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so these are serious considerations on his part as well as of trying political analyst and professor at hong kong city university thank you very much for joining us on our team today. journalists have rounded on the ukrainian authorities for faking the assassination of a russian opposition journalist in kiev international media and security watch told have slammed a stunt as deplorable and regrettable the staged murder of journalists could by the ukrainian security service is distressing well the reappearance of the reports and may be a great relief it is deeply regrettable crane's authorities have played with the truth no matter what the motive relieved that. he was alive i deplore the decision to spread false information on the life of a journalist it is the duty of the state to provide correct information to the public. the ukrainian authorities or claim that they had found a russian journalist out of car with gunshot wounds in his flat in the capital it
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was claimed he died on route to hospital however later it was revealed that the murder had been staged apparently in order to foil an actual plot to kill the journalist a lot of genco was a prominent kremlin critic who has condemned the russian activities in ukraine and syria he's a contributor for major u.k. news outlets like the guardian and the b.b.c. . donald quarter now reports on the fallout over those controversial case. when a russian journalist was pronounced murdered in the ukrainian capital it didn't take long for the ceremonial finger pointing at russia to begin he was only working on things that were critical and investigative of russia and of the russian government as well he said there was nothing that was critical of ukrainians of course that network and its boss placing the blame on the kremlin and on russia journalist known political leanings have led some to point the finger in one direction it was a calculated deliberate international terrorist crime committed on the direct
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instruction of the russian authorities to get its who can blame them when the story has all the perfect ingredients the russian totalitarian machine putin's regime going after the kremlin critic except the guy turned up alive and well a magic in everyone's confusion what on earth is showing on fred all of these developments in just the last hour or so i know the ft house absolutely gobsmacked when a second so what the heck actually have been here russia said it was relieved that are alive but also fiore us and understandably so after being falsely accused of murder questions of life and death in ukraine as well as the international community's trust in its politics are nothing more than a bargaining chip for the kids regime to stir up on t.v. russian hysteria fellow journalists were outraged too when a state says a prominent journalist who had received threats was murdered i think the media have to report it but with the fake news in ukraine have reduced all of our credibility
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trump would be proud had learned not to trust ukrainian authorities on don't best warrant but assuming something like this official confirmation was solid apologies it's on wikipedia's most notable fake death so what gives all the murder was staged by the ukrainian secret service to foil an alleged kremlin plot they say they did it secretly not even his wife knew imagine what the poor woman one thing. true but one ukrainian lawmaker thinks this is ok because shine a comb successfully used the method of staging his own death to effectively investigate difficult and complicated crimes well if it happened in fiction must be good in real life too whether ukraine will produce evidence that there was ever a russian plot in the first place remains to be seen but after a stunt like this it's hard to imagine many will take anything he says at face value the taming is key i think just before we start the world cup in russia which
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is a showcase event for any country that will cut their or sort of cut and suddenly we're getting the story switches does that which are designed i would speculate to discredit russia and discredit russia and the eyes of the world just as a supposed to host the world cup and so this is a very elemental campaign it's beyond targeting russia because it's no interfering in areas in which all nations have in the past understood that they are off limits when it comes to using them for propaganda purposes such as trying to use the world cup to undermine the host nation that does no good to anyone especially at a time when we need to try and form and understanding. syria's president bashar al assad says more u.s. strikes targeting the syrian government are possible it was during an exclusive interview he gave to ati's what i guess the assad also explained why he thinks it's
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wrong to call the conflict in his country a syrian civil war is a preview. the timing of this alleged strike was after the victory of the syrian troops. let alone the fact that we don't have chemical weapons in your way and let the other five but we're not going to use it against old people because the but the new syria was about winning the heart of the civilians this is the main battle and we want it so how can you use chemical weapons against civilians that you want them to have to be supportive to the second if you go to that area it was very clear and by armies by factions in by civilians we never use such armaments or weapons in that area are going to harm everyone something that didn't happen and if you go to that
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area and you ask this evening and there was no chemical attack me or anyone. word of it all is not according to what we have actually from the very beginning most unreasoned syrians and foreigners being paid by the whist in order to topple the government this is the reality of the myriad of the very stark reality everything else is just masks to cover the real intentions talking about the political differences moderate peaceful. we don't have civil war in syria if we had civil war so for seven years we should have been divided by now. even as a sunni myself i have a long distant relative who came to syria to fight against you to resist you because he was told that you would target you with killing sunni's why is it that
