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tv   Keiser Report  RT  May 31, 2018 3:30pm-4:01pm EDT

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the former u.k. ambassador and human rights activist craig murray believes that this ruling will actually have little effect on the use of torture until the perpetrators are punished it's good but this mission by the courts but it's a very strange situation for courts are prepared to hand out total the you know millions of dollars in compensation of taxpayers' money to people but what they're not doing is putting any of the perpetrators in prison and nobody has been convicted and jailed for this torture i think there's a real danger but between. trump and his new cia director there might bring back open the use of torture i think there's also. a real danger that it hasn't really gone away and that many of his practices are still continuing even though. the most important point of course is there has been no bitter abuse and there's impunity nobody in the cia has suffered anything
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from having been responsible for torture as long as is complete impunity and nobody is prosecuted for torture it's extremely likely it's going to come back and they're going to start using it again. in other news this evening journalists have rounded on the ukrainian authorities for faking the assassination of a russian opposition reporter in kiev a card or a card the chain code the journalist in question has responded to one article in the british media slamming ukraine's action the article playing the fake murder did more harm than good our car he left a comment on his own facebook page addressing the british press and using offensive language he said if the press wants more good than harm in give him a british passport and protection meanwhile other international media and security watchdogs have also slammed the stunt is deplorable and regrettable. the staged murder of journalist arkady bob franken by the ukrainian security service is
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distressing while the reappearance of the reporter may be a great relief it is deeply regrettable he cranes authorities have played with the truth no matter what their motive relieved that our candy but it was alive i deplore the decision to spread false information on the life of a journalist it is the duty of the state to provide correct information to the public. well the story began when ukrainian authorities claimed they had found with gunshot wounds at his flat in the capital and said he had died on his way to hospital however less than twenty four hours later it was revealed had been staged ukrainian security forces claimed that they had done it in order to foil an actual russian to kill a journalist he's done court reports now in the fallout from the controversial case when a russian journalist was pronounced murdered in the ukrainian capital it didn't take long for the ceremonial finger pointing at russia to begin he was only working on
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things that were critical and investigative of russia and of the russian government as well he said there was nothing that was critical of ukrainians of course that network and its boss placing the blame on the kremlin and on russia journalist known political leanings have led some to point the finger in one direction it was a calculated deliberate international terrorist crime committed on the direct instruction of the russian authorities who can blame them when the story has all the perfect ingredients the russian totalitarian machine putin's regime going after the kremlin critic except the guy turned up alive and well imagine everyone's confusion what on earth is showing on fred all of these developments in just the last hour or so. absolutely gobsmacked what is second so what the heck actually have been here russia said it was relieved that are those alive but also fiore us and understandably so after being falsely accused of murder questions of life and
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death in ukraine as well as the international community's trust in its politics are nothing more than a bargaining chip for the kids regime to stir up russian hysteria fellow journalists were outraged too when a state says a prominent journalist who had received threats was murdered i think the media have to report it but with the fake news in ukraine have reduced all of our credibility . trump would be proud had learned not to trust ukrainian authorities on donbass warrant but assuming something like this official confirmation was solid apologies it's on wikipedia's most notable fake death so what gives while the murder was staged by the ukrainian secret service to foil an alleged kremlin plot they say they did it secretly not even his wife knew or imagine what the poor woman went through but one ukrainian lawmaker thinks this is ok because sherlock holmes
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successfully used the method of staging his own death to effectively investigate difficult and complicated crimes well if it happened in fiction must be good in real life till whether ukraine will produce evidence that there was ever a russian plot in the first place remains to be seen but after a stunt like this it's hard to imagine many will take anything he says at face value retaining his key i think just before we start the world cup in russia which is a short he said vent for any country that holmes will cut the horse sort of cut and suddenly we're getting the story switches does that which are designed i would speculate to discredit russia and discredit russia and the eyes of the world just as a supposed to host the world cup and so this is a very elemental campaign it's been targeting russia because it's no interfering in areas in which all nations have in the past understood that they are off limits when it comes to using them for propaganda purposes such as trying to use the world
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cup to undermine the host nation that does nor good to anyone is specially at a time when we need to try and form an understanding so to come here this our theories president tells r.t. why civil war is the wrong phrase to describe the conflict in his country that's an exclusive interview you got it coming up just after the break. europe must be much stronger in making the decision at twenty eight can we around the table agree on tough measures on these or china always or us and. unfortunately easy answer to that so far is not really europe is being too weak and that's why we have being some time by the chinese some time as the american adult got to stop.
