watching their every move they only care about gun rights here's the thing you've already lost the stuff you want to protect your house has been foreclosed on and or you're struggling to make payments your pension has been raided by the almighty you your wife is working twelve hour days the help pay the bills you sons in jail for nothing charges your daughter will be shackled to student loan payments until she's in a rocking chair your car is least not own your flat screen t.v. belongs to rent a center your e-mails and phone calls are being monitored you can't so much as attend a sing along in a state capitol without getting arrested you try to yell a question at a town hall meeting in your tasered by security that your computer is designed to break after a year at which time continuing to own it won't really matter and you spend a lot of your day strapping diapers on your ninety five year. and father in law
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because his retirement fund was gobbled up by the banks you're spooning applesauce into a mean old man's face wondering what that hal added to your life basically you have already given up your property your family and your freedom they already got it the war was fought and you didn't even know it while you were busy hugging your gun the authorities and the howlers that became in the back door and cleaned out everything you care about the point is you can have your gun they don't need your gun your gun is a relic a keepsake of the way things used to work a wild west tool in an age of investment algorithms while you're focusing on your gun they've grabbed everything you care about using lawyers variable rate mortgages and trade deals all right day they don't need tanks they have think tanks they don't win they don't win with death they win with debt all right despite everything i've said just now i know some of you are thinking bad man i don't care if they
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take my house i'll just take my guns and do an igloo and sleep inside of that. on a pillow of sweet guns. well have a get away i know a guy in a glow most tell you a blanket. coming to you from washington d.c. the belly of the beast this is redacted tonight. well i never did i didn't have. any audience doing i ope you mean that i don't lie to me all right now let's take the news from behind a new existence of study shows that about twenty five percent of all public company deals involve insider trading as in the illegal use of insider information to manipulate and cheat on the stock market this means the game is rigged and then was
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already rigged but now it's like superrich that the system that is already set up completely in favor of the smart elite and well connected is being gamed to further it's like the fat kid on the seesaw wearing ankle weights. he's already winning hence the the valedictorian prom queen thrown peanuts at the shy girl with the deviated septum the peanut allergy this is this is the winners making sure they win more by illegal means while most of the country suffers this is the grossest aspect of crony capitalism well second grossest. do you think every morning sheldon adelson gets up and goes still get it. and i dove federal court ruled in favor of occupy boise this week declaring that camping outside the capitol is indeed protected by freedom of speech thanks federal court only two years away from the revolution thanks for showing off the greats now it's
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legal to protest we can't just start a revolution at the drop of a hat all right it takes planning and phone calls the number of cocktail wieners alone is a huge puritanical right it's expensive don't you just say the word revolution in the caterer like triples the price all right thanks for nothing federal court no organic chem sausages for you because you got offended that they were going to come sausages also this week the washington redskins lost their trademark because the u.s. patent and trademark office has declared the name disparaging the native americans but that does not mean the fight is over a change change the mascot advertisement aired during the n.b.a. finals and now we hear redacted tonight have a special advance copy of an ad created to defend the new i mean to defend the name redskins against this unprecedented assault take a look hi i'm greg yang proud member of the washington redskins organization i've
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been appointed spokesman for this that because i have a minority. now recently some people have been saying the name redskins needs to change and these negative nancies have forgotten that if we change the name we lose the long proud history of the washington redskins while i remember being a young boy in georgia and being a huge spread of the augusta. i even slept in bed sheets we were worried about some old meaning of the word it was simply our team and we were proud of our players even in players as a child i also played on the clark county ball team i swam for the fighting and so proudly with the surly whose mascot was a really silly look we used to love to chase him around and try to set him on fire . to town and i have set for no good reason now most of those names have been changed i've lost my childhood memories is that what we really want to deprive
