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tv   Headline News  RT  June 26, 2014 3:00am-3:23am EDT

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in the heart of downtown circle were just moments ago a suicide bomb went off right here on this street we report from iraq where hundreds of civilians have been killed this month the sunni insurgents through the country and authorities lose control. washington readies new sanctions against russia over the crisis in ukraine stirring worries among america's big business to unwilling to be cut off from the russian market and american neighborhoods. increase the swat team says they will write scream slamming the unit's aggressive military tactics.
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over you with r.t. international it's nice to have a company. now the u.n. says nine hundred civilians have been killed in iraq since the beginning of this month when the islamic militant group isis started its advance through the country recently they attacked one of the country's largest air bases and seize control of several oil fields and in the northern oil city of kirkuk a suicide bomber that six people are dead you see catherine of witnessed the aftermath. in the heart of downtown cure cooper just moments ago a suicide bomb went off right here on the streets now the details so far are barkeep but what we've heard from officials is that one man a suicide bomber was seen on the street wearing an explosive device a vest he was actually aiming for the building down there it's a kurdish political party office apparently authorities had seen him they tried to
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intercept him and that is when he detonated his device now if you look around if. this is late on a wednesday evening rush hour a lot of people in the streets. the car here completely destroyed this building also you can see there's damage in the upper floors this must have been an incredibly powerful blast now if we walk this way we think this this blast really did happen so recently that they haven't had a moment to clean up the blood right here we don't know if this is. ok you're probably feeling. pretty good we're not exactly sure what's happening there some kind of motion right now you can see there's kurdish authorities here trying to keep calm but again of this just took place now the background to all of this very hotly contested city that there are kurds arabs the sunnis shias christians turkmen this is a very violent city that has seen many explosions many clashes over the years since
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the isis the islamic state in iraq and syria militants made their push in northern iraq the iraqi army have essentially fled from these areas allowing the kurds to come in and take control of a lot of people in the city are not happy about that and we're not sure whether this is a top was retribution perhaps for the kurds reasserting their control over this territory they belong claim this as their historic and cultural capital. oh look. it's really not safe to be here the authorities have been shooting their weapons. into the air we're not sure what's going on but we're going to get out of here before any other tension erupts there hasn't even been a chance to verify the casualties verify exactly what was the target but we do believe that it was the kurdish political office yesterday we had a chance to speak with the governor of the critical province he said that this is a very very calm city that there haven't been problems with the taps that security
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was actually getting better and one of the things that is very clear here from what we see today that that's far from the case the sea captain of your quick. hits continue to push through iraq there's no part of society unaffected you know seeing footage apparently showing children joining the ranks of isis young boys as seen holding automatic rifles while traveling with a convoy of rebels human rights watch claims that in syria isis fighters are already recruiting children the snipers but their role in iraq has not been confirmed. the u.s. has an official request from baghdad to launch airstrikes in iraq but isis supporters have threatened to avenge any strike with attacks on americans you can get the details on this story as well as live updates on the ongoing crisis in iraq at r.t. dot com. now the u.s. is ready to relax fresh tanks sanctions against russia over the crisis in ukraine
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if as it says moscow will not deescalate the situation is european allies are echoing the threats and while the measures are designed to damage russia's economy the plans are also sending shivers through american big business is important reports. as the u.s. and its western allies consider a third round of economic sanctions against russia the two biggest u.s. business organizations are warning that the move would long lasting damage to america's economy the u.s. chamber of commerce and the national association of manufacturers reportedly plan to run advertisements in the new york times the washington post and the wall street journal saying the only effect of additional sanctions would be to bar u.s. companies from foreign markets and cede business opportunities to firms from other countries u.s. companies fear that even temporary targeted sanctions against russia would damage
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their export markets and poison relations with russian customers business leaders say potential restrictions on technology transfers would also harm u.s. energy companies that do business in russia this is precisely what moscow warned back in march when foreign minister lavrov said any sanctions imposed on russia would come back to hurt the united states the white house told bloomberg news that the obama administration has had frequent conversations with business leaders on the issue and understands their concerns but that the u.s. can't just go on with business as usual now the obama administration is threatening to impose more sanctions on russia despite its recent steps to deescalate the crisis in ukraine at the request of president vladimir putin russian lawmakers voted tuesday to revoke legislation allowing for the use of military forces in your brain however it seems the white house is still expecting and demanding more from moscow. washington d.c.
