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yes a facelift. science flourishes in psalms. and we have some phone around the office. willing to bill's creeping up and fossil fuel burning else people are increasingly looking to the sun for the answer to the world's energy problems while the solar revolution might still be a way off so let's take some bones and what better way to show off what you can do than in a race in the center of moscow. second the way. bush's first solar augusta was held on the most cool ridge on a sunny day at the end of july in the competition nine themes from bush in unison one from monaco both away from the solar powered boats in a race to the finish as well as demonstrating the capabilities of today's solar tech events aims most renewables comes on education and the business opportunities that come with. monaco's team synergy was the winner of its class in the two thousand and fourteen solo one once
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a cargo cult with his sneakers and hydrofoils it looked the favorite to win the moscow regatta as well. the race was organized by graduates from the skolkovo moscow school of management under the supervision of youth guinea cousin of the slick soul of boats which was made in europe for bush's symmetry sailing team was on site after his victory in monaco but the potential of solar vessels has implications everywhere such was the thinking behind the solar one championship which brought together teams from china usa and brazil that's monaco's prestigious yacht club here in moscow the founders of the solar got so wanted to follow in their wake. we're trying different competition formats and in the end came to the conclusion that this is indeed something that engineering students and it's good for us education and research it's very important for them to take part in projects like this because it helps to expand their practical knowledge. i'm sure this was
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the last thing on everyone's mind when the green flag flew in a surprising turn of events synergies foyle's weren't quite as graceful around the coolness as it proven to be along the straights and the boats lost precious seconds on each turn this gave it as. both design all the opportunity it needed to close the gap to safely neck in neck down the straight synergy was left dead in the water . while most people were enjoying the weather swimming role playing volleyball making the most of the song in a different way we call to it with that scene from the state radio technical university. many of the older competitors boats were built purely for speed this team went for practicality as well this solar boats has six people making it's ideal for weekend fishing trips however at the flick of a switch the position of the reef can be adjusted sending the casual cruiser into
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a streamlined race. in this position the center of gravity is lowered and wind resistance reduced to my single post turning performance and maximizing its celebration and take it from me the power of the sun is definitely enough to set the wind running through your head. the solar sail a flight point six meters two point one meters wide propelled by five kilowatts outboard motor. blocks together weighing one hundred sixty kilograms. displacement the solar panels on the roof and for generates up to the plate really should try to charge the batteries in about ten hours on a full charge the boat can burn for up to eight hours it's allegedly seven kilometers an hour point five always it's much speed of twenty five kilometers. the boat was built in only two months in the business incubator at the technical university. before it got anywhere near the open. the team of six current and
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former students made sure it was seen with the in the improvised don't. join this stage of testing the team streamlined the vessels weight distribution powered up the propeller and of course checked but given the short time frame the team used the suv it feels best for at the base. that. this boat has great performance and see going characteristics as well as a low planing speed. but this boat was originally developed for low power petrol engines. that seem completely overhauled to the rest of the vessel. is made from an alum in frame strength into the extruded phone call the styling included in fiberglass fifty batteries are mounted on sliders so the posts can be shifted on the go to suits whether load and race conditions close attention was also paid to that chantix to maximize the juice squeezed out of every drop of sunlight and shoulder but she's a charge even when. we build this boat for
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a competition and when the time came for us to take parts it was through the boat had been fully charged entirely by the sun bonnet with the upper solar panel outside while keeping it connected to the controllers. as we money toward the recharging process we saw that there is no need for any sort of external power source over. the willed plus solar panels were supplied locally by one of the team sponsors that is than metal ceramics instrumentation plants. the production process starts by cleaning and visually inspecting the external glass pane the surface of the glass is slightly to top as much light as possible reflected from the solar cells beneath. the inspection is complete the panes that carefully puts one side ready to be used in the final assembly later on. the millimeter thin wafers that make up the photovoltaic cells the soul together into rows before being mounted on the backing sheets. didn't pass
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along to convey away any flaws cracks in the semi metal cells would shine right through before being sold together in series. to prevent any old grind getting into the finished product i think ethylene vinyl acetate film is placed on top. then the whole panel is sealed by what's basically a giant machine. number. which we were very happy to be part of this project more than we supplied the solar panels for the boat so it could compete in the regatta. with the project ahead someone usually acquirements due to boat waitressed fictions we had just made a store existing technologies and use a lighter flexible polymer base to produce the solar modules more than. the finished panels then roll off the production line and into testing the solar panels the checks by blasting them with an artificial sunlight machine and measuring the amount of electricity that comes out the other end of the firm's products can
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transform the sun's light into usable electricity with an efficiency of up to seventeen percent despite only launching solar panel production in two thousand and eight the companies where this can be found in forty two countries around the world . has many business promotion centers which are ready to support these projects teams we told to the skolkovo foundation and russian venture company and all these organizations are ready to work with our students who already have viable ideas that can be developed into marketable products. meanwhile back in moscow the solar gazza turned into a two horse race. trail. the nimble trying run through is just too fast for the multi-purpose transformer and in a nail biting finish went on to win the race. with more teams expected to participate that promises to be even more drama in next year's events.
