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all of the stuff. in the fifth grade. google doesn't. play. all the world's a stage and all the news companies merely players but what kind of parties are anti america playing r.t. america offers more r.t. america first lead in many ways the news landscape is just like the real news
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big news good actors bad actors and in the end you could never know you're on. the park you need all the world's a stage all the world's a stage all the world's a stage and we are definitely a player. oh . well i'll tell hartman in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture is jeff sessions colluding with donald trump's sham election integrity commission to suppress the vote i'll ask investigative reporter greg allen just among. organs get their way flying in
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america could get a whole lot more dangerous soon the reason why in tonight's lone liberal rumble with dave mccullough and trial some. of the devastation in puerto rico as a result of hurricane maria is of an apocalyptic scale eighty percent of that island agricultural industry was destroyed flooding is rampant and most of the population could be without power for as many as six months this is the kind of disaster we're only going to see more of as climate change kicks into gear but for the banks toure's who already have puerto rico in their gas grass it could be just another chance to bleed that island dry for more another vulture capitalists of ruin puerto rico and how they could use hurricane maria as a launching pad for more of their financial piracy i'm joined now by greg palast puffin foundation fellow and investigative reporting filmmaker and creator of the
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new documentary the best democracy money can buy a tale of billionaires and ballot bandits the new version of which you can buy next week only a greg palast dot com greg welcome back glad to be with you tom so greg as i mentioned when trump finally brought up the devastation in puerto rico earlier this week on twitter he pointed out correctly my news that the island owes billions to wall street and the big banks i don't think many americans understand exactly what's going on in puerto rico can you elaborate for us what the situation is there with regard to debt and quote billions being owed to wall street and quote. yeah well trump should know because it's his cronies who have had toward a rico and it's lightbulbs by the throat and they also control the oil and by the light bulbs the puerto rican electric authority owes tens of millions billions of dollars to a bunch of vulture investors who are collecting the serious interest rates twenty
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percent plus and this includes nights head capital and other vulture investors the entire island has been in the grip of vulture investors and i've been tracking including. stephen nugent's partner in involved your crime john paulson who has been the big vulture investor in puerto rico earning returns of twenty percent plus the u.s. government issued bonds at one to three percent puerto rico pays twenty percent it's this type of use or makes it impossible for people to live there it's cranked up the there's you know they've stopped these vultures have stopped the electric system from being fixed they knew it was going to be blown down it could have been didn't need hurricane maria could've been the big bad wolf just huffing and puffing that thing was ready to blow right over. maria did it but the truth is that system has not been fixed in decades because the vultures are saying pay us our interest first now how does this happen puerto rico is the these are the only americans
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whose state does not have an it is a state it's the colonized state whose state does not have the right to declare bankruptcy to work out its debts as a result you've seen the island squeeze so much that people are literally abandoning the island fleeing the island as nothing do with hurricanes they're fleeing one way because they can't afford the electric rates they can't afford the taxes there the schools are closing hospitals are closing you have hospitals closed way before this tragedy they knew this was coming and now the vultures are going to be our clapping hands and popping champagne corks because you're going to have a big so called help package for puerto rico and watch this is exactly how the vultures work things die they feast and they're going to be collecting this disaster money you watch it's trump's cronies who are the real guys who put him in office to what extent is the is part of the game that they're playing here or privatizing puerto rico's electric system and other government own entities.