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you should. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so what you want to make first century. you somehow want us. to be like to be close with what looks like three of the more people. interested always in the waters. there should. get welcome back my syria's president bashar al assad says that more u.s. strikes targeting the syrian government are possible his comments came during an exclusive interview with gas the f. assad also explained why he thinks it is wrong to call the conflict in his country
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the syrian civil war is some of what he said. the timing of this alleged strike was after the victory of the syrian troops in gold. let alone the fact that we don't have chemical weapons anyway and let the other folks but we're not going to use it against old people because the better new theory was about winning the heart of the civilians this is the main button and we want so how can you use chemical weapons against civilians that you want them to have to be supportive to the first second if you go to that area it was very clear and by our means by factions in by civilians we never use such armaments or weapons that are going to harm everyone something that didn't happen and if you go to that area and you ask this if there was no chemical attack me or anyone. the word of it all is not according to what we have
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actually from the very beginning most and re syrians and foreigners being paid by the with in order to topple the government this is the reality of the myriad of the very stark reality everything else is just masks to cover the real intentions talking about the political differences more the peaceful. we don't have civil war in syria if we had civil or solve for seven years we should have been divided by now. even the sunni myself i have a long distant relative who came to syria to fight against you to resist you because he was told that you would target you with killing soon why is it that so many people in all these different countries in america in russia these sunni's
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these muslims they believe that you are oppressing. because the first thought of when you thought i had interned internationally mainly in the with of course their plan was to grieve booth with the society that we make things easier for them when you have such a civil war kind of through it all between fixed or if the cities and the field well the keep using the theme narrative at least to encourage some fellow at the x. in different places in the world to come and defend their brothers. with regards to the united states relation to would you president trump was called you quote animal house at juhu have a nickname for the u.s. president. this is not my language so i came up through a similar language this is his lone prove in theme can be a very. knowing the truthful but what you see is what two or three
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wanted to prevent or to move in but. where you can watch the full interview there with the syrian president throughout the day here on r.t. it's also available at our website for you you can find that at r.t. dot com. a new artificial intelligence tool created by the university of southern california could potentially predicted the protests is going to turn violent by analyzing social media activity the program analyzed eighteen million twitter posts for moralize language during the twenty fifteen protests against police brutality in the u.s. city of baltimore and it turns out there was a correlation between the number of arrests and also the use of this kind of language our allies tweets doubled just prior to violent protests to detect phrases evoking more notions such as care harm fairness and also loyalty so here is an example of it in action. why does their position speak on new bad luck and black
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crime as a rebuttal to police brutality all murder all crime matters right. regardless of how anyone feels pressured to the police force in the family. in another study scientists polled around two hundred paid pool on whether they condone the use of violence during clashes last year in u.s. cities charlottesville over the removal of confederate mourn humans and they did find that people were more likely to support the use of violence if others shed their use. he trish grace ghost believes that violence at protests is actually just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what artificial intelligence will eventually be able to predict but i think we're going to see more of this sort of predictive analytic behavior from ai in the future as ai develops so for example there is a new study that came out in front two years in human neuro science that shows that
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ai can predict behavior and traits just by looking at people dilation and eye movements so what's happening is that date we have more data point cell from social media but also from just the fact that we're quantifying ourselves and quantifying our society we have more data points and so the ai will be able to use that that set of data those data points to predict their behaviors and that's really the key in the story is is will the machines of the future be able to predict our behaviors before we even know what we're thinking and i think the answer is yes. now the u.s. brand of cosmetics mackie's under fire after releasing it you tauriel for its muslim clients and what makeup to wear during ramadan apparently it's best to do it before the traditional priest sunrise meal.
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i can barely open my eyes were mac comes out was glamorous look what mike thinks the so-called luke is burgess what it actually looks like you. know thinking back i'll stick with my nature traumatize folks look at your own soap or. this would have been great for him if top want to look for a need me couple it's great that max medics want to diversify their marketing but come on please consult muslim women before running with the stuff. cosmetics do you mean tar because support is a three thirty am and now one of those like. a little bit humorous when you look at the exaggeration the disconnect that is existing between the public relations firms
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in these big corporations who are trying to kind of you know includes include you know. christmas ramadan different religious occasions they're trying to be very much involved the grander trying to address their desire on a personal level. but at the end of the day sometimes it's a big fluke. it's just very much just connected from what actually is going on and no they're not useful at all i did say ninety nine percent of the ladies who are waking up for school it's actually very laughable. but finally there are just two weeks to go until the biggest event in football the fee for world cup and the national squads taking part in official delegations are already starting to make their way here to russia. you can see hundreds of peruvian fans here who gathered to cheer their national team as it left the country before the official cup i mean in moscow peru will play
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two friendlies against saudi arabia and sweden brought the first match of the film to take place in the russian capital in the stadium on june the forty. so that brings up site that's how everything is looking so far today we're back with more thirty five. you never know what's around the corner you never know what's in the pub you can walk into excitement it's that not knowing that's where the adrenalin rush comes from. it is a move by definition and the extremes of all forms of. violence is a part and it's almost a schizophrenia gang culture where you can do all these things and behave badly.
