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pleasure to have you with us your to today all researchers. coming up on our team moving in on baghdad insurgents in iraq are trying to take over two key dams that provide power and water to more than a million people it's a battle over resources more on that just ahead. and a half first convention the top of the cyber world comes together in las vegas just as a new report says over a billion e-mail addresses and passwords may have been stolen by of russian gangs the host of boom bust era navy will join us from las vegas. and the adult film industry is taking a hit movie makers are leaving los angeles and some say it's all because of
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a law about condoms on the set more on that later show. it's wednesday august sixth eight pm in washington d.c. i mean you're a david and you're watching r t america. it's been a day of reflection after a two star general became the highest ranking u.s. official to be killed in either of america's post nine eleven wars fifty five year old harold green was one of the army's gadget gurus an engineer by trade whose goal was to integrate digital technology in a way that could improve military operations greene was killed yesterday when a gunman believed to be an afghan soldier opened fire at a military academy in your kabul more than a dozen other soldiers were also injured including eight americans was among the
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most damaging insider attacks since the war in afghanistan first started. a power grab is now underway in iraq as islamic insurgents continue in their fight not only for land and supporters but also for the country's most valuable resources amidst heavy fighting the islamic state militants are also looking to capture tea downs in the country over the weekend isis launched a three pronged attack on the diva dam which regulates the flow of the euphrates river in western iraq and also generates hydro electricity the militants are also fighting to seize the mosul dam the country's largest along the tigris river in the north the hydro power dam is near mosul the second largest city in the country which fell to the militants back in june so what could this looming water war mean for the future of iraq to talk about that i was going to earlier by daniel pipes president of the mideast forum and i first asked him what the appeal is for these
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insert insurgents well in brief if you control it in iraq you control. the two rivers euphrates and the tigris are the lifeblood of iraq. they're the source of water of course and electricity. there is no there is no iraq the best of the two rivers and the biggest in iraq is on the tigris river that we're north of the country. if you control that you control the city the water and you can threaten to flood and even to destroy by blowing it up. so you mention flooding i want to take a look at some of the potential scenarios there has been talk of threats that they will flood cities or farms as surrounding the dams is that a real possibility and what exactly would that solve it's a very real possibility because they've really done with the smaller the kaluga
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barrage in february they allowed a lot of water to go down and to flood so that's on their minds and this is a much larger that they could conceivably do to i think the most likely thing is that they will use this as a lever to throw basically a little rock some r. and most of the cities along the tigris river it's it's incredible. and as you mentioned this wouldn't be the first time isis would use water as a weapon there earlier this year we sized this capture the solution dam and it resulted in so-called water wars that can you explain a little bit more what happened there. well there are a lot of the water to come out fast flooded and it meant that farms were unusable and the people had to flee by the way the largest example of catastrophic flooding was in one nine hundred thirty eight when the chinese nationals government opening
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to stop the japanese and koreans of china released a lot of the water out of them of the yellow or me estimates are that half a million people died who makes it more awful than it is it didn't even do any good and. so it has been done in history it has been done by ice it's small scale and it's my great work but to do something more this strange thing is we don't know if they control this day there are contradictory reports so we would spit special to just. be still don't now but muscle dam is an electricity generating dam electricity of course is a scarce resource right now in that region so it's it seems like it would be quite a great gain for them and how could they potentially utilize this resource at least politically to advance in iraq where they can make demands of the recipients of the water in there to them that they must do this and that in order to continue to
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consume water as they are in the current. instance can they also try to sell it as well. so the damage in so much as well electricity for sure and yes it does bring in income which they are very adept at they control oil fields. limited to the banks and they have substantial limits estimates suggest one two billion dollars of that yes this would be another source of ice this is not a hot headed group but i mean obviously the heavy rains and slate so for the stream but what we've seen so far in iraq other so-called capital in syria and elsewhere is that they're well organized. incompetence and that to me is important because the mosul dam stands out as the worst constructed to have in the world it was done badly and it needs to be grouted it needs to be maintained basically around the clock and if isis were controls it doesn't keep up and maybe it's there is the fear
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of catastrophic collapse of that too is and it's not just. deciding which you want to do it's also having to tame. the maintenance of the scale of regular basis which is expensive you require a script that's certainly. you know this isn't the only resource that isis has gone after during just this this latest conflict we've seen that there's also plenty of oil in the country what sort of threat are they to iraq's oil infrastructure if. they have substantial fields now under their control in syria to the west and they begun to get some lesser oil fields and. that they threaten to take larger ones and to the north in those folks in the kurdish area and to take control of a very very large oiled machine. there on their own the i mean it is striking to see all the governmental forces of the uk and even the kurdish forces are not able
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to stop them there the isis is winning everywhere you look there in lebanon. there in syria of course iraq. who knows the next move to this is. it's a little hard from a distance understand how this all powerful you can see these pictures and videos of these guys running around in toyota pick ups and wondering how can the government of iraq armed forces armed by the united states government takes planes how can it lose to them it's. militia men pick up trucks but. now is daniel pipes president of the middle east forum. edward snowden is now a household name gaming notoriety as the person behind the largest intelligence leak in national security agency's history but now snowden is not alone u.s. intelligence officials have now confirmed that there is indeed another leaker
