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to that. totally destabilize the global economy you need to protect yourself and get in for what's geysers. lexington in the central east of the united states it is within this city with a population of three hundred thousand that the university of kentucky can be found . it is barely nine in the morning david and brandon two first year students are in the middle of a video game. as a warm up before the first match of the season for their universities american football team the wildcats are going to drink a beer before you can start the race so you're waiting to hear cheers of all of. these students have found themselves a great way of supporting their team since breakfast is a star. a large supply of strawberry banana flavored vodka david and
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brandon down four shots in less than two minutes on empty stomachs. cause good. for the students university sport events are a great chance to get away from the pressure of their studies but also a particularly good opportunity to party and drink. on. the ground isn't twenty one years old yet the legal age for drinking alcohol in the usa . but on campus circumventing the law has become a national sport. those are on the way to the stadium they get to the city again where the competition has started. in the streets of lexington the behavior of these young men doesn't seem to shock anyone you go there. and these students even walk along with a bottle of vodka in their hand however as is the case on many other american campuses alcohol is legal here the. so there was
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a default down for you to hammer though like the rest of it as long as you can see . the gold rush somebody on university match days anything goes for almost anything. just outside the stadium the traditional parade has started. led by kerry their leader the cheerleaders galvanized the crowd. heave a triumphant parade announces the arrival of the uncontested stars of the campus. around fifty student football players accompanied by their team of staff. all eyes are on this group of players good enough to play for the big professional team. in the usa the love of university schools goes much further than the campus borders. in the stadium parking lot many supporters tense have been set up. fans of all ages
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from all over kentucky support the wildcats. to feel the. beginning of what we will bring. it to. the fans are very loyal and also very generous. ticket sales related merchandise supported donations last year the football team voted more than thirty million dollars for the university a cash machine which contributes to its fate. inside the stadium the great event of the sports business has begun. the brass band on the cheerleaders provide a great show. for the play it's a rifle. that chewed on by a crowd of sixty thousand supporters. twenty two year old frenchman tom giambi has a front row seat. look it's
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a touchdown. almost a test. tom as a top level tennis player recruited by the university to defend their colors. they want to. see. the frenchman was awarded a sports scholarship which allows him to study for free today's his moment of glory . another attainable treat for the majority of students because behind all the show and the american universities hired a reality that is very different. columbia dartmouth new york university
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american universities are among the best in the world renowned for their teaching their sports establishment but also for campus life. and party. studying here can cost up to eighty thousand dollars a year so when students don't receive scholarships like tom they take on a debt in order to finance their studies. thirty two thousand. two hundred twenty seven. to get by financially some female students like it don't hesitate to look for support. first. a site openly matches up generous donors with indebted students and so the controversy breaks out. you are a prostitute and you are a mit educated person. on campus the pressure to succeed is so high that american students often overindulge binge drinking to let their hair down. but also taking
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amphetamine derivatives to boost their academic results there's a real trafficking of substances going on in. the fraternities are symbol of prestige in american universities they attract students who want to be part of the elite. to join these influential and secret societies some are willing to be put through all sorts of humiliation we would get points for vomiting on each other. diving into the heart of american campuses where the obsession to success justifies all manner of extremes. lexington is the second largest city in the state of kentucky. over the last three years tom giambi has become one of the local tennis teams mainstays and thanks to this he lives in this residence with a swimming pool for you of chachi also known for the eagles to those in need. or keep. the lexington campus holds more than twenty eight thousand students
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cost of studies up to twenty thousand dollars per year. but even so the tennis player doesn't pay a penny it gets better in order to enable him to succeed on the tennis court the university adapts to his sports schedule. while here in intervals of your active directory i'll be as forward. thomas and his final year of communication studies with the many matches he has scheduled for the season he will often be absent with such students the university asked that the teachers are flexible. if this is. all right is for in a spirit official university sponsored event yet that's not a problem so teachers have to be accommodating was students like tom yeah we have to be able to work with work with them in their schedule believe we can do that. because at lexington the camp. lends itself to sport and the olympic size swimming
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for a climbing wall of running track the city is also home to the largest basketball stadium in america. to attract the best athletes the university lays out its red carpet. almost twelve million dollars of scholarship money is shared out every year. but the schedules of the school students are not restful in the slightest. most students are still sleeping with thomas back at the changing. the saw of. the world. with a new university term new supplies await him in his locker. is known to georgia to. those who think like you
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few. gifts bearing the acronym of a big sports equipment brand the university's official sponsor. even the more than is. going to argue for the for your. view of this it is. tom and his eleven team members trained on average for four hours a day coached by fellow frenchman city called blue dogs. this former professional player has led the kentucky tennis team for the last two years . to strengthen their teams american universities recruit internationally the contract is simple they have to wait for just talking. to another beautiful. and the university of kentucky certainly provides the means. there are almost two hundred people to ensure the. failed the athletes footballers basketball players
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tennis players after training that all meet in the state of the art care facility. with a mandatory dip in the high spots. to be serious is the northern. league on american campuses the athletes are not quite like the other students. every year they bring in about one hundred four million dollars for the university. on the top of the podium american footballers and their indispensable cheerleaders. nineteen times university champion the kentucky team holds the most titles in the history of the united states toned flexible agile here cheerleaders are reluctant. kiri is twenty two years old she's one of the team captains. like tom no school