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they're private going to privatized everything at fire sale prices and they're going to turn it over to these guys who have the bonds were buying bonds at thirty cents on the dollar and they're going say oh yeah puerto rico's this money but these guys it wasn't money lent by these guys these vultures like john paulson and company the multi-billionaire who headed trump's so-called economics panel when he was running for president that's a guy who worked with steve nugent to take down the u.s. treasury for billions of dollars so what they're doing is they're squeezing puerto rico the hedge funds there was going to be a bill that was about be passed in the u.s. congress to allow puerto rico the same type of financial protections every american state has but it was killed by marco rubio who flipped this position after
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two fundraisers were held for him in the hamptons by hedge fund managers with billions invested in puerto rico so you know basically they they bought themselves that senator rubio and he helped choke off the island this was a tragedy that was going to happen they saw it you knew that that electric system was going to blow down and this is the this is the problem so they're going to not only privatized it but these guys are going to be paid off big time for doing nothing but choking off that island and letting people die in the dark you're going to see a cholera epidemic among american citizens you know imagine it's amazing you have a thing as amazing as probably half of americans don't realize that perkins are u.s. citizens i mean that's that's how bad our our media has become since the death of the fairness doctrine and the way is there any way to stop these vulture capitalists or is there or is there any kind of motion to try to you know basically help or save puerto rico or are you know have is the federal government just
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basically throwing them to the tender mercies of steve and hank paulson. and whatnot the folks that you're talking about here of the world yeah but john paulson the yes i should say that for example senator blumenthal of connecticut he was stunned he was working with mario. marco rubio on a bankruptcy plan on a workout plan that would pay off you know pay these vultures but they wouldn't be allowed to to reap billions and billions in profit from puerto rico suffering they'd be paid off for what they put in and that's possible and so it was all it was all going to be fixed fixed under president obama with the help of blumenthal and rubio because rubio has a tremendous number of puerto rican. people from puerto rico his constituents but constituents mean nothing when you're getting your campaign financing from the vulture funds he literally flipped at the last minute and sabotaged the bill that
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would have saved puerto rico and rebuilt the electric system in time to prevent the absolute disaster destruction and death that will be coming because of maria knocking down the electric system when they saw this coming they saw it coming yeah well you know marco rubio is also the guy who was largely responsible entirely for killing the risk corridors on the to be affordable care act and twenty fifteen starting the process of the downward spiral of that i mean you know he you know the ethics in politics and marco rubio are not categories that should coexist meanwhile you know i mean you had. you had to i was going to say remember marco rubio's big funder was paul singer the guy known as the vulture the number one vulture and vulture so-called investor in america so basically you know he's just marco rubio simply hatched right out of of the vulture nest and this is
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a big problem you know apparently meanwhile the lawyers committee for civil rights under law is a lead. gene collusion between the justice department under jeff sessions and donald trump's shama election integrity commission they wrote a letter to the senator to the senate asserting as much what do you know about these allegations and what would be the significance of any collusion like this. well it's very dangerous because the justice department supposed to be protecting voters that they have the civil rights and voting divisions which are supposed to be the the cops on the beat to protect your right to vote instead they're collaborating with our friend kris kobach who is the trump vote thief in chief he's the head of the so-called operating as head of the so-called elections integrity commission to change all the voting laws and as a result you have kobach influencing the justice department to flip its positions from defending voters to literally applauding and joining in states in their attacks on voters this is really really serious stuff and we've seen now in the
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effect in wisconsin for example where you know now we have the justice department. putting itself behind these demands that voters produce id now they can't remember the whole point of id they claim it's to stop people from impersonating a voter and voting twice or you know and yet they don't find these people they haven't found the state of indiana started this business of requiring voter photo id and they agreed that in one hundred years they couldn't find a single case of voter in person nation but this i d game. you know won the state of wisconsin for for donald trump well in fact at a when you have you know and apropos of that i mean according to a comprehensive new study out of the university of wisconsin in madison the badger state's voter suppression idea you were just referring to greg deterred or
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prevented as many as thirty seven thousand eligible voters going to the polls on election day that's more than enough to account for donald trump's twenty two thousand vote margin of victory over hillary clinton. ots. well i got to tell you i've read you know the press releases that were you know in the new york times watching post or he's talked about those tens of thousands of voters discouraged or couldn't vote because of the the idea was you have to understand two weeks before the election the law was reimposed but i read the entire study and it is if you read the actual study oh man it's far worse there was that the total amount of vote suppression was astonishing you had tens of thousands of people who couldn't vote because there were literally five hour lines in milwaukee so you had you had all kinds of other vote suppression going on you had voters who lost their vote because they had the wrong voter id after they voted they didn't know that their vote was disqualified and there was a mail in ballot two thirds of the provisional ballots in wisconsin were never
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counted these are out of and by the way these are the two major liberal and minority counties that include the cities of madison and milwaukee got a look at the at the back the back page of this study in the appendix it's grim they were they disqualified two thirds of the provisional ballots from these progressive areas on the grounds that the voter had not produced the id so the voter walks away thinking they had voted and your vote didn't count man and there were other you read through this whole thing there are many many techniques that it's clear that they actually counted the votes in wisconsin it wasn't close trumped last trump lost amazing greg palast it's always good talking with you my friend even though the news is grim thanks so much for dropping by. your well coming up is right more of the gun toting muslim hating same sex marriage opposing alabama senate candidate is he the american version of isis last day mccall and charles our long liberal rumble on the brink.
