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tv   News  RT  April 12, 2018 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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a lot. of walking. u.s. defense secretary admits that his country has no concrete evidence that there was a chemical attack in the syrian city of duma but might nonetheless strike preemptively to quote defend american troops there. germany gives a firm no meantime to any involvement in the u.s. led military action against syria as other leaders continue to weigh up their options tonight. good chance to get an even to kick an inside images from my. own militants not to in detail. also this hour the u.k.'s foreign secretary is quote in no doubt it was russia behind the script poisoning after u.n. watchdog confirms the substance used in the attack that's despite investigations not confirming russia was the source of the nerve agent. and saudi arabia's crown
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prince mohammed wins over the french president in his whirlwind tour of europe with president mccraw now asking critics of the saudi air to give him a chance. why this is out international law from moscow with me kevin owen it's just ten ten pm now the first of this bulletin tonight in the u.s. defense secretary james mattis is said america has the right to preemptively strike the syrian government in order to defend its troops it comes after he admitted there's no clear evidence that chemical weapons were used in the city of doomer on saturday an alleged attack that triggered calls for intervention against assad's forces i believe there was a chemical attack and we're looking for the actual evidence the the o.p.c. do this you're going to station for the chemical weapons convention we're trying to get those inspectors in if we get them and if the regime will let them in we will
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not know who did it they can only say that they found evidence or did not. secretary of defense james mattis is saying essentially that the usa does not have any evidence about the chemical attack in dubai they can't confirm necessarily that it took place he personally believes it took place but they cannot confirm it and furthermore when inspectors and experts are on the scene they may be able to confirm that it happened but they won't be able to attribute blame they won't be able to say who did it now that's quite a mission given that there's been so much assigning of blame in the media over the last few days and also the o.p.c. w. inspectors are now on their way to syria they will begin their work in syria on saturday getting the bottom of what exactly happened so without any evidence how is it that the u.s. leaders have been going about assigning blame for the attack and talking about a military strike well madison explained the procedure let's take a listen there have been a number of these attacks in many cases you know we don't have troops were not
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engaged in the ground on the ground there so i cannot tell you that we had evidence even though we certainly had a lot of media and social media indicators that either chlorine or sharon were used so u.s. leaders are getting on social media twitter facebook and seeing pictures and that is the basis for threatening a country with military strike very very interesting now that congressional committee i wanted to know under what specific legal authority james madison would carry out the attack if ordered to do so and this is how you explain the justification for attack protection of our forces i don't think we have to wait until they are under chemical attack when the weapons are used in the same theater we're operating in at this point donald trump has not yet taken a decision but he is considering all options with his generals and advisers but we're looking very very seriously the whole situation and. we'll see what happens
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you see what happens in. the world puts us in a position. well this is donald trump's tweet earlier about possible strikes against the syrian government in retaliation for the alleged chemical attack the president says military action could come from washington very soon or not very soon at all and some of the confusing statements of tweets coming from trump of late can make life as the white house press secretary particularly challenging our maintaining that we have a number of options and all of those options are still on the table but he certainly means i think there's a lot there that you can read ground at the same time the president has a number of options he has a number of other options as well as other options options are options options in all of those options remain on the table once again the president has a number of options we're considering all those options to see. because russia certainly like senator thompson they all options are on the table the claims of a chemical attack on the syrian city of doomer were made by the self styled civil
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defense group known as the white helmets russian experts have been to the area and they say they found no evidence that a toxic substance was used as a correspondent mentioned the first group of inspectors from the international chemical weapons watchdog are due to arrive soon they'll start their work don't work on saturdays the late as we hear syria's representative to the u.n. security council has said his country will do everything possible to aid the investigation. the student government is ready. to go. for the second team. to where they want wherever they want anytime they want. germany will not be involved in any military strike in syria if the operation does go ahead the german chancellor made berlin's position clear as other countries continue to consider the course of action tonight. and has been following the high level reaction in europe but what we're seeing donald trump stirring up suspense with yet more tweets we're seeing his allies across the atlantic trying to figure
