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solutions i found a bunch of charts to go with this one chart to try to find an explanation of what happened in the late ninety's that could possibly explain why so many twenty five to fifty four year olds just dropped out of the labor market and decided not to work in the united states despite the fact that our you know developed country competitors in germany canada united kingdom continue to rise as participation rate so they were increasingly participating in the economic system in the globalized economic system and we were increasingly not so i want to look at i thought perhaps it could be you know the economist did bring it up is that the quantity that massive quantity of especially black men in prison so if you're in prison you can't participate in the official economy they do do a lot of free labor for certain corporations but that doesn't get counted and participating in the. jobs market so the united states leads incarceration rates this is a chart i looked i found and this compares it to canada england which to
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merican zz means the united kingdom we call england often here france germany italy japan and china so you see the united states has a huge percentage of their population in prison so perhaps that's a reason why but now i do know this was going to come back to the black man the plight of the black man in america a mention of martin luther king the top of the show and of course you knew mentioned some of the things have been going on in prisons and abuse and all manner of of open air prison like situations one might find at the airport for example the t.s.a. . i don't want to mention what happened to me at the t.s.a. do or not i was i was abused a lot. of my private parts spoke in a way that made me feel violated and i made it known at the airport quite. vocally
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anyway so the prison population problem in america the p.p.p. as i called prison population problem is one that is deep rooted in america's history and when i say that referring of course to racism which in my view is still in cold in the deepest possible roots of the american experience despite everyone's denial of it well let's look at data instead of like these crazy opinions perhaps you know tainted by your experience at the t.s.a. so you know we're going back to that first chart that we saw where u.s. labor participation rate has plummeted since you know late ninety's and here's the incarcerated americans one thousand nine hundred twenty to twenty fourteen and as you see it was basically from the beginning of the war on drugs under nixon that it started to rise a bit and then it's shot up of course under reagan when he started
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a real war on drugs but started to also privatized some of the prisons and then under clinton of course about here you know it started to shoot up and he did all that welfare reform and all sorts of extending he introduced the extreme sentences on crack cocaine for example versus just ordinary cocaine for some reason you got like five times the prison sentence if you or i black in the hood and had more crack cocaine then versus cocaine so there was a discrepancy in sentencing that happened under clinton perhaps that is part of the reason i took on bridge. trafficking in quote crazy theories when i'm doing is repackaging and rephrasing the same data is the same data it's not outside of what you just said i just. it in my own
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way now crack cocaine you know it's about on entrepreneurial ism in harlem when i was living up there you know they figured out that crack is a lot more profitable for the drug dealer than powder does and temp and there was a lot of ok well that's an idea but let's move on to another possible scenario that i looked at because of course i want to compare the us to the competitors that there are you know that the participation rate is not as high united states down germany canada and the u.k. higher participation rate and the other idea i came up with is health care health care spending you and i have talked about obamacare you know after twenty years overseas we return here and it's quite a sticker shock to see that we were able to be treated fairly equally to all other members of society in france or united kingdom at the same rates we pay the tax rates and we receive the same treatment here. there is not only
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a massive bureaucracy but a massive imbalance in terms of justice and injustice there so we'll pay we pay this year twenty six thousand four hundred in premiums but we still have five thousand dollars in deductible to even receive any treatment it seems like a lot of money right add that up because that's twenty six thousand four hundred just to get medical care and then five thousand on top of it thirty one thousand dollars. well if you earn under a certain amount you get it all free so yeah that goes into your calculations of should i participate in the jobs market and earn forty thousand dollars but then i have to come up with thirty thousand thirty one thousand for health care so i'm only up ahead eight thousand one thousand dollars well just like drop out and get medicaid right having a job is bad for your health it is it makes it so much easier when the huge massive cost the ridiculous cost i'm going to show you two charts here so you how ridiculous the charts are in the united states health care spending as
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a percentage of g.d.p. . just looking at the chart this is only going up to two thousand and seven actually gets worse is now seventeen over seventeen percent of g.d.p. in the united states remember it was i think john mccain who called russia you know a gas station operating as a nation where health were hospital operating and pretending to be a nation so all of our cost seventeen over seventeen percent of g.d.p. is just health care spending and it's totally right it's an emergency care unit masquerading as a country that's america so you're saying that the work to do the work and the participation rate to huge contributors to this cording to what you're pointing out here would be the incarceration rates which are very very high and health care costs which of disincentive people from working because the costs are outrageous you know to put this into context you're saying that we pay twenty six to thirty one thousand dollars a year for health care when we were living in france you know the average wage for the french worker is not much different than that so the average french