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fees are completely covered so this young woman likes to get things right. today it's official photo day these photos will grace the posters on the calendars for the upcoming season here we therefore wants to look perfect so you're actually the image of the school we are we are us along with the wildcat so the mask on there's a lot of pressure oh of course it is but you get used to it you know like the first time i went out on the football field there was terrifying but the coolest thing ever. i wouldn't change it for the world. a little girl's dream becomes a reality but it's also a job under intense scrutiny that we have to really really watch given our coaches watch what we. like tweet and facebook and what we. were in our lives. for this book and all that makes our lives. it's something that
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you wouldn't want your grandma to see then don't post it this way that they. don't know some people that some crazy grandmas but we know what it really means. and so this means that cheerleaders are representing the american campuses twenty four hours a day and then also allowed to make mistakes i think to not see everything. to. be always so you'd be surprised like a. thank you for your washing around and playing around or getting email about it those supplies reaction to it never fails. to not just to hear right there. gotcha but you always project the best image of yourself so as to not tarnish the university's reputation and that's even true of the mascot they also receive a scholarship. to this young man refuses to be filmed though not through vanity but because his contract requires him to remain anonymous. like
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a disney character he's not allowed to talk his job is to keep people guessing. to see what you just made dissolve his emotions. is all and always emotions about in the life that is out there and you're basically understand what he's trying to express. it like can't even talk to you know the most the most reason you want to get out of assuming it was really here but that's about it this time his handler cheerleaders are you we said that this combination of show and business is perfect . for the university athletes must obey very strict rules. in their official activities of course split also outside the stadiums. and the culture is good out of the big picture but it's it's a girl for real business which we need to maintain we need to what but it's no. the
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fact of the prospects of the more go forth with the drawings with the automotive g.p.s. track of the machines will have less and less people employed so the fact that we easily get to show business just shows how the rest of the world is getting rid of those. with it was eagerly. hey everybody i'm stephen baldwin town hollywood guy you'll suspect every proud american first of all i'm just george bush and our view to say this is my buddy famous financial guru is a little bit different i'm out of. there are no windows up with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the road to have fun meet everyday americans . and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american people.
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it's eleven pm on a saturday night tom the french tennis player has gone out. with a few friends but going to a student in n.a.v.i. house. tonight to the athlete has swept his official uniform far rather provocative t. shirt. to show. for a million little to cut. the price of fame on the system here the athletes are celebrities tom invites people to take photos.
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the sports stars have to be exemplary. while the other students let them sound stupid. and that goes well to be outdone. lives at one of. the would be useful. one of them. within barely an hour at least two students will have consumed almost two meters a strong alcohol. i asked to tom he knows that he's closely monitored in front of our camera the frenchman accents of. the extremes of this america tom has learned to make the most of it. but for the students without scholarships getting into university is a luxury two out just three students have to borrow money. in
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april two thousand and twelve the amount of american student debt reach a significant high of one billion dollars in new york hundreds of students demonstrate to the media relate that the potential of this economically last generation and how much debt common scene right now is over twenty five thousand dollars fine for the same for the rights. and among the victims the president of the united states and sell the show and we know about this person this is not something i read in a briefing book we only finished paying off our student loans about eight years ago think about it i'm the president the united states. and increasingly greedy society in the united states the cost of studies has tripled in thirty years is. woodstock two hours' drive away from new york. this is where
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skye lives thirty one years old married and the mother of two children like many students to fund design school she had to borrow money. they said student loan debt is a good debt that you can carry and i was told that it was like paying off a car. at the time part of the sum was loaned by the state the other part by sallie mae the leading american student loan company but at the end of her study she had a nasty surprise skye couldn't find work her debt skyrocketed so i started at thirty two thousand nine hundred sixty four dollars and today one hundred twenty seven thousand eight hundred eighty dollars so it's thirty seven thousand dollars in interest alone and the rest of that is collection cost in fees. in eighteen years sky's debt has tripled the accumulation continues to grow havea by one thousand dollars a month. erica husband has to cover the household costs on his own no
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bank will open a current account for his wife. for all her purchases sky has to use her husband's debit card. even worse due to her debt no employer wants to risk taking her own. now hundreds of job applications them but a couple called out but i have been treated like a friend oh yes i. call the credit report they look at what's on that piece of paper and they decide we were based off that sheet of paper. faced with this dead end sky has decided to fight this morning she is going to a solicitor to file a complaint against her old school who forced her to borrow. and this is not her first attempt plan these are the cases that a one word against the third party collection agencies representing sallie mae. sky has sued them for harrah's. and they were calling me at my work they were calling
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me at my home they were telling me that this would impact my children's life and i reported those conversations. ever since skye has called them every day to try and renegotiate her debt. but before that the bank demands a payment of twenty five thousand dollars i may suggest that one comes up with twenty five thousand dollars a month. of the solutions have been suggested to her they were quite surprising. you can either go into the military you can move to a different country or you can find somebody who's passed and use their cell security number. to avoid excessive debt more and more students are resorting to practices that are borderline prostitution.
