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you see very severe infection of the skin this one is going to lead to death. because you have septicemia and you did it. during dachau fashion week models spoke out against skin bleaching. these goals dream of strutting down the european council so they aim for natural beauty because europe demands it but incentive standards of beauty is somewhat
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different. look at these posters. no matter what that advertising. all the models in them have lighter skin on the target audience. the message is clear only those with my to skin not beautiful and can achieve success. word means that. do. the right to be beautiful. but it is not a kind of. inferiority complex no they don't want to be white people who are. quite a walk. with me both. why
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demo button even put up the most of the. song was almost but why did i forbid. it. lives in a car with her mother her brothers and sisters she's the family's forced child and has a young daughter. to become a hospitality manager she believes the bleaching makes him look more beautiful. here from you or me or. other white teachers forced to do more under kind of the actual problem where it can be. more than a distorted act that i do say oh you're getting real. again so what you're doing and why don't you. go out there.
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develop the way yourself. was it as you need it be on the free. as a cosmetic store two minutes wolf from home in residential areas beauty shops are as common as grocery stores. or you. think it will yes. you will. you know. show me. also until. you. buy a remark i was born wadi you know our. milky way let them do it's in your own moments ago. oh i was wrong and i'm not
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going to look up i'm going to feel well i mean. this is evil but wait yeah you know it's not allowed to move. on i'm going to be walk about oh. absolutely never going to get. back up. and she doesn't use preaching products she believes that the beautiful music loving yourself for what you are. she lives with her mom and her sister in the finished house the father died when she was little. and she works in a fog and dreams of becoming a supermodel just like naomi campbell. say i
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do. for myself. i knew that maybe not it yet. but i. knew this. was a new business sense and. you know. it was a new movement it wasn't even that will. continue. going to mean so much. i she lives in a fishing village near death because it's a bustling area with construction sites all over the place. yet. she and her friends but taking a stroll along the. beach. that's the plot of what the outcome
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of the deal could. bring five million. people like you in the book that i think is. in place probably some. there is a strong strong strong growth no hands up to some troops from time that really drink you. start because this time it comes from united states from your girl and then it's because your. scenario when we really come here one day. i want to do enjoy the show but there are a lot what is it just for you with iraq you know this one from from your i said before you do it to be very true you're like. you know you understand. very. tough on them according to these impressed by the message until it begins to
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gain even if it lead if it seems that i mean you're losing that down what if it. doesn't it is the most some of both misses you skills you need to look at mine a playbook must include be less you. know i'm not a vision. of loss of people events in any given moment alosi me what you have to do and you have to take consequences for example. if things become black or big mentation around eyes become blood. from the world and you see they from there from you they face a bus or face i would do mass. this louder or a you them or you know i'm being. i mean if you're there for south africa and that's our biggest. day i mean that why you know them i mean if you know more feel. this i do that to you over there trying to kill their face that.
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are. going to double. you won't see that he has any. interest. only the concept you can call it from the day this will. be number one this will be half the new. world. you know. if you ask me. that if you see just a delusional on my list thank you leave. some of your conflicts if you self-inflicted intellectual. crying a few months. i don't approach it blow well you know this implies you see
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some issue of yeah i have a mouse on file how much this will be. serious i see i just got the silly it's all good it's a free os. complex see it for you to let you know if you are a woman you have. and you see that your husband is looking about me don't we me. i'm going to have me scared i think that this is inspired by his fans and i have met. a beautiful. beautiful is beautiful you know. good food good food prefer the one she wore was lusting good people are good. she for you is. nice. really simple. you're
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listening. to my. saturday. like the next. hour of serene that lives in dhaka with her mother. father left them when she was little and. mom works at the markets serino also has a small business but she dreams of becoming a top model one day. no.
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thanks. because just so they demand this it and show that it's best because you didn't see . it. in the month. like. they're just going on. what i said oh oh my god that's one level that you know a song. about but. i want more. likely that it will. lead to more was the word loaded you loved when i got to. get you know my song. so. arena's road to fame stomps on the roof of
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a house. where she works on the catwalk skill. serenus place is right next to the international airport the sound of planes taking off and landing is always in the background. but she's never been on one herself. flying away somewhere serena's dream. hey everybody i'm stephen bob. taft hollywood guy usual suspects every proud american first of all i'm just george washington and r.v.
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to suggest this is my buddy max famous financial guru and well just a little bit different i've got a. good lawyer no no no no god with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting road have fun every day americans. and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american coke. a batch or sudden passing i've only just learned you were a south and taken your last. year at the top to us we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember. when we first met my life
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turned on each breath. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was again still some more fond of you those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this one quite different i speak to you now because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. that's who we are were american were smooth enough but what that's not us americans are screwed good post huckster golf playing sharks that's who we are and that's who john travolta is that's why i don't like go barack obama that's what they learn from.
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because i was there and she. meant i can walk you are. going on well most you should you know call germany feeling that you're a big deal of course. of course sorrow. and.
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you know. it and. you're going to still to know more. because. sales of whitening products thrive in african countries including. imports of the sales billions of dollars in revenues. id advertising agency that specializes in outdoor ads we asked to see at least one natural model that graces its billboards. they design or shows a soda mama she's the epitome of natural beauty. then we ask him to show us his favorite celebrity names video and until skins bleached.