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i. thank your portable horse colorful all. the more so for the last. one this man infirmed. war policy in the start. of a broader where not by figure out really did a poll done with. the meaning reason is a least if you don't know the evolves it's constantly evolving and. when lawmakers manufacture a consensus it's still just public wealth. when the ruling class is project themselves. in the final merry go round the sun in the one percent. doing all middle of the room signal in.
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the room. is really easy peasy. america has or this is the kaiser report yes you're in the right place for the right reasons. actually were in scams of ill i'm going to talk some headlines about scams ville that is the great crony capitalist predator economy of america everything is predatory lee price and that's what they strive for because that's what the number one investor in america warren buffett aims for he invests in companies that have predatory pricing power he himself has said that in his newsletters he's told people that's how i look at things that's how i best as anybody who is predatory pricing so first look at
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a headline looking at the end result of this and that is consumer debt is set to hit four trillion dollars by the end of twenty eighteen americans are in a borrowing mood and their total tab for consumer debt could reach of record four trillion dollars by the end of twenty eighteen that's according to lending tree a loan comparison website which analyzed data from the federal reserve a non mortgage debts including credit cards and auto personal and student loans americans owe more than twenty six percent of their annual income to this debt that's up from twenty two percent in two thousand and ten it's also higher than debt levels during the mid two thousand when credit availability soared twenty six percent of income goes to service and that these non mortgage debts non mortgage debt yes and that's up from twenty two percent in two thousand and ten and i'll say that is before obamacare came in and that's before all the student loan. debt took over that was after the financial crisis the ordinary person who was not warren
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buffett who is not jamie dimon who is not lloyd blankfein the ordinary person the only debt they could access was from the government and student loans in the form of student loans there were also no jobs going around so you might as well go and get real. educated and learn a new skill and go back to university so a lot of people went everybody went that's been degraded by the way they're all sorts of big names now telling you that it's not actually worth. college degrees no longer worth the debt limit anymore but nevertheless people can access that debt and then continue to feed themselves and house themselves using their student loans for the last few years well now they have a huge pile of debt right and that's where the interest rates at historic lows you know the curve starts zero and it extends on the zero line for a few years and then none so you get to the fifteen to twenty year to start to kick up and then you get into what we call interest rate apartheid if you're on a student loan or a credit card loan it goes like hockey sticks up to the teens and twenty percent
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tile and it's amazing that this was allowed to. kind of propagate in the economy clearly an example of an a trenched crony capitalist class like the warren buffet's completely disinter maybe it did disengaging the economy as a whole the the entire population is going to fall off the edge of the earth again my god they keep coming back the earth is flat well i mean here's the chart of the total credit outstanding as a percentage of disposable personal income and you see it's been climbing since the eighty's but. it's important to note that these millenniums of these people gaining gathering up debts from student loans those student loans are non dischargeable you can never discharge them in bankruptcy it's very difficult and your creditor is the u.s. government which can break your legs throw you in prison take your social security
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checks take your medicaid take your medicare checks take all any money that you possibly any nickel somebody gives you on the street they'll take up they'll show up the government will show up and take that nickel from me that somebody throws your way. well yeah i mean that's exactly right it's not a pretty picture is it you've got a predatory capitalism. being financed by thugs otherwise those the us government which protects all of those the licensee we don't like blankfein and warren buffet who you're told you just have to compete with them this is a meritocracy you just have to compete with them on the mean time born in one nine hundred eighty s. may never cover from the great recession partly because they have all those student loan debts which they can never discharge they've got to keep on making payments as soon as they earn above a certain amount of income that you've got to take you've got to pay it so it's becomes difficult to compete but also what didn't happen to prior generations generation x. baby boomers are generations you know we didn't have the he's insane student loans
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or you know the tuition rates but we also didn't have obamacare and the basically the government the goons acting on behalf of these private corporations these private so called health insurance companies well first a tweet from john walker d.c. and it is really an appreciated how much they see a exchange that's obamacare was designed as a marketplace for people paying full cost and how it has turned into mostly a very inefficient welfare system with a few unlucky middle class people are stuck with so. i'll show you there's a few charts this is going to be a crazy story this is i love this obamacare story because we're victims of it you and i have lived over in europe for twenty years we were able to pay cash for much of our health care over at the american hospital in paris as if you know it's a private institution you can go there anybody could pay it in twenty years there i paid as much as two months of premiums here in premiums don't get you health care