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well russia being an emerging market with growing incomes has become quite attractive for u.s. companies in the possibility of being cut off from the market is making america's business bosses a bit nervous so let's take a look at who is involved in russia boeing boeing is nearly a third of its titanium here and also one of the fastest growing markets used to pepsi and america's common factors also have a huge interest in the russian market to general motors and ford who sold tens of thousands of vehicles last year. the next set of sanctions could target russia's energy sector but that could also be a big blow to u.s. and european energy giants who have a lot of interest in russia too some energy bosses were spotted at the latest petroleum congress in moscow he's the c.e.o. of exxon mobil rex tillerson bob dudley who's also here he's the head of british petroleum as was the boss of norwegian oil giant stat or the many there did say that they wanted to keep politics away from business but there isn't really
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a strategic. relationship is developing. according to the culture so we don't believe this kind of problems we want these. some in the u.s. business community fear even temporary sanctions could end up in long lasting damage to their russian exports economic expert from the university of massachusetts richard wolfe says american companies have good reason to be worried . the united states has direct an interest in direct investments in russia it has made plans to get access to russian energy it has made plans to get financial benefits by banking deals between russian banking and financial officials and americans and if it's russia there's a reaction against pressure from the united states then there are ways in which all kinds of companies in the united states will suffer losses we don't know how bad
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they'll be we don't know how long they'll last but we haven't a global capitalist crisis right now and companies are very worried even about relatively small threats to their ability to function and that's particularly true with financial interests which is where the tensions with russia could have some effect. while latest figures show the u.s. economy has suffered its worst performance in five years but unexpected help was quick to come in just a few minutes time you can see how the chinese billionaire is doing his bit to help the worst affected offering findin a new people i'm promising to give each of them we hundred don't. phase it increased us police brutality towards the public again ground report by american civil liberties union has revealed that seven people were killed and forty six injured as
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a result of swat operations over the last four years the teams that were designed to act in an emergency situations beyond the capabilities of ordinary police have now developed into something different. almost eighty percent of missions were raids on private homes hunting suspected criminals mostly drug dealers and less than ten percent of operations dealt with riots hostage taking under the heat and scenarios which department was initially created to deal with. this nineteen month old babies the youngest victim of the brutal tactics a squad burst into the boy's room and unwittingly threw a grenade into his coat he's now in a medically induced coma fighting for his life the family spokesperson told anita now in more about the tragedy on in that this flash grenade was tossed into a room of four small children the tragedy of course was that it landed in the play
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piano survived but it was four small children that were living in this space where this explosive device was thrown there had been reports that there was no way to know that there were young children in this household so that is totally false what this raid and the situation with the family what you're representing say about the american police system about militarization who exactly are they arming up against we find statistically that people of color people in low income areas and communities get built with this kind of blunt force if you're really influential community or if you have any influence personally you tend to get a knock at the door are even a courtesy call same surrender. the drugs the swat saying we're searching for were never found in the boy's parents and adam ending a federal investigation into what happened to this who's not alone by the way this
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is three quilts and she was holding a one year old baby but that didn't stop the police who opened fire after entering her house the baby was injured but survived the woman wasn't even a suspect and it was her boyfriend the police were after on suspicion of selling drugs and the stamp a a sixty eight year old grandfather of twelve like face down on the floor following orders when offices gun discharged and shot him in the head and again he wasn't a suspect and police were searching for his girlfriend's son a suspected drug dealer he was by the way detained minutes before swat broke into stamps. and we've got more stories lined up people after the break including hiding hide behind style later we report from germany on high farai movements and using an image to gain even more popularity.
