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it didn't take long for the ceremonial finger pointing at russia to begin he was only working on things that were critical and investigative of russia and of the russian government as well he said there was nothing that was critical of ukrainians of course that network and its boss placing the blame on the kremlin and on russia journalist known political leanings have led some to point the finger in one direction it was a calculated deliberate international terrorist crime committed on the direct instruction of the russian authorities to get it's who can blame them when the story has all the perfect ingredients the russian totalitarian machine putin's regime going after the kremlin critic except the guy turned up alive and well a magic in everyone's confusion what on earth is showing on the thread all these developments in just the last hour or so i know left us absolutely gobsmacked second so what the heck actually have been here russia said it was relieved that our cause alive but also fiore us and understandably so after being falsely accused
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of murder questions of life and death in ukraine as well as the international community's trust in its politics are not being more than a bargaining chip for the kids regime to stir up on t.v. russian hysteria fellow journalists were outraged too when a state says a prominent journalist who had received threats was murdered i think the media have to report it but with the fake news in ukraine have reduced all of our credibility trump would be proud the question i have about this operation to expose russian agents is whether it was worth the discrediting of every credible news agency columnist and reporter especially in russia who believed ukrainian officials when they reported our options because that had learned not to trust ukrainian authorities on donbass warrant but assumed on something like this fishel confirmation was solid apologies it's on wikipedia is most notable fake death so what gives while the murder was staged by the ukrainian. in secret service to foil
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an alleged kremlin plot they say they did it secretly not even his wife knew imagine what the poor woman went through but one ukrainian lawmaker thinks this is ok because sherlock holmes successfully used the method of staging his own death to effectively investigate difficult and complicated crimes well if it happened in fiction must be good in real life too whether ukraine will produce evidence that there was ever a russian plot in the first place remains to be seen but after a stunt like this it's hard to imagine many will take anything he says at face value the taming is key i think just before we start the world cup in russia which is a shock east event for any country that will cut their or sort of cut and suddenly we're getting the story switches does that which are designed i would speculate to discredit russia and discredit russia and the eyes of the world just as a supposed to host the world cup and so this is
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a very little mental health campaign that's been targeting russia because it's no interfering in areas in which all nations in the past understood that they are off limits when it comes to using them for propaganda purposes such as trying to use a world cup to undermine the host nation that does nor good to anyone is special entertainment we need to try and form an understanding. the syrian president has said his government would never use chemical weapons against civilians that was during an exclusive interview he gave to r.t. is what i because the is a quick preview. if anything the syrian civil war is growing hotter on the ground the bashar assad is winning the rebels and islamists are in retreat unlike their backers forces from five nuclear powers are now directly engaged in minutes. reaction in syria each determined to win was salvage what they
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can on the ground which makes the perfect ground for an escalation an escalation that no one wants but one that nobody would be able to control in the exclusive interview with r.t. syrian president bashar al assad has shared his thoughts on the coming future on the precarious dangerous. fragile months ahead and on the endgame of this devastating war the question is in who is interest is it to gas opposition to you that the most part of the answer in whose interest the big question is it in our interest why and why you know because the timing of this alleged to strike was after the victory of the syrian troops in goodwill. let alone the fact that we don't have chemical look weapons in your way and let the other folks
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that we're not going to use it against old people because the but the new theory was about winning the heart of the civilians the mean but and we want so how can you use chemical weapons against civilians that you want them to to be supportive to the first second if you want to use it listen for that you have it in want to use it do you use it after you finish the battle or before or during its particular second if you go to that area it was very clear and by our means by factions in by civilians we never use such armaments or weapons in that area are going to harm everyone something that didn't happen and if you go to that area and you ask the civilians there was no chemical attack me or anyone. even the western. unionists who were in there after. google was liberated this it we are the people
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of this we need we didn't see any chemical attack so it was the not it was just a pretext in order to attack syria and you can watch the full interview with the syrian president throughout the day here on r.t. also at your own leisure any time at r.t. dot com. a new artificial intelligence tool created by the university of southern california could potentially predict if a protest is going to turn violent by analyzing social media activity the program analyzed eighteen million twitter posts for moralized language during the twenty fifteen protests against police brutality in the u.s. city of baltimore it turns out there was a correlation between the number of arrests and the use of this kind of language moralized tweets doubled just prior to violent protests and ai tool detects phrases evoking moral notions such as care fairness and loyalty here's an example of it in