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the future of environmentally friendly private vehicles public transport has been going green for decades and mrs thomson metro are about to get a facelift. focal point you've got to help the in a prom international industrial exhibition for the fifth time last month events during around six hundred companies from seventy countries and also hosts a number of world premieres. including the world's first sixteen meets a single section below floor produced by trans mush holding. the city star was assembled into on the streets of moscow and is now ready to roll into must production. but the star of the show has to be the bush one prototype by. the futuristic trump which offers on the rivaled comforts promises to take russian public transport into the space age it doesn't just look good on the outside it's also got some pretty cool features inside too. so this demonstration
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model is exactly how the final concept design will look at the commercial model will have some slight modifications but it will not be changed by more than ten percent in features a unique quite complex door system and the headlights are also unique the lights inside opened with a dimmer mechanism which fitted it with a two point four kilowatt i quality sound system. were made in russia and designed for russian tracks. they make up forty to sixty percent of the total cost of the tram so using these bodies' as well as other russian made components makes this tram about one and a half to two times cheaper than the equivalent for a model him because i showed up with the underground wasn't overlooked either with company urban transport solutions unveiling their metro carriage prototype as well it's both the largest passenger capacity easy access for disabled person just climate control as well as a fight it takes and extinguishing system while the trains modular design makes it easier to repent and service the world's population is expected to meet. eighty
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billion people by two thousand and twenty five and with all those extra miles to feed scientists are looking for ways to maximize the yields of staple crops and the new tech intoned might just hold the key. to stopping the life. gardens can trace its roots all the way back to eight hundred eighty when construction work was started in the grounds of the city state university. it's a vigil glass roof and walls has over seven thousand types of tree plants and taxes from all corners of the globe and cover a bloomin six thousand five hundred square metres the gardens carry out importance work protecting some of the world's rarest species and conserving tom's local flora . as well as providing a tranquil escape from the city the botanical gardens has all the elements necessary for science to flourish. for the past four years stuff for the university have been experimenting with the fertilizer called white collar. when added to soil
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or directly to fresh tree cuttings the nitrogen based plan through significantly boosts the growth rate in. the researchers also stumbled across an unexpected benefit of using dry color. on glycol improves the growth process and base a great speed in the seeds even germinate more quickly in addition has been found to disinfect seeds reducing the risk of fungal infection when applied to plant cutting this guy coral forms a protective biodegradable serum that kills but syria while letting water in the fertiliser is also reaching nitrogen which is an essential once food it's used to make amino acids the building blocks of protein and the core of all the plants used to photosynthesize and if that weren't enough glycol will slowly release its nitrogen for a sustained growth. color real is based on the versatile organic compound of the oxo made in tomsk by scientists from the city state university up until two thousand. nine only seven countries were capable of synthesising substance over
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that's all changed when aptly named company glocks ltd sets up industrial production bringing new products to the domestic markets. bilk sells unique ability to link polymers means he's found up occasions in a diverse range of industries is used in oil recovery to make dissolvable surgical stitches disinfectant paper coatings cosmetics and the list goes on the company's made by oxidizing ethylene glycol and cancel izing reaction with heat and a lot of the silver however the guys it looks l.t. have developed a catalyst it's unlike anything used elsewhere. the average or the traditional elements used across the world are produced in the us germany and china. they just used large amounts of silver in a sort of sponge to produce kayaks so the catalyst element that we have developed has a number of significant advantages firstly it contains only five percent silver and the rest of it basically consists of silica said that with the silver particles are
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evenly distributed throughout the material to boost its efficiency more one kilogram of this material can produce more than pure silver alone can another advantage is its thermal stability because. having cracked the secrets of how to produce. the siberian company sets about manufacturing some of the many products derived from it including glycol or. the fertilizers made by mixing a clearly gridlock cell with white crystals. in the mixture is then placed in a chemical reacts and catalyzed by an acid mixture that the company is keeping a tight lid on. as it turns out like color really is also pretty versatile the compound and its derivatives can be used in paints chipboard resin pool disinfectant flame retardants and so on. with demand on the domestic markets alone expected to reach sixty thousand tonnes a year. company definitely has its work cut out. in the next stage the crowd liquid
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is then filtered and the basics you dry it producing the whites quite colorful powder. demand for the whole growing tech might be high but on the plus side one application of the first rise that goes a very great while the main advantage is that it doesn't easily dissolve in water which means that it stays in the soil for a long tell you want to implication may last for several seasons up to two or three so use it once and forget about fertilizer for the next three years if you. like color rules and long lasting effects farmers may soon be able to worry about things other than fertilizing. and maybe even take some time out for a stroll in the tomsk botanical gardens. just into the first off so stay tuned for more to cope after the break.