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play. to. play. what you have for breakfast yesterday why would you put those two up faces your wife that's who donkey like you neal and what your biggest fear was in the bill in the hay ride when so let's talk a little bit bored you say if you ever met the things the best quarterback. explain
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the topic that doesn't belong in the piece now i did did you take the question more . there's a real irony going. to bring a responsible place in the people and there is always a well that's what started it was always the next three. or airing out wholesale surveillance you feel you have all meanwhile goes on into the news so this is the internet has used to sell oil and always the story goes it's garbage in real general. republicans are obsessed with fighting what they call radical islamic terrorism so why don't they try to send the american version of isis to the united states senate let's rubble.
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with a for their eyes a long liberal rumble our dave mccullough national g.o.p. strategist and charles sauer economist and president of the market institute thank you both for being here with this group as both of those so judge roy moore is officially the republican candidate for senate in alabama last night he beat out sitting senator luther strange in a special runoff election that use the g.o.p. nomination for jeff sessions old seat every american who's not a straight white protestant man should take his news very very seriously conservative doesn't even begin to describe moore's political views a better term would probably be american isis among other things moore has said that homosexuality should be illegal and gay people should be in prison he blamed nine eleven on abortion he once argued in an op ed that keith ellison should not be allowed to serve in congress because he's muslim more also was removed or suspended
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not once but twice from alabama supreme court once because he refused to remove a statue of the ten commandments from the court's grounds. and a second time because he ordered judges to defy the united states supreme court's ruling that legalized same sex marriage in order to enhance the power of the plutocrat quaffs either republicans willing to let the american version of isis take power in the senate it's seems like they're enthusiastic about this well keep in mind though that trump and a lot of. a lot of republicans did not support this guy and in fact i mean i think it's kind of a little bit out there really out there but i think also that call him the american version of this is also pretty insulting to the people who i say have been killed by isis but you know we've had three times more americans killed by white christian terrorists in the united states and by muslim terrorists since spent eleven we you know we have you got this guy calling for the imprisonment of gay
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people this is an isis thing or actually killed gay people you've got. more saying that we have a national religion that america was founded on christianity and when he's talking about christianity he's doesn't include catholicism as far as i can tell. so isn't this i mean i get it that isis is a bit hyperbolic but but i think george washington's role in over his grave so i don't see poor. moore's election i didn't support him i think we should stand up against what he's supported and and stood for in the past but not even trump supported this guy and a lot of what trump both of you guys have said trump didn't support trump in his speeches on behalf of luther strange was saying maybe i'm supporting the wrong guy and a far more wins i'll be with him one hundred percent i mean he said this several times he was supporting both of them and i think a democrat would say the same thing during a primary you know it is this is
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a let you know no one and even further ok so this guy's beliefs are extreme period but in elections you go to the right or you go to the left and then you come back in the middle to try to win but no more or another grabs a little. never in his life well i didn't i mean i i can't stand behind what roy moore has been for and i know you're not standing behind what he stood no either it's just that i don't think trump did he went out and campaigned against this guy he came pained early against him and was out there and he knows because the republicans on capitol hill don't support yet today royall morally and mitch mcconnell have issued statements of support for roy moore not pointing out that this guy is an extremist and he's beyond an extremist. that i'm i believe that you're right the republican party has sold its soul here to right wing christian whack jobs no i don't think that that's true i think mitch mcconnell couldn't get fifty one votes for health care he's going to have
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a problem getting fifty one votes so he doesn't act there are koans into it is the way he's he's grasping at straws. you have to build a coalition to maintain that and even though it consists of some probably kind of crazy people you also have majority people who are probably more mainstream. trump and republicans in congress are trying to punish blue states to help pay for giant tax cuts for rich people and big corporations in a move that has even some blue state republicans up in arms the tax reform plan trump unveiled in indiana today includes a repeal of the state and local tax deduction also known as salt as a l.t. this popular deduction allows people to pay a lot of taxes to their state or local government to write those taxes off when they file a federal tax returns it mostly affects blue states like new york or california because unlike many red states they actually have a robust state level tax system where as you like texas and florida don't even have state income taxes so why are republicans trying to punish blue states for having