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action why does the opposition speak only bad black and black crime as a rebuttal to police brutality all murder all crime matches right. regardless of how anyone feels pres to the police force in the family. in another study scientists polled around two hundred people on whether they condone the use of violence during the twenty eight seventeen class years in the u.s. city of shots feel that this was over the removal of confederate monuments and they found that people were more likely to condone the use of violence if others shed their views in a futurist grayskull believes violence at protests is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what artificial intelligence will eventually be able to protect but i think we're going to see more of this sort of predictive analytic behavior from ai in the future as ai develops so for example there is a new study that came out in front two years in human neuro science that shows that
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ai can predict behavior and traits just by looking at people dilation and eye movements so what's happening is that date we have more data points now from social media but also from just the fact that we're quantifying ourselves and quantifying our society we have more data points and so the ai will be able to use that that set of data those data points to predict their behaviors and that's really the key in this story is is will the machines of the future be able to predict our behaviors before we even know what we're thinking and i think the answer is yes this is an international thanks for joining us so far america is being sued by iran the stories after the break. because the government would like to take the money i pay taxes and bomb people
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defenseless people overseas and spend trillions of dollars they then come back and they tax me again something called obamacare they tax me again to provide the health services that they say they're providing for people can't afford health care now here's my one simple question since the tens of thousands of dollars a year we pay to offset the government's. ability to fulfill their requirement why can't i write that off as a charitable donation on my taxes. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic development the only move i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk.
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this very moment twenty twenty past the hour here in moscow an activist from the u.k.'s rightwing english defense league tommy robinson has been arrested for contempt of court however we cannot share any more details of the ongoing trial because of a so-called gag order by the u.k. government which prevents any reporting on the case so here is a look at whether this could be tantamount to censorship. you may be surprised to see the media not covering something like the arrest of a prominent figure nothing more bouncer mcgarry or at least for a while and yes well sometimes i just lose interest altogether more often than not it's a gaggle of storms in the country to. dead in its tracks gagging orders at best described as illegal order by calls on government restricting said information from being made public sukarno feinstein. it was first introduced in the u.k.
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under the contempt of court hangs a nine hundred eighty one why well to make sure media coverage publications all rampant speculation doesn't impede or skew the court's integrity when dealing with a case the same measures applied to keep safe any confidential corporate data being used to force me in this occasion or just to protect the identity of victims all mine is involved but there's also another side to this measure any human rights advocates have been voicing concern that the saide gagging order might be imposed when the government has a stake in this specific case like in two thousand and six when the shipping company trafigura paid a local operating dispose of waste in ivory coast and when eighty five thousand people sought medical help a journalist tame secret memos detail what was actually dumped in the water but a super injunction was issued frantically banning the publication of this information then leaks like wiki leaks anyway prompting a parliamentary debate and legal action against trafigura as well for the secret
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trials of the london student accusing pairing of major terror acts back in twenty fifth the. young teens acquitted of old sean it's been released nobody said anything about it to lee's shift from the speaking about seeing the proof of the. whole intents and purposes to getting what it is so much to scold the trial to see conspiracy in the press. opec member iran is seeking support from the organization of petroleum exporting countries and getting it the latest u.s. sanctions lifted but that's not the only way to iran it's looking to protect itself that's also sowing washington for its involvement in terror attacks in iraq last year citing donald trump as a king. witness ok a small. now the crimes of the i still terrorists have four or five people all over the world many people want justice to be served currently the islamic republic of
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iran is preparing a legal case but against washington it's based on allegations that the usa was involved in the terrorist attacks in tehran in twenty seventeen which i still claimed responsibility for. that lawsuit might seem a little farfetched but they've got some pretty solid testimony here's the president of the united states on national t.v. isis is honoring. president obama he is the founder of isis he's the founder of ice i think will give hillary clinton the you know if you're a sports team most valuable player m.v.p. you get the m.v.p.