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out exactly what they themselves are going to be doing next and here in the u.k. we know that british prime minister theresa may is meeting with her cabinet ministers this afternoon to figure out if there's going to be any military action and clearly we don't have to look far to understand that the questions that are going to be discussed as a whether or not they're going to get involved militarily at all and be whether or not there is going to be a vote put in front of parliament on this issue and all of this is happening while we're seeing the british media discuss reports of typhoons torpedoes submarines being pretty much on standby and ready to go if that decision is made and it has to be clear that technically theresa may does have the capability of going ahead with any military action in this particular case without parliament's involvement however there are many voices here in westminster not just within the tory party but also in the opposition that are calling for the opportunity for parliament to
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be given to weigh in and here's why. america the european. neighboring countries. are going to be all you sure you get is a real strong on the political place to speak hope to the people you see the. woman . who looks like we just take your lives. school in the war well meanwhile across the channel in france the french president emanuel moscow has talked about having proof about chemical weapon use in the latest developments in syria we have proof that last week chemical weapons were used at the very least chlorine by the regime of bashar assad and in germany we have heard angela merkel talk about expressing support to our european allies however making it clear that germany is not getting involved in any kind of military adventure in this case mrs merkel in which way would you support
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a possible missile strike in syria and. even to it in its kind then that's not my. own community interest not to need to tell you can and so clearly very big and important decisions are being considered and made as we speak with lots of more developments to come while when those decisions are finally made and certainly we'll be watching what happens and updating our viewers as that happens yes but one thing gil a member of the european parliament for the ukraine dependents party he believes the u.k. should avoid getting him brought in another overseas conflict often for political reasons or for reasons of alliances we seem to get dragged into these four walls are we going to learn from the past or we're just going to keep on getting involved in these ridiculous proxy walls for other nations who are posturing you know whether it's new york with muslims or whether it's the russians and the americans you know this is not our battle it's not our war we saw as
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a public what happened in iraq we do not want that to happen again the time has come for britain to be strong and the not to get dragged into this and to say you know something the evidence doesn't stop the people of britain don't want this so we're not going to get involved. the military option isn't being bought by the british public according to a national poll out which suggests that forty three percent are opposed to military action thirty four percent are undecided and only twenty two percent would be backing striking syria because people in london direct for their opinion. think military strikes in syria will help solve anything you know i've been to the only thing the usa and the u.k. agenda basically. games are the whole world knows it's like the agenda is a zionist agenda to go into syria because it fits into their motive to get rid of you or break it up. looking for excuses i don't know this whole mess at the moment
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well obviously very anxious about any kind of military intervention what would you actually achieve by really disagree with military action against anything happening in this syria is already in the fighting going on there is this a real danger war escalating way beyond what we expect the scenario and they were targeted to send any more than signal. pushup you know the basic military intervention that outset i think we have that and five back to you where these countries have these problems have the civil wars and we tried going to fix it but we had our civil war when the americans had their civil war nobody went and bombed us and we got this side we have now they need to go through this on their oh . next the international chemical weapons watchdog is but britain's findings regarding the type of nerve agent used against her again yulia script the u.k.
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foreign office in turn a seized on the o.p.c. doubles report claiming it leaves no doubt that the russian state was behind the attack given the purity of the substance that's despite the fact that the organization itself is not in a position to apportion blame as police reports. but it said that it team can confirm the findings of the u.k. relating to the identity of the toxic chemical that was used in seoul's pre the summary doesn't actually name the specific nerve agent used but the u.k. government lab porton down had identified it as know of a child very soon off to the script files were taken ill five weeks ago novacek originally developed in the soviet union by soviet scientists in the late eighty's so the summary that we've got confirms the u.k. labs identification it also says that its conclusion is based on the work of four independent laboratories around the world they all came to the same results and
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they also know that the nerve agent was of high purity and what we've got to see is just this executive summary there is a deep are supplied reports where it's said that the nerve agent is named and that's been sent to countries that are party to the chemical weapons convention right here is of course a member already confirmed that it's received it's coffee of it what the summary doesn't mention is where the nerve that came from and by the way the head of that u.k. in the forestry cool down has also said that he can't confirm where the nerve agent came from the u.k. has already called for a u.n. security council meeting following the o.p.c. w. report that's expected to be held next week and we've also heard a line from the foreign secretary here boris johnson he's already said that there can be no doubt that russia was behind the attack although there's nothing to that