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new york in the heart of the island of manhattan lies the n.y.u. campus one of the most prestigious private universities in the united states. it is also one of the most expensive in the country sixty thousand dollars per. release is a student in her fifth year of food processing studies to pay for her studies and live in new york this young woman lines up dates let's see i had class then i have lunch at noon with one guy and i'll probably go home and do some homework and then i have to immediately got to dinner with another guy. four hundred also dollars lisa companies single men to lunch or to dinner without any other obligations. but before meeting her next client she pops home to get ready i like to wear. a dress.
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because you know that's what they're here for they want to take out a hot attractive young woman so i try and play that part it's like a uniform it's very detached from emotion. who knows she doesn't i mean there is little time any. time something. as an average student at least has not been awarded a scholarship at twenty two years of age she's already accumulated two hundred thousand dollars of debt. so as to avoid all quick questions from her roommate she goes to a cafe to check out her new office she split for choice. i believe just logged in a few hours ago and i already have something to offer so you can see one offer to take me out her first take two hundred dollars one for one to see i could make it stop or if it was the offer was too low. i could counter them and easily do work to
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try and get more money. in one week at least can earn up to one thousand five hundred dollars and that's not counting all the free meals and pretty hungry. but i don't have seen any of my own that i bought myself. it's one o'clock in the afternoon and she goes to a trendy hotel restaurant on seventh avenue if you're stuck inside a man in his forty's is waiting for her film their lunch with a hidden camera this is your first this is your first experience here i don't want any problems i have a girlfriend. should kill me if she knew i was seeing other girls this is true so the man isn't single but really sees no downside she says i just wants the lunch is over she will never see him again. today he ended it. but sometimes you guys and over something like this. stuff it
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inside. or one time i got a chocolate bar with it like taped inside i think they're paranoid about it looking like a transaction. but to supplement having come kelly's won't settle for just having lunch with lonely met. a few weeks ago she signed up to a dating site which takes it even further. the concept is simply match rich man with attractive young women who need money. some benefactors even go as far as paying for their studies in full. in the united states the site hits the headlines of your piece to. june two thousand and twelve on the dr phil show one of the most watched programs across the atlantic charter school bill plante even purchased a new car with cash on a d.v.d. the female students who use the site face up to the criticism. and in way the
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site's founder defends himself as providing a very valuable service that people need you are a prostitute and you are a mighty educated pam. despite the scandal the site has never been condemned by the north. today more than a million female students have signed up to it it's a case far less twenty three years old. anthony has a date with a female student he is single and has no qualms about using this site to go on dates. that's. at forty eight anthony is a successful businessman. he owns six hundred thousand dollars a year for around thirty thousand pounds a month that he's made a lifestyle out of the speak straight day he's. been pm i'm going to get at it for three years well during their years in the. house and so i get to date around their
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. different beautiful weather and we get to know each other what is she looking for where my looking for what is expected in my expectation but what eles is looking for is a new benefactor this young woman has just started a course in a setting she says with. the first four years of study have been fully paid by men like anthony who of course sugar daddies here there's enough money problems going on in life that financial data says you first school that was supposed to better you it's not it's not healthy not in the cards for a little my dollar you know worth a dollar a day so i have no qualms with. a woman to get through college one of the islands is there neither of them feels as though it's prostitution even in discussions. that i feel like everyone thinks of like you're getting peeved to have sex with
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a lot of time it's not just by. right it is emily a double leg. sex is indeed part of the contract not an obvious close to a suit. jacket. since the other ladies. have all these. like it's me. but so your body undermined her in two separate places. your mind is like that. body. that. her best friend trish is one of the only people she's told it does sound like. coming from an. alley. like might change someone out of finances or the contract. for her studies l.s.s. paid a high price but this obsession with success is not just a matter of money it's.
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the village of collect she has been nicknamed sleepy hollow because for some unknown reason its local residents have formed victim to sleep epidemic. and trolls. over the course just daniel to join the group if she would use a future how do you lend your initial. order to more than concern that sent but also ensuring the sort of but i'm also going with the question are stored superthin useful to go back and don't need to put in the position of switch. gradually grass from where did you do what we have or do agree. that the old school for. this would go with one more. right here in there or did you have both barrels there of the. thank you well as
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you know first. six guys are financial survival. when customers go by you're just applying. to now well reduce and lower. that's undercutting not what's good for food market it's fuck it for the global economy. this footage is unique because there's only a tribal lands on normally off limits to the public erik's allowed in because he's listened to his personal doctor. people here know him simply is dr eric he's rich famous some always on the move sailing yacht some flying aircraft that.
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he's considered one of the best neurosurgeons in brazil. that's happening almost all. hours so says going. to busy doing nothing is going to do the population lachrymose is going to people on the zone. in the stories that shape the week with islamic states on their verge of total collapse in syria russia and its regional allies layout plans for establishing a lasting peace in the country. unsettling times for germany on chancellor merkel as coalition talks break down leaving question marks over her future leader .


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