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innocent bright eyed boys and girls of the light hearted fun of beating up a. stand with me in defending the name washington redskins it doesn't matter what people think what matters is that we never change told let the win. yes. i don't know if that's going to win over many people really moving on the united states has dropped fourteen points on the press freedom index down to forty six well we have a report that can hopefully give us a little more insight into the problem but the reporter who filed it unfortunately has asked that we change his name because he's afraid of reprisals so corresponding . galactus pomegranate as the report. the relationship between the us government and journalists is deteriorating there's
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a crackdown on sources there's the surveillance the intimidation in the jailing of journalists there's the national security laws that could put reporters in detention all this in the u.s. is now forty six in the world press freedoms index. should we even be doing this out here i mean does it say can i get my face player. ok that's better yes despite first amendment protections for free press journalists are growing uneasy by new more and more difficult to protect their sources actually i am way too exposed out here can we do something else like change my voice change the pitch of my voice and they can recognize me now now now like i said like david said yes i can be more of a j c jesse ventura slash janet reno type force so big was europe with no bill to even america's most trusted newsman has fallen on hard times am i right why am i right. but there is hope thanks to this guy representative alan
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grayson who convinced a republican house last month to pass the strongest ever media shield law protecting journalists and their sources the constitution in the first amendment provides for freedom of speech and of the press it is completely in congress to say we have freedom the press but the federal government can subpoena your sources and put them and you in prison you might wonder how a democrat was able to pass something through a republican house let's just say congressman grayson knows how to delicately navigate the obstacle course of congress with finesse and grace to die quickly that's right the republicans want you to die quickly as a an acronym that's used to apply situations like it's s t f u what do you have a higher opinion of congress or dog poop or not no he doesn't know how to do that. nevertheless the grayson amendment is significant for one it bars the department of
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justice from using any funds to compel a journalist to reveal sources also significant be amendments definition of journalist you see the original media shield law the free flow of information act the one supported by senator obama before it was opposed by president obama then watered down to gain the support of president obama how do you narrow definition of . journalist one that wouldn't cover independent journalists bloggers in organizations like wiki leaks but the grayson amendment does specifically cover wiki leaks and its smooth the dancing leader. according to the grayson amendment the term journalism describes an act out of profession a person is a journalist so long as he or she is engaged in the act of journalism. yes it's an unusually strongly worded bill for an error in which most legislation is watered down so heavily that there is meaningless as the batting order in the annual
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congressional softball game. so the summer through says he tours can we get one of the board or three gorilla voice turns. ok or to go with something a little more shaky here like a black eye bar can we get a black eye bar. ok that's a little too p.o.w. ish how about sunglasses can get some sunglasses all right ok i'm feeling that about how to get a hat now i know about hot. no not that hard either. that's all right let's try one more all right i'll work ok so the senate will decide in the next few weeks what to do with congressman grayson amendment you know what can we lose the had and glass is just so freaking hot out here. we can't lose him ok bye. meantime there's
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a nother way that citizen journalists can protect themselves and that is by not ruffling any feathers which includes any reporting on the n.s.a. the cia the pentagon the state department the justice department the f.b.i. the white house the a.t.f. the department of homeland security the point is as long as no one will ever give a shit about what you're reporting on it will be much easier for you to protect your sources and your journalistic freedom from the justice department which is why i spent all last week reporting live from the world beard and moustache championships or at least that's what i thought it was. i mean really deep. reporting vulnerably from washington d.c. the same socks were adopted tonight.
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her let. her leave. her.
