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tv   Going Underground  RT  February 10, 2018 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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israeli military hits twelve targets in syria after damascus shoots down an israeli fighter jet for the first time in thirty six years. meanwhile turkey's president says one of his country's military helicopters has been downed near the syrian border where entre is carrying out an offensive against a kurdish militia. the far right surge is causing concern in italy ahead of a general election anti-fascist activists rallied in several cities after six african migrants were injured in a shooting. and kim jong sr invites the south korean president to visit north korea in the latest sign of him from relations between the two countries. and
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for more on these stories you can go to our t. a dot com that does it for me my colleague here in about an hour's time but right now coming up rock legend brian may is in a special guest on going underground if you're watching in the u.k. or ireland sputnik is asking who could be the next but i'm especially. i'm not sure if you were going underground in a week when the persian gulf prosy of tried to prevent london protest against social cleansing beside the tallest building in the european union coming over the show is donald trump fighting terrorists or is he fighting the syrian government as the u.k. u.s. coalition this week supports al qaeda by the notes of these hundred flights. tara
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we go to tech crunch to speak to professor robert brown the head of the iran turkey russia trilateral in istanbul that seeks to defeat british backed atrocities in the middle east and we are britain's former a man in damascus whether the us and the u.k. are using chemical attack allegations to justify breaches of the united nations charter and rock guitar legend brian may on how class privilege is a threat to humanity for years to the day queen's great just hit became the first album ever to sell fifty million copies in the u.k. but quarter numbers mustn't show the prime minister when she's giving girls lots more shouting by u.k. politicians of this week's b. and q.'s british britain's prime minister belatedly defacto backing in syria told us of more coming up in today's going underground but first to our top story the u.s. military has been defending wednesday's massacre of those fighting al-qaeda linked groups in syria saying it was protecting so-called syrian defense forces the s.d.f.
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as led by the new marxist white b.g. but whether you believe the us government or not is a fact that the u.k. backed coalition has this week aided groups allied to those who would bomb the streets of britain so why should donald trump a vocal critic of support given to isis and al-qaeda linked groups by barack obama make such a u. turn could it be to do with news of a forthcoming trilateral meeting in istanbul between of love to be a putin of russia or one of turkey and house and rouhani of iran let's go straight to attack iran now and talk to professor mohammad marandi from the university of tehran moment thanks so much for coming on again so why is the united states doing it is it on the side of isis while this whole thing that we've been seeing over the past few years in syria has more to do with iran and israel than anything else the reason why the americans from almost the very beginning alongside the saudis and others and unfortunately the sharpish government the. why they supported the
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extremist groups eltham and they became isis and al-qaeda in syria among other extremist groups was because they wanted to weaken or destroy the syrian state in order to make things easier for the israeli regime and what has happened is now that the syrian government with the support of iran russia has ball on the iraqi government in iraq forces as well as volunteers from places like afghanistan now that they've turned the tide against extremists the americans want to seek revenge through other means so they basically occupy the part of syria and they are preventing the syrian government from regaining territory so they break from the very beginning of this whole crisis in syria the americans have been breaking international law and they're responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in syria. to put it bluntly the americans always say that president assad is a war criminal but if there is one war criminal in all this that is the president the
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former president of the united states not that trump is any better and you listed there are a quite a coalition from iran through as will or to rush to belatedly arguably to you said briefly the iraqi government. how are they going to react to this latest development of we're hearing scores of two hundred more than a hundred of those people fighting isis linked groups being killed by u.s. warplanes well we don't know exactly what happened but when you look at the audiotape where kerry admitted in front of his syrian opposition friends that the united states allowed isis advance on damascus to put pressure on president assad when you look at how the united states allowed isis to do its oil trade with turkey we all know that and we email of hillary clinton. admitting that saudi arabia and
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others were supporting isis we know that turkey in saudi arabia the role that they played an on fortunately in helping these groups but these countries and the people of the region obviously will react without great i think that the americans should take into consideration that they have a large number of military forces in iraq and many iraqis will be outraged at this sort of behavior and also i think it's really another major problem is that the turkish government now is deeply concerned about the p.k. k. but they have to keep in mind that they created this mess by the stabilizing syria the kind of conversations that will be in istanbul of this trilateral actually happens with what is just no donald trump perhaps because of a change of policy creating a new area safe area for islam is to occupy in syria yes without a doubt we we know that the americans helped strike