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facing the abyss ukraine is running out of options as winter approaches with a crashing economy the regime in kiev who seem to it may be looking to end the civil war but that train may have already left the station. right on the scene. first for you and i think you're. on our reporters. in. vietnam. please please take the i'm very sorry to take
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a plunge again on here there's a plug hat in there that will make their lives. one. please please. please. please. please please. please. look upon. this immediately though so we leave that maybe. i will see motion security for your party there's a goal to wear shoes that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers
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from it's all on politics only on our t.v. . right on the scene. first for you and i think that your. recorders put their. instruments. to be in the know. on my.
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list take a quick look at this month's tech news before we continue with the rest of the show . bytes. the two thousand and fourteen moscow international also reveal salon opened its doors on the twenty seventh of august to the crocus expo sense of joining the eleven day events organizers expect to see one million visitors flocking to catch the first glimpse of some of the many world premieres which included the unveiling of the lot of vesta and next gen chevrolet neave of prototypes as well as some new cars from dozens of money five churches including mitsubishi lunge over ford and v.w. . defense a submission expert took place in the middle of august in the ski in the moscow region while some with the extensive business program most people would joins the exhibitions and demonstration of some of russia's latest defense take including an aerial display by team. host of the two thousand and fourteen microsoft in
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matching code but the beginning of the month and first prize in the games a russian team. has stood here. the good they still of this is not eternal in which players take on the electric spark bringing cities. include judges to leeward of the team fifty thousand dollars for. every one knows that gets more powerful by the minute allowing you to do things that you once even dreamt of a couple of years ago but even so there has to be a limit i mean there's no way you'll be on the power and storage of a desktop in your pocket or is there. anyone who has a mark in his ever wants to run a windows program would have probably heard of parallels but what you might not know is that parallels is one of richest i.t. companies since he was founded in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine the
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company's become an industry leader in blurring the previously in line between the operating systems and windows. with over four million copies of parlous desktop from uk sold worldwide the i.t. giants recently when. we took her ideas and expertise with this technology and transferred them to the mobile sphere to provide remote access to windows and mac operating systems. parallels access combines the possibility of a tablet or smartphone with the power of a desktop so users of the op can access important documents stream the entire media y.b. from the other side of the world without suffering so bloated to the cloud first drug fragile hard drives of the. you can also provide remote support to technically challenged older relatives and be in the office while sitting in a jacuzzi. the developers of the company went to
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painstaking lengths to make computer applications look under feel as if they were originally written for a portable device. among the main challenges with providing a stable connection when switching between wife by and slower three g. internet connections. adopting applications intended for a mouse to be used with a relatively imprecise screen as well as optimizing the resolution of a computer to be displayed on a small mobile device. set up launcher lets users start up the cations as if they were native mobile apps while the apps which displays all the programs currently running and allows users to switch between them with a simple swipe. mouse clicks of also being converted into typical such gestures while the magnifying glass helps users selects news fitly drop down menu simpletons but the company is particularly proud of its tech selection functionality.