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a functional tax system especially because when taxes are higher american society has historically had a stronger middle class as is by the way true of every country in the world the higher the top rate on the very very rich. the stronger and larger is the middle class wouldn't real tax reform involving involve raising taxes on the rich back at least to where they were b. let me rephrase that question for you when is the left going to stop stealing money from poor people in other states i mean that is what this is or if you can sell paint and no no no i listen to you when you had a five minute lead and you had a five minute lead in here if you. have the left stops feeling the rich left this also isn't even being played by the poor on the left this is the rich people in california new york stealing money from texas stealing money from kansas stealing money from the things that the liberal elites that the cosmopolitan left wants to call fly over country and that's why the left is going to lose elections for every dollar that california sends to washington d.c.
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how much do they get back. you seventy two cents you know these numbers for every dollar that louisiana cents a while washington d.c. how much do they get back almost two dollars you know what florida is it's i mean he's stealing you know what florida is thirty two cents i mean let's fill out the rest of the numbers here when you're talking about state tax deductions you're talking about a system that doesn't make any sense this rewards a state for having higher taxes because now they're stealing from other states you're my numbers might be right on taxes tom i can fight those and we can argue them but if you're right that higher taxes are are better than it would be better for them to for them it would be better by the federal government or to back the federal government out of the states but to have a state rewarded for overtaxing their citizens makes no economic sense whatsoever i'd say that this is one of the you know one of the different parts to his tax deal that he wants to push through we don't exactly know completely what's in it yet it was just released i mean the trip was fully released yet he's an assistant so nine
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page talking points exactly so this may be as he one more leverage that he has to be able to push through as things look i wish they would add in the mortgage interest deduction nancy pelosi as distrait gets like five times the benefit that the that the people in rural illinois get with a bang i mean go nuts i mean this is so we don't remember the housing industry without a doubt people would stop buying homes if they were if they deny the direction but they you know they could they could tweak it all we've got one of the problems that we have in the united states now is unused there you know it's creating blight in many cities if there was we could change the way that we taxed i don't know you know if i mean my point is that taxes exist and you know you both know this you know there's there's two reasons for taxes one is to raise money to run a government the other is to alter people's behavior or businesses behavior you provide incentives you provide you know the trip and and. just you know some of the horrible situations that are being created by by by these land speculators
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there's a there. great piece i think was in the new republic i was reading this afternoon about this this guy in in texas as i recall who bought up a whole bunch of properties in baltimore you know i mean literally for like a thousand bucks apiece because they were tax sales and then just let them disintegrate i mean you know that there should be some anyhow if we're going to if we're going to go for taxes and see much more you know what i'm just you you have to know whether to stay like that correctly where i'm from in kansas not not where i'm from in kansas but i'm from candice in kansas they're still giving away land in the south western corner but to get that land you actually have to go and move there and stay there and build a family that is yeah i mean there's a way to do this and that's my point if you're going to do tax reform rather than just cutting rates or changing rates or moving things around let's actually have a good conversation about what is it that we want to encourage what is it we want to discourage let's not encourage state stealing money from the middle i get it when you're the host of the left and it's the middle of all the midwestern states
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by the way have state taxes so wealthy people in the midwestern states are going to get hurt by this as well but not nearly as much as the blue coasts. you know i'm not sure missions taxes are that much lower than california's are or i would commission for twenty eight years anyway if republicans get the moving along if republicans get their way flying in america is about to get a lot more dangerous as the federal aviation administration considers rolling back a series of protections senator john thune of south dakota is pushing for a bill that would scale back the training requirements for the pilot flying your airplane currently pilots need fifteen hundred hours of training in the sky before getting their license their commercial pilot's license and if plan pilots could meet part of that requirement with ground training simulators this is all about the airline saving money and protecting their bottom line the pilot union opposes this even sully sullenberger as come out against it what could possibly justify this