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as the media leave also we leave that maybe. by the same motions your. father your party visible. shoes that no one is staying with to get that you deserve answers from. politics. russia's parliament votes to withdraw permission for russian troops to be deployed in ukraine to deescalate the crisis in the country's east digestible this all says libya heads to the polls to choose a new parliament amid bloodshed and chaos three years after the overthrow of gadhafi. greenpeace's left red states does business flights by one of its bosses is
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a huge comfort. with how the media turns a blind eye to get an r.t. . welcome back now in june near an artsy movement is adopting new slick ways to recruit in fact their rapid hip make over has seen even the media coining the phrase to describe them. a very. glossy far right movement claims all they want to do is give a trendy spin and cultivate a less threatening face from selfies on instagram with a map of germany nine hundred thirty seven hanging in the background to buzzing discussions on blogs they are trying to make their presence felt in a sleek more sophisticated way is even an artsy cooking show and in each episode
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getting chatty men wearing baloch clarges explains the years how to make an array of dishes for journalist john rice from birding shared his thoughts on the nips the trend. but what's important to remember is that not a hipster is they want to appear in just out on the street corner they're appearing not to demonstration in january twenty first and mark tuborg it was an attempt by the nazis to throw a march and there was a group trendy. colorful sunglasses and they had these funny looking converse shoes with stars and piercings kind of fuzzy beards like there are so many jokes about them you want to they had a bag. please don't shove i've got a yogurt in my bag as long as no answers have been around the always been trying to copy the youth subcultures originally kind of approach new culture you have in germany. the way to start there is a certain way like any other nazis you have one thousand five hundred people or
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more out on the streets blockading in the night is actively sitting down preventing them from going on the route. just like all the other no. problem why not make it legal the former british ambassador to afghanistan is calling on the government to legalize heroin saying they should recognise their defeat in the fight against drugs in the war torn country you can get more now story at r.t. dot com also there. my headline is hasn't he by getting his teeth into an italian rival at the world cup we look back at the history of other top i mean she didn't hesitate to fight their way to victory that's all for you to chew over in our video gallery on the. first quarter of the year brought back to us according to the latest figures the country's economy shrank nearly three percent and that's the worst performance since the crisis of two thousand and nine and it's in this climate that some of america's six hundred thousand homeless
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people have found benefactor a chinese billionaire cheer them up with a gourmet meal and promises of welfare assistance and see chalk and expects. a charity event sending the media into a frenzy as if the king of pop himself had come back to life he comes to. me is that the call on the new york landmark the central park boathouse stormed by t.v. crews he's backed up i'm sure you don't doubt all this to witness chinese billionaire chen one be known for his outlandish behavior holding a one million dollar lunch for the city's homeless users saving their group as entertainment chinese songs and volunteers in communist worker outfits and magic tricks by the self described most influential person of china as you can see. everywhere only display for the name of the good minute all the person i knew all the help i get
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a full page ad in the new york times this week to ramp up attention to this event has clearly served its purpose a lot of homes rooted in home because of the fact that they don't want to see them they don't want me promotional ads. ten and out as the most chinese role model most dozen other titles advertise one giving away three hundred dollars to each person and anybody. hundred dollars paid for. to come. we. are. to become traditional eccentric chinese billionaire for the church of the west every year to do what he can to help to help those in need we can mean for himself and state it's a. huge. mission a disappointment for those attending. the homeless having. that was almost ten told
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the guests. so let it go to keep. it's not kept. and then use that he was nazi germany's minister of propaganda the mist that he created exist to this day. it was google's propaganda it was first to try to denigrate the. same time raising order here in jerusalem studiously. keep its use of goebbels knew precisely what the masses needed to hear the more. he was like the kite paper from the fairy tale from a grass fall to the tune of his play a. squeak by the chief that's just bound for town soil and we have to fight these
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today. in this world. i'm. down to. for my friend and a former member of. the great to have you on the show my very great pleasure in want to publish speeches earlier this year i heard you say the young people who died on my don and we still don't know who authorized that killing but he said those people who died on my dime died for the european values for the blue flag with the stars what are those values and how will the economic agreements which is
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primarily about tariffs quotas trade how will that economic agreement how. in the present day should. never be. responsible. she. make. it was. the first because you need.
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to start to. focus and we have plenty of examples and. you also have to recognize that the. crew. on.
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