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award i says will hand her the most valuable player award her only competition is barack obama now perhaps this was just a figure of speech maybe he meant that washington's irresponsible foreign policy decisions had resulted in the terrorist group emerging is said the president was the founder of isis i know what you meant you meant that he created the vacuum he lost the p.r. but he's the founder of isis i do and there could be some more high level witnesses in a potential washington versus tehran case this is senator rand paul from kentucky had the president had his way or had hillary clinton had her way we may well have had isis in charge in damascus now because they've been arming and creating a safe haven for them as it is i think isis is more of a threat to us now because of the arming of the islamic rebels in syria iran is lawsuit may actually come across as a counter claim that it was the u.s. that originally took iran to court for alleged involvement in the nine eleven attacks the coos decision is unacceptable and we reject it is not so new mockery of
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the system of international law but also more clear to the american people especially the victims of the september eleventh attacks and the families now the nine eleven commission found no evidence of any iranian involvement in the attacks the report simply states that the hijackers had traveled to iran without having their passports stamped it's a pretty tough sell but the u.s. courts bought it now as for iran's case like to see if times the word is actually a guarantee for success to be fair if donald trump's word is a no there's certainly a lot of criminal cases that need to be reopened remember what he said about ted cruz's father his father was with lee harvey oswald prior to ours where he was being. you know shot at so with all these. strong word of allegations that donald trump likes to make many of the time he get to disguise a fake name and hide out in the witness protection program. r.t. new york we spoke to political columnist ted rall who believes taran these days is
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winning more hearts and minds than its professional partners and the west iran is taking advantage of the fact that the united states doesn't have much of a leg to stand on when it comes to accuse in other countries of supporting terrorism this is about pure politics and public relations in iran for those who have been paying attention i think has been winning that game that particularly is true given the fact that the truck administration recently called the iran nuclear deal unilaterally which did not make the u.s. look very good certainly true to people who've been paying attention that the u.s. did have a role in the rise of isis it's a little simplistic to say that the u.s. created isis that's not quite true but it certainly is true that when the civil war in syria began against president assad that the united states court of money and weapons into the hands of what would eventually become isis so did the united
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states create isis not exactly but the united states certainly played a contributing role in that just about wraps up the program for the state may the thirteenth there are many more of a worldwide headlines to come your way in approximately half an hour. in july twenty seventh team hunted all set up a freelance journalist watching was on t.v. a militant shelling in syria. on a second fire scotty has established a solid l. such as memorial day will recognize more reporters who often risk their months with the sake of the truth and through the fees you can submit to your published works in a video well written form until june the twelfth go to a dot on t.v. dot com.
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you never know what's around the corner you never know what's in the pub you're going to walk into that excitement is that now and that's where the adrenaline rush comes from. and you can easily move by definition an extreme so will you support. the violence is a part and is that almost a schizophrenia gang culture where you can do all these things and behave like badly. they're born to be full of horsepower for the law or for the point of course more so for the last. punishment and infirmed their role. in the start. of a broader where no really did a poll down down went up. meaning reason is that at least if you don't buy the involves it's constantly evolving and.