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effect in this p.c. w. summary at least in fact the information that we have isn't particularly new nor is it sensational it's simply independent verification of the facts that. we already had about the specific weapon used but where it came from is still very much the source of debate throughout the scandal over the spread powell attack the british government hasn't revealed many details about why it's come to this conclusion that the blame should be laid at moscow's door certainly we haven't seen anything to confirm that in this document today and as murat has the if explains fear of the questions surrounding the case have been answered there was no trial no discussion no evidence no proof there was only judgement and punishment it's highly likely that russia was responsible we do hold russia culpable culpable culpable for the
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attempted murder the pundits needed even less the name nuvi chalk sounds russian means russia did it but establish that it is not a chalk and that is by definition of the translation of the name which means newcomer part of a program in a soviet union in the late seventy's and eighty's the points made there are a lot of questions to ask of this whole mess but over the last few weeks we've interviewed dozens of chemists experts and military specialists and hear their biggest gripes. the new rich nerve agents a new she quit they haven't been so in decades here they are exerts from the books and studies available to the public neither the formula you know the chemicals or any more russian than itself for years now researchers have
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published studies and theses on the nuvi chocks which there are dozens and dozens of many developed in different countries there's just one good rule in twenty zero seven the us or the published a paper on numerous chemical compounds we were interested because of the toxicity the author inverted them under the system there are more than sixty compounds here and they've all been indexed that means someone somewhere synthesize them and shared the information since then these formulas or some of them have appeared in various publications constantly you simply cannot see they are secret. there's more to it if you suspect a potential adverse arena has made a new discovery you have to do the same in order to study the new substance and make antidotes it's true to say that russia is not the only country being able to
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sympathize a few grams of know each other and the late ninety's all intelligence services in the west worked on of each other because there were these rumors about a new military chemical agent produced in russia so so i'm not surprised that in france in a new king in the united states you have this kind of information that could explain this speed in which the product was identified that's the purpose and that's the job of this kind of laboratories and there's a whole lot of nerve agents to go around with more being discovered undeclared nerve agents. and it's a country and there are many discovers the properties of a new chemical structure it's the city a chemical weapon potential they must immediately according to the convention vegeta it with the o.p.c. w. but no country does so despite having created many such chemicals.
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and it really isn't as difficult as it may sound if it's really an overture we're dealing with it's not a real problem to synthesize that kind of nerve agent or the necessary components are easily available on the open market the synthesis does not require sophisticated procedures any specialist in organic chemistry would be able to make it though every expert we talked to said that you need serious expertise and substantial funding to make a pure nerve agent. and of course you can't make this in any basement the chemicals are highly toxic and the lab has to be well equipped with ventilation detoxification equipment and the chemist themselves have to be educated not every concern for such as this but there are twenty or so labs that counter. the argument that there is no alternative explanation because only russia has made new rich ox
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sales. britain's decision to classify almost every aspect of what happened and the investigation is called the room and mill running but there are tidbits that have leaked out tidbits that have the scientists crashing their heads is supposed to be very toxic highly toxic five to eight times more toxic than the x. which is already very very toxic so a small amount should have killed mr creep out for sure but again it's very difficult to assess and evaluate this kind of question before knowing exactly how the product was delivered the interesting thing with nova chalks is that there are so many of them and they come in so many different forms they can come in a powered as solid as a crystal and even as
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a liquid but just to give you some reference if this was a variety of the nuvi chalks a single drop is enough to kill ten people ten people within minutes if this was in the hailed even more units one and putting it we can hear you symptoms that follows in minutes if it gets in the skin symptoms and can take from minutes to. at first one might think that the script could only have survived because the doods had to be very small but the reported symptoms don't match they simply missing. when witnesses found them they said cyril gaze cripple was rocking back and forth waving his hands it seemed more like the effects of narcotics if it was a small dose as they claim then first would come my osis then the rest of the symptoms convulsions uncontrolled urination but we didn't see that in photos or hear of it
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in reports there are many questions. if indeed this was the new rich aka nerve agent at work the script baal's were very fortunate. saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed has just wrapped up a three day visit to paris and it seems he's made quite an impression on the french president tomorrow micron's now asking critics of the south here to give him a chance shot to do penske explains. the saudis a crown prince is being on a global charm offensive of the west for the past three days here in france it seems like it's being all hugs and handshakes from a hermit been solemn and he's even joked about having asked special bond with the french president.