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worker they would make in a year their total gross income just what we pay for this health care which actually doesn't provide health care because of the deductible yeah and as i have explained it to a few people imagine this this is the way health works in america it's a it's a protection racket so the actual cost for procedures they quote the and. servers tens of thousands of dollars for a broken leg or some other procedure and then you buy this extortion ery rate health care to insulate yourself from the mafia from the mob. and you are a big if you don't have the protection don't pay the protection you're exposing yourself to these exorbitant costs that are five six seven eight times what other people pay in other countries for the exact same procedures so they take the basic costs multiply eight or nine times then they threaten you with that cost
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to bankrupt you and this you pay this extortion every health racket cost at a price that is beyond anything that would make any economic sense and it's driving people out of the workforce bankrupting the country and disenfranchising the collets more than that because let's look at this other char i had i said i had two charges related to health care this is annual per capita health care cost by eight all these other countries are those competitors of ours spain sweden u.k. germany red is the united states notice that that is all from especially sixty sixty five years old when people go on their free medicare the taxpayer the government pays for your health care once you're retired and then people start consuming it out of control because those prices are also based on these so-called free market prices of thirty one thousand dollars a year as you see by the time they're ninety the average per capita spend here ninety years old person. forty five thousand dollars a year the government spending on them we pay thirty one thousand seven vent
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a lot dr in years but here so it's all going to the upper you know age groups and that is another unique trend in the united states is those post-retirement post sixty five year olds working there entering the workforce retire them the twenty five to fifty four year olds why because they already have health care they don't need to worry about shoddy health care products being offered by retail sector jobs and then also the employers especially if they have over fifty you know they have to buy obamacare standards they have to provide these the shoddy products as well so it costs them less to hire somebody who's on the free medical system that the taxpayers paying for right so the total economics of it are. a dictatorship or a socialized system or free market capitalism is is not in evidence whatsoever in
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other words are there fixing the price in distorting the market there's not free market temples and there is if the insurance companies are competing like the auto insurance industry why four thousand dollars a year can i be protected against all these medical emergencies that take place in my car therefore we know that the price of having medical insurance would be a thousand dollars a year about thirty thousand dollars a year they're overcharging me by twenty nine thousand dollars we're going is going to oligarchs american oligarchs yes and of course they are socialized systems in germany france and i can which are it's like a third of the price of our system but i did say i have a two charts from adam tooze and this is the second one the disconnect between today's startup euphoria and actual rates of firm formation in the us economy is striking this is from powell this report by the roosevelt institute and you know just a quick chart startup rates are actually declining rapidly since the seventy's and despite all the zero percent interest rate despite all the free my. the spite that claims that this is the help jobs and and you know corporations floorman all this
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stuff there is actually a lower start up rate now right well i welcome one capitalism comes back into the system we've got to take a break we'll be back right after this don't go well. this is a p.c. is an engine that's when the u.s. military moved out the six tourists moved in. and now a whole generation of fatherless children is growing up. played that. my very general idea like. i'm the only.
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son. that isn't the first time in the t.v. crew you see you and takes you were no. answer is a little bit no one that it's true or. that's it but i do what my god if. you can take the guillotine but you can't take the little girl. or woman you know. oh i love doing. it. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all sucked but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our
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coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star among us and the huge amount of pressure can remap do you have to communicate the center of the beach hotel with you and will solo all the great the great good you are the rock at the back nobody gets passed to you we need you to get down going let's go. along. and i'm really happy to join the team for the two thousand and three and world cup in russia meet the special one i was also cliched needs to just take the radio p.r.t. teams latest edition to make up a bigger sound he better just say look. if. something happens in this case it was the chemical attack on civilians in syria and then the public in the media are waiting for the response and i think it's very clear now that if president trump said that there is going to be
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a response then it will be i just think that our expectations in a way that this american response will be so severe that it will be a game changer i think this is not the case it will again be messages and very careful calculation by the americans not to deteriorate into a clash a direct confrontation with russia. cracking gave americans a lot of new job opportunities i needed to come up here to make some money i could make twenty five thousand dollars as a teacher or i could make fifty thousand dollars a year drove a truck so i chose to drive trucks people rush to a small town in north dakota was an unemployment rate of zero percent. gold rush is very very similar to the gold rush but this beautiful story ended with pollution and devastation
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a lot of people have left here i don't know too many people here in the slowdown so much they lost their jobs that laid off the american dream is changing that's not what it used to be. it's a tough reality to. welcome back to the kaiser a part imax guys are time to go to crank camping of t. f. metals a park crag welcome back i'm max hi stacy craig we've been tracking the cell phone market for years and we've been tracking j.p. morgan of course airlines crash a few more of them by summer campaign a few years ago it's out of the price up to fifty right here on this very show you are a big part of that now j.p. morgan is big position from two billion short ounces of silver to now there are huge buyers there long so who are in some big way craig tell us what's happening