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a deal so that isis and foreign and especially our foreign fighters were able to leave iraq and they moved them today rose to so that they could fight the syrian government and we've seen cooperation between the united states and isis in the past also even in iraq at times the united states would allow isis advance as they . did in ramadi and when hundreds of vehicles attacked the city of ramadi the united states did nothing about it even though it was a clear day so when isis attacks allies of the united states the united states reacts when it attacks opponents of the united states the united states allows that to happen in even facilitate that trumps policy by the way the only thing that changed was that when the tide had turned with the help of the iranians and the russians and has for law and others when the tide had turned in the favor of the syrian legitimate government and they were regained. in their territory the
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americans wanted a piece of the cake and they wanted a place at the negotiating table and that's why they started helping. allied forces to take over. syrian territory. from isis just finally and briefly britain's minister teresa mayes minister others to bert in control tree to everything you've been saying says that iran should avoid actions of threaten regional stability what do you think he means by well the british are deeply involved in the rise of isis just as they've been helping the saudis create massacres in yemen and they helped the saudis create starvation in that country that the british intelligence. agency has been facilitating extremists in in britain to move toward to move to syria in two thousand and eleven and two thousand and twelve many people went to extremists inside in the known extremists
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and they were allowed to go to syria and to libya the british ignore exactly how things started and how these terrorists and extremists rose in syria and in other parts of this region and if it wasn't for iran and allies of iran such as russia and the syrian people themselves we would have the black flags of isis and al qaida over damascus and back thawed and probably even beirut today so the british government should be very thankful to the iranians for sparing this region from the sort of misery that we would have seen if if they actually missed that one present moment randi thank you well that's the view from jacques run but what about britain's role in the carnage i'm joined now by britain's former ambassador to syria peter ford he's in manchester in northern england thanks for coming back on the show what side is britain on when we hear of atrocities admitted by the
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coalition in syria. so i'm next in it although the british government would have me believe otherwise britain is a prominent member of the coalition the so-called grand global coalition for the elimination of i think that. british officers are. participating at the highest level in the command and control operation of the fourth they may not be so i many thought to go over syria because there are very few i left the fact from the air. which itself raises the question why are we still in this coalition a tool when the stated purpose is even a nation with isis but we are certainly involved with the financing and operation
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level in both groups and they are involved not only in the action against syrian government forces that we've seen this week but also both the raising the kurdish. militia against turkey but we're involved in two actions of the coalition which way beyond the mandate it was given by parliament the twenty fifth the yes you raise a question there as to why britain is still involved as of october we had three and a half thousand bombs dropped by the r.a.f. on syria and iraq what about what professor marandi was just saying that previously the united states is trying to create old place or isis diasporan al-qaeda linked to islam it's could that be what britain might end up doing with the united states right now yes. we had fought in the
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enclave. which it is on the border between iraq. syria and it's possible that the british forces have a live out with them because that is a very quick area football that the americans have and it's a. complicated with the stabilization of syria by libyan government forces were also involved from jordan office in jordan who are helping we organize the activities of the coalition forces in southern syria. and yet the government will not give any account of them. well in fairness to mr defense certainly that is not seen any evidence of r.f. warplanes or drones causing any civilian casualties that is not really the question and the question is whether these forces are involved in the be
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a polite version of syria. which the answer can only be yes of course because they are heavily. by the coalition going along as usual on america's coattails finally if one believes critics of british policy that it britain could arguably be contravening the u.n. charter on british media we hear every day of chemical attacks by the syrian government which surely gives britain the right to keep bombing from the air the nation of syria well no it doesn't. begin to it's not one of please. later it's accusation as being very fine and i thought that that information that the jihad the and now on the gentleman. in his bedroom in i think. the syrian observatory for human rights. who are very pro rebel.
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no the the playing is not that are being bore hole say a record like the good wife the guardian the liberal interventionist but why film of footage is broadcast daily on british media. all right now but really this credit white helmet we would have been demonstrated by independent media to be overstimulated of the jihad and the sick way of i'm not so i would remember they are colocated. it's. transparent masquerading certainly deserve a not or as actor the. former ambassador thank you. thank you after the break fighting money with the. queen's lead guitarist brian may why he's an enemy of privilege and how he plans to dismantle the ukase system and a u.