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so many people in all these different countries in america in russia these sunni's these muslims they believe that you are oppressing because the first thought of when it started in turn internationally mainly in the with of course their plan was to create this rift within the society that would make things easier for them when you have such a civil war kind of civil war between thanks or if this city and they feel now the keep using the same narrative at least to encourage some thread of the x. in different places in the world to come and defend their brothers. with regards to the united states relation to would you president trump has called you quote animal asset to have a nickname for the u.s. president. this is not my language so i cannot toothy miller language this is his
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language you to prevent him thing there's a very. no in principle but what you see is what you are three wanted to present what he is that. you can watch out for the w. here on our international throughout the day however at your own leisure as well any time you feel like it r.t. dot com. so a new artificial intelligence tool created by the university of southern california could potentially predict if a protest is going to tons weiland by analyzing social media activity the program analyzed eighteen million twitter posts for moralize language during the twenty fifteen protests against police brutality in the u.s. city of baltimore turns out there was a correlation between the number of arrests of the use of this kind of language moralized tweets doubled just prior to violent protest the ai tool detects phrases
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evoking moral notions such as high fairness and loyalty here is an example of it in action. why does their position speak only crime as a rebuttal to police brutality all murder all crime matches right. regardless of how anyone feels praised to the police force in the family. in another study scientists polled around two hundred people and whether they condone the use of violence during the twenty seventeen clashes in the u.s. city of charlottesville that was all over the removal of some confederate monuments they found that people were more likely to condone the use of violence if others shared their views. and a futurist grey sky believes violence at protests is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what artificial intelligence will eventually be able to predict. i
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think we're going to see more of this sort of predictive analytic behavior from ai in the future as ai develops so for example there is a new study that came out in front two years in human neuro science that shows that ai can predict behavior and traits just by looking at people dilation and eye movements so what's happening is that date we have more data points from social media but also from just the fact that we're quantifying ourselves and quantifying our society we have more data points and so the ai will be able to use that that set of data those data points to predict their behaviors and that's really the key in this story is is will the machines of the future be able to predict our behaviors before we even know what we're thinking and i think the answer is yes and still to come on the program here when america is being sued by iran will give you some details in a moment. so. they
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put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. that you want to be for us that's
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what we look for. more people are. interested always in the water. an activist from the right wing english defense league has been arrested for contempt of court however we cannot share any more details on the ongoing trial because of a so-called gag order by the u.k. government which prevents any reporting on the case here's a look at whether this could be time to mount to censorship. you may be surprised to see the media not covering something like the arrest of a prominent figure ten nothing more about him again or at least for a while and yes while sometimes outlets just lose interest altogether more often than not it's a gagging order the stops any coverage then in its tracks getting noticed the best
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described is illegal order by coastal government restricting said new information from being made public soon on the fire escape. it was first introduced in the u.k. under the contempt of court hangs a nine hundred eighty one why well to make sure media coverage publications all rampant speculation doesn't impede or skew the courts integrity wendy the case the same measures applied to keep safe any confidential corporate data being used as possibly investigation or just to protect the identity of victims all mine is involved but there's also another side to this measure any human rights advocates have been voicing concern that the said gagging order might be imposed when the government has a stake in this specific case like in two thousand and six when the shipping company trafigura paid a local operating dispose of waste in ivory coast and when eighty five thousand people sought medical help a generous and trained secret memos detail what was actually dumped in the water
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but a super injunction was issued from the banning the publication of this information then leaks by wiki leaks anyway prompting a parliamentary debate and legal action against trafigura as well for the secret trial of the london student accused of carrying a major terror attacks back in twenty fifth he took office the team's acquitted of all shots and released nobody said anything about it to the shift from if the speaking about it see the fault of the truth for all intents and purposes began doing what it is so much to spy move to try to see conspiracy in the press. opec member iran is seen. king's support from the organization of petroleum exporting countries getting the latest u.s. sanctions lifted that's not the only way to iran is looking to protect itself it's also suing washington for involvement in terrorist attacks in iran last year citing donald trump was a key witness is our correspondent. now the crimes of the ice still terrorists have