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believed to be on the inside this is all in reference to a new scathing article published on the intercept called brock obama's secret terrorist tracking system by the numbers the twelve page document released yesterday outlines who is on the government's terror watch list and how their information is being collected according to the author of the report jeremy scahill the pentagon actually tried to soften the blow of the article by trying to spoil the scoop by releasing the information directly to the associated press who then ran the story just after midnight on tuesday morning hours later scahill released a much more comprehensive and critical report detailing the watch list expansion. the largest known collection of stolen internet credentials a ring of russian criminals has acquired one point two billion user names and passwords as well as credentials for more than five hundred million e-mail addresses this is interesting li coming at
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a time when hackers are gathering in las vegas for the black hat cyber security conference it's one of the largest global information security events in the world to discuss the latest in hacking i spoke earlier with boom bust host erin made she's currently at the conference and i first asked her if with all this hacking we should be rushing to change our passwords. it's a big topic of conversation this morning here at a blackout a lot of people say that the numbers of people who compromise passwords were actually compromised they're getting different numbers whether it's three billion or one one point two one point three that's still in question but full securities that was the firm that noticed this breach and they're the one thing people out there you know if you're concerned that that you're from these rates come to us and we'll tell you if you're on the list opposed to the company coming on saying you're at a fortune five hundred companies that have been hit by this and everyone who has done business with them or as any association might want to change stuff or so they're kind of working backwards which is an interesting thing as well but people are
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saying that there's two reasons this could happen either it's an amazing amazing package and people worried that whoever it is was the russian gang that that means the media is alleging or it was just a phase out of russia whoever was you know they're famous either really impressive because they were able to have all these at once or they were kind of data mining pulling all this information from different sources and smashing it together which apparently and when you're a tall adjuster security expert isn't as hard as the former so that's really interesting but yes you should change your password they're saying that you know it's best to do it recently apparently and you want to launch the first and most importantly and one of the ways that you keep being compromised over and over and over again is if you don't change your password from one platform to another like if your bank has the same password as your work e-mail don't do that make sure you have a different and long one for each each entity that you do business with that makes a lot of sense aaron it's so ironic that you happen to be at a security conference looking at ways to protect against these kind of attacks that
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we're just talking about on the iss and i hacking world a growing industry. anti-tax and i would say yes it's just it's growing up talking from what i'm hearing today you know it attracts the same kind of person it's like about men it's the best analogy that i can think of you're going to have people who use this information for good and people who. uses information for evil it's basically up to them to how they do it but what's interesting about. this conference blackout opposed to a conference like def-con it attracts a more formal i guess corporate client if you will or corporate person who's interested in this so you get the big players like microsoft and it's a bigger a bigger ticket so the price tag a little higher and not saying a def con's is a bad guys and these are good guys not that at all but defcon does attract a slightly more counterculture what you're seeing so is a growing industry yes but i would say with the internet growing in our lives only becoming more virtual it's of course only going to grow from here while you're
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around the latest trends in cyber security what's out there what should we know about right now. you know the biggest trend right now a lot of people are talking about this it's data security kind of you know meet threat intelligence being more intelligent about securing your data not just saying no one size fits all for every corporation you know the needs of a medium sized business are different from the needs of a mass of not a fortune five hundred company or some sort of your chip stocks are going to want different tailored security and you know fred intelligence is is the catch phrase that we keep hearing over and over again if you have the appropriate intelligence we're going to be better protected so opposed to just using a blanket system look at why are your system could potentially be compromised and then address that work and work from the evidence like a doctor would evidence based medicine use evidence based security. and interesting larry and you had to take some of your own for cautions before even attending this conference cock about would you had to do to to prepare to go to the las vegas
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conference there. yeah actually was a pretty funny the safety tips to attend blackout were amazing i'm actually going to pull out my phone or check this out and see one of these in a while nonce mart phone that was god here wow ancient today who does that yeah i had to go out and get a burner for a. but everything that's going on i haven't turned my photons and since last night and it's a little scary you know they say to be be really cautious don't use any a.t.m. in the area curia whoa balance credit card only use cash bring no credit cards with because those could be god don't bring a smartphone unless you're a security expert pretty bonkers stuff so i'm not a security expert and i never will be so i'm taking the appropriate precautions now is the host of boom bust aaron aid. the f.c.c. the latest network neutrality proposal has seen no shortage of critics in recent months they say creating internet fast lanes in a pay to play culture will destroy the idea of an open and free internet but there
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are people on the other side of this debate as well several civil rights groups recently wrote to the f.c.c. in support of chairman tom wheeler's plan but as one journalist is finding out there may be a hitch and it has a little something to do with how these civil rights groups are funded artie's when the french have more. a journalist this week had his article pulled from a news website nothing unique there except the website news one is aimed at an african-american audience the article was titled civil rights groups blocking efforts to keep internet fair and pointed out what journalists leave viewed as minority rights groups selling out to big business over internet speeds at issue here are two paths forward for the internet currently being considered by the federal communications commission by the reclassify it to resemble a public utility with equal access and rates for use or create different lines of speech and prices assigned accordingly something telecom companies really want just