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other than saving money for the airlines becoming a pilot is a very very expensive thing it's one hundred grand born on you the person who wants to become a pilot not on the airline the airlines don't generally pay for that although they are starting to go ok yes i think my rabbits last year it did not cost me one hundred thousand bucks i don't know if a lot of it's a private group a little bit. for the pilot but you know you're on a t.s.a. air transat. a pilot a commercial pilot i'm not a commercial you know you're going to get a commercial pilot is like you said one hundred fifteen hundred hours and hundred thousand dollars in schooling and the regional airlines this is not a prom that really affects the larger airlines they're pretty well step but the regional airlines the ones that get you from smaller airports the smaller airports they are running out of pilots in fact the reason why they're running out of pilots is michael moore pointed out his movie is the burger king managers make more than the guy in the left seat or the woman in the left seat the pilot in command of even the copilot literally burger king pays their managers more than
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a lot of these these these regional airlines that often have the names a bigger lines on the side of their airplanes i mean if if they're worried about a pilot shortage and they're. damn work workers this is the progressives being regressive go out of this is supply and demand if you've got a shortage of pilots pay them or no this is well no you're saying they need this long run up it's hard to get fifteen it's hard to accumulate fifteen hundred hours in a plane i know you want to support the airline industry and i know you want to support the unions but most you are actually got their fifteen hundred hours in the military yeah i know that in that's the sole burger right i believe you got is through the military vast majority so now the left wants to put everybody through the military ok you can have your choice. then if you do it long or through the military tom and have fun i want jobs and when you have fifteen hundred hours in a simulator a the technology is there to do stuff like that but fifteen hundred hours in a simulator can happen a lot faster than if you have
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a fifteen hundred hours in a simulator is not going to prepare you for real life for emergency i can tell you i've been in simulators i've been in real life emergencies and it's a world of difference good to it's good to learn where the gauges are but you know we've got to wrap it up. great having both you with us tonight charles david thank you so much and that's the way it is tonight and don't forget democracy is not a spectator sport get out there get active tag you're it. in case you're new to the game this is how it works not the economy is built around . for a show from washington to washington post media the media. voters elect. to run this country business because. you must it's
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not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. what politicians do something against. you put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or somehow want to be. that have to go to beatrice that's what before three in the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters of my house. for sydney. global was selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles that don't. produce offspring to tell you that celebrity gossip and tabloid less files of those reporters today. was a lot of advertising telling me you are not cool enough to mystify their product.
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is all the hawks that we along with our audience would watch. rejected tonight is a comedy. not. by the corporate. you go after the corporations it's just more your life profit over people and. their tactics not for me like medicine it's like a cancer to all the stress that the news puts wonder redacted to. where you can go to cry from laughing about the stuff that's going on in the world as opposed to just regular crying we're going to find out what the corporate mainstream media is not telling you about how we're going to filter it through some satirical comedic
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lenses to make it more digestible that's what we do every week hard hitting radical commie news like redacted tonight is where it's at. on the news tonight president trump pitches hard for a brand new tax plan on the heels of the republicans latest failed attempt to repeal obamacare and over three point four million americans in puerto rico are without power tonight as the island faces severe food and water shortages. and syria's government continues to push back isis as iraq moves troops to confront the recently independent kurds and kirk up. reporting tonight from washington d.c. this is the news on r.t. america.
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good evening friends we start tonight with what republicans love to talk about taxes and tax cuts calling it a once in a generation opportunity the president rolled out the largest tax cut in america's history it's a big plan and the trump team is taking a big bite out of the republican playbook and offering up a refined pro growth tax plan. under the plan the individual tax rates will be reduced to twelve twenty five and thirty five percent every income earner will see a reduction the corporate tax rate would drop to twenty percent the earned income tax credit for families will double to twenty four thousand and the alternative minimum tax along with the inheritance tax will be eliminated we want tax reform that is program of pro jobs pro worker pro-family and yes taxi for.


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