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out agree. you can look at. it why. right. there. were. no. i said not p.r. if it go men men it's also in. jenny. we want to cry but yes you see my feet soup out. and i think what it that no one had too much. but. then when i did that and i was
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a mom want that. but i definitely i would have been enough but. if i'm on the name of that and i know when that family might have that well. it has a curious theory about skin martin says she believes that exercising in the open at off chance to think. about the money you. get that. sense of. well you can you look at like look on the fence obama. about. and then i don't you know but i would do it would be in the style of my.
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letter from that also later if it wasn't anybody to pessimism the. if it's about me it would not be a book as i laid it up at the desk this time that. you could look at it. on the day i know you know that a bit. curious thing whatever this is that this is that. what i learned just wapnick i live to see what. may give us a while to drop you've been thinking now we're going to laugh at. we're not going to have another. next magical haven't turned them up that high up to
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gossip or off them oh my god i could be i say. this the fiasco to the bone marrow in the way out of the thing the composite video goes you can use they pulled it off to. the law no works in the film industry. she's a wardrobe assistant who dreams of becoming an actress she thinks bleaching her skin will help become a movie star live. must be. said join up all these guys really go home go commune so they got it if they practice and if that's the of us keep them on them they may just wait it is some i guess you never know when it will come when you don't tell us the mobile the how won't think of the who. just may have been a lot we're going to ask them what they're going to. minimize the amount of effort to learn their genes will differ on some visual part some of the fast they.
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don't go the you know and then combine it with the c.e.o. of our for. it's not something i do but it's a fake if you visit our phenomenon not by sure which of the quantize showing why you. see or not i do speak for an adult that's very definitely going to do all field obviously wrong. movie feet see all of walking barefoot off a. duck duck i'll qualify it. cos it did also not come off it and it's pretty definite you got him on the run you know sort of gossip bar for respect you know what that i want has a non-binary. then i am the man i sure want to walk. but then it will come as a little bit more like i'm playing games of up or. playoffs i am that i
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guy there's your true arrow in the last movie i love my give no more. to save. thank you thank you robert it's given to me yeah it feels it's really true. yeah and then what do you have with their vocal myself a little what do you also feel just as if you were never took my mum never taught us that you might never just think about it only mean that we could measure was accosted more like me the most was because if it affected life it got me the police locally. to work for limited he did not know how much to make more money and yet the law my boss accosted me about what their modelling of fashion was with them wouldn't take them up if just to these would want me to live yes it's to feel big the plumbing for the time that i must see feel the last.
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me i need the admission merely a little i want to mention it i'm not too long as it is not exactly the noise you. members you know that there is even a good time to ask if i mean that means that me demanding and it is only says if you know but don't know until you are not going up to the local me as he did tweet over to me i'm looking at your embassy and if it is wrong it will be on the myths and m.s.s. and i am going to love having not done any of this in fiji now we also will issue a version for you also please see i also is all you have let me on due to him made him is that i would be. the number of the number. while on a applies a skin whitening product serena and i cheaper plan for success by practicing them loose on the campus. to teach them.
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pretty little finger tips this is serena's and she's manisha he coaches the go i find system on how to look that best and finds work for the. national park in with the new shows for defeating decided to quit the poor said boutique as usual three. and a fair class are said. you can.
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choose to do. this. this arenas business. here she sells one of the most popular products. we're going to do a ball shall be one version of the it will might be unlikely given you're going to just go away from it and she needs it as back out the window besides all. sassy freeboard best game in my life i'll miss he and the new course he gave me shit back in one fer like betty bailey to get off of me more than a back so i'd be more than a block really sorry that's it please as. you saw on. sat. back you did lose our place on. this stage
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it's just one man. not made you see in how many i speak to you. won't. he let the big one pass out if there. was a minute he played on. it is it. who did big money salt of the kid put out people particularly beat developing it off and sit in the office will get over. the music dark. it is it out. to be just a little bit but yeah it was possible to go small because i don't i goes on to say the responsibility for using these products lies with the consumer that's all well and good. but it's only natural that girls want to look prettier than pale say except of course you don't need a whitening cream to achieve that. what
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politicians do something to. be put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injured. or somehow want to be rich. that's a going to be press that's what before three in the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the water column. question. who would have thought thirteen russians three hundred and some cash could impact an american presidential election this is where russia gate stands today also more twists and turns in a messy conflict known as syria. so
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i think of all the seasons as a way to practice is the precious oppressive measures being deployed against the palestinian people everywhere around the set of colonialism the theft of our land and the many many can hope to stating things that this summit is of doing of course they can cause the. uprising. elliston is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos i'm in bill fiddlesticks mission to do it looking for you like hitler this isn't my cup of tea is going up the study hall maybe a bit. notes on the job or they should be the only palestinians who gets the most help from its jerusalem counterparts i don't think this is about those who in the world under the oak vision did not only could give us. and the earth is all of
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us knowledge to how to this lady of the muslims to how i'm going to compete in the doesn't seem to do more. don't piss off.
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mourners grieve for the victims of sunday's church massacre in southern russia which are investigators think could have been an act of terrorism. turkey's president otoh and reportedly threatens close acquaintances if syrian forces enter their own city of our friend after room as they were preparing to help kurdish militias repel a turkish offensive. and in the midst of the alleged russian meddling sky a former cia director admits the u.s. doesn't interfere in other countries elections when it's for a good course. this is already.


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