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four or five people all over the world many people want justice to be served currently the islamic republic of iran is preparing a legal case but against washington it's based on allegations that the usa was involved in the terrorist attacks in tehran in twenty seventeen which i still claimed responsibility for. that lawsuit might seem a little farfetched but they've got some pretty solid testimony here's the president of the united states on national t.v. isis is honoring. president obama he is the founder
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of isis he's the founder of isis i think will give hillary clinton the you know if you're a sports team most valuable player m.v.p. you get the m.v.p. award i says will hand her the most valuable player award her only competition is barack obama now perhaps this was just a figure of speech maybe he meant that washington's irresponsible foreign policy decisions had resulted in the terrorist group emerging is said the president was the founder of isis i know what you mean you meant that he created the vacuum he lost the p.r. bit he's the founder of isis i do and there could be some more high level witnesses and a potential washington versus tehran case this is senator rand paul from kentucky had the president had his way or had hillary clinton had her way we may well have had isis in charge in damascus now because they have been arming and creating a safe haven for them as it is i think isis is more of a threat to us now because of the arming of the islamic rebels in syria iran is
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lawsuit may actually come across as a counter claim that it was the u.s. that originally took iran to court for alleged involvement in the nine eleven attacks the coos decision is unacceptable and we reject it is not so new mockery of the system of international law but also more clear to the american people especially the victims of the september eleventh attacks and the families now the nine eleven commission found no evidence of any iranian involvement in the attacks the report simply states that the hijackers had traveled to iran without having their passport stamped it's a pretty tough sell but the u.s. courts bought it now as for iran's case we'll have to see if trump's word is actually a guarantee for success to be fair if donald trump's word is enough there's certainly a lot of criminal cases that need to be reopened remember what he said about ted cruz's father his father was with lee harvey oswald prior to ours where he was being. you know shot at so with all these. strong word of the allegations that donald trump likes to make maybe it's about time you get a disguise and
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a fake name and hide out in the witness protection program. r.t. new york. the u.s. brand of cosmetics is under fire after it released a tutorial for muslim clients on what makeup to wear during ramadan apparently it's best to do it before the traditional priest sunrise meal known as who're. i can barely open my eyes and mack comes out was glamorous look what mike think. is versus what it actually looks like. you know thinking back i'll stick with my
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nature traumatise faux look at your own soap or. this would have been great for him if top want to or need me couple it's great that maks medics want to diversify their marketing but come on please consult muslim women before running with the stuff. my cosmetics do you mean if tar because so poor he said three thirty am and no one looks like. a little bit humorous when you look at the exaggeration the disconnect that is existing between the public relations firms in these big corporations who are trying to kind of you know includes include you know. christmas ramadan different religious occasions they're trying to be very much involved the grander trying to address the consumer on a personal level or something but at the end of the day sometimes it's a big. it's it's just very much just connected from what actually is going on and
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no they're not useful at all i could say ninety nine percent of the ladies who are making up for school it's actually very laughable it's been a pleasure having you with us here on our international thanks for sharing some of your thursday with us here is just turning half past the hour here in moscow and your world news continues at the top of the hour. since. europe must be much stronger in making the decision at twenty eight can we around the table agree on tough measures and these are china always or us in the end of the unfortunately is the answer to that so far is not truly europe is being too weak and that's why we end up being beaten on the head sometime by the chinese some time by the american and dad got to stuff.
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with little make this manufacture consent to stick to the public will. when the ruling closest to protect themselves. with the finest military go around the sun be the one percent told. to ignore middle of the room signals. to leave room for the real news group. counter gun the sleeping pill taken by their mothers before they were born it still
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haunts its victims today. whether it was the stories i get along with. what's verdict there's been all sorts of fair and they go. along with and it has existed in the moods and the members fifty five years after the medicine was taken off the market its victims are demanding new legal proceedings they want to prove that they were denied fair compensation. the survivors are placing their faith in the hands of this man. tobias was found archived documents that he hopes will shed new light on the continent scandal. once again it stands for one of the greatest pharmaceutical catastrophes. up until the one nine hundred sixty s.