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welcome to be out examined so in the second you're not cities. of all the great names of british shipbuilding perhaps harland and wolff is the most famous of all a century ago the belfast spaceship boater also has shipyards on the clyde and liverpool bipartisan in derry on thousands of planes as well as no less than six here on the river thames. it's not the largest ship boat in the world it's certainly both the world's largest ships with the olympic class including the titanic partly launched in the belfast jetty before the great war the decline of
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the company much thought to british ship boating as a whole with effectively the entire industry not confined to military orders with little presence in any commercial shipping markets a world market now worth some two hundred fifty billion dollars on its peak how did wolf employed nearly forty thousand people in building a new creating ships not consolidated back in belfast it employs little more than one hundred people and has a boat to ship for more than a decade and specializes in stead in making bridges and offshore turbines however i new management is planning a comeback and in today's show we examine whether harland and wolff can recover to demonise one's pride boast of being the ship builder to the world for first over to alex with your treats your messages and your e-mails. before stop this week is tony burke because commenting on the end wardle of the the shipyard union's interview last week says in wardour talking good sense on the need for government to support
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u.k. ship boarding on the alex i'm unsure of the smiling and then doug bendel says really enjoyed today's show brought to life the reality of ship building in scotland and the rest of the u.k. the guests were great bringing passion hope and honesty the supply ships contract must stay in the u.k. and kate says yes watch the shore and was impressed by what you had to say working for the shipyard workers my daughter lives and governments to the shipyard they need to work to keep the community going as we are putting the work abroad will really help them and finally kind of the kansas says. whatever you're paying it's no enough she's lovely a brilliant politician you should get along the shore with doing some more interviewing i think we i mean kind of i should be doing less we'll see what we can do belfast skyline is still dominated today by hollande and will spain miss twin gantry crean's. built in one thousand nine hundred forty one thousand nine hundred
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sixty nine respectively but the days are long past and this famous company dominated while chipping however there is a new high end to the tiller and see your jonathan guest is stealing a course toward survival in one of the great shipping means but is it really possible that this event noble ship building company can evoke the comeback kid of the twenty first century alex has been finding out with yards across these islands in the wolf was once the dominant force in world ship building the list of vessels completed reads like a compendium of the most famous boats of all time. iconic ships built by how in the world from clued the olympic castree or titanic olympic botanic that old navy section as belfast throw male lines on this shore several southern cross union castles and amassed pendennis castle and pianos campbell. no one believes that how the wolf can reclaim all of this former glory the companies know back building to
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build ships once again jonathan guest is the new chief executive officer jonathan welcome to the alex salmond show me what's it like to be the new chief executive officer of one of the world's most famous companies it's still sinking in to be fair alex i actually started in harland and wolff in one thousand nine hundred six as one of twenty five graduates in one hundred twenty apprentices all started in the same year and as an experience for a young man as an engineer myself coming out of university you couldn't think of anything better shipbuilding was still in its boom we had three and a half thousand employees and the experience you got as a young man coming through was just amazing unfortunately things changed on the way through and i had left for a period of twelve years and went to work in other industries in construction. in countries all around the world i came back about three and a half years ago and i think the one thing people had said was you know has to change much johnson and of course there were familiar faces there were familiar
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places so i said no what hadn't really but of course it had because we were in the seam scale or size of company that we had been back in those days so you say with three thousand employees when you started but i mean how little for forty thousand employees in the one nine hundred twenty s. and the just over one hundred can you really make a comeback into shipping from that sort of level i think we can as i explained to customers as i have to do because they question of course ourselves i said we still have the capability just not the capacity currently and my cable bill i mean we used to have a drawing office of three hundred people a team of twenty naval architects and still engineers and outfitting and piping and electrical no i we have only a handful of each of those disciplines but we still have them and those people still have the ship building experience and the wealth of knowledge that is there we have honed those skills in the commercial environment so i think we are very very well placed to. forward and look at the next chapter of ship building but what it will say is that this current round of certainly
