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tv   News  RT  June 13, 2018 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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the saudi led coalition launches its largest. salts in the yemen conflict. group's call for further escalation the port said to be this source of food for two thirds of yemen's population. summons the french ambassador and apology. italy's decision to turn away a migrant reaction coming. on the program world cup festivities kick off in moscow with funds from across the world flooding the streets of the capital on the international football. at.
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the. top pundit for this year's world cup manchester united manager. giving us his predictions over two years going to make. a run the clock across the world this is r t international from the team and myself you know neal welcome to the program our top story the united nations security council is set to hold an emergency session on thursday over and. major
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a saudi led offensive against the rebel held yemeni port city of whole day then it is fear about the bottle which is the largest of the conflict could worsen yemen's already dire humanitarian situation but the arabia's crown prince has defended the assault claiming it's in the yemeni people's interests the coalition's operations to liberate data is part of the coalition's unwavering commitment to support the people of yemen against the tyranny imposed by iranian backed militias that are spreading chaos and destruction in yemen addressing the humanitarian situation in a sustainable and effective manner requires liberating yemen from the control of who the rebels which intentionally disrupt the flow and distribution of humanitarian supplies. well this video reportedly shows some of the forces heading towards who did it it is the first time the riyadh led coalition of nine or abstain it's a strike to take such a heavily defended rebel city since intervening in the conflict in twenty fifty one
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of the few aid organizations working in the country care two thirds of the yemeni population relies on the seaport or the risk already limited supplies will be affected comes as the country experiences what the u.n. has called the worst humanitarian crisis in modern history a spokeswoman for the red cross told us the warring parties must do everything possible to ensure the safety of civilians the assault risk to exacerbate an already catastrophic humanitarian situation in yemen and indeed their concerns are twofold first of all the six hundred thousand people who live in her data and who must be spared so here we launch an appeal to all those fighting in this conflict reminding them of the obligation under international law to spec civilians to spare civilian infrastructure such as hospitals and water and electricity networks us with us to allow those who would like to free to do so safely but beyond these
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hoodie there is a lifeline for millions and millions of yemenis and later the mindset that yemen is a country of twenty nine million people and three out of each four yemenis need humanitarian aid most of these aid comes through the port of data so these aid not be able to flow into these poor it would put at risk literally millions of lives. to another headline stories this hour italy has summoned the french on demand an apology from paris after money sharply criticized at least decision to turn away a migrant rescue boat with the story this hour charlotte devinsky. earlier this week a humanitarian vessel was denied the right to dock at a port on italy's island of sicily the rescue ship was carrying over six hundred migrants including many unaccompanied minors and pregnant women if they had been rescued off the coast of libya but are now currently on route to the port of
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lengthier after spanish authorities said that they could dock there well the french president has been scathing in his attack of italy in regards to this situation describing the country's actions as being cynical and irresponsible italy is furious at that criticism by france and is demanding an apology. the french ambassador has been summoned by a foreign minister who on behalf of the italian people will ask for an explanation for the insults directed not only against the government but also against a nation which is among the first in the world in terms of generosity solidarity and hospitality if the french have the humility to apologize the story will be closed and we will work in the interests of everyone this president has said took told the cabinet meeting that under maritime law it's dictated that in cases of distress those with the closest coastline have a responsibility to respond and in his view that was sicily but it has since
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emerged that leaders on the french island of corsica actually offered the vessel to dock there before they were criticized harshly by the central government in paris so some including italy suggesting that there's some double standards when it comes to migrants and france they've also now asked france to take on nine thousand migrants from their own country. on the basis of the agreements a migrant reallocation from two thousand and fifteen france committed itself to work in one thousand eight hundred sixty migrants and instead in three years they took six hundred forty so i asked president mccrone to move from just words to action and to. morning welcome the one thousand migrants france promised to welcome as a sign of concrete generosity and not just words. while a meeting on friday between the french and italian leaders didn't look to be in jeopardy is this rumor of woods has been escalating but we understand that it will