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well max i think to fully understand what you just mentioned you've got to go back to your buy silver crest u.p. morgan program if you will from two thousand and eleven because i think that's the genesis of where we stand today yeah you're right matt max if we go off of the c.m.e. silver stocks report which come out every night and again now they have a disclaimer on them that says yeah this may or may not be accurate but we'll go with it you go off those reports j.p. morgan now has in their ball at the call maxed out one hundred forty one million ounces of silver which is about fifty four percent of the total but again to understand put that in context you got to go back to two thousand and eleven with what you mentioned the buy silver kraft j.p. morgan program. if you go back to two thousand and eleven there's kind of a misconception out there seven years later people that say that was all this this massive speculative bubble where you know every shoeshine boy in taxi driver was buying silver futures that's isn't that not even remotely true in fact if you look
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at the data and again now this comes from the p.c. but if you look at that data the last month of april of two thousand and eleven when price moved twenty five percent higher from thirty eight to forty eight was all on the backs of bank or commercial short covering it wasn't specs buying the specs were getting out it was the banks that were short covering so going back to two thousand and eleven with the crash of p. morgan by silver idea right then we thought ok see this is j.p. morgan with naked shorts getting squeezed and having a buy back their shorts in a higher price and against spiking the price twenty five percent in a month then we know what happened next with the may day massacre we had five margin hikes in nine days all of that stuff to help j.p. morgan out well back at that same time in march of two thousand and eleven j.p. morgan got a rush rush approval to open their own comix silverball because back in the day they didn't have one they didn't have the silver they were just naked short lease
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that we were speculating and his price was rising their risk of loss was was basically infinite to be short you know maybe twenty thousand contracts a silver that's going up a dollar a day. so they rectified that day they got this rush rush approval to open their own ball they started with nothing obviously in two thousand and eleven and now they're up to one hundred forty million ounces lot of folks wonder why is it their own silver that sort of thing all we can go off of are these again the c.m.e. reports showing that in the period if i go back to two thousand and fifteen fifteen through seventeen that three year period j.p. morgan took delivery of about fourteen thousand comix silver contracts at seventy million ounces into their house account ok so while they are the custodian of the sylvian and the prospectus of the rest of the says they can hold. the silver in new york pretty easy to say that at least half of that hundred forty million ounces is
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j.p. morgan is their own and now going forward as they sure are still are minit be late managed the price they've got these i don't know maybe one hundred million ounces backing their contract allows them to be short twenty thousand contracts of price ever goes up they can just physically deliver it out and be out of the game entirely and not have this open ended risk that they had in two thousand and hope that kind of sums it up least that's how i see it yeah yeah it's grave and i want her out close he came to bankrupting j.p. morgan and putting jamie dimon out on to the stray we know that when they acquired bear stearns i inherited this enormous short position our investigative journalism kind of uncovered us vulnerability to their balance a we encourage the world to buy ounces of silver it's a cross j.p. morgan and there was some collateral damage bligh's masterson was kind of the arcus traitor the whole thing lost their job same kind of has buried ourself in the crypt of as us now jamie diamond of chorus has had to issue
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a macall on the wall on the ethics of the financial times they add him to account for this massive vulnerability on his balance sheet and now they're in the. as us of acquiring sell for which is great for silver it's august money it's real money and you know they've had to take an enormous hit to their balance sheet if they didn't get a free open the spigot from the fed what free money is there a percentage of straights jamie diamond would be selling hot dogs in central park right now because they've got that relationship with the new york fed and the primary dealers and the system is rigged to support the dollar in a way that unconscionable we know they're still breathing sadly now tell us about the revelations of some of the manipulations that have been going on the so-called the legend what's been revealed so far krag well that now we're getting to the heart of the matter and how price is manipulated indians you know i'm glad you brought that up max because i've seen several of his theories put out there now and they're kind of
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a revisionist history about what happened to the price of gold when it peaked out in september of two thousand and eleven and maybe we can we can touch upon that because i which you're pointing out is this article that came out late friday talking about the spoofers that andriy flow trying to guy from u.b.s. and other guys that u.b.s. and do it your bank that were caught now red handed spoofing manipulating massaging managing whatever you want to say the price of the precious metals acting coercively collusive lee to get that done. that's kind of an it's not a bets not a big scale thing though a lot of time to just traders at these banks manipulating things back and forth and in and working together to get it done back in september of twenty eleven though it was that there was a much bigger picture going on because when the price of gold peaked out and nine hundred twenty dollars an ounce on september the sixth of two thousand and eleven that was the same day that the swiss announced they were paying the franc to the