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the sleeping bill was a mass market product the active ingredient is sold worldwide for the manufacturing company grown into a base near iraq and the drug proves to be a success story however more than ten thousand children are born with deformities caused by the pill it's estimated that over eighty thousand embryos die in the womb in germany roughly two thousand eight hundred account again children are still alive today. back in the one nine hundred sixty s. class can up was a young pediatrician he began to notice an increased number of deformities in children whose mothers had all taken the same drug. is now eighty eighty years old . it all began with this data sheet from one nine hundred sixty one. pregnancy days or about mel for. nation's time recalled showing when come together was taken. up and his colleagues who took him to the ends become suspicious. one
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day they called the manufacturer good intel does. this is it your mission imitation. and its. mission. in fact that it's just easy to fail belong gunstock front of. the of course. this. is in. the. investment table and different. on paul from here for a government that is still full and clicks. on. the home office think of an idea. that that existed in this coming at will put there who stood us i guess i was sure as i'm sure. this class. often does in those images
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mullin take that. into his book tobias artist was such a con behalf of to come to gun victims. he's searching the archives for evidence and documents that have not been taken into account before today. as does this one i'm sends out soon enough. to demand wolf in that. view it as a here. paul movie a. boy. sean. nama. boarding mixed fish. that implants. fish. i made a comment to invite. all the meat in popcorn for needed fish one of.
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these for dots. and starts and. when it does funny for want and need to hot dog. today the company says that the witness must be mistaken man but no warnings were ever issued concerning use during pregnancy pregnant women never knew that the country can sleep in build was not suitable for them the same was true in great britain. two thousand consequent children were born here. of i was also want to recommend compensation proceedings. i think the germans find it difficult to face up to the history in the mud and they have to do it now and they will feel ashamed but at the same time being typically governments they feel powerless they don't know what to do about it but sooner or later they're going to have to confront what happened. in june twenty sixth seen an event takes place in dusseldorf. the state government issued an invitation
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a study titled the role of the state of north rhine-westphalia income to go on and the consequences is presented to the victims of contraband. the study could been commissioned two years earlier by health minister barbara stephens. it's a ph d. thesis from the faculty of history at the university of monster. to the author nicholas lee and how much is already under pressure as the meeting begins. one of the reasons is that he used the term lifestyle drug to describe conjugal. doug it is. clear of the truck on a lifestyle that they take up all the fish are victims this victim it's a bit dodgy about the top of the earth there's also a little over this guy who hit five in the garbage government at all. it's a bit of that all for thought and justice is what i believe gets knocked out does. it all of us the evidence he does it's this big gift of this is this over miles
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over twenty thirty i'm my mind. both for sure feeling good you know i was an important for by down edition where it was the one good news but we want to move on as did the author might go on for you know forty five. the authors of thesis was commissioned by the health minister to examine the role of the state government during the criminal trial against the manufacturer of the frogger optical slant collected on this collector. as there is on a trade mission urban funded by the us and can see the veterans progress my going to do five by four knobs it doesn't say three to five not but that does not mean i did miss eighty five not and this is our to do side kind in via skipped this year i don't want to listen to biofuel stuff on its beginning. so there is no evidence that the state behaved improperly during the criminal trial against
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a pharmaceutical company go in and tell. a key player in the country going trial is north rhine-westphalia as justice minister joseph nye back up the trial began in may nine hundred sixty eight zero leaping to support the center for the foundation's release dad i wish i would you but so i don't want to give you sad i said i'm going to present fun and alice could dannatt them these really forgotten suburban therefore becoming justice minister berger acted as criminal defense lawyer for the main defendant. in the archives contained files showing that he was a defense lawyer for herman ferrets a former director of good intel the company that manufactured com to get the bias out and discovers a memorandum from the arkan prosecution service two days prior to becoming justice minister. still a lawyer roach to the public prosecutors in his opinion. all questions concerning his client have been answered and that there is nothing to stop the case being
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dismissed. dungeness. really in and in the. view. they're done outside of this bit of the art according to records or appeared in person the next day to meet the prosecution and to discuss dismissal of the case the judges in the county go on trial if a personal injury and involuntary manslaughter the defense demands of the case is dismissed a trial in which the parents of children were only permitted to participate as spectators leading the prosecution now is justice minister. he is no longer allowed to interfere in the proceedings. however.


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