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pledge. play. welcome but. a. lot of news this week has been about the horrible chaos in iraq the rise of the militant group isis and most of the corporate media will tell you it's time to get back to bombing reuters reported recently that the
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iraq war has cost us two trillion dollars since it started in two thousand and three you know how much it would have cost to end world hunger for the entire eleven years roughly three hundred thirty billion dollars and people around the world would have loved us it's not that often you can say to someone hey you want to save over a trillion and a half dollars just and world hunger that's all you've got to do save a lot of money but instead we only spend money on war how is this allowed to go on because the a holes making these decisions trust that the american people don't know what's going on and they're right most americans don't even understand why the isis militias militants are italian. and. i don't know about ronald. i've got an idea i happen to have a time machine i bought at bed bath and beyond don't act surprised it says beyond
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right there in the name maybe we can send someone back in time to war in one thousand nine hundred merica that toppling saddam hussein occupying iraq would would result in a quagmire in a very volatile part of the world should we do it should we what do you think send someone back yeah you guys can. do it we need someone tough and someone tough not someone to put together sentences. i said put together sentences. oh ok world renowned intellectual noam chomsky now seen too many times ravel movies he'd get bogged down in a discussion about why time travel is paradoxical. oh gay teletubbies you must work for we need we need someone respected by the d.c. lunatics we do. know dick cheney that this might just be crazy enough to work all right he created this catastrophe maybe he can stop it he shot his friend in the face clearly he's tough all right the d.c. establishment loves him let's try let's send cheney back to warn the world that
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destabilizing iraq would be a disaster for the entire region. oh telling me it's done apparently time travel doesn't take much time doesn't make sense we already have video of it here's a time traveler trainee in one thousand nine hundred four. because if we'd gone to baghdad we would have been all along that would have been anybody else with us it would have been a us occupation of iraq once you got to iraq and took it over took down saddam hussein's government the money going to put into place it's a very volatile part of the world and if you take down the central government of iraq you could easily end up some piece of iraq fly off part of it. the syrians would like to have the west part of eastern iraq radians would like to play all over for eight years in the north you've got. the kurds spin loose and join with the kurds in turkey then you threaten the turks or integrity of turkey so it's a quagmire my god we didn't marry me i would rather they were change of course it was during or maybe you know maybe under those would be
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a hundred thousand people don't have to die or maybe creating absolute chaos in the middle east is what these greedy pirates these holier than thou monsters wanted all along anyway you know they they knew this would happen in iraq jesus we should have sent a teletubbies. that thousands of noon bike riders covered the city of portland oregon last week as part of the eleventh annual yeah you guys like nudity as part of the eleventh annual naked bike ride of protest against cars and other fossil fuel burning transportation this is a great idea i applaud these brave independent thinkers these obstinate and courageous citizens who saw a wrong in our system this is a horrible idea. do they think they're growing this is a grotesque treading the boards social fabric they are flat out cowards who have a point i mean there. was a good point about how we treat the earth with third samples moved valleys and pigs and they succeeded in raising awareness these young activists need to be
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a rested how this is not over violent act i don't know how i'd rather be punched in the face than have my retinas burned with a permanent iconography of dribbling stink. flast some said what do you do all along with freedom of speech well i just found out where you brought on that guy's dental barracks. i'm calling not in on physically drawing my life. and all out of say i say protest in every way you can and if authorities have to stare at those guys for a long we'll see change we will finally. now we turn to mind blowing old news because sometimes you need a mind. between nineteen twenty and one thousand thirty three was the time of prohibition in the united states a time when alcohol was even legal and therefore everyone was grumpy because ugly
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people couldn't get laid and they took it out on everyone else but american alcohol intake was still high during that time so what do you do when people are getting tipsy and you don't like it if your federal government you poison them yes federal officials under president calvin coolidge set up the poisoning of industrial alcohols that they knew would be stolen by bootleggers and resold to unsuspecting consumers over the next few years roughly ten thousand people died from the poisoning program our government murdered americans for drinking alcohol and while i find this truly horrible i'm not sure i'm opposed to the concept of the program if it were just simply aimed in other directions you know if our government secretly made exploding truck nuts. i think all the right people are being weeded out right i think we can agree on that and by the way they only poor poison the poor people out of the hall so it almost completely was poor people getting sick and dying basically this government program did for the one nine hundred
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twenty s. what mcdonald's does today. los angeles recently received their first bit coin a.t.m. it's continuing a trend showing the big one is indeed taking hold as a viable currency but most americans still have a. clue what a bit coin is or how it works here to explain is senior crypto currency analyst john a phone. right now you know i'm great at big les good at barrick because back in two thousand and eight when big point was invented a bunch of open source computer ninja super nerds told me to invest i bought a bottle of this stuff when it was valued at like nothing as today because they were like six hundred dollars across. and i'm very happy. hey hey hey hey you want some some meaningless ffion currency has a hundred dollar bill and no big deal says this is one dollar is it i don't even
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see tangible money anymore. post tangible way. can you please get to the point explain how big one works can you explain how that going to work and i explained can i earlier adopter wunderkind joe and dano explain because. yeah. it's an open source digital currency that uses cryptography to facilitate secure payments for goods and services no transaction fees no central bank or federal government but explanation complaints about. run. time come back. who i didn't need i got to go here's my real estate broker i am purchasing the island of cyprus as. i know you can parts of cyprus later if big quick is a digital currency not backed by anything tangible like gold how does it work i choose to answer your question with a question terrific how does the u.s.