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euro. and prior to that through august of two thousand and eleven there was rushing to safe haven because the us had budget crisis in the debt level was soaring and all this kind of stuff in the us is debt rating. and the only two savings left were the swiss franc and gold and both were soaring while on the same morning that the swiss went all in and paid their currency to the euro going forward where this massive dump of like fifty thousand contracts in about two in the morning new york time it smashed gold for sixty or seventy dollars and down and went from there and the rest is history and again to now people are trying to conflate that. with the. lost my train of thought they're trying to conflate that to the gold forward rates and then the libel rates and whether there was backwardation in london and whether it was these traders that were spewing yet at all probably had something to
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do with it when gold was smashed on the heels of silver getting smashed it was definitely a central bank operation to keep gold price in check and to avoid a total loss and faith of global fee got because there was no fee left that deserve to have any faith in it just to keep on the same as spoofing for a second you know the market has buyers and sellers and a spur for a while show up with huge sell off it or you know that would cost the spoof her hundreds of millions of dollars to execute it and they show the market this author that they are claiming to be a good auditor and they scare all the little guys into selling because they're like oh my god this freight train of a sell orders coming we better get out now and then they sell they take the economic loss and this bill for just cancels their off or they cancel the sale they never had the intention of making good on that sale and that's not a well documented hundreds of times us now debate as to why this the thing goes on
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high frequency traders use it to bilk markets sent. steel task for many airs but no one doubts that no one questions that and people believe that the markets are made up of buyers and sellers on a cash basis and that the price is purely a reflection of supply and demand what we know now conclusively and will say this emphatically once again that these prices are the result of phantom otters that represent no money and the regulators are clearly and on it they simply have looked at it you know they regulators over there at the c.f. to see looked at plain evidence bill murray over and gather showed them trade by trade. exact examples concrete smoking gun evidence of manipulation and they were like the guy from the movie cars a blogger who said i see no gambling going on in this establishment and then the guy another guy comes around to says i miss you here are your winnings you know it
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is such a clear example of a captured regulator that we've never had it such an obvious example but they claim according to alan greenspan going back to some of his testimony when he was federal reserve chairman back in the day he claimed to congress that manipulation spoofing and and crookery was necessary to keep markets liquid so you know that's his rationality for maintaining a status quo of crooks is that while we need it for liquidity krag your thoughts max s. is such a nonstarter i mean he's control everything all markets now and this claim of the end liquidity is a joke i mean the liquidity ad is a mile wide and six inches deep because it can all be canceled in a microsecond by these computers you know but getting back to see if you see you know they had this this investigation allegedly for five years and whether silver was manipulated and as soon as the whistleblower showed up to give them the absolute proof they swept it on the rug and closed it and then oh i don't know what
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about two years later three years later there was cloud a. last action suit in two thousand and sixteen that finally was allowed to go through again get into the legal discovery phase and that's how we found out about these chat rooms and the e-mails and everything else of these spoofers and the other manipulators and it was only through that evidence that then the c f t c came out and find these guys about six eight weeks ago maybe a little more that may have been late last year regardless the sea f.t.c. with five years somehow in their inspector clues oh fashion couldn't find anything but then who they haven't presented as you say the contracts are cancelled and a microsecond saying you're not exaggerating there are talking about a million trades per second and the technology far more trades per second keeps going higher really trying to defy the laws of the space time continuum one can only think that as far as goldman sachs is concerned they like to take time and go backwards so they can commit fraud in the past and book it on their ballots say
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craig we got to take we got to leave actually can you stay for a segment juror no problem right well thanks that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with max kaiser and stacy herbert and real time not in microseconds we don't spoof we give you the real deal but i catch it on twitter it's kaiser apart and so next time i yell. this is says harlan kentucky. boy you're going to be very bad news or you will need. a coma and he says he was almost no coal mines lived. jobs are gone all the coal
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miners the said. that it was a. people are survivors of o'boyle disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's happening it's happened. because the swarms of the blue of them so moving. and good news who was before. much of those who heard it's a preview are. slim with the north we go we're going to. move. move.
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move show you this new you live i mean it's a it's a look or a good. move just like most of these girls will give you forms for go go go. go go to shows look i do the same you want me to kiss well it's good to go. to starts to. get to me to fill it with a little of the most thanks you look it is it's. just us to understand just new it's the mashed old truck stop the president and please control this project until . those we have produced a ghost whisperer to snap them up when you look as good as the girls are with you swear your supporters to your shoes as they should shouldn't for you should put door for the one who's doing the design.
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the u.s. and the u.k. and france carry out airstrikes against the syrian government in response to an alleged chemical attack in eastern good of the intervention came just hours before international inspectors were due to arrive to investigate the claims. united nations security council holds an urgent meeting on the attack and rejects a russian draft resolution calling for an end to aggression against syria. u.k. prime minister praises the joint military operation against assad's government as limited targeted and effective. and in other news russia's foreign minister claims that the international chemical weapons watchdog may not have correctly i do .


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