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a naval ship building programs and things if if we miss out if we don't get part of the next round dozen for another ten or fifteen years there won't be the guy still left to understand and where they're building ships you know we love lost forever and that's a generational thing so this is your group back in those as part of the consortium so she just cracked building building ships again i think the key thing alex certainly from our perspective is it's not necessarily just the volume on this on the stand on the quantity of work that for example type thirty one would give us it's the long jetty of the contracts we operate and a fast commercial environment where big projects come and go we still employ or picks anything up to fourteen or fifteen hundred people on the site but it's gone in six or nine months so therefore it's very hard to get continuity it's very hard to bring young apprentices in and see them through their three years of their time into you know this is the skilled trades it's hard to develop graduates when you're going through whatever the commercial pressures of trying to keep the yard going in
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between contracts to suit difficult so that your route back in very much though i mean working in along with other big companies the likes of bob cock who have the yard in recife and apple door and fergusons in ourselves looking to see how we can really and act what sir john parker put on the ship building strategy to distribute build to retain the skills to work together as a consortium of u.k. shipyards which i think hasn't been done a lot in the past like so we've always been very adversarial and almost cutting each other's throats rather than coming together in this consortium type thing because it's certainly something that we need within the heart of the wolf because we whilst we have the as i said earlier they capacity is a big issue for us for building a ship the capability is there but it's about how we do that so this seems to be a very good route to market for us so john parker one of your last is peter says is accountable for of course. you're fully behind his strategy of building up a base load in order to compete in other markets as well very much so and i think
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some of the what sir john parker has maybe missed or has been missed from his report is the element of doing this so that we can have a competitive ship building industry it's not just about farming out work to yards across the u.k. to keep them alive and keep them afloat because as we know from past history that doesn't work we have to be able to compete with the europeans on a worldwide basis on a much better footing and we do that by having centers of excellence we do that by having high skills automation but all those elements require investment honest we all know investment has to come through a good business case which you can only generate if there is some level of longevity of work and of contracts it's very difficult for you or like ourselves who are dealing on a contract project a project basis to make those long term investment decisions to upscale the workforce and also to up till then our infrastructure even though. probably is well known harlow has one of the the best and biggest infrastructures within the u.k.
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and certainly in the top in europe also we have not been did nothing since you built you know your last decade ago but what was of activity as the been engaged well since we launched our last ship which was the anvil point and ship number seven hole number seven hundred forty two we've been involved predominantly in the energy industry as i would call it so oil and gas and most latterly offshore wind so the renewable industry and certainly the drive within the u.k. to promote the renewable industry has been a very very good one so that's the market that we have played and we have came through a number of times doing logistics type projects assembling and bringing the components that were built in other countries and latterly we're actually manufacturing and putting the components together selves but we have to do that with partners that we have all around the world and i think that's the key and certainly i see it. the key for our success trying to do everything yourself trying to do it all from scratch is
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a difficult thing to do nice so why can't we use the best practice from the best cos from different areas and from different countries and bring it together to bring good u.k. content and u.k. prosperity but not at any price now but what are your recently thoughts of course there's a link with the tell us a bit so as nomadic was at the vessel that titanic was built on the scale of it in those days alex was it couldn't actually enter into any of the french ports had to pick up the passengers it would send people out through onto the vessel that had been lying and it was like a package package yes very much so but it had been lying and a desperate city it off a french quarter was a restaurant and moved on to being repurposed a few times and finally was saved with help from a charitable trust that was set up in an amount of trust and was brought back to belfast that a knife forms an integral part of the titanic exhibition it was the package it was it was the same look julia started of the titanic was that much more work a day shift i have to say not quite high ever lots of the fixtures and fittings and
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if you're ever lucky enough to get on board the ship you will see a lot of period features that are of the ilk of titanic i wouldn't say so much they first class may be more the second or third class fittings and fixtures more wooden benches than plus fuller seats but the concept of getting this floor military work as part of a consortium would not make you more competitive in for example the old sure top buy in the structures for offshore where blast again with great facilities so having an area dedicated to block or fabrication building for ships an area and are in dry dock with our two korean subs and alive to actually assemble large scale turbines which we're doing at the moment the job we're doing for scottish power on their offshore wind farm in east anglia one we're sampling it hundred thousand tons of steel into finished jackets and putting that out and a space of about nine months so that's the skill and the ability that we have but the problem is after that's finished.


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