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turn from tourism a on a defacto war with russia and iran by syria britain's pm appears to say she supports syrian government protected christians in a civil war in which she backed those who would do that. coming up a pop through of going underground. across europe municipalities are taking their water supply back from private companies to me to peep out the cells with simple song alone even some company elsewhere they invite private companies to take over the utilities many bought a telescope of a lab from us you guys we got to buy them the going to go buy been this is. just because i'm out. somewhere you remember the live bill brought up locals are ready to stand up for the basic human rights of access to water it's about water but it's
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also over much more than water it's about to hurt and the redistribution of. debt downwards we want all. that's in american interest to not see any russians die in terrorist attacks as it is in russian interest to prevent any terrorist attacks in the united states or elsewhere in the world so i don't think there's any dispute on that in congress and i think maybe some of the posturing is frankly political as opposed to substantive. welcome back as the mainstream elite media in britain speculates on breaks in negotiations with little evidence it continues just support historic u.k. policy on syria the defacto backing of isis and al-qaeda linked groups responsible for persecuting christians at this week's pm cusick made it all the order when
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minority u.k. government leader tourism many claim to be supporting the christians of syria so protected by president assad before britain defacto entered the war in places like lib i was pleased a matter of weeks ago to meet father daniel from nineveh and italy who talked about the very real persecution that his. congregation that suffer of our suffering had suffered in the past and he presented me with a bible which was burnt which was had been rescued when a church had actually been set on fire no one thought to ask where the british taxpayer money of the kind even the state mandated b.b.c. is uncovered going to al-qaeda linked militants set the church on fire but while there is money for is the missed weaponry one labor m.p. presented her with a solomon type dilemma on future local council cuts created by her collective
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economic punishment here at home which are the following things with the prime minister recommend they cut the next cancer i know the person with dementia and saying that means providing school meals unfundable children libraries leisure centers for me and. supporting the twenty four percent of children living in poverty your choice prime minister may batter her away hydrogen but the honorable lady should be welcoming the improvements that have taken place in her constituency and when it comes to law and order in an age of austerity the leader of the opposition jeremy corbyn gave her the latest figures. this is speaker recorded crime is up by one fifth since two thousand and ten violent crime up by twenty percent during the period the prime minister was home secretary two point three billion was cut from police budgets her majesty's inspectorate of can starve everyone's neighborhood policing risks being eroded and the shortage of detectives
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is a real national crisis the prime minister think the inspectorate to scare mongering but to raise a many had alternative facts crime is now down at record. that is more than just last year. and it's been achieved by a conservative government at the same time it's been protecting police budgets who do believe well one activist and lifelong supporter of science and the arts legendary queen guitarist and astrophysicist dr brian may has campaigned against alleged corruption in britain's parliament we went to london's royal society to discuss why he believes britain's class system is inherently damaging to progress brian may we're in the or suspicious royal society in london how beautiful it is that have steeped in tradition i think israeli and dog to go to israel you know the skull was first of all old friend of the program and as then he had some influence over your astrophysics work as you know his home well yeah i mean we go back
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a long way garrick and me and i've helped him put the stylus together but he definitely helped me get my ph d. done thirty years later it's a long story you know i was a layman but i study a coal dust as they like it. is basically dust which is going around the sun as are the planets you can regard them small planets these grains of dust if you like so my mission was to find out. where these grains of dust are going there are they were getting the same direction as the planets or opposite directions it has a great bearing on how the solar system was formed how the sun came into being and how life was formed on earth. all linked in together you know the more information you can get about this the more we understand what we are and where we came from donald trump. is going to send people to mars as far as we know that's his plan and he's going to try yeah what was your reaction to him saying according to leak draft budget that the administration will end financial support for the international
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space station well that's politicians for years and you know they're saying one thing over here and another thing over here yeah i think everybody in our circles doubted that funding was going to be put in you know the money is going to go with a mouthpiece trump is trumping over politics his policies and people say things for expediency and they say things to to get a reaction so i don't think there's a great belief is there there that this is going to happen in the near future how important is pure science funding some nobel prize winners told us will end up on mars and you know which experiments to perform because the people it was originally my wife would say why do we do this at all you know there are people starving on this planet how can you possibly justify any of this you know i personally think that pure science and pure art of the highest things to which humans can aspire and it's good to be doing this but there's a balance to be had i think and i was the first person to say at the first star mous that if we're going to continue going into space as a species we should clean up our own planet first you know i think we've made such
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a mess of the planet. the floor and the foreigners you know and we have treated our fellow creatures so poorly badly that needs to be sorted and i was thrilled that neil armstrong in his speech referred to that and said yes we need to make this an era of being more human than we have before so that to me that's important you know it's not just about knowledge. it's about being human beings and one of the themes of the stormers festival next time is on fake news how scientific collaboration may foster. combating so-called fake news it's a very big subject i don't think it's been approached properly and we're hoping it will be as part of this festival yeah because the truth is so hard to find i guess it's easier to lie on a big scale now than it ever was in the past you can drop a little fact here instantly going around the world and treat it as news when it finds its fake and. the this host of conspiracy theory of people didn't actually