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that's despite the fact that bin selman is the leader of an absolute monarchy considered to be one of the world's most oppressive regimes yet on his visit to france saudi arabia's new tourist reputation for human rights offenses seem to have been swept under the carpet. so i hear legitimate questions from civil society and from journalists about human rights and various sensitive issues concerning your country we have the choice to stick to our traditional positions and we can decide that the first acts of modernization of this society will be cosmetic as the prince was wined and dined protesters struggle to draw attention to the saudi offensive in yemen who have been calling on france to stop the use of these weapons of this weapons and equipment. since two thousand and fifteen almost six thousand
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yemenis have perished in the war between the saudi led coalition and the rebels more than nine thousand have been injured three million have fled their homes all much did to address that is promised a conference on yemen's humanitarian suffering and even then he took the time to reassure the saudi prince. or yemen france has taken a clear position since the beginning of the conflict in this war it is obvious that we won't tolerate any ballistic activities that threaten saudi arabia and its citizens and matt corn made sure his guest didn't leave without some lucrative deals between french and saudi companies with some eighteen billion dollars the pair also discussed a strategic partnership with france and plans to create an opera france say in saudi arabia and that's the same situation we saw with other stops on bin salmond's
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big wooing the west tour in the us he finalized an arms deal with twelve and a half billion dollars in the u.k. humanitarian aid deal worth one hundred and forty million dollars was branded britain's national disgrace by critics next on the agenda is spain where the prince is set to work his diplomatic cash filled my. once again this time he's expected to beef up the saudi arabia's military might by buying warships and despite protesters calls for prince sultan to be given the cold shoulder it looks like those deep pockets are set to keep governments in the west on friendly terms with saudi arabia. r.t. paris. palestinian man who was caught on camera being shot by israeli defense
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forces during a protest in gaza says he posed no threat to the soldiers as they cheered and laughed at his injuries. look you know. i did nothing i was just a demonstration i went from my friends to help them and before i reached the place they shot me the soldier knew that i was going to help them and that's why i was shot while this palestinian man recognizes himself in the video by the red jacket that he was wearing he said that this happened during clashes along the israel gaza border on the twenty second of december was shot in the leg subsequent to that he has been treated in hospital and he says he's been suffering ever since the video was shot from the israeli sniper site you can actually hear on the video cheering and you can hear the snipers giving each other instructions what is particularly warring is the expressions that are being heard take a listen. to them at the words of one of the requests to them did. to all.
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of the. government or the whole. war really rather. now the israeli defense forces has launched an investigation into the whole incident in its initial review it has cleared the sniper but it has said that those who were cheering and those who filmed the video will face a disciplinary hearing and a statement released by the army they said that the expression of the video and the distribution of the video are not in the spirit of the idea if the reaction here in israel has been mixed on the one hand you have israeli politicians who have come out and supported the sniper and the soldiers actions saying that you cannot judge a soldier while he is in the line of duty that these soldiers are defending the country and they're under a lot of stress but then you have for example arab members of parliament who are
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highly critical who are calling for the soldiers to be bought to. book and who say that this is simply and completely unacceptable the video surface during a particularly sensitive time here in israel we've witnessed some two weeks of violent clashes that have left some thirty one palestinians killed along the israel gaza border and yet again both sides are gearing up for potentially a another showdown come this friday now the palestinians are protesting under the banner of the great march of return they insist that their protests are peaceful against the israeli occupation but the israelis for this side say there are most of the protesters are peaceful their troops on the border are being fired at with explosive devices and molotov cocktails and that they've caught a number of people trying to breach the border fence her mass organization in gaza has conceded that amongst those who have been killed are some of its members so we
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have two battles going on we have both sides laying blame at the other and we have both sides accusing the other of using excessive force and would use correspond to come or how it should be published on solidarity campaign you told me israeli soldiers react to protests in our holy disproportionate way thought. absolute act of target practice effectively because the cheering from. the soldiers fellow soldiers basically was just completely inhumane and outrageous in the west i challenge them to produce evidence anywhere that this would happen. and in any case this shows you that the difference on the one side you have heavily armored. soldiers and on the other side or you have are protesters who might have a story to throw from a long long way away is not exactly going to damage the defense or disorder. football finest set to descend on russia of course for the world cup in
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just nine weeks now is found search for cheap and quick ways to get it but that's not exciting enough for one egyptian guy apparently has decided to turn his trip into a full scale two wheeled adventure. i. i . it's been quite hard to plan this journey we're trying to overcome the obstacles there are many security issues these are struggles. everything before with. together with these sorts of the journey.
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subtle soft about good luck sir the way the top stories are shaping up so far tonight thanks ever so much watching your moscow it's kind of you know in saying don't forget as well to dot com for the latest twenty four so. i have my skies are welcome to the kaiser report corinne. kaiser report rules everything around me i think yes maxwell in the second half you talk to bill men of mind start and i've been saving these headlines for him and also in light of the
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tragedy out in mountain view. out near san francisco and you tube and the sort of craziness going on around social media where we've been you know they've become basically. stuck in the middle of this hyper partisan crazy sort of times where and where both the red team in the blue team the democrats and the republicans are all trying to demonize and d. platform the other side and make sure they have no voice no. potential to reach an audience so however now that we're a little bit away from that and want to talk about this headline here regarding the social media and what we're seeing political arguments inside google have gotten so bad that one hundred employees formed a group to stop cyber bullying about one hundred google us employees concerned.


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