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possibly still go ahead meanwhile a meeting between the italian finance minister who's due to come to paris to meet the french finance minister it was initially cancelled but that is said now to be back on these are tense times though between these either neighbors and this is not a spot that is likely to blow over very easily. let's delve deeper into this because joining us live on the program is a tele and journalist marcelo former child you're always welcome do you expect france to apologize to italy over this no i don't expect and the fact is that the president just a few minutes ago said that he will not apologize and he said. very negative and purgative added to the so instead of calming down the crisis is apparently. excited celebrating it and this is something really worrying because
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they show is very very high between various yeah that's the thing a lot of ramifications on the situation because you can imagine there's going to be more boats coming up and if there's tension between two of the biggest e.u. countries how can this be solved this route. well you have to say because you know that stross and the european partners were used that the time government was at the end betty friendly and every prizes could be sold it was just a couple of words now there is a new government very tough a government a government that will say it to the first that and who pretend that from europe and from france more respect and a real corporation about it in the migrant crisis and. doesn't we need a prime minister. and then moved by the stars movement the region in my leader i suppose the movie which is a really determined i intend to do not to give up and to
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to have excuses from. from the from barry said and and to have a real cooperation from paris but i think the marker on the ground does not want to apologize so it's really hard to say how this crisis will be solved and it's a united front from rome at the top here isn't it you've got the italian prime minister on the interior minister blaming france for being irresponsible towards the migrant problem in general what your thoughts are not assessment. well it out there right i mean you can see the number of the number of south korea france not only does not accept migrants anymore but is sending back the thousands of bragger and so that they found in his territory back to telly and basically what happened is that how there have been hundreds of thousands of
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migrants arriving to the border between legally and france and france are bullies french police was a brutal on stopping them even the little kids even the women and these were something horrible and so nobody here can understand how present mucker on can blame eternally being old having non-monetary an attitude that learned there first of having a very closed and noncompetitive attitude is france so crazy you can see what is happening in there is that the everybody's aldridge here in italy do you think that this is going to be a turning point with countries like italy turning away boats and the first country that the migrants are supposed to land on that's where they're supposed to stay do you think that no other european countries are going to say well yet we need to pick up the slack here and help by the it please and the greases etc. no i
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wasn't expecting that other countries would say we must solve the problem of migrants not asking each really care of it but to do to stop migrants from leiby are from tunisia and possibly from africa because of the real thing is that those migrants are not poor refugees all migrants are economic refugees that there can really made it from the jury which is not a poor country so this is something that these three studios and everybody was. was saying ok to be should take care of it now italy and other countries stand with her or say no. we should stop the migrant. yes i thank you so much for your thoughts this hour is marcelo for italian journalist live on the program this hour. now if this time tomorrow we already
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know the first result from the fifa world cup host russia are up against saudi arabia on day one and the excitement is well and truly ramping up for global football's biggest tournaments which billions are expected to watch on our own top flight squad is primed and ready to bring in the best of russia twenty. i didn't get anything. like the world cup to our beautiful studio here right in the heart of moscow let me use my coach for our
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coverage of the championship of the next month peter schmeichel the great they have very very safe pair of pants and a fantastic sense of what the say you are say kearns in a studio as well as a few dusty for them and i just want to say the same things i think that you'll get the benefit from by changing into aussie during this chairmanship warm we're going to bring you the expert punditry inside people inside the game play is now i just picked the sale of jersey marine young people who will know the things that you could never possibly have experienced the other thing is. just listen carefully apart from the clinking of being glasses you can hear i think if you visit a list and some. in the background it's a wonderful saying wherever you're watching us from in the world i just want to get deep breath and just so start up because that's what it's about it's portable it's world cup and it's here and russia risen bracing it and i hope and i believe the fans are really bracing it and it's something to enjoy do you think this football fan picks up i think so and it's so nice that it's finally here we've been talking
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in preparing myself i travel around to all the eleven host cities i've seen all the stadiums i've been very excited about that but we're away will you know our studio here with the view over the curb and the red square there where the big sort of opening not officially open but that's a big concert that today the russian president will be the future press. will be there i'm going. back to the one that i believe need to stop go go go and get it on is the tomorrow we have to face again and it's just exactly what we've waited for this is much about this isn't it as well as just watching the football it's embrace of the host country in the culture it is i mean and we hear a lot of the. talk or the running into any every world cup. now we hear it's all about football and the river looking forward to that and we can see thousand the football fans have already dealt with him russia you saw them before you can hear