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dollar have alue it has been backed by anything tangible since one thousand seventy one when old leatherface themselves richard nixon took us off the gold standard to finance vietnam man so now the federal reserve principle money is arbitrarily as nicolas cage makes movie scripts you're you have a point the fed is corrupt and horrible when they were finally audited in two thousand and eleven and it came out that they used a sixteen trillion dollar slush fund to basically give financial assistance the largest corporations in the world so you have a point oh i didn't know poor people knew about the federal reserve very impressive it's basically socialism for the rich and each or neighbor for the poor and this is why people are so psyched about big coin lee it's our first global currency and it's not control. old by fact that greedy criminal banker bags i think what a lot of people have trouble understanding though is out of big coins even come
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into existence fair enough ok this is actually hard to understand for you i get it i actually lead expensive seminars explaining this stuff all the. big coins are created in monitored by minors you mean by like teenagers now how come i'm like minor errors miners using their computer processing power and electricity is solve complicated algorithms in order not to randoms like heart attacks oh not a riddle me is complicated math equations combine when a cube computer solves one of mine to cluing like mining for gold the computer processing power is the pickaxe that's a good analogy i get that they make you once your personal wealth surpasses the g.d.p. of indochina analogy just or a roll off that. here's one john is to being rich as lee is that having dan byrne i don't have dandruff is i think is never other people decide about your
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dandruff. they require whatever go mainstream so many have been man you can pay for hotels in vegas concert tickets even fifty cent and mastodon have become the first major record label musicians to accept that koreans do you not see the irony of fifty cent adopting brad cohen. i do i said it it's also amazing there's a new piece of software coming out that will whistleblowers like edward snowden to receive compensation with big points for their courage and patriotism that's awesome yeah by the way there's also in addition this awesome criminal millionaire investor roger rare who started a site that allows rich people to use big claims to buy citizenship into the federation of st kitts and nevis where there aren't any taxes whatsoever that sounds a lot like just a tax shelter for. corruptive actually. maybe for you maybe you call it a. douche bag but i call it home yes
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a tax refund in this. time of the not a lemon law. all right these are the headlines from next week and you can get these no where else but on this show first up next week you'll read new science prove blankets designed to protect tax just school children from evolution and climate change and it's good to see you would think that like it wouldn't work but if you don't believe in science you can invent all kinds of crap that's great. also in the future dick cheney uses time travel device to go back and hang out with hitler. and me i never settle trust and i would think he's. also coming up in the weeks to come in a show of patriotism italian ices changed to freedom phrases. by the way so so we
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can change the name of french fries to freedom fries but we can't get the washington redskins to change their name i mean oh wait i spoke too soon here's another headline coming up washington redskins change name to washington go yourself and. that's our show the entire thing will be up online any minute and you tube dot com r t america and hulu dot com you can also catch up with us at facebook dot com slash redacted tonight and leave camp net good night and keep fighting. play. live live.
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live live live. across top rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want. and. i would rather ask questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question more. ukraine
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shells of russian border checkpoint as president poroshenko announces a seven day cease fire in the east as part of his peace plan. america's next generation stealth fighter is proving a headache for the pentagon is yet another technical glitch questioning the billions invested in the project. the u.s. jim starts a campaign offering cash for ideas to help grow its transatlantic partnership with the e.u. for the moves being seen by critics as an attempt to push through a corporate agenda.


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