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go to the moon is a great example of people have dropped these very stupid actually and very false assertions out there but people take them go is true it's true they never went in. it bothers me i'm not saying you know how do you find the truth how do we do this in the future and these are really interesting discussion and very urgent discussion and you said that one of the major issues facing humanity is fake news from world trade yes what they want to exist is full of people there for the wrong reasons that's myself i spent a lot of time lobbying in our own parliament in england and i have to say so many people are there for reasons that you don't want to know. and it's hard to find people who actually have a mission to make the world a better place and look after. people and animals rather than look after themselves i mean i hate to be critical but i do think the whole system encourages the wrong
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kind of people because it encourages people who want power and and make money for their themselves and their friends you know i would love to see it all shaken up i wish you were using after your involvement in the common decency project as well that would be encouraging you to be more encouraged what is the common goal comes easily it is about exactly that it's about not voting for a political party but for voting for people who are actually decent terms like a simple thing to do is actually not that simple because you have to ascertain what you mean by decency and i would like to see a parliament in the future which is based on empathy and actual quality of life rather than economics and money and power but of course lobbying costs money you're fighting big money yes you are but you don't necessarily have to fight money with money you can find money with them with art if you like that is what we try to do and the truth you know we have the truth on our side and we see the government says that we must spend more money bailing out banks and so forth than on science
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research you know see the importance to fund city of london it's a very big question you know i'm not sure that we should we should have been bailing out the banks in the way we should or least we should have got more return the tax base we got more return for what was done. really rejuvenating the common decency project if there's an imminent threat as usual action we would be common decency and again yes we will and we'll be supporting all our friends in parliament who have proved to you know have come through for us in supporting the the quest for decency if you like and how far we've come as a society britain particularly in bridging this traditional science arts divide and it's something you're very keen on bridging yeah it's a process i think it's happening and i see it everywhere certainly my. my generation was taught you can't be artists in the sciences at the same time and i resented that i found it kind of damaging because i wanted to be a computer complete human being i was passionate about science i was passionate about music and in the natural world as well so i wanted everything and i was told
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no you can't do that if you can be a scientist country music and so now you don't see that anymore you know little bit but i think it's changing and if i look at matt taylor who's the biggest heavy metal freak i know probably the most informed about heavy metal is covered in tattoos and he's the guy of the amazing mission that went to rosetta the rose it is comet. so i go to his head he was rosy and he went you know and and these people you know i'm so fortunate because i got my ph d. eventually and became a kind of legitimate scientist again if you like i'm able to mix with people like that and i feel very privileged to be accepted into the community and i was for instance with alan stern when they got their data back as they were doing the fly by pluto and i hope to be with them again when they do the flyby of the next objects which they have rendezvousing with which the cape. kuyper belt object very
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exciting no one's ever done that before of course some people watching i'm sure that may think there isn't a lot of close here to have someone from a poor background socio economic background they wade feel how can i get involved in science research and these sorts of thing well i came from a poor background only my mum was putting coins in different jars for the gas meter in the election you know you don't it's not about money it's about having conviction and i guess it takes a bit of belief in yourself which takes on to build but i think it's about commitment no i don't think it's about money i mean a lot of things are in britain and i i'm a real enemy of privilege you know i don't think that's a positive thing in british society and i think when the beatles came along everybody thought that's all swept out how it will sort of thing it didn't happen it was in the mine but it was in reality and the class system is there loud and proud in britain at the moment and i think needs to be dismantled really to i
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shouldn't be about money and you know opportunities are still about money in many ways if you think that contradicts what i said about science i don't think it does because i think if you believe you have something to offer eventually you'll get there i should also congratulate you on the on the queen grammy arguably arguably asteroids colliding with the earth as being more a story in main. stream media as regards astronomy is no sign of a password five two six six five men will brian may or seventy three freddie mercury can hit the moon there and then they're not going to be there in the asteroid belt and none of them in normal circumstances come anywhere near the our own planet i thought you can say there's no sign of the grammys honoring our music already but i did always well they know they know they never did before but they've given us a lifetime achievement which is brain i think very much dr brian may thank you very
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much. astro physicist and rock guitar legend dr brian may that's speaking to me at london's royal society and that's it for the show but we'll be back on monday to speak to the director of a raisin forget profiling depending on who you believe a mass serial killer or an american hero and central america special forces veteran bode brits in the cinema you know him as sylvester stallone in the rambo film still and he's been called back with us by social media we'll see on monday sixteen years to the day the trial of slobodan milosevic began in the hague while u.k. media compared to his country was sanctioned and thousands were killed by nato criminal court would exonerate the milosevic deciding there was not enough evidence to convict him of the ethnic cleansing claimed by nature nation media and politicians.
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selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles. that you saw try to tell you that so be gossiping by file for the most important. thing you are not cool enough and let's invite. all the hawks that we along with all. the legal.


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