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them with a taking in the whole state is before this opening game that we have tomorrow between russia and saudi arabia just have a look at this has. been. seeing. him. if you're a fan of classical music you could be chasing down tickets to see those who forming to behind me full months if not years it is
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a night of classical music of oprah music here red square it's an unusual mix i should say this sort of entertainment and food both but bread square he's getting more and more packed as people have seized this chance to see all of these classical music stars perform live before their rice no this is of course not the only activity here in moscow for fans and anyone who's interest. did in the world cup just a few hundred meters away from here people will be up for a light show on the walls of the bolshoi theater also a few days ago in another part of moscow opened recently opened a fee for fan sensate will be featuring a massive plaza must screen and open as a venue for all fans to gather together and cheer for their for their favorite teams the intice a patient is in the air here in central moscow as we as our crew was making way to this boat here we could see groups of fans literally moscow was bustling with fans
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we could hardly make our way through the all sorts of crowds wearing all sorts of crazy outfits now this is all of course the head of tomorrow's opening ceremony and tomorrow's first game of the main football event of the year and a lot of those fans look pretty happy i don't see too many spanish fans down there no no that's because the spanish french team might be a little bit upset passion pre-term trying to know because their countries football association decided this morning to sack the coach and that is a two days before that huge game against portugal. probably got over all here because we've had to dismiss the manager of the national team they have provided no information to the royal spanish football federation we learnt it only five minutes before the press conference so i guess this has to be a message to all employees of the rule spanish rebel federation that this is no way to act the chairman of the president of thing the spanish football so if you got
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really angry. they felt slighted if the song is only played in a job then it would be a less you don't want to put in a job for one month i mean simply you turned up this morning and told because you felt that the conscious being disloyal but he hadn't informed the football association and also a month ago on may the seventh he got elected on the promise to make the phone call for. of spain stronger so he's playing with his muscles today but i think he's learned the. spanish team and he had always been a coach for the rock up he's landed them in with the payment given the more trouble that you really want to have you know two days before you start the world cup i think if you're always being honest and if you haven't been sat next to his boss in a press conference he probably said i slightly sold myself when i heard this news but he was much more diplomatic than he is a big question he's been spain's director for pointing all of that everyone
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respects and in spain he's been a player at the highest level since one everything there is to see to win maybe a bigger part but he's been you know he's someone that the players will they will listen to but he's a different voice he's not the voice that they've been preparing with and this is where the tricky part comes in so the coach he's been looking at everything the player for months so. he knows exactly what he wants to do against portugal he's got his eleven names he knows he's prepared for that game and now someone else with different eyes is going to look at that game and maybe pick one or two other players with might. upset the rhythm yet and whatever anybody says. this is not how they would have wanted to enter the competition is coming here they are the second favorites to win this welcome after the result of course most experts and most pundits across the world they have to miss a second favorites they could still do it but it's going to be it's going to be the
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it more difficult i think the chances have been if they do it this time they were really good i think with a cherry on top of the world cup favorites sweeping right across russia and people are already thinking about the future lots of countries want to be in this position now and fee for members of voting for the host of the twenty twenty six competition . was. he the first time this tournament has been paying three hundred. ninety four nations when their fame halfway through their car occupies. the north american bit off as almost a ready made world cup experience with stadia already built or under construction twenty twenty six competition will see forty eight teams sixteen more than the
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current format competing in eight days. earlier we were joined here by water to gori and he's a football consultant and former fee for communications director worked alongside sepp blatter he told us why he thinks the north american bid swayed more voters. more awkward to fifth their bidding for the for the world cup so i mean they played the motional for the presentation of the bid to be there were saying. people go to africa because africa gave a lot back even if it's true but maybe there was very smart people some of the people thought that he has to work rest if he forced criticize in the past also in brazil that they're doing stadiums and then they have the so-called why the elephants you know i mean the u.s. they already already to do or to host the world cup so they're all of the freedoms . at the end the u.s. one what about the distances that that wasn't needed the teams certainly the fans