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before the closing of the public comment period several well known minority rights groups sent a letter to the f.c.c. claiming that if the commission chooses to regulate internet service providers like utilities consumers will bear the costs and communities of color will suffer disproportionately through diminished infrastructure investments and a weakened climate for innovation in the letter the group's expressed their support for different pricing for different internet speeds net neutrality advocates consider this a sellout claiming that minority communities will be actually adversely affected if prices are tied to access speeds the minority media and telecommunications council coordinated many of these participants it's an organization known for taking money from large telecoms in fact according to a report published by the center for public integrity the m.m.t. c has changed some of its views on topics relating to telecom cases appearing before the f.c.c.
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while at the same time accepting plenty of cash from those same telecoms in fact m m t c took in just under two million in two thousand and eleven. of that one point seven million was derived from sponsorships donations and fees from companies lobbyist lawyers and religious broadcasters with interest before the f.c.c. this is according to an i.r.s. filing now back to the article according to editors at news one corporate headquarters made the decision to pull the article an important side note here news one is owned by radio one which is in a business park partnership with comcast m m t c president david hoenig admitted to following that he himself reached out to news one regarding the report claiming that no other repeatable minority rights group supports internet reclassification and pointed out that while the journalist what he wrote displayed what he called the divide and conquer tactics used for decades to undermine the civil rights
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movement needless to say plenty of other minority rights groups weighed in and immediately disagreed what does appear by the paper trail at least to be undermined is the ability for this nonprofit to honestly assess the net neutrality landscape while staying away from the deep pockets of big business in washington and see france are. do consumers deserve to know how much sugar is being added to the food they eat that is the ongoing debate since the food and drug administration proposed new labeling regulations that would force food companies to specify how much sugar they are adding to their products take a look at the new proposed labels not only would it make the calories in serving size larger it also would separate out the added sugar from the naturally occurring sugars current laws only require food makers to list the total amount of sugar contained in a product not what is added and some doctors activists and health groups contend
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that the amount of added sugars and foods have directly contributed to the diabetes and obesity epidemic affecting the nation however food companies and sugar manufacturers argue that there is no evidence that added sugars are any more responsible for these health issues than the sugar already found in most foods and i was trying to earlier by gretchen goldman a lead analyst for the union of concerned scientists and i first saw sort of breakdown the risks associated with added sugar. increasingly we're seeing public health studies show that sugar consumption is linked to obesity and it's linked to metabolic disease and this rise in metabolic disease that we're seeing which includes diabetes and heart disease and so the f.d.a. is really reacting to this growing body of evidence that we're seeing on the health effects of sugar and how have food in general companies really responded to this push for a change in labeling we've seen several pushback so many food companies such as
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general mills or trade groups such as the sugar association have worked to push back against this policy and specifically we're seeing that they're largely using the same playbook that we saw the tobacco industry use when they were denying smoking south the facts and. to me an example of the kinds of things that they're saying one of the main arguments they always say is as you said that there's not sufficient science and we saw that same argument was smoking we saw that same argument with climate change in. host of other issues it's the same playbook and it's different players but it's the same game and so we see sugar coat it isn't just an evidence when you say there's sufficient evidence i would there's compelling evidence to say that sugar particularly added sugar in our diets is contributing to these health and it distinguishes between the difference in the effect of regular sugar and the added sugar cracked. so the main the main problem
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is that we're eating too much of it so the average american is eating about more than twice what public health experts recommend so the world health organization has a standard as well as the dietary guidelines for americans and they all recommend that we eat a lot less and were eating tremendous amounts and the problem is that a lot of the added sugar is hidden within foods and consumers don't know it's there when they go to the grocery store and take a product because it's in everything from salad dressing. bread as it's not clearly labeled of course and also the industry's also saying that adding more information to the food labels could just confuse consumers what exactly do they mean by that how how do they perceive this as confusing consumers well they have a lot of concerns and use a lot of different arguments there is certainly going to be a public education component in that will want citizens to be able to look at the
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radio label and interpret it and the f.d.a. is also rearranging the label and so it'll be a little easier to read now and the key is that consumers will then have access to the information and they'll be able to at least know how much sugar is in their products which is right that they have to know how much sugar they're eating in so i think that's the first step in this process towards getting us towards following the science on this issue and getting a whole review and u.k. tional campaign that follows to teach people sort of how to break down the labels that they're reading right i think that will help rich but well also it also could lead to manufacturers adding less sugar in the first place if they are now have to say how much they're adding i think many will reconsider their formulas and think about ways to do you think that people are reading labels more and paying attention to these things you know like less sugar and you know. yeah what you want to say.