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actually you still have to pay for your medical care on top of that but just we're going to show you charts to prove that obamacare is a disaster or democrats won't say that they won't run on that everybody knows however it's a disaster especially those on lucky few middle class who don't qualify for the free care so these are. it's that expanded medicaid in from twenty thirteen twenty fourteen twenty fifteen twenty six hundred twenty seventeen so you see that they're uninsured rate collapse by half because people got free care they got medicaid which is you get free care you go to any doctor you get treated you going to emerge assume you get treated. most of those policies have no co-pays you just one hundred percent treated here the states did not expand medicaid these are the you know the dozen or so states that did not expand medicaid and you see they barely dented obamacare did not convince anybody to go on to the exchanges and pay for these huge expenses so in fact unless you got the free care
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most people didn't go on it the the few american chumps like ourselves who are part of the scam ville we pay thousands of dollars a month and don't get much in return right well i mean to get back to the quote there so they make the connection to welfare so there is the government has a welfare and medicaid that they cover but it medicaid is in america in case you don't know medicaid is basically an insurance policy paid health insurance policy provided by the taxpayer the u.s. government pays your medical care on their behalf however there are they do set prices for m.r.i. zur or various procedures that you might get medicare is for the elderly right so medicaid is. is provided by the government to taxpayers to folks that can afford health care and i pay taxes and the tax revenue that i pay helps of fun the
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government's met a cost but because the government would like to take the money i pay in taxes and bomb people defenseless people overseas and spend trillions of dollars they then come back and they tax me again something called obamacare they tax me again. to provide the health services that they say they're providing for people who can afford health care now here's my one simple question sense of thousands of dollars a year we pay to offset the government's in a fit inability to fulfill their requirement why can't i write that off as a charitable donation on my taxes it is a charitable donation i'm donating twenty two thousand dollars a year of charity to people who can't afford health care that's the way it's set up why can't i write that off well let's look at what united health group says the biggest health insurance provider in america and they having looked at all these
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exchanges participated in the obamacare exchange in america if you're poor enough you get free care you get medicaid if you're poor and mouth in certain states had expanded the level so medicaid you have to be under the the old medicaid you had to be under the poverty level and it was very difficult as a single guy you had to have children you had to be a woman you had to be a single mother essentially to get that free care and a lot of children a lot of elderly are on medicaid as well as medicare then they expanded that under obamacare that states could raise the level of income that would qualify you above poverty level and guys could single guys could then get medicaid then if you're still earning too much you could still be subsidized so you go you have to go into the obamacare exchange and buy it's supposed to be open market many of the
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states who are your areas the county you might live in or might only have one possibly two health insurance providers you have to go through it try to figure out be a competitive consumer drive these prices and of course the prices just go up ten twenty thirty percent a year never less proves that the pricing power is. all of one side the the taxpayer continues to subsidize you there so when united health care looks at this and said united health group report says that medicaid costs forty three percent less than exchanges thus saving money for consumers and federal government public exchange coverage is more costly and less effective than medicaid to them first implemented in two thousand and fourteen as a cornerstone of the affordable care act public exchanges where in visions as a new health insurance marketplace where millions of uninsured americans could shop for compare and purchase and an affordable stable health coverage the new exchanges sought to provide subsidized coverage to americans who are not eligible for
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medicaid well in fact according to united health and with a look at it. and yet tax hers won't vote for this because it's socialism medicaid costs the government you the taxpayer forty three percent less than forcing these people onto a stupid exchange. it costs you way more cost you thousands of dollars more per year but because you're a fundamentalist and say well that's capitalism that's free market competition to force them into some exchanges with only has one health care provider but that's capitalism well let me say something maybe a model a controversial ok you know people are looked at because poverty rates are going up in america mortality rates are increasing mortality rates are increasing as allegedly more people are getting health insurance life expectancy is going down so america is at a huge health crisis despite the unbelievable amount of money being dumped into this wasteland and i think that this is contributing a lot toward an epidemic of violence in america now i recently saw some
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videos from a famous clinical psychologist jordan peterson who likes to point to the inability of young men to pair off and have a fulfilling relationship in this world as contributing cells are called yes there are rich. guys who can involuntarily so they sell a bit so they kill people have our documentary that in my view i think the south crisis is more it is to blame for the rise in violence ok well we are end of empire days and end of empire days see a bread and circuses and i want to show another chart that again this is provided by united health group the largest health insurance group in america and they're the ones that saying go and put people on medicaid because this is stupid to have these exchanges because those public exchanges were meant to according to the see.


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