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regarding texts and text selection. trading systems provide no access to this future or its management. is just not provided for in the fold function of an operating system we should just work you know a text field. so we had to get inside windows and mac operating systems market to be able to manage it properly. so much about the outputs parallels we were keen to give it a go back as the artsy office was one of the guys at the company didn't tell us if that's parlous x. this is also pretty useful for playing private school jokes on unsuspecting colleagues. the computers in our office can be accessed by pretty much any r.t. employee i install the parlous desktop clients on one of them the other day just to test out the program unfortunately our producer you get didn't know this when she sat at the computer and the opportunity to play a practical joke on a was just too good to miss. we had four cameras around the office while you was
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away and i was in constant contact with our director said again you told me once a one zero zero once a buck all right surrogates just give me the go ahead and you use nipped out of the room for a second so let's try connecting to a computer. sign in. in this to computers my home computer is on his you lose computer this is it oh now we can see it looks like she's watching all the sort of technology updates so good for her right let's have some fun. by moving a mouse nothing too drastic starts off with. someone let's move the mouse i hear. it weird you didn't understand maybe you should delete the address that she's typing. on.
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but if. that's wrong russ the wrong address. that. really has absolutely no idea we can see exactly what she's typing. bit of a typo just move the mouse to old. punch him why have you got a mind of your own i didn't type that i didn't ask you tell you cannot what's going on. there's a lesson for me actually most. i don't know if you need to write this message in repose for closing. news you look what's happening here it's almost taking control of my mouse so i. look yeah this isn't the first time it's happened. i had a window open and then it just closed by self and then some other stuff pops up
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that's what the heck's going on. well it could be a virus it's been happening all morning. she's going slightly mad just. amazing let's give a couple minutes or so she calms down. also non-work related social network close on which is our way to second or to second phones god sake come on suspect something maybe he. will leave it. i know there's a direct say you need office this in my computer is acting like he's got a mind of its own seriously it's been moving the cursor by itself and closing messages by itself what's wrong with it it's just taking me to frequently visited sites just with what's going on. book. one. bit worrying because he's not doing anything on the computer now either i should do
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what. ok ok good oh ok. she's. confused. ok maybe i'll fix the problem. wait a second. the you didn't touch anything i was holding my phone with my left hand. guy to comb just what he wanted really and. the entire i.t. department was in on the joke so there was no chance that they'd give the game away . right so the i.t. guy has been and gone. to collect a second time which is called the power little screen to display on her computer so unfortunately been busted. what is this that didn't this computer is being used remotely by parallels who did this. not connecting i think we've been rumbled. we're moving toward
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a situation where we users don't care whether their apps or data are stored on a cloud on a desktop or never will device they just want to have a convenient way of working with them. and that's exactly what we're trying to achieve with there are parallels that. if you. were going to paint or a flower that even fund golf would be proud of by way of apology remote access ops make us even more connected to the rest of the world which while making our lives easier also presents its own sense of privacy challenges so it's probably best not to say install it on a shared computer but if you do make sure you tick all the rights privacy boxes and you'll be absolutely fine and once you're all set so you can kick back and play your favorite computer game remove. i'm afraid all this month show that if you can't wait an entire month for the next
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episode of technology eight. pages on all the major social networks behind the scenes i'll take an eclipse since a few shows so next time enjoy the ride. we think of why we think that there are. sand beaches. coconut palms gently swaying in the ocean breeze. and frank. white has a deep dark little secret a secret the u.s. government would like you to know about. through our labor. bilbo i did dearly succeeded take a good ol wilderness. dramas
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the truth be ignored. stories others refuse to notice. faces change the world. so picture of today's events life on demand from around the globe. up to. fifty. c.b.s. . this is the state sponsor russia today. by c.b.s. . and this. is just ridiculous not to answer to my question.
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is not the. same thing and sometimes their lives to bring people stories. down the challenge don't want to see and we told her. gender trumpet symbolizes the gender madness here because i found this. project. with seventy thousand euro to investigate the trunk from a gender perspective. good luck. kirby was able to build the world's most sophisticated. fortunately doesn't sound anything to mission to teach music creation and.
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this is why you should care only. the russian president warns that kiev was making a grave mistake that's after ukraine reported new rejects an offer to evacuate its fighters surrounded the town of that unit b.s. by anti-government militias. the u.n. says at least thirty six people i killed on average and you see plain every day hard to report from the scene of the latest devastating attack in the resistance stronghold. and a libya's interim government is dissolved as militias take over large parts of the country which i can look at allegations external forces are fighting a proxy war.


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