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they have to travel less of an offer have been a distance from canada to mexico what you know the. income. of the world cup twenty twenty two so just ahead of that twenty six world cup there were i think at this there's maximum hedy lamarr so they will host the world cup basically and one city and i think that after that. the fans might be ready to travel home for the members of it all of us but i think. they will use the world we experience also become friends i think it's not it's not a negative fact rival let's just get a bit of reactions after the announcement representatives from the three countries are speaking about they held a news conference and they were asked about their impressions of russia. we spend a lot of time going through the different compounds of the can for the races and all around the center of most school and i so. thousand of
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people going to the plaza and i saw something that. i was very excited all were mixed all were working on the streets old who are kind of a great family having fun americans to purchased i think one hundred ninety thousand tickets. one hundred and ninety thousand get get get a lot of that that's a huge number of tickets for anyone who says that we don't have passion for football you're going to see a lot of americans around here over the next month huge crowds i've seen how you finding out and spend some think it's fantastic we just look at red square and so people really waiting and. it's a fantastic experience roosevelt said it too many people working here for the first time it's easy to say what really involved the record but you have to enjoy that because it is a once
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a life changer for everybody i've seen people already carrying the message shirts on all the shirts so. hopefully. fantastic. i suspect a lot of people back spain probably feeling very uncomfortable now and also josie marino another big name hosts for this tournament he picks spain to advance from group b. and i wonder now would he make the same choice with the arrow in charge or would ask him to be here for more bodies mapped out i hope you've seen this he's not up the front that nothing's going to go from the group stages into the last sixteen and then on to the quarter finals now he's giving us the protections will be the last two teams that.
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portugal and was ill the first of course will be able to say that i'm doing emotional george and i think. yeah might be instable for sure for the final i will first talk of the school. and doesn't in the. north i want. brazil germany is the revenge. of the residual. is so because it will finish so. and you know it does mean is looks just. like a to. do with. extra time penalties. the level they take a penalty. that is only one small penalty and less penalty one takes to the sea and the other one takes one in their lives to go to match it. was a very funny exercise. but. in all those probably
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didn't even go over the group phase and probably some of the teams that didn't include in the last sixteen probably there were to be in the quarter finals and the semifinals and finals for bullies and predictable and that's the main reason to be the beautiful game and hope you enjoy them for it to be totally different i don't understand why do you need another just i want to know well you can never have too many merinos so for the world cup we found the perfect co-host for you so much expertise from james that maybe you don't miss it but i'll see guys i'm not going to work with him it will take all the attention and i want another co-host. personally i think what one marine who is more than enough you can find more of the manchester united manager predictions if you had to dot com and if you thought he was talking a load of old nonsense prove it by heading to facebook and twitter use the hash tag
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much mirroring your give your own predictions and ok here in russia no one has been able to escape the excitement even though you use you have never kicked a ball before and i'm not talking about.
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well we'll go twenty eighteen coverage we've signed one of the greatest kill people . but there was one more question and by the way it's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and the huge amount of pressure you have to the center of the football here with you and bill so all the great the great you are the rock at the back
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nobody gets to you we need you to get left go. alone. and i'm really happy to join for the two thousand and three in the world cup in russia meet the special one come on both appreciate me to just say to redo the aussie team's latest edition to make up a bigger. look. hello
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and welcome to cross talk where all things considered i'm peter lavelle the tram came summit in singapore was certainly rich when it comes to optics but what about the substance both leaders are clearly looking for a win a process has started there are plenty of obstacles ahead and no shortage of people whose worst nightmare might come true peace coming to the korean peninsula. cross talking the singapore summit i'm joined by my guest gareth porter in washington he's an independent investigative journalist and historian as well as other manufactured crisis the untold story of the iran nuclear scare also in washington we have one she is a visiting professor at georgetown university and a former senior special advisor for embassador and christopher hill at the u.s. state department.


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