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you know whatever there are so many different labels out there do you think that people are becoming more conscious i think they are i think there's growing public awareness about the health effects of sugar and and one reason it might have taken longer for people to realize that sugar is a problem for our health is just this misinformation that we've seen coming from some industry actors that have really tried to make sure that we don't know that there are health effects associated i could see why companies like that went like this idea in the first place but so let's just say that this change in labeling fails and what are the. alternatives for the consumer to use in order to really inform themselves about what's in the food what's in the packaging so i feel like it's it's really obscure for the most part it's not like yeah you have to definitely spend more time in the grocery store and know that read the labels so certainly consumers can get educated they can look at the ingredients and learn all the different names that sugar goes by itself the rules say sugar is very difficult names and right exactly so there's that and there's also other policy measures that
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different decision makers are trying to address the sugar consumption issue and so i think there's a lot happening at the federal level but also state and local so if citizen see opportunities that would be a great way to get involved in and sure we're working towards a better absolutely unfortunately we ran out of time but gretchen goldman legal analyst at the union of concerned scientists thanks for coming on and breaking this down for us thanks so much for having. first hollywood productions we're moving out of l.a. an outpouring of production appears to be doing the same a nonprofit group film l.a. which handles film permits for los angeles county reported that the number of film permits requested to shoot x. rated films has dropped ninety percent ninety percent in the last year the report stated that since two thousand and twelve only forty permits were given out last year compared to twenty this year some say this is due to the passing of a two thousand and twelve county law which mandated the use of condoms in the porn
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industry adult entertainment companies sued the county last year to prevent implementation of the condom requirement and a u.s. district judge said that the condom mandate did not violate the first amendment right to free speech but the court did impose restrictions on how the rule could be in force now a federal appeals court is expected to rule on the lawsuit later this year in the meantime form producers say they will take their business elsewhere to counties in california as well as to nevada florida and even eastern europe where the regulations are much fewer. and that does it for now for more on the stories we covered go to you tube dot com forward slash r t america check out our web site r t dot com forward slash usa and follow me on twitter at mirror david have a great. i
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mean america and i'm sick of my government making war with the rest of the world and i'm not alone a recent a.p. poll showed that about seventy percent of americans want our troops out of afghanistan we're all sick of our government's war so with popular sentiment against our current wars what's the us government to do it needs more it is this big military industrial complex that depends on war to make money building weapons or contracting to rebuild infrastructure that we blow apart in other countries war is integrity to the us financial bottom line at this point so what is going to do
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is market another war to us and that's something our government is an expert at history proves that take a look at this poster the government made to market world war one which reads you buy liberty bond lest i perish being the statue of liberty liberty bonds was sold to support the war and if you didn't buy them you were clearly anti liberty according to the government's war propaganda or this poster which says santa claus has gone to war your gift plenty of weapons that was made to sell americans on world war two of course americans have gotten a little more sophisticated when it comes to receiving marketing messages so now our government has moved from posters to fancy law there's the classic weapons of mass destruction law in our government used to justify the war with iraq and then there's the fake satellite images of saddam's. bunkers filled with chemical weapons
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or the other faked satellite images that h.w. bush used to justify the first invasion into iraq in the ninety seriously the us has faked satellite images outright law aid and made propaganda to market so many wars it's practically a national pastime and now with their current war is winding down our government is clearly busy trying to find another war to market to us they're bringing out more satellite images our politicians are saying questionable facts about other world leaders what i want to know which is why the hell would anyone believe them when they clearly just make stuff up as reasons to go to war all the time frame make no mistake the u.s. government is trying to manufacture more war right now you don't have to be a genius to see the war marketing of work from our politicians or from their lapdog
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the media. i just like to say to the rest of the world that i'm not buying it and hopefully for the sake of even more innocent lives the rest of my countrymen won't buy into these obvious war marketing schemes i heard tonight let's talk about that by following me on twitter at the residence. on marinating in the financial world. series development i mean on saddam invaded iraq only taken. with mean life there. was to be no more to the. story of those who are useless.


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